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Behold the real reasons of the assassination of Libyan leader Gaddafi!

Behold the real reasons of the assassination of Libyan leader Gaddafi!

The reasons they killed Gaddafi!
We want to give our "CONGRATULATIONS" to the rebels of Libya, to the murderous whore Clinton who celebrate the death of Qaddafi because "correctly" you condemned to death Gaddafi, by the following:

1- He used the revenue from the oil trade of Libya, which nationalized, for the manufacture of valuable infrastructure in the territory of Libya, such as hospitals, buildings, and the largest water supply and irrigation networks of the world in Libya. The same huge infrastructure projects Libya proposed to construct for free to all African states,

to create an economic-agricultural-industrial-military independent Africa.
2-Before Qaddafi, only 1/5 of the population had sufficient education while the remainder had no access to education.
3-In tenure of Qaddafi, the education system even college became free for the whole population, while the percentage of educated Libyans climbed to 83% of the total population.
4- The healthcare system in Libya, during the Government Qaddafi is free to all Libyan citizens, even for the rebels! hospitals, health care, drugs are free and accessible to all Libyans, and if the patient needs surgery or drugs that haven't any hospitals in Libya, the state undertakes the travel expenses of patient Abroad! (what a "Dictator" the Qaddafi ...)

5-When Gaddafi came to power, basic food prices depreciated rapidly to enable all Libyans to buy them. The power grid was extended directly so all areas of Libya to have electricity, while huge water supply and irrigation projects were constructed to assist in rural development for Libya's independence in agricultural products.
6-Gaddafi built the "Great man-made River", a massive project, constructed a river, which hold a position in the Guinness record as a modern wonder of the world and who turned the desert coast of Libya in fertile valleys. The pipeline of Libya, is considered the eighth wonder..! This eighth wonder bombed and destroyed the aircrafts of hebrew-saxon NATO, with purpose the destruction of rural independence of Libya.

In 1st September 2010 at the anniversary of the opening of the final phase of the Libyan "Great man-made River" Thing unknown to the world that surpasses the largest development projects.Questions like how a so small country and a population of four million may manufacture something so big without borrowing a cent from international bankers bothered slowly Hong and her hebrew-saxon puppets like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. The fact that Libya has four underground deposits of water ie a) in Koufra, b) in Sirte, c) Morzouk and d) Hamann. Total volume of 35,000 m3 cubic kilometers. These underground water reserves provide endless range in water for the Libyans.
An underground network of pipes to prevent evaporation is deeply buried in desert. 270 deep wells of hundred meters and the cost of one cubic meter of water is much cheaper than desalinated water. The water is equal to the flow of two hundred years of the Nile River, scientists say
the ultimate goal of this project was to turn Libya into an autonomous agricultural paradise. Self-sufficiency. word which prohibited Completely by"sharks." (ie Rothschild and Rockefeller the hebrew-saxon minions of Hong)
7-Every Libyan citizen is entitled Earth, agricultural tools, livestock, seeds. Gaddafi vowed (!!!) to house all Libyan citizens, many of them before Gaddafi lived in ...tents. He vowed also not to build a home to his parents who lived in a tent, until he houses and the last Libyan citizen (in the attached video you can see the mother of Gaddafi and the ... "villa" in which she resides in the background .. .) fulfilled his promise but his father died before the housing of all Libyans. Houses and apartment buildings were built throughout the territory of Libya so every citizen can have his own home or apartment ... FREE (!!!).
8-During the "dictatorship" of Gaddafi, Libya became the African country with the highest living standards level, rated in the system HDI of the United Nations at a higher level than Russia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia (!!!).
9-In 2007, in the Regular version AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT, was written that "Unlike other oil-producing countries like Nigeria, Libya used the revenue from oil for the development of the country. "
10-Gaddafi believed that Economic Democracy in the country can only be achieved when the GDP of the country is used to benefit all Libyan citizens and the country's wealth is distributed to each Libyan citizen. To date, all amounts of the oil trade entered into a special account of the Central Bank, available to every Libyan citizen ... (Very cruel dictatorship of Gaddafi right?).
11-Gaddafi fought for the emancipation of the female population of Libya and is the only Islamic state where women are free and normal with every woman to have access to the educational system, while simultaneously adopted wage labor for women in all work areas, forbade marriage before 20 and banned female circumcision. . These certainly were not accepted with shouts of joy from the misogynist Islamic fundamentalists who are based mainly in the Benghazi. The © Vancouver Sun newspaper in The Vancouver Sun wrote:

