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13.500 years of Lunar ...presence of the "Lord": The way of escape

Catalogue of contrariwise Positive and Negative Ideologies:

Andromedian Pelasgian - Hellenic Healthy Ideologies
Boötes – Lunar – sinoZionistic – ill(cancerous) – False Ideologies

Ethnism => necessity for the existence of Nations
Internationalism => Conspiracy to destruct the Nations

Recycled imparity of Superiority - Inferiority or Acme - Decay
Permanent equality of a socialistic(communist) dead society (flattened) under sinoZionists leadership

Cooperation and exchange of membership between the recycled classes
Civil War – Enmities – Hatred – Class Struggle and national dissolution

Recycled imparity of Superiority - Inferiority or Acme - Decay
Permanent imparity of social injustice under the leadership of sinoZionists corporations

Anthropos (Human): Micro-organism of Intelligent Gaia and Intelligent Universal Organism
«Super-Human» of Nietzsche, Nazism, Fascism, Budism, Lamaism, and of Hebrew Rosenberg

Millions souls incarnations of the Universal Organism (not reincarnations) under the analogue of the millions combat white corpuscles (hero-fighters) against illnesses – violations of the cells
Personal “One” Messiah.
Devine legate for every Religion:
Apollonius of Tyana, Zoroaster, Muhammad, Maitreya, Dionysus, Jesus etc.

Hostile pirate megastarship (“terraformed” semi-artificial), responsible for the production of All Religions of the planet without exception, with purpose the obedience of the Slaves – Bondservants of the lord Sin (Sina-Sion-Zion) of the Moon.
Moon: Natural heavenly body with related stupid ideas of the type:
“My Bright Moon, light my way for me to walk” and “Moon of the emotionally involved”

Heroic persons that teach with their personal example-lives that “You must act as the rescue of the planet will depend only on your shoulders!”
Miserable subjects that teach: “You cannot save the situation by yourself”, “Take care of only yourself and your family and the rest can go and fuck off”.

Aghivasien métra="Live in harmony with Natural Laws"-Heracletos.
In today's Chaos there is only one way of Natural Order Restoration: Pan-Hellenism.

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Happy Winter Solstice!

The creators of this blog wish to the awakened Hellenes of the planet a happy winter solstice!

May the Hellenic light of civilization, the light of science, rationalism, knowledge and demystification guide them wisely through their Life on this planet!

May the wisdom of the Solar Logos of the new year newborn Sun guide them to a healthy life harmonized with the Natural Laws, as quoted by the great cosmologist Heraclitus!

As for the rest of the Earthlings still under the Lunar influence of Pax Draconis, and because we don’t have empathy towards them, we wish them too, happy Yahwehougenna!
May the Solar Logos enlighten them too and restore them quickly to the universal organism healthy cell state after the Universal Justice Functions of Nemesis and Erinyes clean this speck of Space from the cancer that eat it alive.

Health and prosperity to all Beings!

Peace of the Universal Organism Hierarchy.


December Sunrise, Cape Sounion
Photo Credit & Copyright:
The great Greek Astrophotographer Anthony Ayiomamitis (TWAN)

G.H.REES deep infiltration into sinoZionists lodges (I)

Below is a fraction of what G.H.REES has to say about Bnai Brith and affiliated secret societies: (explains a lot of past inquires)

The text is specific addressed to masons of various dogmas and degrees and uses certain hidden meaning concepts not broadly understood by the …“profane” world. (according to emetic masonic terminology of pseudo-elitism)

------------------ ]+[ ------------------

The Scottish and the French doctrine are commanded by the tertiary staff of “Benen Berith” and “Olam Berith” or “Lodge of the Grand Oak” of New York, chief lodge of the “Argonauts 21”(a.k.a. A philosophical masonic lodge in Volos,Greece) , in theory the tertiary staffs Ordo Adeptis Atlantis and Benen Berith, hate each other to the death, because they correspondigly have “higher leaders”, the Tamil – “Devil” and Yahweh “God”. The hatred of the two orders came to such a point that made possible to cause two world wars, in which the “bad” german leaders obeyd to lodges Ordo Adeptis Atlantis or Tamil underchthonians and the “good” allies obeyd to lodges Benen Berith or Yahweh heavenlies.


Because we are not having empathy against the hellenes masons of the legislative, legal, executive, military, cleric and economical authority, and because the members of G.H.REES are mostly “awakened” members of the above sectors, “sleepers” and “active” in the masonic world view, because of that we are calling the hellenes masons to cancel their masonic oaths. We give to them the chance to undestand the following and to exit on time from hebrewmasonry:

It is known to you by your “special initiations” above the 18th degree that the forces Asmodai, Metatron and nomenclatures that end with –IEL under the general characterization “Tetragrammaton YHWH, equilateral upward looking triangle” are forces that eminate from Levan (moon) or Levanhiah. Alike it is known that Levanhiah is not a natural satellite of earth but an artificial planet – ship originated from the constellation E’ Bootes and Hercules. Those are for you that have only an MTM initiation. For those of you that have OTO initiation, it is known that behind Levan (moon) and in a synchronus orbit with moon lies the sister ship of same size which is called “Lilith”.
Because neither of you has initiation AOA meaning a “tertiary” of Atlantis Ordo Adeptis, we promulgate to you the results (findings) of the G.H.REES recorded transcripts in sessions of the Lodge of the Grand Oak, New York (Benen Berith) (Olam Berith):

