Sunday, December 27, 2009

13.500 years of Lunar ...presence of the "Lord": The way of escape

Catalogue of contrariwise Positive and Negative Ideologies:

Andromedian Pelasgian - Hellenic Healthy Ideologies
Boötes – Lunar – sinoZionistic – ill(cancerous) – False Ideologies

Ethnism => necessity for the existence of Nations
Internationalism => Conspiracy to destruct the Nations

Recycled imparity of Superiority - Inferiority or Acme - Decay
Permanent equality of a socialistic(communist) dead society (flattened) under sinoZionists leadership

Cooperation and exchange of membership between the recycled classes
Civil War – Enmities – Hatred – Class Struggle and national dissolution

Recycled imparity of Superiority - Inferiority or Acme - Decay
Permanent imparity of social injustice under the leadership of sinoZionists corporations

Anthropos (Human): Micro-organism of Intelligent Gaia and Intelligent Universal Organism
«Super-Human» of Nietzsche, Nazism, Fascism, Budism, Lamaism, and of Hebrew Rosenberg

Millions souls incarnations of the Universal Organism (not reincarnations) under the analogue of the millions combat white corpuscles (hero-fighters) against illnesses – violations of the cells
Personal “One” Messiah.
Devine legate for every Religion:
Apollonius of Tyana, Zoroaster, Muhammad, Maitreya, Dionysus, Jesus etc.

Hostile pirate megastarship (“terraformed” semi-artificial), responsible for the production of All Religions of the planet without exception, with purpose the obedience of the Slaves – Bondservants of the lord Sin (Sina-Sion-Zion) of the Moon.
Moon: Natural heavenly body with related stupid ideas of the type:
“My Bright Moon, light my way for me to walk” and “Moon of the emotionally involved”

Heroic persons that teach with their personal example-lives that “You must act as the rescue of the planet will depend only on your shoulders!”
Miserable subjects that teach: “You cannot save the situation by yourself”, “Take care of only yourself and your family and the rest can go and fuck off”.

Aghivasien métra="Live in harmony with Natural Laws"-Heracletos.
In today's Chaos there is only one way of Natural Order Restoration: Pan-Hellenism.


  1. What is your opinion in regards of the LHC?
    Since GOD is Endo-Universal and not Extra-Universal, and the whole puporse of that mechanism is to find the so called "god particle". Do you think it might created some sort of black whole? "god-particles" are already in all existence and everything is frequency and produces a certain vibration. I've been thinking about this subject for a very long time now, but the majority of the population is asleep and my understanding about physics is not really that good either. Best wishes.

  2. The so called "god particle" is the minimum thinest particle of the dodecahedral ether that covers inert space without voids.
    When it is oscilated it is called being.
    When it is stationary it is called non-being meaning non-existent.
    Best Wishes for new year 2010.

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  4. The universe unfolds and grows-expands more or less like a child evolution. It is indeed a living hyperbeing a colossal Hyper-Organism in which we are all parts-microrganisms-cells of it, acting either as healthy cells or in the best rare case as hero-fighters white-corpuscles against illnesses, or in the worst case as a cancer cell that expands its vital region against all others and against the health of Gaia and the Universal Organism. White corpuscles beings-cells have to cure the cancer or die fighting it.

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  6. As our blog and G.H.REES has shown through logical equations and methods there is no creator uncreated extra-universal God. This religious dogma forced by the Judeans leads to paranoia and a grand illogical paradox.
    God or with a better terminology: the Supreme Being and the Universe are One and the Same. So the Supreme Being is Tauto-Universal Self-Created and not extra-universal.
    The cancerous Sin-Zion-Yahweh forced to the earthlings the dogma of the creator God in order to cut-off the beings cells of Gaia from the organic relationship with the Universal Organism that we are all parts of.

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  9. We are not trapped inside the Supreme Being like some sort of forced prison! We are just parts of the Universe or parts of Pana or Sym-pan. We are parts of a collosal Organism. This Hyper-Organism divides itself continuously to millions of souls-beings-gods(=Fast moving Being) that have organic relation and cooperation with the Supreme Being in a hierarchical manner. When one soul breaks this relation then it becomes ill and furthmore it becomes cancerous, a danger for the whole. When this happens it usually trigers a reaction (Universal law of Action-reaction) and another million souls are incarnated into the close proximity space of the illness in order to cure it or to fight and kill the cancer. For more you should study the Orphic Hymns written at least some 5000 years ago. Although most of the primitive earthlings in those times feared about anything and they were flat-earthers, The Orphics already knew from far prehistory about the spherical earth and its rotation around its axis and around the sun. They preserved million years of Universal Knowledge and Science. You should be careful though because the Orhpics were also in the influence of the Moon and some of them were Cronians-Savaothians-Saturnians occultists. So you must learn to decode from them the pure science and throw away the occult abominations.

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