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Urgent Signal of Russian and Greek National and Economical Security

G.H.REES Prytaneum – Group of Hellenic Reestablishment – Athens

The Russian Government
The Russian Embassies
The Russian National Security Services
The Leadership of the Russian Armed Forces
The Officers of the Greek Armed Forces
The Men of the Greek Police Force
The Men of the Greek Secret Service
The Russian Webpages and “Mass Media”
The Greek Webpages and “Mass Media”
The Members of the Greek legislative (Parliament) – Executive (Government and Ministries) – and Judicial Power of Greece._

Athens 24.04.2010

Devious and definite subversion of the Russian and Greek National and Economical Security under the commands of NATO Economical predatory robbers of the “International Monetary Fund” (IMF), of the “European Commission – Government”, of the “Central European Bank”, and of the Houses: «MOODY’S» - «FITCH RATINGS» - «GOLDMAN SACHS» - «J.P. MORGAN» - «BLOOMBERG» - «NOMURA INTERNATIONAL» - «CREDIT AGRICOLE» - «CAPITAL ECONOMICS» and rest, with executor of this subversion the treasonous government of “PA.SO.K.” and with partners of this subversion the rest political parties of the Greek Government and the entirely corrupted Greek Judicial Power.

Complete destruction of the Russian and Greek National and Economical Security from 15 until 21 May 2010, namely directly after the sign of the Governing of Greece by the NATO twin “IMF” and “European Union”.

Only solution for the salvation of the Russian and Greek national and Economical Security: The invasion of the Russian Army in Greece for the expulsion and the destruction of the NATO bases and command HQ’s in Greece, the armed revolution of the Greek armed forces, of the Greek police, of the Secret Service and of the Greek citizens, for the expulsion and the biological execution of all the Greek traitors, defrauders – thieves politicians of all the Greek Parliament parties, and for the expulsion of the treasonous “NATO” and “European Union” from Greece, and the Russian Industrial investments in Greece.


After the definite anymore announcement of the entry of Greece to the Governing twin “IMF” and “European Union” from 15 until 21 May 2010, this “NATO” twin has already announced that it will reconsider the entire development programming and the entire international economical agreements of Greece. This as first consequence will have for the Greek-Russian Agreements of the Oil and Natural Gas pipelines the same result which had the invasion of “NATO” in Romania and Bulgaria, namely the cancellation of the Greek-Russian Energy Agreements, same as the cancellation of the Romanian-Russian and of the Bulgarian-Russian Energy Agreements, according to the treasonous announcements of the two presidents of those two countries, of the 1st and 15th February 2010 accordingly. This Agreements Cancellation will essentially provoke the Economical Blockade of the Exportation of Russian Energy Products to the West and will provoke the unilateral dependency of the Russian Energy Exports from China, with all the consequences that have been analyzed to the classified report of G.H.REES to the Russian Embassy - Athens in 17.02.2010.

In continuation because “IMF” have pre-announced the reduction of the number of personnel, of armament, of military camps, and of the defense budget of the Greek Army, of the Police Force, and of the Secret Service, with the rule of the general reduction of public servants and of public spending for 30 – 50%, this will mean the reduction of the already deficient Greek Army, of the Police Force, and of the Secret Service, for 30 – 50% and therefore means weakness of the Greek Army, of the Police Force, and of the Secret Service, to ensure the Greek National Dominion over the today’s Greek Territories from the already announced assertions of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis countries (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) for the avulsion of Greek Territories, of the North – Western – Central Greece and Aegean and Ionian Islands, to the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis. Therefore it is certain the assault of the Mongolian “B.A.S.T.R.” axis against Greece according to the scheme of the Chinese Hyperlodge “HONG” and of “NATO” for the conduct of World War 3 with purpose the complete devastation of Greece and Russia, as have already been analyzed in the G.H.REES documents published in the webpage due to the Geostrategic inevitable military engagement of Russia for the interception of the Military Assault of “B.A.S.T.R.” in Balkans against Greece, and against the Russian interests.

Even in case of temporary or permanent postponement of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis Assault against Greece, Greece under the commands of “IMF” will suffer abjection and robbery of its Underground Minerals Resources, of its Agricultural Territories, of its Public Organizations, of its Tourism Territories, and of its rest resources, as “IMF” did in Zambia of Africa, were “IMF” arbitrarily and predatorily confiscated all of the Copper Mines of this Rich African Country and delivered them to Anglosaxonic Copper Monopolies, inducing Zambia to today’s situation of complete abjection.


With this or another way, the “NATO - IMF” and the “NATO - European Union”, after 15 until 21 May 2010 as a date of signing the surrendering and introducing the political and military occupation of Greece by “IMF” and by “NATO” will destruct entirely the Russian and the Greek National Security and Economy.

As only solution for the deterrence of the above mentioned complete destruction of Russia and of Greece by the Anti-Hellenic “NATO” in the planned by “HONG” World War 3, is the above mentioned solution of SUBJECT 3, namely the invasion of the Russian army in Greece through Romania and Bulgaria.We call Russia to militarily involve in Romania – Bulgaria – and Greece, in order to create Industrial and Agricultural investments for the absorption of 1.5 million Greeks sinecurists lazy partydogs Public Servants, and to integrate Greece to the Russian Federation with idiomorphic regime of increased military – police and economical autonomy and political and foreign policy semi-autonomy.

The Russian Army, the Greek Army, the Greek Police, and the rebellious Greek citizens, from today 24 April until 15 May, have time limit of only three weeks, namely only 21 days to overthrow the corrupted Greek Legislative – Executive – and Judicial power, and to integrate Greece as Semi-Autonomy State under idiomorphic regime to the Russian Federation for the dignified and safe living of Greeks and of Russians.
After 15 May this would be impossible, because “IMF” and the “European Union” will send to Greece American and European occupation army and occupation police and will discharge, and dissolve and immobilize completely the Greek Army, the Greek Police, and the Greek Secret Service, in a situation of unofficial occupation and complete disarmament, in order to be impossible the defense of Greeks against the armies of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis and against the 450.000 armed Albanians pseudo-immigrants which will be released for the genocide of Greeks in Spring or in Autumn of 2010.

The Greek Webpages and “Mass Media” that will not coordinate and will not reproduce the spirit of the present signal, will be considered as treasonous with the analogue consequences of moral and biological extermination.

From the Greek Webpages and “Mass Media” to be underlined that until today 24 April 2010, treasonously, deviously, and covertly, all the Parties of the Greek Parliament concealed the Russian Offer – Support of 19th March 2010 to Greece for unlimited intergovernmental lending with interest rates 2% - 3%, instead of the 15.5% of the European Profiteer markets (namely 3% + 6% = 9% of the interest of 10-year bonds + 6.5% insurance of the lends of Thursday 22 April 2010 for Greece), and instead of the 5% of the depredatory interests of the twin “IMF” and “European Union” for Greece.

Read relevant LINK of 19th March 2010 of the Russian Offer in the Greek Webpage: (The one and only “Mass Media” in Greece that broadcasted this news item!!!)


Eliminate now the treasonous – defrauders – thieves of the Greek Legislative - Executive – Judicial power and throw out of Greece the traitors and blackmailers enemies of yours from “NATO” and “European Union”.

Russian Brothers,

Invade with your Russian Army in Greece, in order to expel the murderous “NATO” and the “European Union” from Greece – Romania – and Bulgaria. If you do not act like this now, then you will not survive because from 15 May 2010, “NATO” and the “European Union” will strangle through Greece the National and the Economical and the Military Security of Russia, and you will die, all you the Russians from hunger and from the engagement of Russia in the 3rd World War according to the stratagem of the Chinese “HONG”.

We call the Russian Government to re-send urgently to all the International and Greek “Mass Media” and Greek Authorities its Offer, of 19th March 2010 for low-interests rate lending and for Industrial Investments to Greece, and to re-send it especially with the note that:

“After this Russian solution to the problem of Greece, Greece will be no more forced to appeal as Economical – Political – and Military prisoner to the “IMF” and to the depredatory interest rates 5% of the “European Union” and of NATO”.

In case the Greek Government will not accept in a timeline of 3 days AND this second Russian Support Offer, then it will be proved without a doubt that in the Greek Government there is a “NATO” deceit for the Economical blockade and for the Economical and National – Military Destruction of Russia and of Greece, therefore the Russian Army must invade in Greece for the expulsion of “NATO” and of the “European Union” from Greece.

Our representative in Volos, Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis, announced to us that he donates his house in Volos to the Russian State, in order to be converted as a Consulate and as a Harbour Office of Russia in Volos.

Through our selves, our representative in Volos, Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis, demands from the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Russian Citizenship as additional Citizenship besides the Greek one.
Same wise, through ourselves, he appeals for Russian Diplomatic Immunity and Russian Legal Protection, considering the fact that already the Treasonous “NATO” pseudo-Greek Authorities are moving for his multiyear imprisonment, due to his ANTI-NATO and PRO-RUSSIAN actions.

The same additional Russian Citizenship, Russian Diplomatic Immunity from the Russian Embassy in Germany, and Russian Legal Protection is asked for the Greek Citizen and Germany habitant, Mr.Apostolos Papanakos, who through his Webpage , informed with thousand e-mails the Greek Authorities, the Greek Webpages, and the Greek “Mass Media” for the treasonous and subversion role of “NATO” and of the “European Union” against Russia and against Greece, and for the Support – Offer of Russia in 19th March 2010 to Greece through the representative of the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr.Andrei Nesterenko, with result Apostolos Papanakos to turn against him the furriness of the “NATO” Authorities and of the treasonous Greek Government.


Prytaneum G.H.REES Athens.
Through the server of the G.H.REES messages
Of the G.H.REES Magnesia Readership
Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis
Elpidos 12 – Nea Ionia
Volos, Hellas

Friday, April 23, 2010

Apollo the Lizard Killer: Million Years Enmities between Hellenes from the Constellation of Andromeda and the Reptiles-Draco coalition

The Apollo Sauroctonos (Apollo Lizard-killer) is a 1.49m high ancient sculpture in the Louvre, as Inventaire MR 78 (n° usuel Ma 441). It is a 1st - 2nd century AD Roman marble copy of an original by Praxiteles. It shows a nude adolescent male about to catch a lizard climbing up a tree. The left arm, the right hand and the lizard's head are modern restorations.

Formerly in the Borghese collection, it was bought by Napoleon in 1807.

It could indirectly refer to Apollo's fight against the serpent Python or, if the lizard is an attribute of the god, it could show Apollo in his purifying function, as a destroyer of plagues - Greek gods called smintheus (rat-killer of rat) or parnopios (grasshopper-killer) are certainly known.

The bronze original of this sculpture is attributed by Pliny (XXXIV, 69-70) to the Athenian sculptor Praxiteles. This is usually dated to c.350-340 BC.

Other copies
The original was even copied in reduced form in the Roman era, as we learns in an epigram of Martial (14, 172).

Sauroctonos = Lizard (Reptiles) Killer

In the superb original non-destroyed statue, Apollo was holding an arrow aimed at the lizard.


Apollo (Male) : The God of Finearts and Natural Harmony.
Artemis (Female) : His Sister, Goddess of Hunt, Nature, Birth and protector of the wild animals.

Place of Origin-Birth: The Island of Delos (Prehistoric Andromedian Planetary Center)

In Hellenic Language Numerology the word "APOLLO" is equal to the number: 1061

In Hellenic Language Numerology the word "ARTEMIS" is equal to the number: 656

APOLLO / ARTEMIS = 1,61737805... approximately the irrational mathematical Number "Phi" of the Golden Ratio "φ" of Fine Arts Architectural Harmony, Natural Harmony, Métron ... Ancient Hellenes designed their monuments by strictly using Architecture based on "Phi", in order to verify the archaic Delphic (Civilization Matrix) Way of Life gnome:

Mēdén ágan="Nothing in Excess"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cabbalistic (Lunar Technology) Ritual "Palladium" of the high degree Mason Albert Pike

"From the Book in French Language, Le diable au XIX siecle, (The Devil in the 19th Century) of Dr.Bataile, page.360, Read also "Occult Theocracy" page.223.