1) The ships “Levan” and “Lilith” (moon and lilith) came into the solar system in 11.500 B.C. and entered orbit around earth in 11.432 BC with same linear velocities. In 9.600 B.C. Lilith accelerated and stabilized in same angular velocities with the moon, in order that the three bodies, Lilith-Levan-Earth to lay continusly in a straight line (see “Cabala”)

2) Because the planet earth was in a higher cultular level, from a previous colonization by the center of local galaxy in cooperation of the central galaxy Andromeda and the rest 11 galaxies of the local group of galaxies “KNOZ”, the new collonizers from “Levan” and “Lilith” were accepted as “under terms guests”, from the thirteenmembership (and not twelvemembership) staff of Zeus, as a temporary planet commander in anticipation of a new thirteenmembership staff from the center of local galaxy, because of the rebelion by the planetary leader of planet Saturn against the solar system leader with headquarters the planet Uranus. The area of Atlantis was given to the settlers from “Levan” and “Lilith” under the terms of keeping the population analogy to 1:108 in comparison to the already present population of the planet and respect of the pre-existed cultular trend and language of the planet (archetype hellenic) , as an official cultular trend and language of the local group of galaxies. (see: demystification of Hesiod’s Theogony)

3) The governors of ships “Levan” and “Lilith” accepted the terms and discharged from 11.000 B.C. to 10.500 B.C, using transport ships, populations from E’Bootes to Atlantis (Water-land). Right after they violated the terms and genocided the hellenes of atlantis through the sinking of the area using lunar hypergravity technology, while they -already informed by the lunar staff- started to depart and colonize the eastern coasts of the american continent (Esperia), the eastern coasts of Siberia and China and the western coasts of Africa and Europe (Basque), where they started systematic genocide of the hellenicdiallect local nationalities. At the same time -by using the same technology of hypergravity- they sunk the hellenicdiallect dravidian Aegis, where lies todays mediterranean sea. At the same time the aggressive ships from Selene and Lilith attacked against the galactic fleet of Zeus and occupied the 6 inner planets. They've blown away 3 out of 12 planets of our solar system, because they believed that carried bases of the Zeus forces. Finally the fleet of Zeus divided in 3 parts one of which departed to the already existed bases inside the inner cavity of our planet, the other third departed to the 3 outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), and the lastone departed completely from the solar system in order to inform the local Galaxy center for the crimes of Asmodai and Tamil, respective governors of Levan and Lilith.
The final conflict and sinking of Atlantis and Aegis is dated by the lodge of the Grand Oak in 9.600 B.C., and it’s probably the actual date because it is cross-referenced by the ancient manuscripts of “Timaios and Kritias” of Plato.

4) The forces of Zeus that escaped inside the inner cavity of earth from the two holes of North and South Pole, preclude the dominance of Levanians and Lilithians (Israelites – Mongols – Arabs) in this planet, because they have technology for telepathetic communication with their representative (Zeus priesthoods) and they inform them about the strategic moves of the adversaries that aim to genocide the hellenicdialects Andromedians.
In precisely that point Tamil under the command of his superior Asmodai or Yehowa of the Moon, sends crews of Lilith to organize underground cities in the earth’s crust that will fake-act as the Zeus subordinates. Such underground cities exist right down from the pyramids in Mongolia, Egypt, Babylon, Mesopotamia, South America etc, and additionally right down from natural pyramids that formed by earth’s mountains.
Concerning Greece we note that the department of technology of G.H.REES has located such installations that emit lowfrequency sounds and other frequencies, in the places of underground lodges characterized by mythology as “tunels that lead to Hadis”. We refer among others, Heleusina, Dodoni, Pelion, with the larger located mechanological installation that of mountain Sarakinos of Magnesia (Magnet) in a depth of 100 meters from the sea level and with lodges that communicate with caves. (Triangle alike: Dimenion – Goritsa of Volos – Sarakinos Volou – “The triangle of Iolkos” is inspected by lunar ships every September or October).
Those underground forces of Lilithians uses technology of telepathy that because of its lower range from the earth’s surface overcomes the transmitions by the forces of Zeus from the inner earth and achieve to corrupt the earthly “Zeus priesthoods” driving them to degeneration of Spirit-Arts-Matter, to idolatry, to sexual lack of restrain (see: Vakhes and Mainades), to civil wars, to moral rampage, to myths that present the staff of Zeus as a “collection of vain drunkers, sexmaniacs that demand a worship of idols and blood of subjects”.
Those underground forces are characterized by the …holy scripture as “The Devil”, and by the masonry as “Tamil Forces”. The “Tamil forces” is the religious infrastructure of Buddism and the second Induism. They are the forces invocated by the newlyfounded Theosophical lodges and propagandized by the “proHellenic” organizations like the “New Acropolis”, department of the Theosophical Society (Tamil).

They are the underground VRILL forces of America, ZEN of Mongolia-Tibet and others that created telepathetic “shows” of power to the SS of Himler, during special initiations in Bavarian towers. They are the same forces that through the politicians of the “New Right”, who belong to theosophical lodges will try to turn Europe to Nazi Europe from 1988 to 1995 having as leader Hellas, which will be presented to the European public as “degenerate warmongering Zeus and Apollonians”, “Black sexual magic of degenerate Venus” and other similar, in order for the final defamation of Zeus staff and the anihilation of those who still love the light of the galactic civilization, the archetype civilization of the planet of the hellenistic civilization. (see: “Nazism: Secret Society” and “The Apocrypha of Enoch”. The above mentioned sinozionist scheme was "blown open", "busted!" several times by G.H.REES).
We judge necessary to refer that the three branches Israelites – Arabs – Mongols have separate roles of genociding their adversaries, by using as tools the three major religions – Christianity – Mohammedanism – Buddism. Mohammedanism teaches that God (Allah or Al Yah or Al Yahweh) lives in the moon!!!
Buddism teaches that God lives in the center of the earth under Mongolia – Tibet as a projection "Ta-Han – Tso –Han" of the … universal logos, and that from there will come the “ruller of the world”.
Christianity teaches that “the woman (organization) of God stands on Levan (moon)” (Based on the moon), meaning that is having as a “central base the moon” (See: “John’s apocalypse” Bible, IB’1)

