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REVELATION NOW! To Ashkenazim Hellenogenes Hebrews: About Sino-Tibetan motivated Nazism.

Before Hitler became Chancellor he was or not in regular contact with the Tibetan “monk of Shambala” who called himself “The key holder of the Kingdom of Agharta”, and who by the orders of Dalai Lama, has taken the task of initiating Hitler?

Was or was not HAUSHOFFER the elder, member of the anti-lodge “THOULE” namely a member of a nazi lodge? YES, HE WAS!!!

Had or had not jew rabbi of Berlin Haushoffer the elder, traveled and initiated in Tibet? YES, HE HAD!!!

Was or was not rabbi Haushoffer the elder, the spiritual teacher of Hitler, and the only one who had the right to visit him in prison before Hitler rose to power? YES, HE WAS!!!

Was or was not jew rabbi of Hungary and magician Lincoln Von Trembits, a member of the nazi lodge “ANENEHRBE”? YES HE WAS!!!

Had jew rabbi Lincoln Von Trembits or had not travelled and initiated to demonic Lamaism in Tibet? YES HE WAS!!! (Also initiated to the supreme dragonian lodge HONG of Sin-Zion-Sina-China)

Was jew rabbi Lincoln Von Trembits or was not a spiritual teacher of Hitler? YES HE WAS!!!

Was or was not jew rabbi Rosenberg, he who wrote the “GOSPEL OF THE NAZI THEORY”? YES HE WAS!!!

Was or was not jew rabbi Rosenberg he who until today is recognized from all Nazis as “THE GREATEST THEORETICIAN OF NAZISM”? YES HE WAS!!!

Was or was not Hitler, a bastard son of Jew Baron Rothschild (Frankfurt Rothschild’s) with his Jewish maidservant? YES HE WAS!!!

Was or was not Jew Hitlers’s father or Hisler, he who adopted the bastard son of Jew Rothschild? YES HE WAS!!!

Is or it isn’t Hebrew the name of the village BRAUNAU in which he lived as a custom’s officer Hitler’s father? YES IT IS!!!

Was or was not Jewish the majority of the Village BRAUNAU population? YES IT WAS!!!
They were Jewish and magicians, namely it was a village of Jewish Satanists!!!
BRAUNAU: Nursery garden of Jewish magicians and mediums … famous in whole Germany and Austria.

Now more deeper:
Was or was not executed by the Russian regiment of “St. George” a whole company of Tibetans monks (Berlin Garrison) wearing “SS” uniforms and with shaved heads, because they weren’t carrying ID’s and they were assumed to be “spies”?

Was or was not this company of Tibetans the garrison of the Archrabbinia of Berlin unofficially and officially a Nazi Anti-Lodge?

SO, FOR WHICH “HEBREW HOLOCAUST” YOU SPEAK TODAY? If you mean a holocaust ordered by Jews of Europe, we agree.

What has happened here? We will explain to you the unexplained and the undiscovered, after we ask three more questions:

Is it true or not that after the collapse of the 3rd Reich, the remaining living Jews of Thessaloniki were trying to find and kill the rabbi of Thessaloniki because it was proved that this rabbi gave to Gestapo the list with the names and addresses of Thessaloniki Jews? YES IT IS!!!

Was Eichmann, the leader of “SS”, a Hebrew of Germany, yes or no? YES HE WAS!!! No.2 Borman? ALSO!!!

Was a Hebrew major of “SS”, with name that ended in the classical Hebrew catalexis – BERGER, he who ordered the genocide of Hellenes in the Hellenic Kalavrita? YES HE WAS!!!
Regiment Hand Ebersberger

By having the positive responses to the above questions, as it is concluded by the historical records of the armed forces of USA-USSR-BRITAIN-FRANCE it is needed to be occupied with a “rabbinical historic psychoanalysis” but it is a necessary evil if you want to find the “why” of your downfall … oh!!! you ex-chosen people of “YAHWEH”.


“… Why despite the nations are aware of the various revealed war crimes and crimes of Hebrews and Saxons against Humanity, they leave them unpunished and they leave them to corrupt their governments and their justice and their police and their armies, as a catastrophic saboteur of nations, in favor of the ongoing sinohebrew planetary empire of the “Kingdom of Jehovah”?