"(Albert Pike), speaking before the Supreme Council of Charleston, on October 20, 1884, he gave an account of his recent travels through the United States and some incidental experiences. One of these, he described as follows : — 'At Saint Louis, we operated the grand rites, and through Sister Ingersoll, who is a first class medium, received astonishing revelations during a solemn Palladian session at which I presided, assisted by Brother Friedman and Sister Warhnburn. Without putting Sister Ingersoll to sleep, we saturated her with the spirit of Ariel himself, but Ariel took possession of her with 329 more spirits of fire and the seance from then on was marvellous. Sister Ingersoll, lifted into space, floated over the assembly and her garments were suddenly devoured by a flame which enfolded, without burning her. We saw her thus in a state of nudity for over ten minutes. Flitting above our heads, as though borne by an invisible cloud, or upheld by beneficent spirits, she answered all questions put to her. We thus soon had the latest news of our very illustrious brother Adriano Lemmi. Then, Astaroth, in person, revealed himself, flying beside our medium and holding her hand.
He breathed upon her and her clothes, returning from nowhere, clothed her again. Finally Astaroth vanished and our sister fell gently on to a chair where, with her head thrown back she gave up Ariel and the 329 spirits who had accompanied him.
We counted 330 exhalations in all at the end of this most successful experiment. "

These are the words of the biggest Satanist of our era, of the luciferian American mason Albert Pike, whom today, all the Americans, and the Greeks and the rest nationality Masons, consider him as their "Holy Man" and as their Mentor.

"All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return to it. Everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of the Illuminati, Jacob Boehme, Swedenborg, Saint-Martin, and others, is borrowed from the Kabalah; all the Masonic associations owe to it their secrets and their symbols." - («Morals and Dogma», pages 744-745, Albert Pike 33*)

“... He was, in truth, the MASTER-GENIUS of Masons. Indeed he found Scottish Rite Masonry in a log cabin and left it in a temple....
...I leave you with the dying words Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike used in leaving his Brethren in 1891 as he expired within hallowed rooms of the then house of the Temple here in our National Capital City. He said the Hebrew word “Shalom” three times. So I, too say to you: Shalom, Shalom, Shalom” --- ALBERT PIKE from Mayard A. Morrison 33*, Sovereign Grand Inspector General in North Dakota.

The Palladian Ritual:
... In 20 September 1879, Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini signed an agreement in which they created the charter of a central command for International Masonry, - as also and a special, classified cabbalistic and luciferian ritual, for which the grand mass of the Masons must know absolutely nothing.
Only special chosen initiates of the higher Masonic degrees must know about this secret ritual, which Pike named: "The Palladian Ritual..."


POSTSCRIPT 4. (The G.H.REES Warning)

A basic factor for your survival is the total and without exceptions interrupt of any contact of yours with Spiritualism, because all the Spirits gangs, despite their seemingly conflicts between them, are collusion gangs of Space Invaders of Dragonian Lunar Spirits, that are under the common command of the Pseudo-God Sin – Sion – Zion – Zendi – Jedi – Sedi of the Moon, and are working for thousands years for the Genocide and for the Annihilation of all the races of the planet, with end purpose the survival of only the Dragonian Chinese – Korean pure yellow race with origin the constellation of Draco.

These collusion gangs of Dragonian Spirits, through besotted earthly priesthoods, established all the contrary Religions (888 vs 666, etc), all the contrary Political ideologies (Capitalism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Socialism, Democracy, etc.), all the contrary Economical systems, and all the contrary Military pacts (NATO, Shanghai Pact, etc) of our Planet, with end purpose the division and the civil genocides of all races of our planet, and with end purpose the final Genocide of all the Human Races, Nations and States of our Planet, by the armies of the Dragonian pure yellow race Chinese and Koreans in the Chinese “Armageddon” of the Dragonian Judeo-Christian “Holy Scripture”, because according to the G.H.REES research, planet Earth became a Theater of War, as a projection of the Space War between the coalition of the “Constellation of Andromeda” and the coalition of the “Hyper Solar System of Sirius”, against the “Constellation of Draco”.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

European Constitution: An instrument of the Dragonian Hyperlodge HONG for the conduct of WWIII


Translation of the above G.H.REES Video:

Disintegrate immediately the Chinese-Hebrew inspired “European-EuronationsKiller Union” and use as a toilet paper its Chinese-Mongolian Constitution, because this “European Union” of yours drives you in Geostrategical union under “US.E.J.” axis (Trilaterale USA – Europe – Japan) an axis which was designed by the Hyperlodge “AOA” of London as the Supreme Leadership of the Philosophical and Theosophical Masonries of the West, under the commands of its superiors Hyperlodges “ZEN” Tibet – India and “HONG” of China, in order to sweep along the states of Europe into the military assault of “US.E.J” against the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China), in order for the counter-attacking “R.I.C.” to genocide Europe according to the Chinese “HONG” World World 3 Timeline Scheme.

When the Whiteyellow Mongol-Hebrew ex president of France Giscard d'Estaing, during the presentation of the complete “European Constitution” in the European Parliament, stated that:

“We are working for this Statue of the Dragon (Dragon Head, Turtle Body -2 Reptiles- Emblem of the Chinese Emperors and of the Chinese Dragonian Hyperlodge “HONG”) and we thank it because it guided us faithfully for 6.000 years (to partially genocide and to now organize the complete genocide of the White Pelasgian Europeans from the Chinese Army)”, (the brackets are from G.H.REES)

Not one wideass homosexual, HebrewMongol – SaxonMongol – or Mason European Parliament Member, and Parliament Member – Minister – Prime Minister – Democracy President of the United National Homosexual Parliaments of the European States issued a complain, but ALL OF THEM without exception treasonously applause the Genocide of their Countries from the Chinese Army, ALL OF THEM initiated in Rabbinlodges of Hebrews Rabbis and in Masonic Lodges, and ALL OF THEM understood the insinuation of this statement by the French-Hebrew Mongolian-looking d'Estaing, baptized ALL OF THEM to the -filled with blood- (of innocent White and Black “Ethiopians” people) Chinese-Hebrew-Masonic murderous initiation.

As concerns Greece the above mentioned Statement of d'Estaing was published by the broad circulation newspaper “Eleytherotypia” (ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΟΤΥΠΙΑ) in an article dated 11-7-2003 (FreePress)

In the newspaper were reported the following:
"The (European Constitution Parliament) Assembly had as a "mascot" a Chinese little-statue which was in a form of turtle with a Dragon head. By the finish of the Assembly affairs, Giscard D'Estaing gave symbolically some salad leaves to the statue saying:
"It followed us in our entire journey and it guided us as it guided the first Chinese Emperors. From the begining it knew where to take us..."

Notice in the 0:29 of the Video, the Chinese Ancient Disc with the two Dragons guarding the “Holy Number” 888 of the Chinese.
888 is the geostrategic code of the Hyperlodge “HONG”.
In numerology it translates to: “JESUS”.

In 0:24 of the video the reptilian Dragon-Turtle Statue supreme emblem of HONG and of the Chinese Emperors. A minature of this statue was being hold by D’Estaing during his statement in the presentation of the “European Constitution”, proving without doubt the Dependence of the European Union of the “US.E.J.” axis by the Supreme Dragonian Hyperlodge “HONG” of China.

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2012: Cataclysmic breakdown or Y2K makeover? ET/UFO contact? DNA/Consciousness transformation?

This article is part 1 of a series on 2012 and its impacts on our society.
As a designated “year of interest,” 2012 has been front-loaded with “end of the world” memes. Will 2012 be a year of cataclysmic breakdown as science, oracle-driven, governmental, and media-created memes suggest? Will 2012 be – like Y2K – an anti-climax in which humanity muddles through? Or will a new, “golden age” timeline begin for conscious humankind in 2012? How will consciousness transformation and extraterrestrial contact impact humanity, starting in 2012?
Key data addressing this examination of the possible future shape of 2012 include: (1) A NASA reports and updates on the 2012 “perfect storm,” solar flares and power grid systems collapse; (2) Opposite data that we may be headed toward a solar Maunder minimum and new ice age; (3) ALTA and Web Bot reports on a “’data gap’ found between early 2012 running through May 2013, possibly due to solar flare activity;” (4) Reports “supporting a hypothesis that large scale “wild card” event(s), involving mass extraterrestrial (UFO) sightings or landings in the period leading up to 2012 or beyond;” (5) The Calleman-Clow time acceleration matrix of the Mayan calendar, which suggests that “the alternating sign-wave universe core energy phenomenon ceases after Oct. 28, 2011, and Earth will be set on a gradual setting of a potential to reach advanced utopian planet status – a virtual “Garden of Eden.”
This series examines objective, empirical evidence for cataclysm on Earth in 2012. The year 2012 may also manifest for individuals as breakdown, breakthrough, or business as usual, depending on an individual’s perceptual modality and multi-dimensional identity.

Continues at:

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G.H.REES message to David Icke and his followers

G.H.REES Readership Magnesia

Volos 25.03.2010

The last days several Greek treasonous ape-bahaving webpages published documents concerning the new book “LUNAR MATRIX” (With English title: “Human Race Get off Your Knees”, Read LINK: ) of the Judean Rabbi and thus Whiteyellow Mongol and writer David Icke – Isaac, into which is contained a devious mix of true evidence that have being stolen from the G.H.REES documents, and of conscious false data about the Moon, with purpose the distortion and denial of the G.H.REES ( Group of Hellenic Re-Establishment) Documents – which refer about:

“The Dragonian Chinese Moon which methodizes the genocide of the White Race, of the Black Race, and of the Mongolian races (Hebrews, Saxons, Tatars, etc.) from the pure Yellow Race of China and Korea, in the Chinese “Armageddon” until 2012.”

About: “The Dragonian Chinese Moon as a Flagship of the Dragonian Starfleet of the Dragonian Invader Sin – Sion – Sina – Jedi – Sedi – Jude – Judas – PseudoYahweh or PseudoBeing, which Invades – Steals and Destructs Suns and Solar Systems and Genocides other-races Planetary Civilizations in order to Gain Energy and Raw – Valuable Materials for his criminal Starfleet”, and about: “The Dragonian Chinese Moon which plans to abandon our Solar System (Read in the Dragonian “Holy Scriptures” about the “Departure of the Moon”, and Read LINK: ) in order to invade to the Solar System of “Sirius A” as an area of “coccygeal Maximum Densities” as a Negative Electronic Pole of the Universe or Universal Organism or Panas (from the Hellenic Orphic word Sym-pan meaning “The sum of all”), in order to blackmail with electromagnetic death all the civilizations of the Universe.”

Indeed, to his above mentioned book “LUNAR MATRIX” the Rabbikid David Icke – Isaac, due to the massive records and evidence of the G.H.REES documents, of the Russian Academics Vasin and Scherbakov, of the Hindu prehistory about Space Wars between Solar and Lunar Gods, of the American Astronauts from the “Apollo” Program, and of other researchers such as Raymond Drake, is forced lately, and timely delayed and “after the feast”, to “Re-Disclosure” as a fixed Hebrew crook, the already for many years public Disclosures of G.H.REES, about the Moon as a Hybrid – ExNatural and Now Semi-artificial Heavenly Body – Ship originated from the Draco Constellation, and as a Transmitting Center of Massive Brain Washing Radiations against the Earth’s populations with false Religions – with false Political Ideologies – with false Economical Theories – etc., and as an originating place of Evil Apostate Dragonian Spirits (See Spirits of Metatron – Asmodai etc.) for demonic trance – catalepsy of special Earthlings marionettes, such as Political leaders, Religious leaders, Mediums, Magicians, Astrologers, Prophets, Actors, Musicians, Economical leaders, Scientists, and rest.