The above as concerns the A-O-A initiation.
We have any reason to combine the above with the lunar installations that literlay “drove crazy” the american astronauts when they landed. For the ignorants we refer that the crews of “apollo” sent reports for “ships and lunar installations of unknown origin”, and for a “second moon” (Lilith) behind the first moon.
We clearout that althought the Judaic priesthood is called Levanio or Levitico, meaning “Lunar Priesthood”, in the bible the term Iera-Selene (Holy Moon) or Jerousalem is preffered in the Hellenistic attribution.
The event is enlighted completely by the allusions of John’s Apocalypse C’12 where the new Holy Levan (moon) (New Jerusalem) “lands” in order to “settle among people”, memorizing movie messages that they have ingeniously and deviously served to us throught the “close encounters of the third kind”. In the specific movie by the hebrew director Steven Spielberg, the flag of the earthlings is white with a black triangle that has its base downwards and its top upwards, exactly the same as the triangles Tetragrammaton YHWH of the masonic lodges. In contrary the visitors, right before the appearance of the monstrus mothership, send for scouting three minor ships that stabilize in the air and create a triangle with its base upwards and its top downwards. The two triangles, straight and reverse, combined, are essentially the cabbalist sixpointed “Star of Solomon” and the official flag of Israel.
For those who still doubt the seriouness of these writings, we refer to a fraction of the Orphic comments by Proklos, No.9, Timaion 41, 283, 11 Erman Diels: (translation)
“He created (Saturn?) another infinite (spherical) earth, which the Gods named Selene(moon) and the human Minin. It has many mountains, many cities, many megara”.

------------------ ]+[ ------------------

for more:

Zionist Holy-Wood movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Notice the upwards triangle (HONG's Right hand path) as a patch on the arm of the Earthlings
(Earth "Seclorum" Base)
This is also the earthlings base flag triangle as presented in the movie.
The base flag is the upwards triangle of tetragrammaton YHWH taught in regular scotish rite masonic lodges, or else represented by the well known "illuminati" "all seeing eye", it symbolizes heavenly (Lunar) "spiritual" (psychotronic) forces, Yahweh, Metatron, Asmodai and nomenclatures that end with -IEL. (that emanate from the Moon)
And the U.F.O. formation (Yahweh "Heavenlies-Nepheles Collusion Space Forces of Nepheliem & Elohim") that display a downwards triangle (HONG's Left hand path)
Finally notice Christianism and Zionism emblems appear together. The cross and the hexagram which is ofcourse the combination of the above two triangles. A sign revealing their (pseudo-)enmities between them (virtual enmities only in low hierarchy levels along the "profane") and their true sinomongolian common origin (in high masonic rites level).

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X.A.N. (YMCA) - Bartholomew - M.R.A. 666

*article slightly updated*
Χ.Α.Ν. (YMCA) is a non-governmental organization (a Christian movement) which is present in more than 110 countries and is founded in 1844 in England-London.

They might be presented as “Christians” but in reality they have a theosophical comparative new age Gnostic infrastructure (See: Zeitgeist) and are coordinated with M.R.A. 666 (Mundana Religio Adunata or Global Unified Religion or Maitreya Religion of Gaia Worship) which is a great cornerstone for the Religious Polarity policy of HONG and A.O.A. between the New Age M.R.A. 666 axles US.E.J. (USA – Europe – Japan) the in between new age axis T.I.M. (Tibet – India – Mongolia external) and the orthodox 777+888 R.I.C. axis (Russia – Islamic Nations – Sin,Sion,Zion,China + Korea) for the instigation of jihad a holy 3rd world war or Armageddon.
That is also the reason why X.A.N. choose new age patriarch Bartholomew for the position of the honorary president because he is also a major player of this policy with the primary role of converting the orthodox Christianism of Greece and Greeks into the new age M.R.A. Maitreya 666 Gaia Worship Religion, through Sufism and a comparative combination -bizarre (mayonnaise) mix- of christianity and pagan dodecatheon.
Notice the emblem of X.A.N., the downside looking equilateral triangle.
Below you can find the same emblem in a theosophical black magic ritual again in England!
Theosophy and the parallel Rosicrucian organizations (black masonry) are the highest Masonic infrastructure of all satanic sects and neognostic religions and political movements such as Nazism because they are all originated from Tibet and Dragonian China secret societies and ZEN White and Black Brotherhood monasteries.
They are also behind the scenes of almost all the sinoZionist motivated branches in Greece that claim the titles: “Epsilon Group” – “Olympians” – “New Acropolis” – “Xrysh Avghi – Golden Dawn” - “Krinaetoi Lodges” – "LA.O.S. Ultra right wing political party" etc.