The personal guard defense of Moammar Gaddafi ,was known as " The Angels "!
In 1979 Muammar Gaddafi founded the military academy of women in Tripoli, and promised his mother to improve the situation of women in Libya.His mother, although illiterate was a top archer in his race.In 1998 one of his women guards was killed and several others injured when his convoy was ambushed. Why women are put at risk; I asked him. "I'm an equal opportunity employer," he answered. "Years ago, the women came to me wanting to make them my bodyguards. They also required to open a Military Academy. "
According to Gaddafi: "Women should be trained in battle, so that they are not easy prey to their enemies' . Many of the women guards and "revolutionary nuns" (women who have dedicated their lives to the ideals of the revolution of 1969) say they would never marry. Instead they chose to devote their lives to protect the man "who gave us the freedom and made ​​us unique in the Arab world, "according to Naima Sagiar a revolutionary nun since 1977.
"In Libya, women have the best of two worlds," said Gaddafi. They can retain their femininity, they also choose ALONE, of whatever career they want. Each Libyan woman can learn to fly a fighter MiG, becoming an officer or a brain surgeon. After the interview I had the opportunity to speak to Fatia, a tall, beautiful woman 27 years old, with a gorgeous eye make-up. I asked her why she did not want to become a pilot fighter, but a bodyguard. "Without our leader, women in Libya would not be anything," she replied. "He gave us life. I am ready to die for him. He is the father, brother and friend whom you can trust. " © Vancouver Sun to The Vancouver Sun

12- In 2010, Gaddafi was the only leader in the Arab world which asked Publicly Sorry about the role of Arab states in the slave trade and the imprisonment of African (Black Race), causing the wrath of other treacherous Arab leaders cause Gaddafi exposed their hypocrisy and servility towards foreign capital, becoming thus the thorn in the side of the collusive Arab Leaders, which resulted Gaddafi to be isolated from the rest of the Arab world.
13-Gaddafi proposed the creation of formal supervisory mechanism (For Supply Assistance) for Africans in Europe, USA, Caribbean, South America.In a recent speech told them: "From now on, with the will of God will entrust teams to explore, investigate and correlate them with the Africans in Europe to check how well they are. This is my duty and my role towards the children of Africa. I am a Soldier of Africa. I am here for you and work for you, therefore i will not abandon you but will alaways follow you.
14-One of the most ambitious (and suppressed by the treacherous Media Internationally) plan of Gaddafi was the union into a common vision of all African countries to break free from the shackles of all kinds of addictions. He spent considerable sums, resources, time to take it on, took initiatives ceasefire in African war regions (Congo, Uganda, Ethiopia) In order to fulfill his vision, of the integration of African countries in a continent, called "United States of Africa."
15-Although, the "Sharks" have never forgiven that he nationalized the oil fields of Libya, the most annoying (and therefore cancellation move of their genocide plans) motion of Gaddafi was the desire for integration of African countries, a vision that after many years of effort, frustration and tripping, began to gain a new "MOMENTUM" across all Africa.
16-deport and expelled 1,000,000 Chinese lizards, ensuring the working positions for the Libyan people and the racial homogeneity of 4,000,000 Libyan citizens.
17-introduced in the Libyan Vocabulary the word MATHABA, which meant the gathering of people with a common purpose in one place. The word MATHABA brought with resistance and revolutionary movements around the globe to share ideas, knowledge and practices of resistance. Many movements are displayed on the video attached, which accepted the invitation. Therefore, Gaddafi was proclaimed a "Terrorist". Nelson Mandela publicly declared that in "the darkest moments of our struggle, when our backs were against the wall, Muammar Gaddafi was the only one who stood beside us."
Something which is proved by the official intervention of South Africa through the South African president's, jacob zuma at a meeting of African Union members wherever explicit said that NATO must not in any way assassinate Gaddafi and that should make an immediate ceasefire so the Libyans can decide freely the leader they want to have. see, NATO would love to have planted a lot of bullets in front of Gaddafi's head which they finally did with blows below the waist, slandering him, killing his people (children, relatives, coworkers), to make him "break" to make the wrong move to confirm the lies of the media that he's crazy! that's how they do the cowardly motherfucking staffs of hebrew-saxons Western intelligence services as instruments of China, the white collars retarded fucks who in shadows and stealthily dismantle entire countries.
For these and other reasons, therefore, the death of Qaddafi was worthwhile, because among other things, sought to see the African race be freed from the shackles of global economic terrorism. wanted to see the Africans with human rights, to see them independent, to acquire education, welfare and infrastructure. give them the rights they hold as natural hosts of the planet, (but they took them by force), being native inhabitants of the constellation Sirius, whose place is and our solar system. it is perfectly reasonable for Gaddafi to be considered a terrorist. he is a terrorist. he is a terrorist for the plans of the Chinese and hebrew-saxons which plans are the complete misery and genocide of the black race and the complete destruction of the African continent since they mine all the rich natural resources which Africa has.
this is the hypocritical genocidal guise of the international community, killing Gaddafi and not say a word about the killings of civilians in Libya from the murderous inhumanity hebrew-saxon and under Chinese orders NATO. and what to tell the international community? after Gaddafi stood mound, did the opposite of what the Chinese and hebrew-saxons genocider, killers of people were ordering, he was unpredictable and was a man, which made them panick because they are accustomed to face creatures with no Bravery, tributary slaves. (as the members of hebrew-greek government, and as the members of other hebrew-saxon governments of the West.)
["Who was that Gaddafi and wanted to free our slaves, our little negros??? we fight to destroy Africa and he instead settling red carpet, resists and rouses??? what kind of things are they??? built hospitals, roads, schools, irrigation and water supply networks, gave money to whom??? the Libyans??? what kind of leader does that??? what the hell is doing??? as we go to their countries to lend to them to build with our own construction companies and ultimately lead them to bankruptcy the countries we lend, as we did in Greece and the rest countries of the planet in order and to earn part of the loan which we disbursed, and to seize these projects as collateral loan guarantees, see Greece, see European states, see U.S.A and see banana republics in South America! how would we lend him if he has already built infrastructures??? while Look, what good kids are these "resistance" ... up to the global master-China Sin-Sion-Sina (see treacherous sino terminology of "orthodox" Christianity of Greece) went to cry ... ready we have have their loan contracts to develop them from scratch the infrastructures we now have put NATO to demolish them to its foundations the existing infrastructures of Libya !!!"]
Gaddafi. .. what have you done, giving to all people of the planet the practical example of escape from the Chinese and hebrew-saxon chains of their slavery!!!
Excerpt from an article that wrote in February, Raelyan Allan of Rumor Mill News with titled Libya - The Faction Two - The Monarchy - The pedophile Trade New Order Things (666-888-777/1-777/2) - Ancient technology The husband of Gunther Russbacher while he lived, before he was actually killed indirectly by the government, said about Gaddafi. He wasn't what they made him look to the West. He said that he was not playing with the FED (Federal Reserve of USA). ( Gunther used this term for the Federal Reserve ... the (Jewish) owners (Rockefeller) ... and the Global Conspiracy for the slavery of humanity. The Federal Reserve is not part of the government ... but part of a global empire that rapes and pillages sovereign states (with first the USA) ... killing their leaders (see Kennedy) and steals everything that has value.) Back on Colonel Gaddafy (according to Gunther that is the correct way to call him.) He also said there are seven pyramids in the sand in Libya. He also said that Gaddafy placed there by the Faction Two ... to guard the pyramids and keep the people of the Federal Reserve away from the technology and the treasures that located inside. Things which are beyond our comprehension.
Gaddafy and the Gunther were members of a group called Pedophile Eradication Team.(PET) (ie group execution of pedophiles) which no longer exists. Gunther had license to kill "License to Kill" to all pedophiles. The colonel helped the PET program in any way he could, because he also hates pedophiles.Even as leader of the revolution for many years was taking part in the operations. Perhaps this is why when he speaks looks like a madman, from the many wounds he suffered during operations.
Gaddafy and the military overthrew King Idris, because the king was surrounded by many young boys and even was allowing Europeans friends to take some of them with them. His friends were some of the most evil people in the world.
As for the fall of flight PanAm 103, Gunther said was done by a Palestinian group with the help of CIA, Wall Street / City of London ... the team which Gunther called Faction One. The secret-hebrew Government of the secret-hebrew Shiite Imams of Iran had paid the Palestinians / communists / terrorists to put a bomb on a U.S. plane in revenge for the shooting down of Iranian Airbus by the U.S. Navy. This was an open secret in the community of researchers. Now this ... is never discussed.
The relationship of Gaddafi with Berlusconi is due to that he belongs too in Faction Two. Gaddafy also set a limit of adulthood for women at 20 years ... which meant that women could not marry before twenty . This excludes marriages of girls 8 years old with old sick cockroaches.
The agents of the Crown of England are working overtime to make not possible the economic/ political/ social change Faction Two prepares in April March 2011, and they believe that the secrets of the objects in the buried pyramids will help them win the team that destroys them.
Some things are definitely in line with the columnist.
1.Mainstream media will never tell us the truth about Gaddafy.
2. The City of London is behind the riots.
3. Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood both work for the City of London.
4. The City of London is about to collapse.

And after this it becomes evidenced that you did "right" to kill Gaddafi and celebrate now because the whole business of supposedly democracy for Libya, aimed only at the killing of members of the Libyan government of Muammar Gaddafi because he, with his policy, defeated and ruin the unity of the members states of the axis of R.I.C. (RUSSIA-Islamic States-China) or "Pact of Shanghai", and thus, he delayed and postponed the third world war between the axes US.E.J. (USA-EUROPE-JAPAN) and R.I.C., and thus was continually postponed the genocide of all races of the planet, namely 5 billion people from the Chinese and Korean Army, namely he constantly postponed and prevented the establishment of the "Kingdom of Jehovah" or "Sin-Sion-Sina-Sendai" as a global dictatorship of the Chinese-Koreans on planet earth.

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