After the above mentioned compulsory anymore and unpleasant for the Hebrewsaxons admissions and true direct copies from the G.H.REES documents, the Rabbikid David Icke – Isaac deviously derail the Western Readers of his book with lies that have as a main purpose to berceuse them like a Hebrew rattle, in order to accept the above mentioned Massive Lunar brainwashing, as allegedly continuous, endless, and without a finishing timeline, in order for them to not realize that the Hebrewsaxonic “NATO” is preparing to mobilize them against the axis “R.I.C.” Russia – Islam – and Lunar Dragonian China, in order for them to be annihilated from the counter-attacking Chinese Army in the Chinese “Armageddon”, in order for them to not rebel against their Politics – Economics – Military – and Religious Hebrews and Mason leaders (See Sufism, namely Christian-Dodecatheism as a Religion of “Epsilon”, and the Lunar Demonic possessed prophets Liakopoulos, Fourakis, General Kalogerakis, and rest, with instigation by Lunar Demonic possessed Monks and rest), in order to not foil the 1st phase genocide of the Greeks by the axis “B.A.S.T.R.” (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) and of the terminal phase genocide of the Planetary Hellenes and of the rest White Nations of the West by the axis “R.I.C.” (Russia – Islam – China), in order to not foil the genocide of White Pelasgian Russians and of the White Pelasgian Muslims and of the Black Sirian Race from the Chinese-Mongolian axis “C.J.T.H.S.M.” (China – Japan – Tibet – Hebrews – Saxons – Mongols of Mongolia) and in order to not foil the genocide of the Mongolian axis “J.T.H.S.M.” (Japan – Tibet – Hebrews – Saxons – Mongols of Mongolia) by the Lunar Dragonian axis “C.K.” (China – Korea).
(Read the Scheme of the World War III phases by the Chinese Hyperlodge “HONG” in the “G.H.REES 2nd Survival Manual of World War III”ΤΕΛΙΚΟ ).

And of course, after the above mentioned multiple devious concealments of David Icke – Isaac, he didn’t write even one word in his book about the revelations of the G.H.REES documents concerning: “Moon as a Souls collecting center from the Lunar Orbital platforms “LUNA PARKS” (Their name as “Luna Parks” or “Moon Parks” today in our planet, is devious and with purpose to lure and stimulate the Earthlings’ Souls to seek out “Parks of Lunar Amusement” or “LUNA PARKS” now that they live in Earth AND also to seek them in Space in the afterlife, after they leave their body-cocoon in Earth) constructed by (invisible to Earthlings) matter from 2nd Dimension of matter rarification and by lights and sounds from also 2nd Dimension of matter rerification, stationed in Earth’s geostationary orbits, in order for the Souls to be captured in them and to not reveal to the Outer Space the here happening Genocidal and Ecological crimes of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi – Sedi inside the living body of Pana or the Universal Organism”.

Finally, the disgraceful Rabbikid David Icke – Isaac in the above mentioned books and his previous books, is doing 5 more conscious frauds:

Fraud 1:
He characterize as Dragonians of the Moon, the Semi-Dragonian WhiteYellow Mongols Japanese, which are an intermarriage of White Andromedian and Yellow Dragonian Race and not a purely Dragonian Race, in order for his readers to not be suspicious of the fact that the true and 100% Lunar Dragonian Criminals are only the Purely Yellow Chinese and Koreans, which day after day and in a status of genocide hysteria against other-races and against semi-other-races namely against WhiteYellow and BlackYellow Mongols, are dressed like Dragons and are dancing the dance of the Dragons in honor of the Constellation of Draco which is their origin.

Fraud 2: He characterizes as saurian Dragonians of the Moon the Semidragonians WhiteYellow Mongols Hebrew-Saxons of the English Royal Family and of the Hebrew-Saxon Royal Families of other European States as descendants of the “Evil” ten-race Kingdom of Samaria, with the same above mentioned purpose, namely to conceal and hide the Chinese and Koreans as 100% Lunar Dragonians Criminals Genociders, and with the additional devious purpose to identify the European States and the State of Japan of the Axis “US.E.J.” (Trilaterale USA – Europe – Japan) with the non-existing “Theological Dragon” or “Satan Devil” of the Lunar – Dragonian “Revelation” of the “Holy Scriptures”, in to which, deviously falsely and skillfully, the title of the Lunar Dragon and of the Snake is ascribed to the departed in 9.600 B.C. and no more present Jupiter – Zeus, leader of the White Andromedians.
(Do association between the condemning of the Minor Asia Hellenes of Pergamos, in which was founded the Maximal Holy Temple of Zeus, with the curses against Zeus as allegedly “Dragon” in “John’s Revelation” and “Genesis” of the “Holy Scripture”)

Fraud 3: He characterize as saurian Dragonians of the Moon the Semi-Dragonians WhiteYellow Mongols Hebrew-Saxons Bankers (Rockefeller, Morgan etc.) and politicians of “USA”, with the same 2 above mentioned devious tendentiousness, in order for all the countries of the axis “US.E.J.” to be characterized falsely as Dragonian and Evil and thus: “Together with the “Evil India” to be genocided by the grace of God Sin – Sion – Sina – Zion – Jedi – Sedi – PseudoJehovah in the Armageddon, from the Good Chinese who (allegedly) …are not Dragonians” but are Yellow … Angels of Sin – Sion – Jedi or PseudoJehovah and of Jesus Christ over the Earth.

Fraud 4: He characterize as Divine and “Good” the Judeans of the two-race Kingdom of Jerusalem namely the Judeans Rabbis, “who together with the Devine Forces (read: with the Chinese Army) will genocide “Evil India”, Evil “US.E.J. 666”, the WhiteYellow and BlackYellow Mongols (HebrewSaxons – Tatars – Indonesians – etc.), the “Rus” and “Mesheh” namely the Russians and the people of Moscow (Read prophet Ezekiel Ch.38 and 39 in the “Old Testament” of the “Holy Scripture”) and the Black Pagan Race”.

The books of David Icke must be a manual of study by especially the Mongols WhiteYellow Judeans and by the HebrewSaxons, because in exactly those books is contained and is displayed the treason of the Levites, of the Beniamites and of the Judeans Rabbis of the two-race Kingdom of Jerusalem against the ten-race Samaritans Hebrew-Saxons with purpose the genocide of the HebrewSaxons of the axis “J.T.H.S.M.” and of the Judeans by the Chinese and Koreans of the axis “C.K.” China and Korea.

Fraud 5: He falsely writes about transitions of the Lunar Dragonians from invisible thinner Dimensions into denser visible Dimensions and vice versa, in order:

1st) To falsely justify the so called “materialization and dematerialization of the Dragonian Spirits of the Moon” which have been planned to realize massively in the Earth’s atmosphere and to the close proximity space trough triads of Laser Holograms, in order to convince the Earthly stupid population that allegedly “The heavenly Antichrist Demons 666 and the heavenly Antichrist or STELLAR = 666 and their ships, are materializing in order to reinforce the Hellene Antichrist 666” Palaiologos Dragazis Emperor of the “Neo-Byzantine Empire 666” of “LA.O.S.” having as its capital Constantinople, and political-religious leader of the assault of the Axles “US.E.J” and “T.I.M.” and of their armies against the axis “R.I.C.”. These “Antichrist” Holograms - Phantoms of Spirits - have been designed to later “Dematerialize”- disappear, abandoning the armies of “US.E.J.” and of “T.I.M.” in order for them to be butchered by “R.I.C.” in the Asiatic deserts.

2nd) In order to falsely justify the so called “Materialization of Christian Good Spirits as Soldiers of Jesus Christ” as allies of “R.I.C.”, which have been designed to realize with the same technology of Laser Holograms, in order to convince the Earthly stupid populations of the axles “US.E.J.” and “T.I.M.” that they must not further resist and fight for their survival and that they must be annihilated by the “Christian” Axis “R.I.C.”.

Of course G.H.REES has warned and has proved scientifically that are impossible the materialization and dematerialization of Spirits generally, as beings of the above dimension, because such an attempt is accordingly equal to a nuclear implosion and instant shrinkage of their body 1 million times of their original body, and with their organic molecules remaining organized in the same analogical original position (!!!) – A thing which is physically and technically and mathematically completely impossible.

We are being informed by independent researchers and by friendly webpages about the existence of the book “LUNAR MATRIX” of David Icke – Isaac and the coalition with the later fixed like-minded HebrewSaxon Alex Jones, but and also about the stupid and treasonous ape-behavior of the Greek Webpages who as “Foreign-ideas-worshippers” are publishing as “New Hebrew Gospels” the above mentioned frauds of David Icke – Isaac and of Alex Jones, in order for them to be spiritual guides of the NeoGreeks in order to fall again like blind rats to the Genocidal traps of the Scheme by the Chinese Hyperlodge “HONG” for the 3rd World War, in order to verify again the proverb: “If one blind man guides another blind man, both will fall in the hole”.

The beyond parallel judgment, publicizing and apotheosis of the books of David Icke – Isaac and of Alex Jones by the besotted Greek Webpages, is more a product of conscious treasonous selection, than a product of intellectual deficiency and stupidity, such as the intellectual deficiency and stupidity of the farcical and miserable treasonous neoGreek webpages which try to fight against G.H.REES.
(Read LINK: )

We write that because in the G.H.REES documents that are published for a long time in the Internet, have already predicted and armored the brain of Hellenes against similar lethal lies with the lethal lies of David Icke – Isaac, of Alex Jones, and of the same to them Rabbis agents and agents of the Chinese “HONG”.

A similar treasonous “Foreign-ideas-worship” trend has occupied the Greek WebPages also for the same fixed agent of the Judean Rabbis, John Lear Junior, son of the aircraft engineer and owner of Liar Jet “USA”, who after Rabbinical Lectures is posing as a Specialist Para-Psychologer – Lunarologer – Lunartrapologer, and “Re-discovers the wheel” of G.H.REES, namely the Lunar Soul Traps of Human Souls, but by distorting the G.H.REES documents, namely by disappearing the Lunar Orbital Platforms – LunarTraps from Matter of 2nd Dimension of Mater Rarification, or “LUNA PARKS” which are being stationed in Geostationary Orbits around planet Earth, and by “Replacing” these Platforms with one “Cube”, namely with the Cube of “Upper Zion” (Read description of the Cube in “John’s Revelation” of the Lunar inspired “Holy Scripture”)

And of course, the intellectual asleep and farcical Greek Webpages, even those that are fixed by the Secret Service and by the “Archrabbinia of Athens”, are not capable to understand the tendentiousness of the above mentioned late disclosures which are truths revealed from a long time before by G.H.REES, mixed with lies of Judean Rabbis about allegedly only one existing “Lunar Cube” as a Soul Capture Device. The tendentiousness is the following:

1st) Generally the robbery of evidence by the G.H.REES Documents, and the replacing of the G.H.REES Documents, by HebrewSaxon Documents, mix of Truths and Lies, for the entrapment of Hellenes and of the rest Nations in the against them Genocidal scheme of the Chinese Hyperlodge “HONG” for the conduct of 3rd World War.

2nd) Especially, the concealment and denial of the existence of Orbital Lunar Soultraps “LUNA PARKS” in Geostationary Orbits around Earth, for which G.H.REES wrote about, and the deceit against the Terran Souls the outgoing towards outer space, with the previous indirect assurance and denial that: “There are no Lunar Orbital Soultraps in Geostationary Orbits around Earth as G.H.REES has written, but there is only one Cube – Soultrap in the Moon, and therefore you can enter without fear and freely to the “LUNA PARKS” that you will see in the sky after death.”

3rd) Especially, additions of lies overlapping the G.H.REES documents as the lie about:
“Moon under the occupation of Dragonians and Hellenes of the Dodecatheon of Zeus who capture the souls of earthlings in Orbital Platforms, and who as a “Stellar Antichrist 666” will support the “Hellenic Empire 666” of the party “LA.O.S.” and of Palaiologos Dragazis and of the Axles “US.E.J.” (USA – Europe – Japan) and “T.I.M.” (Tibet – India – Mongolia) in their military assault against the axis “R.I.C.” (Russia – Islam – China)”

In the above lethal lie against Greece is also cooperating the theoretician of “LA.O.S.” Mason General Gerasimos Kalogerakis who in his book “The Return of the Gods” stupidly and behaving like ape he copies the Hebrew-Masonic teachings about “Moon under (allegedly) Hellenic dominance”.