Patriarch Bartholomew was called honorary president of the Masonic X.A.N. (read “Kathimerini” newspaper 16 October 1992). Also the pre-commander M.Paterakis was given to him by the Rotary club of Heraklio Crete the golden medal of the club during the openings of the Spiritual Center of Archbishopric of Crete (16.11.1992)
His “holiness” referred with praise words about the work of the ROTARY CLUB, a work that is informed about. He pointed that the actions of the ROTARIANS add to the work of the Church. He wished to all the ROTARIANS good progress and success in favor of all (read Rotarian magazine “Rotary Hellas”, issue 4th February 1993, pg.24)
Of course if he hadn’t the sympathy of the masons he wouldn’t achieve the title Patriarch of Constantinople.
(he also began his career as a Turkish army officer!)

English priestess of Black Magic during a black theosophical ritual. She holds the red candles between the symbols of Downward looking equilateral triangle and the Egyptian ANKH “T” or the “Cross of Life”.
Downward looking equilateral triangle is the emblem of all theosophical lodges and combined with the upward looking equilateral triangle of philosophical lodges(*) produces the Cabbalistic Hexagram or the sinoZionistic star of David of the collusion players Yahweh – Tamil (and Andromedian traitor Cronus) with higher purpose the instigation of schizophrenic ideological paranoia and civil war into and between the White Skylings (Uranides) Andromedian and Black Sirian indigenous races.

(*): appears in several churches temples and masonic lodges of different dogmas as the "tetragrammaton or the all-seeing-eye inside a triangle" a thing that reveals the common (Lunar) origin and the pseudo-enmities between them!!!

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Personal Relations: Bipolar relation of the two genders

Bellow is a very interesting Andromedian message for the restoration of the bipolar relations between the two genders. (also called: "bipolar Amphigonia relationship")
A couple functioning like that is a healthy society cell that creates civilization.
(a civilization matrix)
The message begins with the negative proof. e.g. by displaying today's ill-cancerous situation under pax draconis.

Cultural Revolutions G.H.REES A’ Generation

Personal Relations

Second Level – Bipolar relation of the two genders

1st: Love [Eros] – Gestation Period – Creation in a Spiritual Level

The male brain having “sperm” in a field of sciences or arts is attracted by the female brain which has “egg” and “womb” [matrix] for the capture and gestation period of the sperm-idea.
The “embryo” as a completed science or art can only be born by a female brain according to the above principle.
One practical example of this principle is the couple of physicists Peter and Maria Kiouri. The first factor “sperm”, through theoretical research “fertilized” the second, who was at a “gestation period” confirming the theory by experimentation, meaning completing or “gave birth”.
In the Hellenic Mythology this ideal bipolarity was expressed in the myth of Orpheus and Evridiki, when the first as an initiate and a holder of “sperm” had such a need for the spiritual “womb” of Evridiki in order to create sciences and arts, that –according to myth- when she died, he came down to Hades and returned back to the kingdom of the living with his spiritual better half [lover]. The myth, expressing the necessity of the FEMALE PRINCIPLE existence as an energetic producer necessary for the materialization or the completion of any male’s idea in sciences and arts, proves at the same time and the sterility of modern civilization.
This sterility reason is located at the international priesthoods of all religions that made laws by which they “sterilized” and restrained the spiritual “impetus” of the woman, by characterizing “a sin against God” her participation in the production of civilization. Thus they forbid in the woman the spiritual intercourse, the spiritual pregnancy and the spiritual birth of sciences and arts.
The worst enemy of civilization production was and still is Christianity, which through “Apostle Paul” defined the …contraception law: “The woman must be silent. It is obscenity for the women to speak and teach (to be pregnant and give birth to the male ideas)”.
The result of this forbiddance is the production of an abomination civilization or a civilization monster in which the man is called to play the role of the androgynous monster that produce “sperm” of ideas and at the same time is “pregnant” and “give birth”.
The victims of this suppression are both genders.
The suppression of spiritual impetuses compelled man to “masturbate” because it is forbidden to “ejaculate” his ideas inside the female-brain-womb for pregnancy. The masturbation is located in the form of sperm collection (ideas) in sperm banks (Universities – Art Schools) in which after a selection of men to play the role of women’s “womb” (a fascism of choice) the man is fertilized by men, by accepting the role of androgynous monster that is given to him by the political or religious priesthoods.
Either the male plays the role of the masturbating sperm-producer or he plays the role of "womb for pregnancy" (!!!), in both cases is compelled to live in abnormality by suppressing his natural spiritual momentum.
In the first case we have the man that “masturbates” by saving his “sperm” in a library of a University or in a conversation between an exclusive male company. In the second case we have the man who by spiritual notion is a “passive homosexual” with “energetic homosexual” the man of the first case. The characteristic of the “passive homosexual” is his passiveness in sciences, religions, political ideologies, arts, information, economy, material products, way of living, political parties, war or peace, for which he never asks “why” by always leaving others to determine them for him. The “passive homosexual” does not have his own ideas for God because is enough for him that his Bible or the religion of his country determined them. He has no personal laws and principles because is enough for him that his political governing party determined them. He has no personal ideas for politics because is enough for him that his political party leader determined them. He has neither personal way living nor personal choices, because is enough for him that his “government”, or any “government” chooses them instead of him.
The suppression of spiritual impetuses compelled the woman either to be fertilized with the male masturbating sperm garbage of Universities, of religions, and of political ideologies, or to be fertilized with the sperms of male materialism as products of male androgynous abomination birth: Fashion – working in the male’s industry – working in the male’s bureaucracy – consumption of useless industry products – consumption of cosmetics of the non existing “beautifulness” [Kallos] – consumption of fashion products for beautify the non existing “harmony”.

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Andromeda major reinforcements already in our system from 1984

The beginnings of the 80’s.

