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Personal Relations: Bipolar relation of the two genders

Bellow is a very interesting Andromedian message for the restoration of the bipolar relations between the two genders. (also called: "bipolar Amphigonia relationship")
A couple functioning like that is a healthy society cell that creates civilization.
(a civilization matrix)
The message begins with the negative proof. e.g. by displaying today's ill-cancerous situation under pax draconis.

Cultural Revolutions G.H.REES A’ Generation

Personal Relations

Second Level – Bipolar relation of the two genders

1st: Love [Eros] – Gestation Period – Creation in a Spiritual Level

The male brain having “sperm” in a field of sciences or arts is attracted by the female brain which has “egg” and “womb” [matrix] for the capture and gestation period of the sperm-idea.
The “embryo” as a completed science or art can only be born by a female brain according to the above principle.
One practical example of this principle is the couple of physicists Peter and Maria Kiouri. The first factor “sperm”, through theoretical research “fertilized” the second, who was at a “gestation period” confirming the theory by experimentation, meaning completing or “gave birth”.
In the Hellenic Mythology this ideal bipolarity was expressed in the myth of Orpheus and Evridiki, when the first as an initiate and a holder of “sperm” had such a need for the spiritual “womb” of Evridiki in order to create sciences and arts, that –according to myth- when she died, he came down to Hades and returned back to the kingdom of the living with his spiritual better half [lover]. The myth, expressing the necessity of the FEMALE PRINCIPLE existence as an energetic producer necessary for the materialization or the completion of any male’s idea in sciences and arts, proves at the same time and the sterility of modern civilization.
This sterility reason is located at the international priesthoods of all religions that made laws by which they “sterilized” and restrained the spiritual “impetus” of the woman, by characterizing “a sin against God” her participation in the production of civilization. Thus they forbid in the woman the spiritual intercourse, the spiritual pregnancy and the spiritual birth of sciences and arts.
The worst enemy of civilization production was and still is Christianity, which through “Apostle Paul” defined the …contraception law: “The woman must be silent. It is obscenity for the women to speak and teach (to be pregnant and give birth to the male ideas)”.
The result of this forbiddance is the production of an abomination civilization or a civilization monster in which the man is called to play the role of the androgynous monster that produce “sperm” of ideas and at the same time is “pregnant” and “give birth”.
The victims of this suppression are both genders.
The suppression of spiritual impetuses compelled man to “masturbate” because it is forbidden to “ejaculate” his ideas inside the female-brain-womb for pregnancy. The masturbation is located in the form of sperm collection (ideas) in sperm banks (Universities – Art Schools) in which after a selection of men to play the role of women’s “womb” (a fascism of choice) the man is fertilized by men, by accepting the role of androgynous monster that is given to him by the political or religious priesthoods.
Either the male plays the role of the masturbating sperm-producer or he plays the role of "womb for pregnancy" (!!!), in both cases is compelled to live in abnormality by suppressing his natural spiritual momentum.
In the first case we have the man that “masturbates” by saving his “sperm” in a library of a University or in a conversation between an exclusive male company. In the second case we have the man who by spiritual notion is a “passive homosexual” with “energetic homosexual” the man of the first case. The characteristic of the “passive homosexual” is his passiveness in sciences, religions, political ideologies, arts, information, economy, material products, way of living, political parties, war or peace, for which he never asks “why” by always leaving others to determine them for him. The “passive homosexual” does not have his own ideas for God because is enough for him that his Bible or the religion of his country determined them. He has no personal laws and principles because is enough for him that his political governing party determined them. He has no personal ideas for politics because is enough for him that his political party leader determined them. He has neither personal way living nor personal choices, because is enough for him that his “government”, or any “government” chooses them instead of him.
The suppression of spiritual impetuses compelled the woman either to be fertilized with the male masturbating sperm garbage of Universities, of religions, and of political ideologies, or to be fertilized with the sperms of male materialism as products of male androgynous abomination birth: Fashion – working in the male’s industry – working in the male’s bureaucracy – consumption of useless industry products – consumption of cosmetics of the non existing “beautifulness” [Kallos] – consumption of fashion products for beautify the non existing “harmony”.

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