Independent researcher and independent Webpage outside G.H.REES (Read interview of David Icke in the Greek webpage: ) are informing us that in the written confessions of David Icke – Isaac, he confess that “he is guided para-psychologically by voices who hears inside his head”.
Because G.H.REES has already proven in its documents that from 9.600 B.M.H.C. (Before Mongol Hebrew Christ) until today there is no any other para-psychological activity in our Planet except the activity of the Dragonian Demons who are counterfeiting the Dodecatheon of Zeus, and except the activity of the Dragonian technology of “Maser” radiations emitted from the Moon, therefore indirectly the Judean David Icke – Isaac is confessing that all that he has written in his books are dictations of Lunar Demons that he supposedly fights.

Therefore the HebrewSaxon Alex Jones who agrees with David Icke – Isaac without capability of Scientific Evidence, is also a Medium namely a Spiritualist – Medium in alertness, namely a projectile guided under demonic and technological possession by the Moon that he supposedly fights.

The implication is that also AND the third of the company, John Lear Junior, is under the same Demonic and Technological catalepsy by the Moon, when he supposedly disclosures the from a long time ago already existing disclosures (“John’s Revelation” Chapter 21, 10-27) about the existence of a Gigantic Crystalic Cube in the Moon’s side facing the Earth, as a processor of Earth’s Souls, but under the Lunar Demonic and Rabbis commands, he conceals and indirectly denies … the existence of Lunar Orbital Platforms of Matter from 2nd Dimension of Matter Rarification in Geostationary orbits around our planet, functioning as soul captors of Earth’s Souls and as transports of those Souls towards the Moon, and as centers of telecontrol of Humans through “Maser” (LINK-LAP) beams, or ...“Silver Cords” according to emetic occult Masonic terminology.

Greece is having their own Lunar Demonic projectiles, such as the “Epsilon”, the parliament members of the party “LA.O.S.”, and others, who claim that are the incarnations of Gods – Demigods – Heroes – Archpriests – Priests – Kings – and Generals of the Dodecatheon of Zeus, according to the lies of the Archpriest of the Dodecatheon Plutarch, about the “30.000 Spirits of Zeus, which remained on Earth after the Zeus departure”, while there are actually Mediums under Demonic possession of Lunar Demons and Passive Receivers of Technological “Maser” Radiations of the Lunar Platforms, with purpose the foundation of the Hellenic “Empire 666” in Constantinople as a leader of “NATO” against the “Shanghai Pact” or “R.I.C.”, and with purpose the counterattack of “R.I.C.” (Russia – Islam – China) for the genocide of White Western Nations, and finally for the genocide of the White, of the Black, and of the Mongolian Races (Judeans – Hebrew Saxons – Tatars – Indonesians and rest) by the Lunar Dragonian Yellow Race of China and Korea.

G.H.REES Group of Hellenic Re-Establishment
Through the deliverer of the G.H.REES messages
Ioannis Ch. Ch. Karageorgiou
Magnesia - Volos - Hellas

To understand how these HebrewSaxons telecontrolled writers essentially copied and distorted the G.H.REES documents, see the dated 1988 typewrited outstanding G.H.REES document (“IA”) with vast information, evidence and details about the Dragonian Hybrid Spaceship Moon, and its psychotronic 13.500 years lethal influence against the White and Black Race. This document must not be read by under-age persons and persons who are sensitive in various mental disorders, because their instant contact with forbidden unconventional knowledge may cause severe damage.)

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John Lear 2007 "Disclosures" already known to G.H.REES from the 80's

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Suicidal attitude: USA government is cooperating with the Lunar Dragonians against the Andromedian Galactic Government

USA is preparing forward lunar base to meet alien threat.
Canadian Minister of Defence revelations.

Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations

A former Canadian Minister of Defence has joined forces with three Non-governmental organizations to ask the Parliament of Canada to hold public hearings on with Alien “ET” Civilizations. Paul Hellyer, Canada’s Defence Minister from 1963-67 under Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prime Minister Lester Pearson, publicly stated: "UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head." Hellyer warned, "The United States military are preparing weapons which could be used against the aliens, and they could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning. Mr. Hellyer went on to say, "I'm so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something." “Now is the time for open disclosure that there are ethical Extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth,” a spokesperson for the Non-Governmental Organizations stated. “Our Canadian government needs to openly address these important issues of the possible deployment of weapons in outer space and war plans against ethical Extraterrestrial societies.”

OTTAWA, CANADA (PRWEB) November 24, 2005 -- A former Canadian Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau has joined forces with three Non-governmental organizations to ask the Parliament of Canada to hold public hearings on Exopolitics -- relations with “ETs.”

By “ETs,” Mr. Hellyer and these organizations mean ethical, advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that may now be visiting Earth.

On September 25, 2005, in a startling speech at the University of Toronto that caught the attention of mainstream newspapers and magazines, Paul Hellyer, Canada’s Defence Minister from 1963-67 under Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prime Minister Lester Pearson, publicly stated: "UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head."

Mr. Hellyer went on to say, "I'm so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something."

Hellyer revealed, "The secrecy involved in all matters pertaining to the Roswell incident was unparalled. The classification was, from the outset, above top secret, so the vast majority of U.S. officials and politicians, let alone a mere allied minister of defence, were never in-the-loop."

Hellyer warned, "The United States military are preparing weapons which could be used against the aliens, and they could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning. He stated, "The Bush administration has finally agreed to let the military build a forward base on the moon, which will put them in a better position to keep track of the goings and comings of the visitors from space, and to shoot at them, if they so decide."

Hellyer’s speech ended with a standing ovation. He said, "The time has come to lift the veil of secrecy, and let the truth emerge, so there can be a real and informed debate, about one of the most important problems facing our planet today."

Three Non-governmental organizations took Hellyer’s words to heart, and approached Canada’s Parliament in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, to hold public hearings on a possible ET presence, and what Canada should do. The Canadian Senate, which is an appointed body, has held objective, well-regarded hearings and issued reports on controversial issues such as same-sex marriage and medical marijuana,

On October 20, 2005, the Institute for Cooperation in Space requested Canadian Senator Colin Kenny, Senator, Chair of The Senate Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence, “schedule public hearings on the Canadian Exopolitics Initiative, so that witnesses such as the Hon. Paul Hellyer, and Canadian-connected high level military-intelligence, NORAD-connected, scientific, and governmental witnesses facilitated by the Disclosure Project and by the Toronto Exopolitics Symposium can present compelling evidence, testimony, and Public Policy recommendations.”

The Non-governmental organizations seeking Parliament hearings include Canada-based Toronto Exopolitics Symposium, which organized the University of Toronto Symposium at which Mr. Hellyer spoke.

The Disclosure Project, a U.S.– based organization that has assembled high level military-intelligence witnesses of a possible ET presence, is also one of the organizations seeking Canadian Parliament hearings.

Vancouver-based Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), whose International Director headed a proposed 1977 Extraterrestrial Communication Study for the White House of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who himself has publicly reported a 1969 Close Encounter of the First Kind with a UFO, filed the original request for Canadian Parliament hearings.

The Canadian Exopolitics Initiative, presented by the organizations to a Senate Committee panel hearing in Winnipeg, Canada, on March 10, 2005, proposes that the Government of Canada undertake a Decade of Contact.

The proposed Decade of Contact is “a 10-year process of formal, funded public education, scientific research, educational curricula development and implementation, strategic planning, community activity, and public outreach concerning our terrestrial society’s full cultural, political, social, legal, and governmental communication and public interest diplomacy with advanced, ethical Off-Planet cultures now visiting Earth.”

Canada has a long history of opposing the basing of weapons in Outer Space. On September 22, 2004 Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin declared to the U.N. General Assembly,” "Space is our final frontier. It has always captured our imagination. What a tragedy it would be if space became one big weapons arsenal and the scene of a new arms race.

Martin stated, "In 1967, the United Nations agreed that weapons of mass
destruction must not be based in space. The time has come to extend this ban to all weapons..."

In May, 2003, speaking before the Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada Lloyd Axworthy, stated “Washington's offer to Canada is not an invitation to join America under a protective shield, but it presents a global security doctrine that violates Canadian values on many levels."

Axworthy concluded, “There should be an uncompromising commitment to preventing the placement of weapons in space.”

On February 24, 2005, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin made official Canada's decision not to take part in the U.S government’s Ballistic Missile Defence program.

Paul Hellyer, who now seeks Canadian Parliament hearings on relations with ETs, on May 15, 2003, stated in Toronto’s Globe & Mail newspaper, “Canada should accept the long-standing invitation of U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio to launch a conference to seek approval of an international treaty to ban weapons in space. That would be a positive Canadian contribution toward a more peaceful world.”

In early November 2005, the Canadian Senate wrote ICIS, indicating the Senate Committee could not hold hearings on ETs in 2005, because of their already crowded schedule.

“That does not deter us,” one spokesperson for the Non-governmental organizations said, “We are going ahead with our request to Prime Minister Paul Martin and the official opposition leaders in the House of Commons now, and we will re-apply with the Senate of Canada in early 2006.

“Now is the time for open disclosure that there are ethical Extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth,” a spokesperson for the Non-Governmental Organizations stated. “Our Canadian government needs to openly address these important issues of the possible deployment of weapons in outer space and war plans against ethical Extraterrestrial societies.”


Commentary of the above:
We remind to our readers the following warning of G.H.REES towards the Russians not to engage to the forthcomming Andromedian-Dragonian spacewar. Similar warnings were also delivered to the USA Government. As G.H.REES, William Cooper, whistleblowers Scientists and other insiders revealed, the Andromedians of the four external planets of our solar system, from the 80's have transmited to the Radiotelescopes of the Superpowers several Ultimatums in Archetype Hellenic Proto-Language, to surrender the planetary authority. Since then the Superpowers in cooperation with the SinoZionistic Masonic Hyperlodges Networks (who are in direct contact with the Lunar Dragonians) instead of surrendering authority to the Andromedian Galactic Government are stupidly building space defenses against them! (see: SDI Program "Star Wars" and recent announcement). Have you ever wondered how come in only one century technology advanced so much in order to transform the Earthling ("Lord's servant") horserider primitive warrior to a Superpower Nation with Spacewar capabilities? Have you ever wondered why so much scientists are essentially "technological mediums" who design most of their inventions not in a mathematical, logical and theoretical manner that could prove that the invention was trully their own idea, but through instant "bright ideas" (with statements like "The invention schematics were flashed to my brain out of nowhere!") or through direct Spiritualism and Para-psychological contact? (See for example the cases of the initiated to O.T.O. Jack Parsons, Vril Society & Schauberger, Greek inventor Giolvas etc.).
And today we reached to a point having the USA Government stupidly rushing to build a forward moon base in cooperation with the lunar Dragonians in order to meet ...the alien "threat". Namely in order to try to stop the Andromedians Universal Hierarchy Judges that are about to free us from the criminal cancerous 13.500 years presence of the Lunar "Lord" who has instigated genocides that bloodbathed humanity and the White and Black Race in world wars, civil wars and riots and who is now trying to cause the terminal WWIII of the Dragonian "Armageddon" in order to completely annihilate everyone except the pure yellow Sinese saurianhumo Race.
Forward this message to as many Exopolitics institutions as you can. A decision of the Superpowers to engage to this forthcoming Spacewar is suicidal to say at least. Because simply there is no defense possible against hundrends of "War Planet" scale Flagships of multiple dimensions of matter rarification that have the capability to energize solar activity.

Following the G.H.REES Warnings:

These collusion gangs of Dragonian Spirits, through besotted earthly priesthoods, established all the contrary Religions (888 vs 666, etc), all the contrary Political ideologies (Capitalism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Socialism, Democracy, etc.), all the contrary Economical systems, and all the contrary Military pacts (NATO, Shanghai Pact, etc) of our Planet, with end purpose the division and the civil genocides of all races of our planet, and with end purpose the final Genocide of all the Human Races, Nations and States of our Planet, by the armies of the Dragonian pure yellow race Chinese and Koreans in the Chinese “Armageddon” of the Dragonian Judeo-Christian “Holy Scripture”, because according to the G.H.REES research, planet Earth became a Theater of War, as a projection of the Space War between the coalition of the “Constellation of Andromeda” and the coalition of the “Hyper Solar System of Sirius”, against the “Constellation of Draco”.

