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The end of the hebrewsaxon Armageddonology frauds. The Real Mayas speak about 2011-2012 !! (PART 2)

In 1966 the Soviets recorded originating from space extraterrestrial messages at the observatory of Gorky, but only 3 years later in 1969, Tatiana Proskuriakov admitted their direct relation with the hieroglyphs of the Mayas. The cooperation of the Russians and the Americans in the exploration of Antarctica which was the first base of the Mayas in the planet, detached from the Cold War of the 60s, is continuing up until our days by forbidding the access to independent researcher and by concealing their findings. They spent time and huge money amounts for the study of the Mayas, both the super forces of the Space Era. After World War II, the study of the Mayas became a first priority for the Universities of Massachusetts, California, Oklahoma, Connecticut and others. Same wise in Russia, the Academy of Sciences in Siberia constructed a super computer which was taken as steady input the data from the Mayas texts in coordination of every kind of biometric, mathematical, astronomical and geographical data, and they still conceal the finding of this effort. It is a known story the cartography in a stone of the Dark Side of the Moon that was found in Gioukatan in 1950 and after the publication of this story, the rest of the facts and finding were concealed until today.”
Source from from the book of Eric and Graig Umland "Mysteries from the Antiquity"

The French professor of Archaeology Augustus Le Plongeon by exploring the vocabulary of the Mayas found archaeo-hellenic analogies in the 1/3rd of the words. He reports that although initially the Mayas were using a vocal alphabet, later they employed to their writings 13 hieroglyphic elements which have impressive similarity with the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Professor V.F.Lopez at the end of the 19th Century, by studying the official “Royal” language of the Incas found out impressive similarities with the Mycenae (Hellenic) Language. In his work 'Les Races Aryenes du Perou' he reports with details all the data that he gathered.
In Central America close to Bimini, but and elsewhere, has been found Potteries that have identical form and representations with corresponding Cretan (Hellenic) Pottery of same age. The same is happening and with the symbols such as the (Cretan) Double – Axe. Even and some archaeo-Hellenic coins are being found some times scattered in America.

Follows a fragment of a very important study of Antonios Thomas Vasilakis Researcher of Pre-historic Writings with title “The Omphalic field of Knossos as a Global Geodetic Centre”
(Use “Google Translate” to translate the complete article to your corresponding language)

“… The Aztecs in their complex words for the word “God” they used the Word “Teo” (from the Hellenic Theo – Teos = God = a being who run with extreme speeds in space) that is also popular and in lot of toponyms. The most curious coincidence is in the word “Teo kalli” which means “The House of God” and is identical to the archaeo-Hellenic “Teou Kalias” which means “The Altar of God”. Curious is also the phrase of Mayas “Konex ‘Omon Panex” that is similar to the phrase “Konx Om Panx”, which was pronounced by the Hellenes in the Eleusinian Mysteries, with a mystical ritual that originates from Crete. The same Hellenic phrase was used by the Brahmans in their religious ceremonies, in the form “Kansa Om Pansa”.

The writing of the Mayas is literally the ancient Cretan writing, “Linear A’”, which reached there from the big island of Hellas (Crete). The presence of the Hellenes is visible in the Mayas. Their painting, their sculpture, their cloths, all Hellenic, and particular Minoan and Mycenaean. The Mayan temples with the monolithic columns, which weight 25 tones, are not built of course in the jungle from the native farmers, because demanded architectural, geometrical knowledge and surely high technology.
Moreover they created stellar observatories and stadiums similar to the Hellenic ones. The Minoans governed the Mayas. The Spaniards conquerors reported, that the great imperial family of Peru, which has all the high postulates, spoke a special language, incomprehensible from the people, but and from translators. Maybe this language was Cretan? Namely the Ancient Hellenic Language?
We know from our articles in “PATRIDA” of 4 and 5/2/1997, in the issue January 1997 of the magazine “DAVLOS”, but and in the issue January-March 1998 of the magazine “Archaeology and Arts” (article about the pin of the St.Nikolaos Museum of Crete), that the Hellenic was not only the language of “Linear B’”, but also was the language of “Linear A’”, even more is the language of the vocal values in the Cretan “hieroglyphs” which were used from the priests up until the first millennium B.C.

We note here that from all the Pre-Colombian people only the Mayas “created” a system of writing and their language is completely different from the rest languages of the Central America and Mexico. Many words of the Ancient Hellenic Cretan dialect are common in the far Ancient Hindu language. For example notable is the Cretan type of “anaf.anton. ostis”, in the dative singular, “-otimi-“, and with catalexis that we found in the ancient Hindu, “-kasmin”. (Encyclopaedia Papyros - Larousse - Britannica). Many words of the Ancient Incas are identical to the Ancient Hellenic ones, because they have common Minoan origin. To be noted here that the French Researcher Pierre Honore, has discovered inscriptions with Cretan Linear Syllabus in the Shores of the Amazon, photographs of which have published the researcher Mertz. Jar of Cretan Origin, similar to the one that was found in Knossos, has been found in Bimini. Copper Cretan Double-Axes were found in Wisconsin and Ohio of USA. Similar objects have been found also in England…”


Blog’s and Y.Karageorgiou of G.H.REES commentary:

How comes the G.H.REES knows that the Mayas are coming from the lost planet Phaethon?