The most convincing answer to that question was given by the leader of the French left Roger Garaudy, who disgusted by the political frauds of Hebrews in France, as an historian researched and found out that the “6.000.000 dead Hebrews and Gas Chambers in the German concentration camps of forced labor (and not “Genocide Camps”) is today “a basic myth of Israeli foreign policy”, a myth that function as a deterrent to the research and punishment of the violations of international law and the crimes that committed and commit Israel, Hebrews and Saxons, after WW2. The book of Roger Garaudy with title “Basic Myths of Israeli Foreign Policy” was forbidden in France, because the truths that expose the Hebrewsaxons of USA, Britain, and Holland, Denmark, Germany and the rest nations, as “Crooks and Diachronic Assassins of Nations”, those truths must die together with those that found them.

Confirming Roger Garaudy, historian Faurisson in his book “Jewish Holocaust, lie and truth” proved that the furnaces of the labor camps were destined for the dead due natural causes and that it was impossible to incinerate …6.000.000 Hebrews according to the manufacturer’s data. He proved that the Germans kept the Hebrews for forced labor in the German Industry during the war, as they also did for prisoners of other ethnicities.
During the end of the war in 1945 the mortality rate of the prisoners rose dramatically due a general lack of food, drugs and heating fuels for every German citizen because of the defeat of Germany in all fronts. Gas Chambers exists only in fabricated schematics that draw and display the Hebrews.

Those are written by Faurisson and Garaudy, we the G.H.REES add that in labor was forced only the Hebrews “Ashkenazim” as Forced-to-Jewishm Hellenes of the area As(h)kania of Minor Asia (Today’s Western Turkey), who lived in chambers of many people, while the real Hebrew “Sephardim” lived in small private apartments and was not forced in labor.
Such prisoners “Sephardim” were the prime Minister of Israel Golda Meir and the president of European Economic Community Simon Veil.
Hellenogenes “Ashkenazim” who perished in the camps due to illnesses, hunger and lack of heat in all of Germany, were about 60.000 and not 6.000.000. The greatest proof of “Holocaust” forgery of the 6.000.000 Hebrews is that the Hebrews consistently refuse to give the names of the so called 6.000.000 dead in publicity. Because from the municipalities lists of the European cities they will come forward …as never existed!

In World War 2, Hebrews made the mathematically impossible achievement to become genocided (Hebrew manipulated documents) from genociders as they really were. The yellow-white Hebrew mongoloids were genociders of WW2 because Hebrew President of the USA Rousvelt (Rosenwelt) and Hebrew Prime Minister of Britain Churchill (Cherzl) and Hebrew Adolf Rothschild of Frankfurt Rothschild’s or Hisler or Hitler and the Hebrewmongol Stalin (Joseph Jugas[Judas]villy), under the directions of “A.O.A.” (ORDO ADEPTIS ATLANTIS) of London, directed World War 2, in which they genocided 12.000.000 German people of white race, 12.000.000 Belorussians and Russians of white race, unknown millions of Polish, 2.000.000 of Greeks(Hellenes) and unknown millions of other nations, ALL WHITE RACE PELASGIANS, and moreover they forced the living white Pelasgians to receive Hebrew “Restoration Loans”, that was not possible to repay, with result all the European industries to be confiscated by the Hebrewsaxons of USA-Britain etc, in order to lead Europe without Economical force and thus without political and military will, as a sheep destined to slaughter, against R.I.C. (Russia – Islam – China or “Shanghai Pact”) in the third world war of 2007-2012, in order for R.I.C. to counterattack and completely Genocide the White Race of America-Europe-India and for China to attack and Genocide completely the White Race parts of their Allies, Russia and Islamic Nations, in order to glorify the name of …Jehovah and of Savaoth, Gods of …Abraham (Havra-Han or Hebrew Havra Leader in Mongolian), of …Isaac and of …Jacob, and of the Chinese Sin-(Sem)-Sion-Zion-Sina-China and of the Mongoloids HebrewSaxons._

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