The American “NASA” observes with its telescopes, the gigantic space ships “War Planets” of the Andromedians, who after 2001 accumulated, arrived and parked in an offensive battle position in the orbit of planet Saturn against the smaller Dragonian Starfleet parked in defensive position in the orbit of Planet Jupiter.(Read LINKS: , , )

We Advise:
In case that you wish to survive do not engage with your space technology to this forthcoming space war.

There are attempts to connect G.H.REES with Groups of "New Age Spiritual Mediums" who communicate with the Dragonians like the "Ashtar Command of the non existent Galactic Federation of Light" posing as the returning Andromedian Dodecatheon of Zeus.
As G.H.REES has reported all G.H.REES members are forced by the charter of the Organization to strictly abstain from any Spiritual Contact or Spiritual Method or Spiritual Experience and to instantly report to the Organization any Para-Psychological harassment to them.
This is done because the inner space of the 7(8) internal planets is essentially the inner defensive perimeter of the Dragonians filled also with Collusion Apostate Spirits from the coalition of the constellation "Draco". The entire research and findings of G.H.REES are strictly based on Technology and on Rationalism with triple written Logical checks and with Mathematical rules that forbids any foreign "outside ideas" to invade to the pituitary gland of the G.H.REES Researchers and Scientists. They've also built a working technological defense against "Lunar Psychotronic radiations influence". Those devices are called by the Organization "Perseus mirrors against Medussa". We will not refer to those with further detail because they are trapped with dangers for the technologically untrained person.
A word to a wise man is enough.

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David Icke Manipulates his Readers with his "disclosures" that G.H.REES has already published the last 30 years

Andromeda major reinforcements already in our system from 1984

G.H.REES signal that Foiled the October 14 appearance of pseudo-Andromedian ships

Monday, April 12, 2010




VOLOS 12.04.2010


We make known that after a Request – Ultimatum of the Russian Government to the Governments of Ukraine and Moldova, for the unharmed transit of the 4th Southern Russian Army of 200.000 men from the territories of Ukraine and of Moldova, the 4th Southern Russian Army transited unharmed from the Ukrainian and from the Moldovan territory and lined up on Moldovan territory alength the borders of Moldova and of Romania, with offensive stance against Romania.

We are being informed that the Russian Government has sent Ultimatum to the Romanian Government stating that, in case of non direct and terminal cancellation of the installation of NATO bases and NATO missiles of the NATO “Anti-ballistic Shield”, and in case of the cancellation of the existing legal international contracts and agreements for the passage of the Russian Oil and Natural Gas pipelines over the Romanian territory, then the 4th Russian Army equipped with Nuclear tactical shells, will advance in the occupation of Romania and the arrest of the Romanian Government members, of the Romanian Generals, and of the Romanian Supreme Judges, for further actions.

We remind to the receivers of the present signal that G.H.REES with multiple signals to the Russian Government also published to the web page (and ) has demanded the descent of the Russian Army for the levelling of the NATO bases and the NATO Headquarters in Romania – Bulgaria – and Greece.

Greeks philo-NATO homosexual traitors Masons Generals of the Army-Navy-Airforce, after Romania it is the turn of the whore treasonous Bulgaria to feel the Russian caterpillars.

And after Bulgaria, it is your turn.

We will ask for the Russian Tank personnel to pass their Tanks over your bodies, while you will still have your full senses, except if you achieve and leave Greece on time in order to go to hell, and in order for Greece to get rid of your treason and of your dirt and the dirt of your relatives.

G.H.REES Readership Magnesia,
Through the Deliverer of the G.H.REES Messages in Magnesia
Ioannis Ch. Ch. Karageorgiou
Elpidos 12, N. Ionia – Volos - Hellas

Russian Academics VASIN and SHCHERBAKOV official suspicions about an artificial Moon

Read research and papers of the Russian Academics VASIN and SHCHERBAKOV “The mysteries of the Moon” for the Hybrid Mega-starship Moon

Bellow is an article of the above mentioned two Russian Academics VASIN and SHCHERBAKOV, published in the soviet journal "SPUTNIK" and concerning the hybrid semi-artificial nature of the Moon “hypothesis”. This is an old article. Indeed the Soviet scientists either officially or in unofficial circles, had for a long time suspicions about an artificial or semi-artificial nature of the Earth’s satellite. The Americans had also their problems. Just consider this. Why the American lunar manned missions stopped so abruptly in 1972 and ceased to exist for 4 decades up to nowadays? Seems the Dragonian Lizards don’t want any…aliens landing on their damn titanium ship without prior permission.



by Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, scientists

Although people long ago began to wonder whether the "canals" on Mars were the creation of cosmic engineers, for some odd reason it has not occurred to look with the same eyes upon the peculiarities of the lunar landscape much closer at hand. And all the arguments about the possibilities of intelligent life existing on other celestial bodies have been confined to the idea that other civilisations must necessarily live on the surface of a planet, and that the interior as a habitat is out of the question.

Abandoning the traditional paths of "common sense", we have plunged into what may at first sight seem to be unbridled and irresponsible fantasy. But the more minutely we go into all the information gathered by man about the Moon, the more we are convinced that there is not a single fact to rule out our supposition. Not only that, but many things so far considered to be lunar enigmas are explainable in the light of this new hypothesis.


The origin of the Moon is one of the most complicated problems of cosmogony. So far there have been basically three hypotheses under discussion.

HYPOTHESIS I. The Moon was once a part of the Earth and broke away from it.

This has now been refuted by the evidence.

HYPOTHESIS II. The Moon was formed independently from the same cloud of dust and gas as the Earth, and immediately became the Earth's natural satellite.

But then why is there such a big difference between the specific gravity of the Moon (3.33 grammes per cubic centimetre) and that of the Earth (5.5 gr.)? Furthermore, according to the latest information (analysis of samples brought back by the U.S. Apollo astronauts) lunar rock is not of the same composition as the Earth's.

HYPOTHESIS III. The Moon came into being separately, and, moreover, far from the Earth (perhaps even outside the Solar system). This would mean that the moon would not have to be fashioned from the same "clay" as our own planet. Sailing through the Universe, the Moon came into Earth's proximity, and by a complex interplay of forces of gravity was brought within a geocentric orbit, very close to circular. But a catch of this kind is virtually impossible.

In fact, scientists studying the origin of the Universe today have no acceptable theory to explain how the Earth-Moon system came into being.

The Moon is an artificial Earth satellite put into orbit around the Earth by some intelligent beings unknown to ourselves.

We refuse to engage in speculation about who exactly staged this unique experiment, which only a highly developed civilisation was capable of.


If you are going to launch an artificial sputnik, then it is advisable to make it hollow. At the same time it would be naive to imagine that anyone capable of such a tremendous space project would be satisfied simply with some kind of giant empty trunk hurled into a near-Earth trajectory.

It is more likely that what we have here is a very ancient spaceship, the interior of which was filled with fuel for the engines, materials and appliances for repair work, navigation, instruments, observation equipment and all manner of machinery... in other words, everything necessary to enable this "caravelle of the Universe" to serve as a kind of Noah's Ark of intelligence, perhaps even as the home of a whole civilisation envisaging a prolonged (thousands of millions of years) existence and long wanderings through space (thousands of millions of miles).

Naturally, the hull of such a spaceship must be super-tough in order to stand up to the blows of meteorites and sharp fluctuations between extreme heat and extreme cold. Probably the shell is a double-layered affair--the basis a dense armouring of about 20 miles in thickness, and outside it some kind of more loosely packed covering (a thinner layer--averaging about three miles).
In certain areas--where the lunar "seas" and "craters" are, the upper layer is quite thin, in some cases, non-existent.

Since the Moon's diameter is 2,162 miles, then looked at from our point of view it is a thin-walled sphere. And, understandably, not an empty one. There could be all kinds of materials and equipment on its inner surface.

But the greatest proportion of the lunar mass is concentrated in the central part of the sphere, in its core, which has a diameter of 2,062 miles.

Thus the distance between the kernel and the shell of this nut is in the region of 30 miles. This space was doubtless filled with gases required for breathing, and for technological and other purposes.

With such an internal structure the Moon could have an average specific gravity of 3.3 grammes per cubic centimetre, which differs considerably from that of Earth (5.5 grammes per cubic centimetre).


The most numerous and interesting of the formations on the lunar surface are the craters. In diameter they vary considerably. Some are less that a yard across, while others are more than 120 miles (the biggest has a diameter of 148 miles). How does the Moon come to be so pockmarked?

There are two hypothesis--volcanic and meteoric. Most scientists vote for the latter.

Kirill Stanyukovich, a Soviet physicist, has written a whole series of works since 1937 in which he expounds the idea that the craters are the result of bombardment of the Moon for millions of years. And he really means bombardment, for even the smallest celestial body, when it is involved in one of those fastest head-on collisions so common in the cosmos behaves itself like a warhead charged with dynamite, or even an atomic warhead at times. Instant combustion takes place on impact, turning it into a dense cloud of incandescent gas, into plasma, and there is a very definite explosion.

According to Professor Stanykovich, a "missile" of a sizable character (say 6 miles in diameter) must, on collision with the Moon, penetrate to a depth equal to 4 or 5 times its own diameter (24-30 miles).

The surprising thing is that however big the meteorites may have been which have fallen on the Moon (some have been more than 60 miles in diameter), and however fast they must have been travelling (in some cases the combined speed was as much as 38 miles per second), the craters they have left behind are for some odd reason all about the same depth, 1.2-2 miles, although they vary tremendously in diameter.

Take that 148-mile diameter crater. In area it outdoes Hiroshima hundreds of times over. What a powerful explosion it must have been to send millions of tons of lunar rock fountaining over tens of miles! On the face of it, one would expect to find a very deep crater here, but nothing of the sort: there is three miles at the most between top and bottom levels, and one third of that is accounted for by the wall of rock thrown up around the crater like a toothed crown.

For such a big hole, it is too shallow. Furthermore, the bottom of the crater is convex, following the curve of the lunar surface. If you were to stand in the middle of the crater you would not even be able to see the soaring edge-- it would be beyond the horizon. A hollow that is more like a hill is a rather strange affair, perhaps.

Not really, if one assumes that when the meteorite strikes the outer covering of the moon, this plays the role of a buffer and the foreign body finds itself up against an impenetrable spherical barrier. Only slightly denting the 20-mile layer of armour plating, the explosion flings bits of its "coating" far and wide.

Bearing in mind that the Moon's defence coating is, according to our calculations, 2.5 miles thick, one sees that this is approximately the maximum depth of the craters.


Now let us consider the chemical peculiarities of the lunar rock. Upon analysis, American scientists have found chromium, titanium and zirconium in it. These are all metals with refractory, mechanically strong and anti-corrosive properties. A combination of them all would have envitable resistance to heat and the ability to stand up to means of aggression, and could be used on Earth for linings for electrical furnaces.

If a material had to be devised to protect a giant artificial satellite from the unfavourable effects of temperature, from cosmic radiation and meteorite bombardment, the experts would probably have hit on precisely these metals. In that case it is not clear why lunar rock is such an extraordinarily poor heat conductor--a factor which so amazed the astronauts? Wasn't that what the designers of the super-sputnik of the Earth were after?

From the engineers point of view, this spaceship of ages long past which we call the Moon is superbly constructed. There may be a good reason for its extreme longevity. It is even possible that it predates our own planet. At any rate, some pieces of lunar rock have proved older than the oldest on Earth, although it is true, this applies to the age of the materials and not of the structure for which they were used. And from the number of craters on its surface, the Moon itself is no chicken.

It is, of course, difficult to say when it began to shine in the sky above the Earth, but on the basis of some preliminary estimates one might hazard a guess that it was around two thousand million years ago.

We do not, of course, imagine that the moon is still inhabited, and probably many of its automatic devices have stopped working, too. The stabilisers have ceased functioning and the poles have shifted. Even though the moon keeps that same side turned towards us, for some time it has been unsteady on its own axis, on occasion showing us part of its reverse side which were once invisible to observers on the Earth--for example, the Selenites themselves if they made expeditions here.