Answer: That was stated by the Elders of the Mayas themselves and this has been written in books that were published in Greece, some pocket books they were and if I remember correctly of the same publishing house that published about “The Mysteries of the Moon”, and these Books particularly testify that the Elders of the Mayas teach to the younger ones that their original planet …(they came of course from other constellation from other star system), but in our solar system they had as their home planet the planet Phaethon, which lied between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter (today’s Asteroid Belt), a planet that was non named this way, they had some other name for it.

[NOTE: The name “Phaethon” for the lost planet, originates from the known Hellenic Myth, for which its deciphering we found in the Ancient Egyptian Libraries, as a destroyed planet, described in the saved Ancient Hellenic texts of Timaeus/Critias:

“… the tradition that is dominant in your country, namely that sometime Phaethon the son of the Sun, after he took the chariot of his father, because he didn’t have the capability to follow the same path with his father and he set fire over the earth and he was stroke by a thunder and died, this is said as a myth, but the reality is the “parallax” of the wandered around earth celestial bodies and the destruction from the abundant of fire, during long period of time, of the over the earth living beings.”
Plato – Timaeus 22d ]

So they report, these Elders of the Mayas, that was asked (by the Dragonians) to their ancestors, who were residents of Phaethon, to participate to the mining of the Titanium, which was the metal with greater percentage between the metals of Phaethon. The Mayas refused, and moreover they refused and any other mining from strangers (spacefaring Dragonians) by putting obstacles to them. So, finally they (the Dragonians) who wanted badly the entire Titanium reserves from Phaethon, judged that would be easier for them to take it by blowing Phaethon to fragments, in order afterwards for their ships to be capable to capture those smaller fragments (asteroids), and to cast them piece – by piece, as they rotated around the Sun in the Asteroid belt. Namely, the planet is now fragmented completely, and is scattered around the Sun (some parts were dropped into the Sun) and today this thing is named by the astronomers, “ASTEROID BELT” (Between the planets Mars and Jupiter). Moreover many of these fragments from the destruction of Phaethon, from this planetary scale mega-crime of the cancerous Dragonians, dropped to the Sun, to other planets, AND also to Earth as “Rain – Storm of big Asteroids” and provoked great disasters to the Fauna and Flora of Earth.

[ See the above mentioned deciphering of the “Phaethon Myth” from the Egyptian Hieratic Files towards the Athenian lawmaker Solon, a deciphering of the myth that was recordered to the saved text of “Timaeus/Critias” which must be urgently studied from all the Hellenes together with “Hesiod’s Theogony” and “Ogygia” of the Ancient and Prehistoric Hellenic Chronicles, because these are the Hellenic Holy Scriptures, as some of them were saved from the fury of destruction of hebrewmongol religious priesthoods.]

How is emerging the SELLENES from the TELLENES of the Mayas?

Answer: Since the Mayas report that the ancient name of their Hellenic “Gods” was “TELLENES”, this fact is coming to 100% confirm the G.H.REES diagnose, that the name HELLENES is evolved from the word DELPHYS (DELPHIS) or DELPHAS, which means “Matrix”, CIVILIZATION MATRIX. The “Phi” was digested as “L” and thus the “L” became “LL” afterwards, and the word converted to “DELLAS”, but the letter “D” as we knew from the grammar that we learned in the past (because today we don’t learn grammar anymore), is one of the 3 dental consonants: “Tau”, “Delta”, and “Theta”, because are pronounced with the teeth, and these are alternating between them in the Andromedian languages, as they alternate between them and the lip consonants, namely the “Pi”, “Beta”, and “Fe”, as they alternate between them and the laryngeal consonants, which are the “Kappa”, “Gamma”, “He”, as they alternate between them and the liquid consonants like “Lambda”, and “Ro”.
Therefore the “Delta” of the word “DELPHAS”, can easily be also pronounced as “TELPHAS”, or and with “Theta”, “THELFAS”.
Now in the Andromedian languages , the “Sigma” counted as the number “6” and was written – distorted by the anti-hellenes Byzantines as “ST’”, because the THUNDER of the letter “Sigma”, because it was a “6”, and because the “6” was allegedly Satanic according to the Byzantines anti-hellenes, thus they put a “T” in order to appear there the word “STIGMA”, namely the “Satanic Stigma – Charagma”, and that’s why in the later Byzantine numerology, the “S” of the Ancient Hellenes, the 6, became “ST’”. Indeed today in Modern Greek the numerology is: A=1, B=2, “Gamma”=3, D=4, E=5, “ST = 6”. And from this “ST” some they choose the “S” or the “T”. But the initial is the “T”; it is indeed “TELLENES” the far ancient nomenclature for the HELLENES or “DELLENES” with “Delta”.
Therefore the Mayas are confirming that the word “TELLAS” evolved from the word “DELPHYS” or “TELPHYS” or “THELPHYS”, and eventually became “DELPHYS” the ancient name of the country (of the Western Hellenism, see Delphi Oracle) which means “MATRIX”.
From there also evolves and the name “Dolphin” for the kind and brilliant creatures of the Ocean. (See the Tribe of Mali - Dogon Ancient Chronicles about the Space faring Dolphins-Hellenes-Civilizers from Sirius, who taught them advanced Astronomy and Ecology)

