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MENTAL DUELS: Smash of the Extra-universal Logos madness



We clear out that the level of the suggested fights will “begin from zero point”
, meaning intellectual duels without the vague display of Dogmatic thesis between the members. Every displayed thesis will come through proof-point analysis and synthesis above a null base.

EXAMPLE: We present an example “Duel” of an G.H.REES representative with a leading member of Orthodoxy (Eastern Orthodox Christian dogma) who dared to provoke the man of G.H.REES.
The Orthodoxy member persisted to participate to the “duel” although he was warned that the man of G.H.REES was a carrier of undisturbed deincarnated memory of … 3400 years with Intellectual Abilities “Omegatron” and specialization to the “Mental battle technique: reductio ad absurdum through questions.”

ORTHODOXY REPRESENTATIVE: “… and thus we conclude that we are creations of the uncreated creator, because of his love for the creation. The fact that in any case today we cannot observe a new existence of a previous non-existing being of fauna and flora, with random mix of matter, this proves that is impossible the existence of beings without the conscious wanted creation intervention of a Creator God. The same arguments prove that the wonderful moving by mathematical rules Universe is a creation and architecture of the Creator God Architect, who by necessity pre-existed of the Universe, because every creation demands the pre-existence of an Intelligent Creator. Therefore –according to your terminology- the Creator God is extra-universal and pre-universal and not endo-universal and Tauto(same)-universal as you claim. Therefore your thesis is wrong and Orthodoxy and Christianism thesis is the right one.”

OMEGATRON REPRESENTATIVE: “We understand your arguments. According to this reasoning, who is the most complex as a being, the creation or the Creator God?

ORTHODOXY REPRESENTATIVE: “The Creator of course. He is complex beyond conventional wisdom, memory and intelligence. We cannot compare the Creator and the creation.

OMEGATRON REPRESENTATIVE: “Therefore we have to compare a being more complex with a being inferior and simpler beyond comparison?”

ORTHODOXY REPRESENTATIVE: “Exactly, human is beyond comparison inferior to God.”

OMEGATRON REPRESENTATIVE: “Therefore how come the Inferior and Simpler demands in any case the pro-existence of its Creator, and at the same time the beyond comparison Superior and More Complex does not demand the pro-existence of its Creator BY MAJOR REASON?
How come human, that you say is a “creation”, and God who is by major reason more complex is not a creation?
Because if “the existence of Beings demands the pro-existence of Creator”, is an Absolute Law which proves the need of a pre-existent Creator for inferior Beings, then this Law wouldn’t apply BY MAJOR REASON for all Beings until the more complex of all Creator God?

ORTHODOXY REPRESENTATIVE: “According to logic that would have to apply for all Beings, but for God it doesn’t.”

OMEGATRON REPRESENTATIVE: “That you say is equal with the thesis that the “Absolute Law” you used has also exceptions?”

ORTHODOXY REPRESENTATIVE: “That’s correct. It has exceptions.”

OMEGATRON REPRESENTATIVE: “Therefore this Law, as you say has exceptions we cannot characterize it “absolute” correct? Therefore is a Relativity Law correct?”


OMEGATRON REPRESENTATIVE: “In your introductory arguments you moved over the validity area of this Relativity Law because you moved over examples that can be controlled by your organs of perception and others, correct?”


OMEGATRON REPRESENTATIVE: “Of course because in other case you wouldn’t engage in “proof logic” observable and fulfilled by third observers of the “creation beings” as you called them. Therefore in order to move and fulfill a Relativity Law in its validity area demands to have contact with the Law’s phenomena through the senses, then what senses you used to prove the limits of the Law’s invalidity area, meaning the limits of its “exceptions”? If the Law’s validity area covers the “many creation beings” and therefore it is bigger than the Law’s invalidity area that covers only the one God creator, and if in order to prove the Law function for the validity area you used “many” examples of “creations’ Fauna and Flora, wouldn’t BY MAJOR REASON must brought to us for proof of the Law’s invalidity area, a phenomena of proof logic from the area of invalidity?

ORTHODOXY REPRESENTATIVE: “It would, but this is not possible.”

OMEGATRON REPRESENTATIVE: “Therefore if it is not possible the observation of the invalidity area of a Law, meaning because we cannot prove one Law’s invalidity area, how can we prove that “the Law of Creator pre-existence by necessity” has exception? How can we prove that the God Creator you referred wasn’t created by another Creator BY MAJOR REASON superior and more complex?

ORTHODOXY REPRESENTATIVE: “I agree that we cannot prove it.”

OMEGATRON REPRESENTATIVE: “Therefore the Law neither have exception, nor a field of invalidity, and therefore according to your reasoning that “the Beings demand the pre-existence of Creator”, we conclude that there is not a Final Superior Creator God, because every God demands the pre-existence of another God superior and more complex, with no end and at infinity, meaning WITHOUT PAUSE LIMIT of the Law, with time-evolution of the Law the pre-existence of more complex “creations” as we move towards the past at infinity. But because this rule out for you the claim of existence of a Final Supreme Creator God as is the Orthodoxy Dogma and that of Christianism and the other religions, therefore this reasoning makes you accept that the Law you referred isn’t valid, because if it is valid this will drive you into a Dogmatic and Logical unreasonableness, correct? Therefore it is neither a Relative nor an Absolute Law, meaning it isn’t even a Law but a simple [unproven] claim, correct?”

ORTHODOXY REPRESENTATIVE: “But if it is as you say, then there exists nothing. This reasoning drives you crazy.”

OMEGATRON REPRESENTATIVE: “It is indeed a reason of madness, meaning loss of reality, the beginning with the hypothesis that “all actions in the environment” are creations, because this leads to the Logical unreasonableness of the infinite pre-existence not only One Extra-universal God Logos according to the Orthodoxy Dogma but INFINITE Extra-universal Logos’. By this way of teaching the Dogma “of the by necessity pre-existence of Creator” Orthodoxy and the other religions as well, are auto-trapped into the Dialectical unreasonableness of the existence of Infinite Extra-universal Logos’, the existence of them NEGATE the other Orthodoxy Dogma of the existence of “only One Higher God” or “only One Extra-universal Logos”. This happens by the following rule: “When someone tries to establish a Logical unreasonableness, then he creates other unreasonableness’s which come in contradiction with other third unresonableness’s which again he arbitrarily created. This is the madness of the acceptance of the Extra-universal Logos.”

ORTHODOXY REPRESENTATIVE: “It is awesome for one to deepen so much in these matters. It is unhealthy for the simple people for you to engage them into such matters that may drive them crazy. You though, how you would prove the existence of the Endo-universal Logos since neither do you have access to the limits area of observation?

OMEGATRON REPRESENTATIVE: “There are only three possibilities: Either Logos is Extra-universal, or he is Non Logos meaning to be NON EXISTANT of the area of NON-BEINGS or he is Endo-universal Same-universal Same-time-universal Logos. The first possibility was ruled out before with the use of reductio ad absurdum. The second possibility isn’t valid because we exist right now as we speak. Therefore we only have one possibility remaining that of the existence of the Endo-universal Logos, BY NECESSITY. This is the negative proof. The positive proof demands from you to follow us into a deincarnation for personal contact with the limit areas of observation in case you are in a hurry… But in case you are not in a hurry then it will need from you mental training in order to be able to simulate inside your brain the Cosmic Being, and in continuation it will demand from you a second mental training of expression of those that you mentally capture, through logos. The last training make necessary that you will accept the position of student and that you will not provoke a mentally superior or inferior than you, as you did in the present conversation. Because if you provoke a superior from you is audacity, and if you provoke an inferior is cowardice in case you will not warn him in advance for your superiority.”

ORTHODOXY REPRESENTATIVE: “ …………………. (silence) ………….”


----------- ]+[ ------------


Endouniversal Tauto(Same)spaceuniversal Tauto(Same)timeuniversal Logos

It is the sum of Natural Laws which under RANDOM MIXING of Matter and Energy from different or opposite directions of the solid geometry space, begin to create Organic Aggregates of Matter and Energy through dipoles of counter rotating spirals. The Principle of the above phenomena are “point based” and the continuation is continued expanding with Phenomena End of Space Expanding, the natural limits of radiation of maximum width-length capable to be produced by the initial spontaneous point collision of two dodecahedral move-less particles in Space. At the End – Conclusion of the Phenomena it is created in Space the Supreme Environmental Intelligent Being into which at the Same-time and Same-Space with its Expansion, are created Beings that act as its cells. The Supreme Environmental Being COMPULSORY in his contains is made of Beings Cells (Stellar Systems – Fauna – Flora of all the matter rarifications of initial move-less particles that fall into moving fluctuation) as is compelled by the Natural Laws. Meaning the Quantity and the Species of the contents Beings inside the Supreme, are COMPULSORY and INVOLUNTARY and INDEPENDENT of the WILL of the Supreme Being. Under this exact term, the contents Beings doesn’t have to offer “worship” or “obedience” to the Supreme Being that contains them, but they have to cooperate with it into Organic Co-existence, exactly as the Cells of the Human Organism have to cooperate with the Totality of the Body without “temples”, “religions”, “dogma”, “rituals”, “functions”, “mysteries”, “initiations”, “mysticism”, and “apocalyptic holy books” or “visions” or “miracles”, all used in order to support the nonexistent Extra-universal Logos.

Extra-universal different-spaceuniversal different-timeuniversal Logos

Abomination of the Tibetan Mongol Horde, transferred into the Hebrew Mosaic Religion and then transferred into the crypto-Hebrew Christian Religion.
Under the invention of the Extra-universal Logos, every Intellectual-charlatan can claim that he has wrote books of the type “holy scripture”, “quran” etc under “divine inspiration”. The unfortunate for the “mortal” or immortal under forceful incarnation, is that the inspiration of Extra-universal Logos of all Religions, are deincarnated Beings with the ill psychology – psychosis of simulation them with the Natural Laws and the Supreme Being that contains them. Meaning that we are dealing with complete psychopath “gods” that like to cause to the “mortals” the madness of the “Terrorist Unexplained Mysterious God” extra-universal Logos, who demand worship, temples, way of life by oaths, religions, and other abominations, with PURPOSE THE ASCESIS OF UN-NATURAL POWER.

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