Time has taken its toll. Both body and rigging have disintegrated to some extent; some seams on the inner shell evidently diverged. We assume that the long (up to 940 miles) chains of small craters formerly ascribed to volcanic activity were brought about by eruptions of gas through cracks appearing in the armour plating as a result of accidents.

No doubt one of the most splendid features of the lunarscape--a straight "wall" nearly 500 yards high and over 60 miles long--formed as a result of one of the armour plates bending under the impact of celestial torpedoes and raising one of its straight, even edges.

The Moon's population presumeably took the necessary steps to remedy the effects of meteorite bombardment, for example, patching up rents in the outer shield covering the inner shell. For such purposes a substance from the lunar core was probably used, a kind a cement being made from it. After processing this would be piped to the surface sites where it was required.

Not long ago astronomers discovered variations in the gravitational fields near the large "seas". We believe the reason to be this: the Moon's dry seas are in fact areas from which the protective coating was torn from the armour cladding. To make good the damage to these vast tracts, the installation producing the repair substance would have had to be brought immediately beneath the site so that it could flood the area with "cement". The resulting flat stretches are what look like seas to the terrestrial observer.

The stocks of materials and machinery for doing this are no doubt still where they were, and are sufficiently massive to give rise to these gravitational anomalies.

What is the Moon today? Is it a colossal necropolis, a "city of the dead," where some form of life became extinct? Is it a kind cosmic Flying Dutchman?

A craft abandoned by its crew and controlled automatically? We do not know and we shall not try to guess.


We have put forward in this article only a few of the reasons--unfortunately the evidence is so far only circumstantial--for our hypothesis, which at first glance may appear to be crazy.

A similar "crazy" idea was put forward in 1959 by Professor Iosif Shklovsky, an eminent scientist, in relation to the "moons" circling around Mars.

After carefully weighing up the evidence he concludes that they are both hollow and therefore artificial satellites.

We feel that the questions we have raised in connection with our Moon provide sufficient food for serious thought on the matter; the result may be the illumination of our many lunar riddles.

Now, of course, we have to wait for direct evidence to support our idea. Or refute it.

Probably there will not be long to wait.


Blog's commentary on the above.
The two Russian Academics wrote that the presence of the Moon here is all about a mysterious “Alien experiment”. John Lear also talks about an “experiment”. As G.H.REES and this blog has proved this has nothing to do with a so called experiment. The global cancerous Dragonian scheme is just a miserable piratical invasion to our solar system for the destruction of its planets in order to steal the valuable metals and raw materials of the system's planets by using in most cases the planetary settlers as "Lord's servants" (of the miserable lizard "Lord" Pseudo-God Sin-Sion-Zion - Lunar Governor) used as servants-slaves for the mining of the raw materials after the genocide of the settlers who belong to the hostile constellations (aka White Andromedian and Black Sirian Race).
A Pseudo-God, namely a psychopath cancerous megalomaniac being, posing as the Supreme Being-Creator(!!!) who also threatens in the Sinozionist Old Testament that he will remove the Moon from Earth's orbit, for vengeance to the unbelievers(!!!) after he steals all the Earth’s Gold and raw materials!
("The silver is mine(Sin-Zion-YHWH), and the gold is mine(Sin-Zion-YHWH)" "The Gold Belongs to YHWH"…as this space bandit confess without shame to his Dragonian Bible!")

Read Also:
John Lear 2007 "Disclosures" already known to G.H.REES from the 80's

"Fairy Tale" for ...adults!

Escape from the cancerous irrational teachings of the Lunar Pseudo-god.
There is no Creator-God ...who as a Creator can have the ethical alibi and right to destroy and manipulate whole planetary systems!
The Universe, the Everything, the PAN-SYMPAN-COSMOS, is a self-created hyper-humo-morphic-organism, an eternal (nuclear - etheric) fire that burns and extinguish through natural laws, and we are all parts-cells-microorganisms of it, living either as healthy or as cancerous cells!
The Lunar Pseudo-God, this Universal crook, teaches the Extra-universal madness to the Earthlings in order to cut off their organic concsious harmonic and healthy co-existance with Nature - aka the Universal Hyper-Organism, and to finally use them as "Lord's servants" (Especially his genetic childs the Sin-ese) to mine-rip off the whole planet from its raw materials and finally to destroy it, as he did with the lost planet Phaethon or "Maldek" (Today's Asteroid belt).
An abomination action which in the Universal Hierarchy Justice counts as a Universal Mass Crime, because a planet is actually a living and thinking mega-cell of the Universal Organism.

MENTAL DUELS: Smash of the Extra-universal Logos madness

Saturday, April 10, 2010









Estimable Sirs,

Of the Russian Government,
Of the Russian Federal Security “FSB”,
And of the Russian Diplomacy,
In 17.02.2010 our representative delivered to the Russian Embassy of Athens a report of Geopolicy – Geostrategy – and Geoeconomics, in which is proved that in case during which Russia don’t foil the planed from “NATO” military assault of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) against Greece, and if Russia don’t drive off right now China from the Shanghai Pact of the R.I.C. axis (Russia – Islamic Nations – China), then this will ignite World War III, which in the end of it, Russians, Whites and Whiteyellow Mongols, will be genocided from the Chinese and from the North Korean Army, just as have been planned by the Masonic Hyperlodge “HONG” of China against Russia and against the rest White Race and the Mongolic Nations of the Planet.

We Ask:
Must we theorize that in 25.03.2010 you responded to us publicly, with a negative answer to the above mentioned report of ours, through Mr. Konstantin Sivkov, first vice-president of the Russian Geopolitics Academy, who, in contrast with the spirit and the conclusion of our report, is theorizing that it’s inevitable the conduct of World War III between the 2 geostrategic coalitions, namely of “US.E.J” (USA – Europe – Japan) of “NATO – SEATO”, and of “R.I.C.” or Shanghai Pact (Russia – Islamic Nations – China) ???

If yes, then in the relevant public statement / respond of yours through Mr. Konstantin Sivkov, between others you state the following suicidal for the Russian Civilians and to the Global Public:

“A: SIVKOV: The planet has known one global cultural crisis, this crisis was caused from several disproportions and particular:

1) Conflicts between the growth of production/consumption (in the West or “US.E.J.”) and of the available resources (of the planet).

2) Conflicts between the poor under development countries and the rich industrially developed countries (of the West), between the Nations and the Hyper-national Elite (Multinational Corporations of the West)

3) Differences between the Free Market with the Power of Money (of the West or “US.E.J.” of USA – Europe – Japan), and of the Spiritual roots of the various civilizations and of the Christian orthodox – Islamic – Buddhist religions (read prototype English document of Mr. Sivkov), (of “R.I.C.” Russia – Islamic Nations – China or Shanghai Pact)”.

[Commentary of the G.H.REES Geopolitics Department:

1) G.H.REES comment of “A”:
The planet didn’t face a crisis provoked from disproportions and differences which were forced to the nations of the planet by the so called independent between them “contrary Governmental doctrines – models” of “US.E.J.” and of “R.I.C.”, but a crisis which were forced by collusion players whiteyellow Mongols Judeans, by Hebrewsaxons and by Hebrew-Tatars whiteyellow collusion players Mongols, and by the Chinese of “USA”, of Russia, and of China, under the para-psychological common command of philo-Chinese space invaders which determine themselves as “Dragonians of Levan” or Moon, with origin “The constellation of Draco-Dragon”.

2) G.H.REES comment of “A1”:
Today, the nations that do abuse of available resources exhaustion and abuse of production and consumption, are not anymore the nations of West or “US.E.J.”, but are the developed Islamic Nations and Russia through Oil overproduction, and China through Economical Index of over-production, namely the three members of “R.I.C.” of the East or Shanghai Pact.

3) G.H.REES comment of “A2”:
Today, the industrial rich developed countries and their multinational expanding companies, are not countries and companies of the West or “US.E.J.”, but are the developed Islamic Nations and China, namely two members of “R.I.C.”.

4) G.H.REES comment of “A3”:
Today, the countries which have as a motive the power of money and free market, are no more the bankrupt countries of the West or “US.E.J.”, but are the developed Islamic Nations (Saudi Arabia - Abu Dhabi - Dubai etc) and China, namely two members of “R.I.C.” which buy entire debts of Western countries and colossal Western companies. Examples: The central bank of China has bought the entire public debt of USA and various western companies with last one VOLVO. The Arabic Emirates have bought Olympic Airlines, the Greek shipyards, and various Western companies. Therefore the Geopolitical conclusions “A”, “A1”, “A2” and “A3” of Mr. Sivkov are wrong.]

“B: SIVKOV: The analysis of the possible solutions of those disproportions and conflicts indicates that the crisis cannot be resolved without important violations of the interests of some great geopolitical issues (read: Western interests of “US.E.J.”)
This means that the participation of Military forces is inevitable.
By taking in mind the global character of the crisis, we can assume that the Military participation (engage) to the crisis will be global”.

[G.H.REES Commentary of “B”:
Because as is proved by G.H.REES the “Disproportions” of Sivkov of the paragraphs “A”, “A1”, “A2”, “A3” are not real but are virtual, false, reversed, and altered by the Hebrew and Chinese Academies and Geopolitics Institutions of Moscow, of Washington, and of Beijing, and because anymore all the countries of the 2 coalitions, namely the Trilaterale or “US.E.J.” and of “R.I.C” or Shanghai Pact, are involved into the planetary capital offences of the planetary available resources abuse, of the oppression of the poor countries from the rich countries, of the oppression of Nations by the Multinational companies, and of the materialism of the power of money from the Free (lawless) Market, therefore is not necessary the use of Military forces in order to annihilate the anymore non existing inequalities and disproportions between the two coalitions of “US.E.J.” and of “R.I.C.”.

On the contrary, is necessary the expulsion of China from the “R.I.C.” axis, or Shanghai Pact and the expulsion of Tibet from the “T.I.M” axis (Tibet – India – Mongolia), as an ally axis of “US.E.J.” axis, and afterwards is necessary the agglutination of “US.E.J” axis, with the semi-axles “R.I.” (Russia – Islamic Nations) and “I.M.” (India – Mongolia) in order to create the hyper-axis “R.I. – US.E.J. – I.M.” under Russian command, against the axis “C.K.” (China – Korea), in order to cease the modus operandi of the Chinese hyperlodge “HONG” Economical – Political – Military – National dissolution – and genocide of all Nations and Countries of the Planet, and of Russia, by China and North Korea, from 2012 up to 2014.

In case the above will not be realized urgently, then AND the Whites AND the Whiteyellow AND the Whiteyellow Mongols Russians, namely Hebrew – Tatars and rest, will be genocided in the last but one phase of the Third World War, after 2012, by the Chinese and by the Korean Armies, according to the scheme of the Chinese Hyper-lodge “HONG” that we have intercepted and delivered to the Russian Embassy of Athens Greece in 17.02.2010.

According to this scheme of “HONG”, the Chinese and the Korean Army have planned to genocide all the Mongols of the planet, namely AND the Hebrews, the Tatars and the rest Mongols of Russia, as Whiteyellow, namely as polluted with White blood of the White race, namely as abominations of non pure Yellow Race.
Therefore the Geopolitical conclusion “B” of Mr. Siskov is wrong.]

“C: SIVKOV: The Third World War will be between natural coalitions (“US.E.J.” and “T.I.M” against “R.I.C.”) and will be different from the previous World Wars which were realized for the Economical redistribution of the Planet.

[G.H.REES Commentary of “C”:
“US.E.J.” is not a natural coalition because its members are differentiating racially. Indeed the Whites of “USA” and of “Europe” are not considered a natural coalition with the Whiteyellow Mongols Japanese, with which were mortal enemies in World War 2.

“T.I.M.” is not a natural coalition, because Mongols are historical diachronically enemies of Hindus, which in multiple times were genocided by the Mongols peripherally.

