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Restored etymologies of the Hellenic words “Theós”(God) and “Thriskeia”(Religion)

We put forward the etymologies of the Hellenic words “Theós”(God) and “Thriskeia”(Religion), because all today religions without exception corrupted and abused those two concepts, with the most dirty and dishonest way. (Under the instructions of Yahweh and Tamil)

The Hebrew-Mongolian establishment by decreasing the gravity of the word, gave it the etymology from “therapwn” which means “a voluntary servant” of a King or a Priest. We give the true etymology of the word from “Thrwskw” which means “jump”, “buck”, “jump high”, “spring upwards”, “lift off” etc. So “Religion” meant in Hellas of 30.000 B.C., the “Saltation learning of the Sciences of the Gods”, of “Anw Thrwskwntwn Thewn” or “Anw-thrwpwn” or “Anthrwpwn”(Humans)

We override the falsified etymologies and we give the true etymology from “thew” which means “run”, “fly”, “cruise”. The word “Theós” in its first use, was referred to “runners and flyers with ships-chariots of Gods”, to “Theontes Gods with extreme speeds” through TECHNOLOGY.
For the Hellenic Trwskein (Religion) the “Scientific Examination of the Higher” makes accepted the existence of “Gods” who “théoyn” or run without technology. Those NATURAL THEONTES (Gods) are determined as “Logos’”(Words) such as Planetary, Solar, Galactic Logos etc.
In contrast with the Théontes(Gods) through Ship Technology, the NATURAL Théontes(Gods) does not have capability to choose course, but they move in orbits that are determined by NATURAL LAWS: The Universal Logos as a Supreme Intelligent Being contains in its Organism or Universe, all the partial “Natural Théontes(Gods)” = planets – solar systems – galaxies – nebula etc. The Universal Logos – Universe although is the Supreme BEING, is not a “God” because it doesn’t “Théei”, meaning it doesn’t run, it doesn’t move to any direction, because out of its barriers exists only Inert Space, of Inert Dodecahedral Space, which does not exercise any kinetic energy or pressure of radiation, to any direction of the Universe.
The Hebrewmongolian establishment, by naming as “God” the Supreme Being, it undermined it down to the level of “Gods” or “running” stellar inspissations, which contains in Its Body as Organs of Its Functions.
By giving a parallel example, the above is analogous by naming a human “corpuscle” or “microbe”, by undermining the container into the content. Same humiliation of the Supreme Being was attempted by the Judean-Christian religion, which without shame teaches that the “only son of the One God, Christ, was incarnated into the womb of an earthling”. If the Supreme Being – Universe … had Son, the Son would be also Universe, with the same dimensions as … Father Universe, and anywise Universe – Son outside of the Body – Space of Universe – Father … A thing which means that the Universe Son must zero its Mass of Matter scattered in distances of trillion of light years, and reduce its size into a size of a human spermatozoon, and to exit from one opening of the Universe – Father, in order to reach the pudenda of miss Mary. Those paranoid enormities of the Priesthoods, with Gods that enter the pudenda and exit of pudenda, undermined Hellenes into a people who worship pudenda and spermatozoon of Gods, namely literally a people who worship BULLSHITS!

In this way we honour we the uppermost of Hellenes the Inventor of the above emetic theory, chiefasshole Yahweh of the Masonic Tetragrammaton and his only-son subasshole Christ.
In this way we undermine we the uppermost of Hellenes the corruptors of the sciences of our “Gods” into Non-Rationalism Faiths of Emetic Dogmas, which converted the Rationalism Nature of the Hellen Researcher into a Passive Receiver of Religious & Political Dogmas of “Christian socialism equality”.

Researcher E.R.DODDS in his book “Hellenes and the Paranoid”, is asking, how the Hellenic rationalism was converted into a superstition of “pantheistic magic” in the Classical Era. According to his conclusion this “paranoid behavior” left a huge Spiritual and Moral Gap, in such a manner in order to pave the way for the acceptance of Christianism by Hellenes who starved morally and spiritually. His conclusions are fundamentally correct!
It was impossible for Hellenes to feed morally and spiritually, by the revolting myths of the Priesthoods who presented the “Gods” as dawdlers, drinkers, sex-maniacs who conspired in intrigues and symposiums, when they were not causing wars between the mortals in order to have fun.

But weren’t these Hellenic the Priesthoods which corrupted the Rationalism and the Moral of Hellenes?
Instead of answering, we will suggest the reader to examine the actions of the Gefyrean Municipality of ancient Athens (Gefyreans or Gevyreans or evreans or evraioi – Hebrews). The homosexual Hebrews – Gefyreans with the Hellenic-localised names of Armodios and Aristogeiton (lovers) murdered the Athenian Governor Hipparchus. The Eleusinian Priests at the same time, corrupted by Gefyreans, subverted the Aristocratic Regime (from Hellenic word Aristos, meaning to be ruled by the Worthy One elected through duels) into the mob ruled Democracy, and at the same time befooled the population with cabbalistic displays of non existent “Gods” appearance. The “Gods” had left long ago our planet, but the subterranean Cronians (Saturnians – Savaothians) and Tamil continued to appear as Zeus and Apollo, Ceres and Pluto, by counterfeiting the names of the members of the 6th Galactic Mission with corrupt actions. The counterfeiters will be “paid“ by the 7th Galactic Mission.
The above dishonest tactic is applied by the crews of Yahweh Selene (Levaniah – Moon) and his subordinate (collusion player) Tamil of Lilith, ordered by Yahweh to degenerate the planet until the dissolution of the nations that left behind the “Gods”, after their departure in 16.000 B.C.
The Tamil forces (Devil) until today lead the instigation of wars, ecology damage, prostitution, drugs, crimes, illnesses, economical dissolution, whereas the forces of Yahweh-Christ found organizations and religions which claim peace, restoration of morality and ecology and … eternal life with economical prosperity that will bring the little Christ (socialist).

But not such perfect for BRILLIANT HELLENES.
Because finally if we the “mortals” are intellectually stronger than the pair Yahweh – Tamil, how rather stronger are our coming “Gods” of the 7th Galactic mission.

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