Sunday, November 6, 2011

About the agent of HONG Benjamin Fulford study the following.


Translation of the above video:

Under the command of the hebrewsaxon hyperlodge “A.O.A.” London (Ordo Adeptis Atlantis –negative- & Ordo Astrum Argentinum –positive-) is operating today the network of Masonic Lodges with the name “Illuminati” Hebrewsaxons of Bavaria Germany, founded by “A.O.A.” England._

Today, because the visible lodges behind the National (Ethnic - Gentile) “M.T.M.” (Memphis Templis Misraim –negative- & Moses Templis Melhisedec –positive-) are “THE ILLUMINATI”, in order to protect the anonymity of the members of “A.O.A.” and “O.T.O.” (Ordo Templis Occidentis –negative- & Ordo Templis Orientis –positive-) the Chinese-Hebrew interests “Mass Media” like the publishing houses “Esoptron – Kedros” (magazine “Third Eye”, “Nexus”) are publishing false & devious articles about alleged “World War of the Chinese secret societies, against The Illuminati” with two purposes:

A) To deny the previous documents of G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Reestablishment) which are proving that the +/-“A.O.A.” and +/-“O.T.O” of London and NOT the Illuminati, are commanding all the Arch-Rabbineia (Synagogues) and all the Masonic National (Gentile) +/-“M.T.M.” of the West,

B) In order to deny the previous documents of G.H.REES which are proving that AND the hyperlodges of the West “A.O.A.” and “O.T.O” London and their subordinate lodges of “The Illuminati” are in false collusional virtual clash with the Hyperlodge “HONG” of China (, with purpose the provocation of a military assault of the axles US.E.J. (USA – Europe – Japan) and T.I.M. (Tibet – India – Mongolia) under the typical (virtual) Greek command against the R.I.C. (Russia – Islam – China) axis, in order for R.I.C. to counterattack and to genocide the white people of USA-Europe-India and the black race, in order to found the “Kingdom of Jehowah Sin – Sion – Sina (China)”

See Fraud about alleged “War between HONG and the Illuminati” in the magazine “Hellenic Nexus” October 2007 of the greekhebrew publishers Stinis (Stein) and Boudouris (Abvela)

David Rockefeller & Benjamin Fulford

In the photo you see the agent of the secret societies of China hebrewcanadian “journalist” Benjamin Fulford next to the Hebrew Sepharadim (Separati - Separate “Elite”) hebrewmongol “Illuminati” David Rockefeller (International Banker) in a recent visit of him to Japan. Benjamin Fulford was the “Journalist” who first published the false – devious “news” (disinformation) about alledged “War between the Eastern Lodges and the Illuminati of the west”.

Comment: Why Rockefeller gave Fulford a so obvious public interview, at the same time that Fulford threatened Rockefeller's life through the alleged “Threats” of the Eastern Draconian Lodges (HONG) against the Illuminati of the west like Rockefeller??? It is obvious that we have a blatant collusion here, and Rockefeller just wished to add prestige to Fulford and to his co-intelpro Chinese-hebrew operation.

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