“R.I.C.” is not a natural coalition because in the path of history of 11.600 years, the Chinese annihilated the Mongols of Mongolia, of Tibet, of Nepal of Bhutan, of Indochina, and rest countries, after they previously used them as first line genociders against the indigenous White and Black Nations. The redistribution of wealth in the 1st and 2nd World War was made with racial and not economical criteria against the Whites and in favour of the Mongolian populations. Therefore the Geopolitical conclusion “C” of Mr. Sivkov is wrong.]

“D: SIVKOV: The countries of the planet will form coalitions according to their faith in one from two models of the world order.”

[G.H.REES Commentary of “D”:
The countries of the planet will not form coalitions, because they already form the 3 coalitions or axles “US.E.J.”, “T.I.M.”, and “R.I.C.” or Shanghai Pact.

The people of the planetary countries are not forming coalitions according to their faith in some political system or globalization model (666 West, or 777 Korea, or 888 China) that they have chosen, but according to compulsory forcing of one of the above mentioned globalization models which have violently being forced over the people by:
The Hebrew-masonic and Saxon-masonic governments 666 of all the Western countries through the Masonic hierarchical line: “HONG China” => “ZEN Tibet” => “AOA” (ORDO ADEPTIS ATLANTIS) of London, the pure yellow collusion governments 777 of North and South Korea that are comprised of initiated members to the Hyperlodge “HONG” 888 of China, the Hebrew-Mongolic governments 888 of Russia which are under the orders of the Arch-rabbis of the “Baruch” family in “USA” through the hierarchical line: “HONG China” => “ZEN Tibet” => “AOA London” => Great Oak’s Lodge of New York USA => Arch-rabbis “Baruch” of USA, and from the cryptohebrew priesthoods of the Shiite 888 of Iran, of Southern Iraq, of Pakistan, and all the countries of the Shiite heresy of Islam.
Therefore the geopolitical conclusion “D” of Mr. Sivkov is wrong.]

“E: SIVKOV: The first model (of “US.E.J.” + “T.I.M.” 666) is the world of cultural hierarchy (few superiors and many inferior civilizations), namely the few are brutally exploiting the rest of humanity.”

[G.H.REES Commentary of “E”:
As we have already wrote the axis “US.E.J.” is no more capable to exploit any other civilizations, because essentially it has bankrupted and is now under lethal decay.

In regard to the axis “T.I.M.”, India by its nature is impossible to exploit other civilizations. Mongolia is no more capable to butcher humanity as it used in the past with the Genghis Khans and with the Tamerlanes, and Tibet in a state of refugee in India is incapable for material exploitation of anybody.
Therefore the above mentioned geopolitical conclusion “E” of Mr. Sivkov is wrong and false.]

“F: SIVKOV: The second model (of “R.I.C.” 888) is the cultural mutual support (between different civilizations) or else cultural harmony (between different civilizations).”

[G.H.REES Commentary of “F”:
There cannot exist neither exists some sincere mutual cultural support between the by identity defeatist Christianity of the Christians Russians that worship the Space Chinese God Sin – Sion – Zion who plans to genocide them (Read: “Old Testament”, Prophet Ezekiel Chapters 38 and 39, against the “Rus” – Russians and against the “Mesheh” – people of the city and area of Moscow), and between the by identity aggressive warmongering genocidal Islam of “Jihad – Holy War” of the “R.I.C.” axis Islamic Nations.

There cannot exist neither exists absolutely none mutual cultural support between the “By Divine Revelation” Religions of Christianity and Islam which condemn as “Evil” the Rationalism, and between the Buddhism of China and Korea which is by definition the religion of false Rationalism and Individualism, because Buddhism means “Gnosticism” from the ancient Sanskrit word “Veda” (Sanskrit véda, "knowledge") that is came from the Ancient Hellenic word “Oida”(ΟΙΔΑ) or “Voida”(ΒΟΙΔΑ), and means “Knowledge”, and which rejects the above mentioned “Divine Revelations”.

Therefore the cultural harmony of Sivkov between the 3 cultural poles of “R.I.C.” is wrong, false, impossible, and by identity utopia, because from the 3 religions: Christianity – Islam – Buddhism, of the 3 “R.I.C.” poles, each one is mortally fighting the other two for several eons.
Therefore the geopolitical conclusion “F” of Mr. Sivkov is wrong.]

“G: SIVKOV: With other words the 3rd World War will be conducted to determine the spiritual base of the New World Order”.

[G.H.REES Commentary of “G”:
As we have proved with evidence in our report that was delivered in 17.02.2010 in the Russian Embassy of Athens, the 3rd World War has been planned by the Masonic Hyperlodge “HONG” of China, under the para-psychological guidance of Dragonian Lunar Spirits of the Chinese Space Invader Sin – Sion – Zion – Zedi – Jedi – Sedi – Jeid – Jude – Judas with origin the Constellation of Draco, not to determine the spiritual – political – economical base of the New World Order, but to bring finally the complete annihilation of the White, of the Black, and of the Mongolic Whiteyellow (Hebrews – Saxons – Tatars – and rest) and Blackyellow (Indonesians and rest) races of the Planet, with annihilator the armies of the pure yellow race of China – Korea – which will take afterward the duty of mining the raw and valuable materials of the entire planet in order to transport them to the departing hybrid spaceship Moon (Read Links: , , )

Read research and papers of the Russian Academics VASIN and SHCHERBAKOV “The mysteries of the Moon” for the Hybrid Mega-starship Moon
(Read Link: )

Read in the Lunar Dragonian inspiration Judeo-Christian “Holy Scripture”, Book “Psalms 72:7” about the “Antanairesis-Ανταναιρέσεως” namely for the programmed “Departure” of the Moon from the Earth’s orbit after the transportation of the Earth’s raw materials. Read in the Dragonian “Holy Scripture”, Book “Apocalypse 9:13-16 and 16:12-16” the programmed assault of the Chinese Army of 200.000.000 Chinese soldiers for the genocide of all the non pure yellow nations, namely for the genocide of 5 billion people from today’s 7,5 billion population, namely of the 2/3rds of the global population now, but and for the genocide afterwards of the 2,5 billion pure yellow Chinese and Koreans as no more useful, after the transportation of the entire Earth’s raw materials inside the Moon and the rest Dragonian Starfleet.
Therefore the geopolitical conclusion “G” of Mr. Sivkov is wrong.]

“H: SIVKOV: 2 coalitions already exist. (The “US.E.J.” + “T.I.M.” and “R.I.C.” or Shanghai Pact). The first is the coalition of the so called industrially advanced nations which are represented by the Western Civilization.”

[G.H.REES Commentary of “H”:
The “T.I.M.” part of this first coalition does not belong to the Western Civilization. Therefore the geopolitical conclusion “H” of Mr. Sivkov is wrong.]

“I: SIVKOV: The spiritual foundations of this coalition (US.E.J.) are based on individualism, in the material production goods, and in the power of money.”

[G.H.REES Commentary of “I”:
The “T.I.M.” part of this coalition is not based in the material goods and in the power of money. The three attributes: Of individualism, of material production goods or consumerism, and of the power of money, from prehistory up to the end of World War 2, and especially up to 1980, were not attributes of the Western people.

The corruption of the Western people after 1980, was realized with special devious manipulation by the Hebrewsaxons of the West, as members of the Governments, of the Religious leaderships (establishment of Satanic Religions 666), and by the Economical “Elite” of the Western Nations, under the commands of “HONG” China and of the Lunar Dragonian Dark Forces. Therefore the geopolitical conclusion “I” of Mr. Sivkov is wrong.]

“J: SIVKOV: The military and political core of this coalition is represented by the NATO block.”

[G.H.REES Commentary of “J”:
This is true only for the “US.E.J.” part of the coalition “US.E.J.” + “T.I.M.”, and only for the treasonous Hebrewsaxonic “Elite” of the Western Nations, but is false for the people of the Western Nations. In Greece and in other western countries, the Civilians, regardless of political-party status, are wishing the exit of their countries from the criminal provocateur “NATO”, because “NATO” with its assaults against Afghanistan and Iraq, and with its threats to assault against Iran, North Korea, and China, allegedly for the “liberation of Tibet”, is causing the counterattack of “R.I.C.” and a holocaust of billions of humans in the 3rd World War.
Therefore the geopolitical conclusion “J” of Mr. Sivkov is wrong.]

“K: SIVKOV: The second coalition “R.I.C.” is comprised by the countries of Orthodox Christian Religion (Russia), by the countries of Islamic Religion, and other civilizations (China), with base the dominion of spiritual over the material good.”

[G.H.REES Commentary of “K”:
Because Christianity through the Neo-Platonism and Islam through influence by the Ancient Hellenic writings from the Alexandria Library, are giving dominion of spiritual over the material good, we accept the above mentioned statement of Sivkov as true only in regard of Russia and the Islamic Nations. But we reject the above mentioned statement in regard of China, because instead the false rumour of the Chinese as allegedly “Spiritual People”, history has proved otherwise, namely that the Chinese people are by nature a people of unforthcoming genociders without human intellectualism and feelings. (Read Links: , , )
Therefore the geopolitical conclusion of Sivkov is wrong.]

“L SIVKOV: This coalition (R.I.C.) is interested for a multi-polar World Order. Nevertheless those countries have not realized that they have mutual geopolitical interests, how rather necessary interests in a Political or Military unity.”

[G.H.REES Commentary of “L”:
As we have already proved, is impossible the establishment of multi-polar World Order “888” between the three poles of “R.I.C.” axis, namely: Moscow – Beijing - and Mecca of Arabia of the Cubical Stone “Kaaba” of Arabia as a miniature of the above mentioned Lunar Cubical Jerusalem (Upper Zion) captor of Earth’s Souls (Read “Apocalypse 21:10-17”), due to contradictions and competition of their basic ideologies, of transcendental Religious infrastructure.
We are repeating their contradictions:

1) Moscow: defeatist passive Christianity of the stupid suicidal indiscreet unilateral love towards the enemies (“Love your enemy”)

2) Mecca Arabia: Warmongering genocidal Islamism of the general hatred towards people with other faiths or non believers, Christians or others, through “Jihad” namely Holy War.

3) Beijing: Warmongering genocidal Chinese Sinism of the Space Criminal Sin – Sion – Zion – Sedi against everyone without pure yellow blood indiscreetly, namely against Christians – Muslims and others.

Some Islamic countries, namely Islamic countries that are not being commanded from cryptohebrew Shiite priesthoods, but from Arabic Sunnite priesthoods and from Royal Sunnite dynasties such as Saudi Arabia, Arabic Emirates, and rest, they refuse to unite with the “R.I.C.” axis, and prefer to keep a calm philo-Western stance in favour of “US.E.J.”

Mr. Sivkov in the geopolitical conclusion “L”, is complaining because the above mentioned Sunnite Islamic countries don’t join politically and militarily in favour of “R.I.C.” in order to …accelerate the conduct of the “inevitable” according to Sivkov Third World War, into which of course Greece and the rest Western nations of “NATO” will be annihilated by the armies of “R.I.C.” namely Russia – Islamic Nations – China, in 2012 – 2014, as announced by Sivkov in 2008 “After the assault of U.S.A. against Russia in 2012 – 2014”, because the same Hebrewsaxons generals of the “USA” Pentagon are conspiring for the defeat of the American and NATO army by the armies of “R.I.C.” in 2012 – 2014.
Therefore the geopolitical conclusion “L” of Mr. Sivkov is wrong, and therefore all the conclusions of the Russian Geopolitics Moscow Academy are wrong and drive Russia to genocide from the armies of China and Korea in the Third World War.]

Brothers Russians,

Mr. President,

Mr. Prime Minister,

Mr. Ministers, and

Mr. Politicians and Military Staff of Russia,

After the Economical and Political support that you offered to Greece in 19th March 2010, through Mr. Nesterenko for the Economical and Political survival of Greece, came in 25th March 2010 the announcement of Mr. Sivkov vice-president of the Geopolitics Academy of Moscow in order to cancel and undo the above mentioned action of yours in 19th March 2010.
We ask you straightforward:
What is the meaning for Greeks to rescue them now Economically and Politically, and to annihilate them two years later in 2012, when Greeks pent in “NATO” from the treasonous philo-NATO governments of “New Democracy” and of “PASOK”, and tomorrow from the government of “LA.O.S.” of “EMPIRE 666” in Constantinople, will attack together with the rest “NATO” armies against the Shanghai Pact or “R.I.C.”, namely against AND the Russian Army in the deserts of Siberia, of Mongolia, and of China???