This is a video of the then president of the USA Ronald Reagan (inspirer and promoter of the Program of Strategic Defense Initiative or else “Star Wars”)… an ambitious program with a visible budget of billions of dollars for the development of exotic satellite plasma weapons, laser beams and particle cannons. The program was supposedly planned for the creation of a space shield against nuclear warheads… but in those speeches of the President to the Mass Media and the United Nations the high degree mason and bohemian club member Reagan leaves implications to be detected by the intelligent observer that knows to read “between the lines”, implications that the true objective of the “Star Wars” program was not the defense against the collusion player USSR but the common earthly defense against a non specified alien “threat” by calling the nations of the earth to unite for a common defense against that “threat”!! At the same time in the movie theaters were played the known trilogy “Star Wars” that has as its subject the revolution of the Jedai ( a paraphrase of Sin >> Sendai >> Zendai >> Judai >> Jude >> Yehowehai ) against the Galactic Goverment (Galactic Judges "Nomos-Law", U.O. Hierarchy)
The President made frequent reports to this movie that gave its name to the strategic defense initiative.
But defense really against who? The below G.H.REES signal dated 1984 explain:

(Translation from original Hellenic Signal, without the responsibility of G.H.REES, slight variations from the originals are possible)

Subject: Announcement of J.P.L. – NASA and strategic developments

GEETHA (Army H.Q.)
Through Larissa Army
Through Enlistment Office of Volos
Mr. Commander of Enlistment Office of Volos

Signal written as an occasion of an article by the Media “Taxidromos” Volos Thursday 30-8-1984

“Taxidromos Article”
Title: Monstrous Asteroid
Will collide with Earth?

NASA claims it will destroy it

New York, 29 – A “Monstrous Asteroid” will collide with earth and cause a disaster worse than a possible nuclear war!
That was the claim of a notable American scientist Dr. Eugene Malor, who is also of the opinion that according to “clear scientific data” a similar collision that was made 65 million years ago had as a result the extermination of Dinosaurs from the face of the Earth.
Nevertheless, NASA answered to this worrying scientific announcement with a calm statement: The modern space technology has given us the means that make possible with a simple way to alter the dangerous orbit of the “Monstrous Asteroid”: To launch a special missile against it!
In the statement of the American scientist it is not specified when this collision of the “Monstrous Asteroid” with Earth will take place.

Below is the G.H.REES signal answer [Sciences – Special Technology department]

Honorable Sirs,

The present signal must be delivered directly to GEETHA, as a supposedly more responsible department. That was planning of the H.G.REES Athens department, which numerously times forwarded to the GEETHA encyclicals that contained specific analogies of reality and allegory myth.
We came to an exception now, because there are special reasons of coordination of the first letter I left you with the order of G.H.REES leadership, and the contains of the present signal.
Because the matter is very serious, G.H.REES, with the present signal, will not test again the intelligence of GEETHA, with exercises of separation reality with allegoric myth. The below text does not follow allegoric myths that offer “golden pills” and make drollery with reality in order to avoid panic and sock, but is destined for “adult” brains.
G.H.REES believes that it is enough with the education of GEETHA “childish” brains with allegoric texts.

J.P.L. of the NASA space research with the signature of the mouthpiece, scientist Eugene Malor, leaked to the international news agencies a “news item” about the closure of an “asteroid – monster” that was published at the same time to the global press with the … encouraging statement from NASA that “it will be dealt with a special missile”.
G.H.REES make known to the GEETHA that according to recordings of MONITOR focusing thirdgrade radiation with speed C*10^12 in the low spectra frequencies, corresponding to the infrared of C Spectra, appear that the “monster” is not a natural asteroid but an artificial spherical ship accompanied by a fleet of smaller vehicles, and stationed in orbit close to planet Neptune. Second similar “monster” has slowed down its course to the orbit height of planet Pluto.
The two gigantic ships and their corresponding escort fleets entered our solar system on January 1984 in parallel course from the direction of Draco Constellation. They separated their course in the orbit height of planet Pluto.
From the digital system of MONITOR display appear that the “monster” of the more close to earth's orbit has specific diameter, increasing-decreasing speed, polyline curve course, and a total metallic structure of unspecified with spectra method alloy.
The MONITOR of telescopic focusing with grade C*10^18 display the internal “X-Ray” architecture of an unprecedented complexity with coaxial cylinders towards the main cylindrical axle around which the spherical ship turns.
The detection of both spherical ships was made by a random scan with a telescopic recorder of general speed C*10^6n, set to C*10^12.
The remarkable thing that amazed (the scientists) of G.H.REES was that the ship is becoming invisible in intervals during recordings of C Spectra and Spectra C*10^6, creating around it a virtual sphere multiple by 10^8 of its volume, into which it is observed a complete blackout – absorbing of frequencies with speeds C and C*10^6, with result to become visually and electromagnetically invisible the background located asterisms.
The only explanation that can be given to the above is the use of a special defensive technology that eliminates every close electromagnetic oscillation.
In the above is added the fact that in the cases of electromagnetic “blackout” of the main ship, it is observed a previously withdrawal of all the escort ships out of the range of the “blackout” zone. The whole maneuvers looks like defense protection drills of the main ship.

We come to the question: «Defense against who?»

The second not predicted result of observation of the focusing MONITORS is the broadcast from the “monster”, during time intervals, of C Spectra signals, that form the phrases of four to ten words, in variation of ancient scripts of Tibet, Hellas, and Incas. The Hellenic script has structure and language that is similar to the language of the Orphic Texts according to ERMAN DIEIS.
From those phrases originate the conclusion that besides the crews of male and female genus, inside the ship there are crews of neutral hermaphrodic genus who by the structure of phrases that claim authority and responsibility, appear to be the dominant genus – crew.
The above broadcasts are made in frequencies of C Spectra, contrary to the signals C*10^12 that G.H.REES was incapable to decipher although was used the E/C of 10^800 bytes.
It is concluded that the broadcast of not encrypted signals of C speeds, is a wanted exception from the extremely ciphered broadcast between the main and escort ships, and is destined for an intelligence level of earthlings type technology.
G.H.REES has ways and technology to know that the technology of NASA allows the Agency to capture and records those “of childish difficulty level” -not encrypted- signals in very ancient Hellenic language and NASA has recorded them and translated them.
Therefore the panic and the preparation of “special missiles”.
As of the JPL publication signed by Eugene Malor, of Hebrew origin, G.H.REES prefers not to comment it although G.H.REES has analyzed its tendentiousness word by word.
The “monster” that has a volume of double the size of Moon, and its escort ships with volume multiple the size of a US aircraft carrier, its presence appears to be expected by NASA that has predicted the technology of special missiles for “asteroids” that … attack the planet … every 65 million years.
Because not a single observatory gave a report of detection of an “asteroid monster” and because there are no files of the planet with 65 million year age, this story looks like the special drug that was made for a disease that hasn’t appeared yet.
The hebrewcontrolled NASA can play with the intelligence of the international cosmopolitan “goyim” but cannot play with the intelligence of Hellenes.
Neither NASA nor any Zionist headquarters of ORDO ADEPTIS ATLANTIS can ever reach the intelligence of Hellenes.
The hostile response of the expected and therefore KNOWN IDENTITY ship from NASA, created for the Hellenic armed forces a dilemma: “In case the alien ship executes a tactical expected inspection of the planet, from some higher commanding authority in which our Planet is hierarchical a member, what position will take against it the Hellenic armed forces, friendly or hostile?”
The question is mainly destined for GEA (AirForce H.Q.), and is not about the main ship, which by nature is invincible, but for the smaller escort ships that may enter our planet’s atmosphere. The question is not bizarre, because there are no other planets with an alive civilization in our solar system, and is mathematically certain that the two “monsters” with their escort ships have not spend the vast amounts of energy and voyage of many years in space to enjoy the view of Pluto and Neptune, both uninhabited dead planets. And there are no either Tibetans, Hellenes and Incas alive listeners to the other planets.
So, misters of GEA, will you align with NASA, by ordering an attack to “every ship of unknown identity” in the air space of your responsibility?
And if the answer is yes, what will be the consequences for you and the Hellenic pilots?
What will be the consequences for the unarmed population?
How do you believe the sheet irons of the Hellenic airforce will act in dogfights with ships that can cause around them electromagnetic blackout and ships that can become invisible, and ships with crews that have reflexes and intelligence factor multiple that of Earthlings, and ships with electromagnetic engines with 2 million pounds of lift per 1000 kg as concluded from acceleration measurements in the MONITOR, and ships with armament of lock speed targeting and shooting, logically superior to the speeds of 2C/3 of theirs, as concluded in the MONITOR observations from their “games”-exercises in the orbit height of Neptune?
Whatever choice will make the leadership of the Hellenic armed forces, G.H.REES believes that the thousand years battle between Hellas and Israel, is evolving into unpredictable dimensions that will have tragic results for the international Zionist establishment USA and USSR and US.EUR.
The dilemmas are offered on the plate for the Hellenes military leaders for the time being hypnotized with the Masonic Zionist Cabbala and the “Holy Scripture” of the Judeochristianism. Maybe they will understand, we wish not without tragic consequences and above all NOT TOO LATE, what they meant our ancestors when they spoke of the “by machine gods” and of the “chariot of the gods”. Maybe they will understand what Aeschylus wanted to say in his tragedy “Prometheus Bound” when he dressed his actors with funny uniforms and metallic structures, completing the stage with metallic chariots of “gods” and with metallic constructions that made Athenians to wonder, and the corrupted by Zionists Gefyrean Priesthood of Eleusina to condemn him to death, because he revealed priesthood secrets.
Maybe they will understand Hesiod and his Theogony, in which the party of the rebellious Prometheus raised the revolution stance against some Commanding Authority, a revolution which democratically till today continue to keep the planet isolated from the Aristocratic governed society of the “gods”.
(* Reversal of the terms “Zeus” – “Prometheus” due to G.H.REES tactic, with purpose to disorient until a specific time line of “full scale” development of G.H.REES identity.)

Maybe they will understand after all, the Hellenes hypnotized military leaders of Cabbala and Panagia Soumela and the tender little Christ and the … all saints, what Plato meant when in “Timaios” wrote that the Atlantean Races conducted epic battles with the Hellenic Races for millennia before the overcorrupted era and luxe of the “golden age” of the democratically degenerate Pericles.

In those epic battles Plato was able to determine two occasions in which Hellenes throw into the sea the Atlanteans, twice, into the Atlantic Ocean, the place from where they came.

Modern Hellenes disgraced their ancestors by allowing the Atlantean spirit and the Atlantean ancestors (Hebrews-Judeans-Sino-Mongols) to corrupt every Hellenic section and destroy the idea Hellas, with Atlantean origin Judeochristianic religion, with Atlantean origin Roman Laws, with Atlantean origin mob-dominated-democratic command, with Atlantean origin Economic-rule, with Atlantean origin worship of sex and gender, with Atlantean origin dogmatic sciences, with Atlantean origin corrupted Arts of altering the Beautiful and the Immortal and the Truthful, with Atlantean origin of progeniture genocide, with Atlantean origin overthrowing the less natural superior- in favor of the many natural inferior, with Atlantean origin Hierarchy Overthrow.

