Monday, November 7, 2011

About asteroid that approaches Earth

Mr. Karagegergiou,

I hope you are doing fine. It just came to my awareness something interesting I think and I thought it would be useful to send it to you. The webpage shows the asteroid YU 55 which is expected to approach very close to Earth.

The close pictures, as you will see, reveal something that looks like the ship “Nemesis” of the Andromedian Forces, If I’ am not mistaken.

It looks to have symmetry and irregular surface….

With Appreciation,


Dear Dimitris,

You will receive an answer from the web-blog, because mr.Karageorgiou of G.H.REES cannot answer for the time being due to his involvement with other vital meaning subjects of National and Planetary Security.

It is wise for me and you who are ignorant, to not appear as experts by doing recognition to meteors & asteroids as allegedly Ships of the Andromedians or Draconians which approach Earth, for the following simple reason:

G.H.REES and their technological information department, is in a continuous communication state with the Andromedian Governmental Starfleet in planet Saturn through amplified beam NETRINO-NASER & QQ-NASER technology, according to the same confessions of G.H.REES..

In case a general space war started in Planet Jupiter now that is stationed there the majority of the Draconian piratic Starfleet, and in case the ship “NEMESIS” or any other ship of the Governmental Andromedians approached Earth, then except for the panic of the indications we will be also informed firstly from G.H.REES, who have the exclusive communication with the Governmental Andromedians worldwide through the extemporary apparatus NETRINO-NASER of amplified beam, unique in the Planet. For those reasons you must trust G.H.REES, because is the only true expert in this complex matter for decades.

Therefore it requires extreme caution, you and I are ignorant with zero technical and technological means, we don’t have NETRINO, we don’t have large telescopes, we don’t have supercomputers for data analysis, we don’t have nothing, and fantasy goes wild…. Because for example we don’t even know the precise shape and the precise surface features of those hyper-ships.. The only thing we know from G.H.REES is that they are about spherical metallic ships of titanium alloy, of smooth glossy surface, a thing which is opposite with that you write about “irregular surface”. On the contrary a natural meteor is logical to have irregular relatively anomalous rocky surface, and when it is large like this one, then it is logical its increased gravity (pressure of cosmic radiation) to create a relatively spherical shape (by pressing the meteor equally from all directions)….while finally we will reveal that in Planet Saturn (Andromedian Station) there are reports about Cylindrical Ships from other researchers of NASA etc..(e.g. Norman Bergrun, Cassin + Hubble photos, etc) but also we have reports and from mr.Karageorgiou of G.H.REES who confirms the shape of those ships with “cigar” shape.

Therefore we advise extreme caution, neither craze nor cursoriness, in order to not fall easy victim of the bluffs committed by the extremely tricky Draconian pirates and their terrestrial agents, who are now preparing a pseudo-Eleusis of pseudo-Andromedians “Blue Beam” who have as a purpose to instigate the Western Armies and what is left of the Greek Army, in a provocative assault against China and against the R.I.C. axis (Shanghai Pact) in order for R.I.C. and China 888 to counterattack and genocide completely the white + black race with first victims the neo-Greeks and the provocateurs of the neonazi theosophical political party LA.O.S. 666 (“Orthodox Alert” in Greece)


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