After the contradictory statement of Mr. Sivkov in 25th March 2010, came your governmental statement in 30th March 2010 in the International News-agencies about “defensive protection of Greece from the Axis “B.A.S.T.R” (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) through 15 common aeronautical exercises between the Hellenic and the Russian Navy and the corresponding air forces in the Aegean up to the end of 2010”, a statement of yours that essentially cancels and aborts the military assault of “B.A.S.T.R.” against Greece in 2010, namely cancels and aborts the schemes of the Chinese “HONG” and of “NATO” for the beginning of the Third World War through the Assault of “B.A.S.T.R.” against Greece, and at the same time aborts the schemes of “HONG” for the genocide of Greece in the beginning and for the genocide of Russians at the end of the Third World War, and at the same time aborts the genocide of 5 billions humans, namely all the Nations except China and Korea, during the conduct of Third World War, according to the criminal schemes of the Chinese “HONG”.

[Read Webpage of the American Criminal against Humanity, professor of biology Eric Pianka, with his statements for a necessary annihilation of 5 billion human through the aerobic virus Ebola, with mortality rate 95%, a lethal virus that have developed the Americans in the University laboratories of Texas for the American Army and are planning to spray it through virus dispersal with “Chemtrails” Aircrafts.]

Conclusion 1:
Friends of the Russian Government: You have committed two outstanding memorable agreed actions in 19th March 2010 and in 30th March 2010, with which you have cancelled the ignition of the Third World War according to the written appeal that we have delivered to you in 17th February 2010 in the Russian Embassy in Athens, about the Foiling of the Third World War.

Conclusion 2:
As a contradictory non-agreed chock between the two above mentioned actions of yours, came in 25th March 2010, the statement of the Academy of Geopolitics in Moscow, through Mr. Sivkov, who claims that:
“Is inevitable the conduct of Third World War”, and a statement which therefore is attempting to torpedo the two governmental actions of yours, in 19th and in 30th March 2010, for the Foiling of the Third World War.

The only thing that we can assume for the above mentioned contradiction between the current foreign policy of the Russian Government and the announcements of the Geopolitics Academy of Moscow, is that the professors of this Academy are not informed about the scheme of the Chinese “HONG” for the conduct of Third World War, that we have make known to you in 17.02.2010 through the Russian Embassy of Athens, and therefore these University Professors of Geopolitics are not informed that those statements about the “Cultural harmony between Russia and China” are an utopia and a fairy tale, and are not informed that the scheme of “HONG” has also programmed the complete genocide of Russia at the end of Third World War.

Please inform those University Professors of the Russian Geopolitics Academy for the above mentioned scheme of “HONG against the whole Russian population, and forward to them the present letter, because any disagreement and difference in opinions inside the Governmental and inside the Academia Order in Russia, will result lethal for the Russian National existence and security and for the Planetary Security.

We conclude that is an urgent necessity for Russia to create the carrier “3G + A”, namely the carrier “3G + A” which have proposed to you in 17.02.2010 for the dawn of a New Geopolitics for the survival of Russia.
We propose to use our representative who visited your embassy in Athens, in order to assist you in the establishment of the carrier “3G + A” in Moscow, with his capability as an instructor of the “3G + A” G.H.REES department.

Without the “Know How” of the G.H.REES Geopolitics, you haven’t the necessary time in order to achieve an internal change from the 100% wrong Geopolitics of the Russian Geopolitics Academy of Moscow, to the true Geopolitics of your survival that must be achieved by Russia against the Geopolitics of the Chinese “HONG”.


Through Mr. Andrei Nesterenko we are being informed the decision of the Russian Government to abort the construction of the Oil Pipeline Burgas – Alexandroupoli due to a Bulgarian treasonous double-face and devious delay under the commands of “NATO”, and possibly due to a delay from corrupted Party-dogs of the treasonous Greek Governmental party of “PASOK” who demand a rearrangement of the Greek-Russian Agreement for the above mentioned Pipeline, under the pretext of the “PASOK” crooks that allegedly didn’t receive enough expropriations for the territories that the pipeline will pass through.

We have been informed that for the same reasons you have decided to construct only the Oil Pipeline from Sampsounta up to Ceyhan of Turkey.

In this matter we will not insist as we did with our proposal to use the Russian army to invade in Romania – Bulgaria – Greece for the foiling of the installation of the “NATO” offensive missiles of the “Anti-ballistic shield” against Russia used by “NATO” as a pretext for the ignition of Third World War, and for the mandatory keeping of the agreements for the construction of the Russian Pipelines of Oil – Natural Gas from the treasonous philo-NATO governments of the above mentioned 3 countries, because this concerns in priority your National and Trade Security.

We just advise you to stop your continuous retreats in the climactic provocations of “NATO” against Russia, and we advise you to solve entirely – and separately – drastically – and instantly any provocation against Russia, as you did in Georgia, because if you leave those provocations to accumulate without an answer, then when you decide to answer them and solve them totally, you will provoke a World War, as has been planned from “HONG” of China and from “NATO” against Russia.

If we were in your position we will made a suit at law in the International Courts against Romania and Bulgaria, by demanding from each Country 100 trillion dollars of compensation for evasive profits of Russia, due to causeless abort of the Legal Agreements that have been signed by these Countries for the passage of the Russian Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines.

We advice you not to trust the Turks, because the Chechen terrorists, who have caused the blood bath in Moscow in 29th March 2010, are claiming that:
“They are Turks and they have the Weapons and Monetary and Asylum support from the “Motherland Turkey” against Russia”.

The Russian pipeline Sampsounta – Ceyhan, if it finally operates, will be blown and destructed everyday from gangs of Chechen terrorists under the foment and the cover of the Turkish Authorities, which dream a new “Ottoman Empire” against the Russian territories, and foment the Chechens with terrorism actions against Russia.

In this dead-end that you face with Romania – Bulgaria – and Turkey, there is another solution except a Russian Military Invasion, but for reasons of Confidentiality we will not refer about it in the present letter.


The American Ambassador in Athens announced the accomplished fact of the creation of an “American-NATO shield” of total control of the Aegean Sea.
We warmly thank him for the guilty confession of the Planetary criminal United States of America.
Therefore the recent cruise and invasion of the Turkish corvette “BAFRA” and other Turkish Military Naval vessels in the Greek territorial waters of 30 Greek Islands of the Aegean and outside Piraeus without the permit of the Greek Government, and the daily invasions of three “COMAO” packages of 30 Turkish Fighter aircrafts in the Air Space of all the Greek Aegean Islands, are realized under the orders of “NATO” and of “USA”, in order to climax the assault of “B.A.S.T.R.” against Greece and in order to ignite Third World War into which will be also annihilated Russia.

That’s enough! All the Greek citizens regardless political and party status, have disgusted with the emetic Planetary criminals “USA” and “NATO”, and with the treasons of the “European Union” against Greece.

We ask from the Russian Armed Forces to urgently clean the Aegean from the dirt of the American and Turkish Naval and Airborne fleets which take part in the provocation of the Third World War through the assault of the “B.A.S.T.R.” armies against Greece, in the spring of 2010.

May the announced continuous common exercises between the Greek and the Russian Fleet in the Aegean achieve this catharsis of the Aegean, and the entailed foiling of the Third World War.

But we are continuing to deal with a justified scepticism the treasonous Greek philo-NATO Government of “PASOK”, which under the commands of “USA”, of “European Union”, and of “NATO”, despise the friendly offer of Russia for unlimited lending to Greece with low intergovernmental interest, and which its clownish Autistic Homosexual Prime Minister Papandreou (Mineiko Tsiden Baum) is continuing to receive loans from the “European Union” with destructive for the Greek Economy 6% interest rates, in order to realize the devious pretext of the allegedly necessary final entrapment and total economical destruction of Greece inside the International Monetary Fund, and the entailed military defeat and genocide of Greece by the armies of “B.A.S.T.R.”, in order to ignite Third World War that will bring also the genocide of Russia.


The G.H.REES documents about the scheme of the Chinese “HONG” for the Third World War and for the programmed genocide of 5 billions humans from the Chinese and from the Northern – Korean Armies 888, in 2012 – 2014, have caused breach and difference in opinions between the Hebrewsaxon staff of “NSA-USA” and of the rest 14 secret services of the “U.S.” as we have been informed by Greeks of the USA-Homogeny.

The majority of those Hebrewsaxon staff members of the secret services insist for the conduct of the Third World War according to the present schemes, namely according to the schemes of “HONG”, by trusting the promise of “HONG” for the survival and the mutual governing of the Planet by Chinese and Hebrewsaxons, through the Chinese-Hebrew minority “TIAO-KIOU-KIAO” of Shanghai, after the end of the Third World War.

The minority of the above mentioned Hebrewsaxon staff members of the American Secret Services refuse to work for the scheme of “HONG” for the conduct of Third World War, because after their briefing with the G.H.REES documents, are suspicious that the Chinese – Korean army will genocide AND the Hebrews AND the Saxons.

The good news is that, according to our information, these minorities are increasing constantly in numbers and in some “USA” secret services tend to become majorities.

We assume that the same breach and the same difference in opinions were provoked by the G.H.REES documents between the Hebrews and Tatars of the Russian Governmental and Academia “Elite”.

Friends Russians Governmentals and Academians, please study history and reconsider, because the Prehistory and History teaches that the Chinese have in multiple times genocide all the Whiteyellow Mongols of Tibet, of Himalaya (Nepal, Bhutan etc), of Indochina, of Siberia, and of the rest territories of the Planet, and therefore it is certain that in the Third World War will totally genocide AND the Hebrews – Saxons – and Tatars Whiteyellow of “USA” and of “Russia” as “Racially non pure”.


A basic factor for your survival is the total and without exceptions interrupt of any contact of yours with Spiritualism, because all the Spirits gangs, despite their seemingly conflicts between them, are collusion gangs of Space Invaders of Dragonian Lunar Spirits, that are under the common command of the Pseudo-God Sin – Sion – Zion – Zendi – Jedi – Sedi of the Moon, and are working for thousands years for the Genocide and for the Annihilation of all the races of the planet, with end purpose the survival of only the Dragonian Chinese – Korean pure yellow race with origin the constellation of Draco.

These collusion gangs of Dragonian Spirits, through besotted earthly priesthoods, established all the contrary Religions (888 vs 666, etc), all the contrary Political ideologies (Capitalism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Socialism, Democracy, etc.), all the contrary Economical systems, and all the contrary Military pacts (NATO, Shanghai Pact, etc) of our Planet, with end purpose the division and the civil genocides of all races of our planet, and with end purpose the final Genocide of all the Human Races, Nations and States of our Planet, by the armies of the Dragonian pure yellow race Chinese and Koreans in the Chinese “Armageddon” of the Dragonian Judeo-Christian “Holy Scripture”, because according to the G.H.REES research, planet Earth became a Theater of War, as a projection of the Space War between the coalition of the “Constellation of Andromeda” and the coalition of the “Hyper Solar System of Sirius”, against the “Constellation of Draco”.


The American “NASA” observes with its telescopes, the gigantic space ships “War Planets” of the Andromedians, who after 2001 accumulated, arrived and parked in an offensive battle position in the orbit of planet Saturn against the smaller Dragonian Starfleet parked in defensive position in the orbit of Planet Jupiter.
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We Advise:
In case that you wish to survive do not engage with your space technology to this forthcoming space war.

G.H.REES Readership Magnesia,
With agreed opinion by the G.H.REES Prytaneum Athens,
Through the Deliverer of the G.H.REES Messages in Magnesia
Ioannis Ch. Ch. Karageorgiou
Elpidos 12, N. Ionia – Volos - Hellas


The article of Mr. Sivkov (Russian Academy for Geopolitical Issues in Moscow) in the Pravda Newspaper:

The above G.H.REES message was translated from the original Greek Language Signal-Letter of 31.03.2010 published in the following link: