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Illuminati Sino-Zionists Columbia and the THUNDERS OF ZEUS

According to the written in the following blog:
which states that maybe the photo which shows the “thunder” is artificial or a digitally fake addition.
We have to add the following information:

This particular photo was made by an amateur astronomer in the West Coast of the United States (California Resident)… who followed the space shuttle Columbia re-entry in the earth’s atmosphere with his telescope and his specialized photo equipment.
He took several other photos. A whole series of them (around 7) but only this photo was leaked to the internet. (Through one forum)
The subject with the spiral thunder that hits the space shuttle plasma trail as it enters our atmosphere, came upon an article in a Mass Media of the US (and a newspaper).. Meaning it took a relative publicity.
Just after this, NASA rushed to send one of their astronauts urgently with a special flight from Johnson Space center to the West Coast, where she visited the home of the amateur astronaut and questioned him about this event.
Thereafter confiscated the photographs and took them for detailed analysis to unknown territory!!!
From there on, who ever publish those photographs is breaking the law because curiously there was a forbidden decree that forbids any publicising of those photos in the internet or anywhere else… Fortunately some scattered blogs were able to publish them because of their special anarchy function.
Some minutes after the photos were taken by the amateur astronomer and the space shuttle was hit by the lightning (read: Maser Weapon) Columbia was disintegrated over the American Skies and its debris came down over an area in Texas named Palestine (!!!)

We remind our readers that:

a) Columbia was carrying the Israeli pilot Ramon aboard who in the past bombarded installations in Pelasgian Iraq.

b) Columbia made in orbit a declaration for a “Global (sino-zionist) government and a world without borders!”

c) In that period was also prepared from the hebrewsaxon neocons government of President Bush the 3rd World War through a series of unprovoked illegal attacks to Iraq, then (was planned) in Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea etc. Fortunately it was foiled mainly because of the dissolution of the C.I.A. (as reported by the “Nemesis” magazine and other Mass Media) because they refused to follow neocons WW3 madness scheme and also because of other factors possibly including and the shooting down of space shuttle Columbia.

G.H.REES made a throughout investigation of the subject with their team of scientists and extremely advanced scientific instruments that they have in their disposal, and reached out to the following conclusion:
The space shuttle Columbia was destroyed by a weapon of Maser clockwise Radiation with an induction shot from Andromedian galactic Starfleet ships of higher dimensions of matter rarification which have as their base the orbit of planet Saturn (see all the new irregular satellites spontaneous concentration around the giant planets from the year 2000 and after), because of the persistence of the Dragonians to ignite World War 3 or “Armageddon” with beginning the attack of US/NATO/Europe against the Pelasgian Iraq.

Those invisible to the naked eye ships that exists from the 2nd up to 6th dimensions (of matter rarification), because of their thin matter are able to pass through the inner defensive perimeter of the Dragonians which begins from the Sun and reach planet Jupiter. We remind also that the natural kind of thunders in such altitudes (above 100 kilometers) is almost impossible and extremely rare to hit in the middle of nowhere a spacecraft in such speeds!

Maybe through this way “some” understood quite well what they meant those who wrote about the THUNDERS OF ZEUS in the past.


We attach the following G.H.REES signals that describe the event right after the shooting down of Columbia.
For further information watch also the documentary
From Here to Andromeda”.

Andromeda issuing War ultimatums against the reptiles


Hellenic Re-establishment Group

General Headquarters – H.R.G. Prytaneum

Athens 7-11-2003

Ultra urgent signal to the members of “+/-AOA” London, meaning to the hebrewsaxon hyperlodges – hypergoverments “Ordo Adeptis Atlantis” and “Ordo Astrum Argentinum”, through the Hellenic masonry “+/-MTM” and the English Embassy in Athens.

CC: Goverments: U.S., Russia, China, Pakistan, India, and to the Hellenic General HQ of National Defense.

Subject: Materialization of the 2nd Major War Ultimatum October 2003 of the Galactic Government Starfleet in Saturn orbit, against the armed forces of the Dragonian Starfleet and flagships “Selene” and “Lilith” on Gaia orbit, and against the earth’s armed forces of the Dragonian governments “+/-AOA”, “ZEN”, “Thibet” and “HONG” China.


Members of the two “AOA” London, with the present signal we affirm to you the HRG IOLKOS readership signal of 6-1—2003 and we supplement as follows:

A) The month January 2003 through the shoot down of the ship “Columbia” of “AOA” has begun the materialization of the A’ Minor War Ultimatum –or- A’ Military Ultimatum of electromagnetic – geological – meteorological – biological war of September 2002, because of your obsession for military assault to Iraq and the preparation of Asia for the ignition of World War III.

Technology Used:
Hollogramatic conditions of antimatter implosion through focusing three clockwise radiation masers to a point close to the target by Galactic Starfleet ships of higher dimensions.

Evidence of the implosion were photographed by a meteorological satellite of yours as a “green ring with black center and yellow rays” and by terrestrial observers as a “spiral thunder of total energy absorption” around the Columbia.
(see also: Documentary "from here to Andromeda")

B) the month November 2003 through Solar explosions of solar wind particles production against your weapon systems and against the weapon systems of “Selene” and “Lilith”, has begun the materialization of our written B’ Major War Ultimatum –or- B’ Military Ultimatum of Electromagnetic – Geological – Meteorological – Biological war of October 2003, because of your obsession to ignite World War III through the devious disarmament of Greece and assault of the Dragonian military axles B.A.S.T. (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey) against Greece.

Technology Used:
Acceleration of the external layer of nuclear fusion reactions through the focusing of multiple counterclockwise Maser radiation over the solar surface, from Galactic Starfleet Ships of higher dimension.
Evidence was photographed by your observatories.
(see also: NASA censoring SOHO images)

We promulgate to you that because of the vibrant solar wind acting as an “Electromagnetic Pulse” or “E.M.P.” have caused major destruction in the outer electromagnetic weapons and communications systems of the Dragonian flagships “Selene” and “Lilith”. Next phase: Destruction of the Dragonian Starfleet in Jupiter orbit through “Major Antimatter Implosions”

Therefore, in order to survive you have only one way: Abort all your schemes for slow and fast death and genocide of the white and black race, unconditional surrender to Galactic Starfleet and Galactic Government order, and the acceptance of atonement actions according to the Universal Law.

H.R.G. Prytaneum

Through our representative.

\ ]+[ /

Readership HRG Iolkos.


Ultra urgent signal to the Masonic Hyperlodge – Hypergoverment of the West – “+/-AOA” (Ordo Adeptis Atlantis) London thought the English Embassy in Athens.

CC: Embassies: U.S., Russia, China, Pakistan, India, and to the Hellenic General HQ of National Defense.

Subject: Correlation of Electromagnetic War through artificial explosions of “Solar Volcanoes” and the US Army force movements to Middle East and Europe.

Members of the “AOA” London, before the publishing of the HRG Prytaneum Signal, we promulgate to you the following:
You have correctly explained the unprecedented solar activity of the last days as an electromagnetic war of the Universal Organism against you, as we have warned you from HRG Prytaneum, the advanced strategy post of the Galactic Government, and as a foretaste of a broad assault by the Galactic Government Starfleet in Saturn orbit against you, and against the Dragonian Starfleet in Jupiter orbit.

In case the movement of the US armed forces to Middle East and Europe has as an objective:
A) The dispersal of those forces to Israel and Europe with intent the resistance against the assaulting forces of the Galactic Starfleet -or-

B) The acceleration of the assault of US.E.J (U.S. – Europe – Japan) and Th-I.M. axles (Thibet – India – Mongolia) against the R.I.C. axis (Russia – Islam – China) with main objective the blackmail threat of accelerating the counter-attack of R.I.C axis against Europe, U.S. and India, in order to postpone the assault of the Galactic Starfleet against you.

We repeat, that if you act as the above or other similar criteria you are making a colossal strategic mistake, because primary: You simply cannot build any defense against MaserTechnology that can activate solar activity, and secondary: Your blackmail is useless and void because the incoming Galactic Starfleet will sacrifice both the white and the black race as your hostages if needed, in order to exterminate you and relief the major universal cell Gaia and the Solar System and the Universal Organism from your Cancerous and Criminal Presence.

Therefore, in order to survive you have only one choice: The complete cancellation of your schemes to cause a global war conflict between the axles US.E.J. – Th.I.M. – R.I.C., your unconditional surrender to Galactic Starfleet and Galactic Government order, and the acceptance of atonement actions according to the Universal Law.

We wish for your sake to choose the above logical option, meaning your unconditional surrender with no resistance, because if not, then all the Dragonian Sinese and the Semi-Dragonian Hebrewsaxons and Mongols of the planet will be exterminated till one.

Readership HRG Iolkos
Through our representative.


  1. Έσεται ήμαρ ότε Φοίβος πάλιν ελεύσεται και ες αεί έσεται.

  2. So we white east europeans are toast?
    Would we be safer in USA or Europe during the coming cosmic war?