And they have no shame the "modern Hellenes" (Also Called: "Greeks" from "Graikoi" an ancient hellenic Epirus tribe) when in the close circles of the Masonic lodges, claim as their honour and axiom to feel like followers of the "Perfection Lodge" that is named ORDO ADEPTIS ATLANTIS which means Order of the Accepted from Atlantis.
The chosen children of ORDO ADEPTIS ATLANTIS that serve in NASA claimed hostile intentions against the coming “gods”. The same they claimed 11.000 years before in Atlantis and this, if we take seriously the Tibetan holy texts, cost them the sinking of Atlantis with only survivors the Atlantean priesthood who had foreknowledge of the consequences, and the rest Atlantean colonizers in other continents. The Tibetan texts speak also for “unknown weapons of the gods that sunk Atlantis because of a revolt from the population of Atlantis against the gods”. It remains to see of what will do the Hellenic origin spiritual children of ORDO ADEPTIS ATLANTIS.
Each one will be judged according to his intelligence and its directness. One is certain, that the current racial and ideological degenerate Political establishment of Hellas Kara-aman-alides, Mineiko-Papandreou, Florakis etc have no place in an ORDO ADEPTIS OF HELLAS and will be exposed as ideological and racial degenerates that polluted Hellas and the planet.
The same will happen to all the known Atlantean-invented-ISM’s, including the FLATTENING CHRISTIAN SOCIALISM and the tender little Christ and Panagitsa Soumela, who according to the serious statements of the minister of defense Mineiko – Papandreou: “raised the first foundation upon which socialism was built”.
The against nature and religious degenerate and cancerous ideologies of the Atlanteans, will have no place in the planet. And the coming “asteroid” that paniced the Atlantean NASA we suppose that carries ideological and religious antibodies of the Universal Organism that will put an end to the cancerous tumor of Atlantis, by curing and restoring the planet and the same Atlantis of the dear Judeans.
We suppose that the crews of the “asteroid” are tired in the boring awaiting orbit and are anxious for some action. The action will be war with Hellas as an opponent or the only ally? An ally from whom it is expected JUST TO NOT TAKE PLACE IN THE CONFLICT that may come as a result by the current intentions of “NASA”.

Signal with the responsibility and command of the G.H.REES headquarters K.I. instructor.

------------------ ]+[ -------------------

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Friday, December 11, 2009


"Κόσμον τόνδε, τόν αυτών απάντων, ούτε τις Θεών ούτε ανθρώπων εποίησεν, αλλ' ήν αεί καί έστι καί έσται πύρ αείζωον απτόμενον μέτρα καί αποσβεννύμενον μέτρα."


The present COSMOS – UNIVERSE, which is the same without discrimination for all the EXISTING BEINGS, was not created by anybody. Neither by Gods nor by Humans, but existed always and exists and will exist. “The Present COSMOS – UNIVERSE” is an eternal living Fire, which burns (lit up) under PHYSICAL LAWS and extinguishes under PHYSICAL LAWS.


THE PRESENT LOCAL UNIVERSE, INTO WHICH ALL THE CONTAINING BEINGS THAT IT CONTAINS ARE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE SAME PHYSICAL LAWS, WAS NOT CREATED BY NEITHER GOD “namely fast moving being” NOR HUMAN, BUT EXISTED ALWAYS, EXISTS AND WILL EXIST FOR EVER. “The present local Universe is” ETERNALLY LIVING "namely eternally moving – oscillated – FIRE" namely static dodecahedral “ETHER” as the minimum particle of matter, WHICH TURN OFF “namely it goes under NON-SALTATED and under SALTATED fusions as saltated-fragmatic(numerous barriers)-interdimensional inspissations of Matter” ACCORDING TO PHYSICAL LAWS of “atom fusion”, AND WHICH LIT UP “namely it goes under semi-Saltated, and Saltated Transmutations or Explosions (Fission) as Saltated-Fragmatic(numerous barriers)-interdimensional rarifications of Matter” ACCORDING TO PHYSICAL LAWS of “nuclear fission of atoms”.


For Ancient Hellenic Astrophysics and Nuclear Physics the “DODECAHEDRAL ETHER OF PENTAGONAL SIDES” when it is stationary, namely non oscilated, is considered as “NON BEING”, namely nox-existent, namely “NULL MATTER”.
When it is moving is considered “BEING”, namely existent.

(read principles and theorems of Proclus, last commander of the Platonic Academy, just before it was destroyed by anti-hellenists ignorantists of Byzantium 500 A.D., right after, Dodocahedron, Pentagon and the Pentagram were converted by Judeochristians into symbols and mathematics of the "Devil and Satanism", in order to terrify the future researchers of the dodecahedral geometry of the Ether)


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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Restored etymologies of the Hellenic words “Theós”(God) and “Thriskeia”(Religion)

We put forward the etymologies of the Hellenic words “Theós”(God) and “Thriskeia”(Religion), because all today religions without exception corrupted and abused those two concepts, with the most dirty and dishonest way. (Under the instructions of Yahweh and Tamil)

The Hebrew-Mongolian establishment by decreasing the gravity of the word, gave it the etymology from “therapwn” which means “a voluntary servant” of a King or a Priest. We give the true etymology of the word from “Thrwskw” which means “jump”, “buck”, “jump high”, “spring upwards”, “lift off” etc. So “Religion” meant in Hellas of 30.000 B.C., the “Saltation learning of the Sciences of the Gods”, of “Anw Thrwskwntwn Thewn” or “Anw-thrwpwn” or “Anthrwpwn”(Humans)

We override the falsified etymologies and we give the true etymology from “thew” which means “run”, “fly”, “cruise”. The word “Theós” in its first use, was referred to “runners and flyers with ships-chariots of Gods”, to “Theontes Gods with extreme speeds” through TECHNOLOGY.
For the Hellenic Trwskein (Religion) the “Scientific Examination of the Higher” makes accepted the existence of “Gods” who “théoyn” or run without technology. Those NATURAL THEONTES (Gods) are determined as “Logos’”(Words) such as Planetary, Solar, Galactic Logos etc.
In contrast with the Théontes(Gods) through Ship Technology, the NATURAL Théontes(Gods) does not have capability to choose course, but they move in orbits that are determined by NATURAL LAWS: The Universal Logos as a Supreme Intelligent Being contains in its Organism or Universe, all the partial “Natural Théontes(Gods)” = planets – solar systems – galaxies – nebula etc. The Universal Logos – Universe although is the Supreme BEING, is not a “God” because it doesn’t “Théei”, meaning it doesn’t run, it doesn’t move to any direction, because out of its barriers exists only Inert Space, of Inert Dodecahedral Space, which does not exercise any kinetic energy or pressure of radiation, to any direction of the Universe.
The Hebrewmongolian establishment, by naming as “God” the Supreme Being, it undermined it down to the level of “Gods” or “running” stellar inspissations, which contains in Its Body as Organs of Its Functions.
By giving a parallel example, the above is analogous by naming a human “corpuscle” or “microbe”, by undermining the container into the content. Same humiliation of the Supreme Being was attempted by the Judean-Christian religion, which without shame teaches that the “only son of the One God, Christ, was incarnated into the womb of an earthling”. If the Supreme Being – Universe … had Son, the Son would be also Universe, with the same dimensions as … Father Universe, and anywise Universe – Son outside of the Body – Space of Universe – Father … A thing which means that the Universe Son must zero its Mass of Matter scattered in distances of trillion of light years, and reduce its size into a size of a human spermatozoon, and to exit from one opening of the Universe – Father, in order to reach the pudenda of miss Mary. Those paranoid enormities of the Priesthoods, with Gods that enter the pudenda and exit of pudenda, undermined Hellenes into a people who worship pudenda and spermatozoon of Gods, namely literally a people who worship BULLSHITS!

In this way we honour we the uppermost of Hellenes the Inventor of the above emetic theory, chiefasshole Yahweh of the Masonic Tetragrammaton and his only-son subasshole Christ.
In this way we undermine we the uppermost of Hellenes the corruptors of the sciences of our “Gods” into Non-Rationalism Faiths of Emetic Dogmas, which converted the Rationalism Nature of the Hellen Researcher into a Passive Receiver of Religious & Political Dogmas of “Christian socialism equality”.

Researcher E.R.DODDS in his book “Hellenes and the Paranoid”, is asking, how the Hellenic rationalism was converted into a superstition of “pantheistic magic” in the Classical Era. According to his conclusion this “paranoid behavior” left a huge Spiritual and Moral Gap, in such a manner in order to pave the way for the acceptance of Christianism by Hellenes who starved morally and spiritually. His conclusions are fundamentally correct!
It was impossible for Hellenes to feed morally and spiritually, by the revolting myths of the Priesthoods who presented the “Gods” as dawdlers, drinkers, sex-maniacs who conspired in intrigues and symposiums, when they were not causing wars between the mortals in order to have fun.

But weren’t these Hellenic the Priesthoods which corrupted the Rationalism and the Moral of Hellenes?
Instead of answering, we will suggest the reader to examine the actions of the Gefyrean Municipality of ancient Athens (Gefyreans or Gevyreans or evreans or evraioi – Hebrews). The homosexual Hebrews – Gefyreans with the Hellenic-localised names of Armodios and Aristogeiton (lovers) murdered the Athenian Governor Hipparchus. The Eleusinian Priests at the same time, corrupted by Gefyreans, subverted the Aristocratic Regime (from Hellenic word Aristos, meaning to be ruled by the Worthy One elected through duels) into the mob ruled Democracy, and at the same time befooled the population with cabbalistic displays of non existent “Gods” appearance. The “Gods” had left long ago our planet, but the subterranean Cronians (Saturnians – Savaothians) and Tamil continued to appear as Zeus and Apollo, Ceres and Pluto, by counterfeiting the names of the members of the 6th Galactic Mission with corrupt actions. The counterfeiters will be “paid“ by the 7th Galactic Mission.
The above dishonest tactic is applied by the crews of Yahweh Selene (Levaniah – Moon) and his subordinate (collusion player) Tamil of Lilith, ordered by Yahweh to degenerate the planet until the dissolution of the nations that left behind the “Gods”, after their departure in 16.000 B.C.
The Tamil forces (Devil) until today lead the instigation of wars, ecology damage, prostitution, drugs, crimes, illnesses, economical dissolution, whereas the forces of Yahweh-Christ found organizations and religions which claim peace, restoration of morality and ecology and … eternal life with economical prosperity that will bring the little Christ (socialist).

But not such perfect for BRILLIANT HELLENES.
Because finally if we the “mortals” are intellectually stronger than the pair Yahweh – Tamil, how rather stronger are our coming “Gods” of the 7th Galactic mission.

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