Finally we have to note that the Thunder in the Ancient Hellenic style of writing of the “S” – “6” – “666” is semiologically identical to Zeus-Jupiter, bringer of the Thunders (EMP - E/M Maser Weapons). Therefore we have again here hubris against the Andromedian Zeus as allegedly carrier of SATANISM, as a hubris that was generated from the sinomongolian-hebrew and Cronian-Savaothian priesthoods such as the Byzantine priesthood.
But Satan is a Hebrew term and means: THE GAINSAYER.
And so is concluded that indeed the GAINSAYER of the Lunar Commander Sin-Sion-Zion-pseudoYahweh, is in reality Zeus-Jupiter who is carrier of the supreme knowledge of the Hexahedron (Earth) – and of the Dodecahedron (Ether), which also was demonized as allegedly “satanic geometry” (together with the Pentagon and the Pentagram) by the Byzantine priesthood and by the Rabbis who also in parallel founded and the collusion Satanic churches and priesthoods and rituals and symbols, namely the other – reversed satanic face of the same crook Lunar pseudo-God, in order for Hellenes, the White Andromedian and the Black Sirian Race, to never again recall their lost collective memory of their Pelasgian Hellenic Pre-Historic Global Civilization and in order to never again acquire the …awesome Unified Scientific Knowledge of the Dodecahedral, with all this implies for today’s suzerains of the Planet._

The ancient “S” – THUNDER as was written in an ancient boustrofidon (vice-versa) inscription that was found in Corfu:

In the area of the ancient graveyard, today’s Garitsa, was found in 1846 a sepulchral stele.
The ancient inscription is dated at the end of the 7th Century B.C. and was constructed over the grave of Arniadas.
It is engraved an inscription in boustrofidon aggregation, that glorifies, in a fingerhexameter, the heroic death of Arniadas in a battle near ships in the shores of the river Arachthos, in which Arniadas was excellent in combat virtue.


Maybe through this way “some” understood quite well what they meant those who wrote about the THUNDERS OF ZEUS in the past.

Blog’s Answer to some assholes that are posing as allegedly genuine mayas descendants in International forums, by accusing the Mayas elders in Guatemala, and by promoting Doom's-Day scenarios and the SinoZionistic Armageddon.

The only hoax-mayan wannabee here is the hebrewsaxon doom-lover bibletard user with the name "Mayan Child" (read: pseudo-MayanChild) resident of USA.
Yes there was a Spaniard genocidal campaign against the ancient Mayas, but Modern Mayas still live today in Guatemala, and are anthropologically and ethnologically descendants of the Ancient Mayas. Their elders are aristocratically elected by a council of wise men and are keeping for hundreds of years their Ancestors Oral Tradition, their Calendars, their Customs, their rituals, their habits, and their civilization remnants of the ancient civilization of the Mayas.
And with this ancient tradition they kept and the true prophecy of the Ancient Mayas about 2011. And it is this that was described by the blog’s Hellen and Chaos.
Namely, the end of the Dragonian current NWO Dark Occupation and the return of the "STAR-CHILDS" Ancestors from Pleiades and Andromeda, the men of Wisdom.
That's why the hebrewsaxons "elite" are so panicked and they announce through SETI in "Pravda" and through the British Academy of Sciences that the forthcoming will be "HOSTILE". They are panicked as hell.
President Obama ran for cover inside the Bunker Alice-2012 with the Norway-Spiral excercise.
I Say: No Bunker is gonna save them. Every current terran matter of the 1st Dimension (3rd Real) is completely transparent for the netrino-naser detectors and for the netrino concentrated directed energy weapons of the forthcoming MEN OF WISDOM - ANDROMEDIAN JUDGES.

Mayas: According to the statements of the Mayans Elders themselves, the Mayas are former residents of the destroyed by the Dragonians planet Phaethon (today asteroid's belt), who originally came from the Pleiades star cluster. Their advanced Star-Alligned Calendar knowledge was given to them by those star-childs ancestors who promised their return for the inspection of Earth on 12 baktun and 13 ahau (28 October 2011).

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