Friday, November 20, 2009

G.H.REES expose the fraud of Nibiru and Planet-X

Book “Return of the Gods” by ex-General Gerasimos Kalogerakis

Page 109: “…no planet of our solar system is our mother ship or home world. We the “Olympians Epsilon” live in your solar system beyond the orbit of Pluto, in a world your scientists name as Planet-X”.

Commentary on the above by G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Reestablishment, Andromeda advanced post on Earth – Hellas – Iolkos)

The above are frauds of the Draconians Pseudo-olympians for the following three reasons:

a) Because in other messages of the Pseudo-olympians that are written in the book “Return of the Gods” of Kalogerakis, these beings are stating that they consist of forces from the “Local cluster of 13 galaxies”, meaning they are dwellers of 13 galaxies, and thus they are not dwellers of the “Planet-X or 10th Planet” of our solar system. We call the “Olympians Epsilon” of … the dragonian ass and their … honorary representative, in his own words “incarnation … of a commander-in-Chief from the constellation of Lyra” (!!!), ex-General Kalogerakis, to state us when they tell lies and when they tell the truth.

b) No scientist has ever written about a “10th Planet”. Modern astronomy does not know, does not assume, and does not suspect a presence of a “10th Planet” beyond the “9th planet” Pluto. The speculations about a “10th” planet beyond Pluto were artificially propagated from the “theosophical” hebrewsaxon Masonic lodges after 1976, and were formed in written-books signed but not created by the hebrew agent Zacharia Sitchin, about the “12th planet Nibiru” if we calculate the unofficial “Hephaistos” (known in hebrewsaxon astronomy as "vulcan zone") and the exploded “Phaethon” (known as "asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars"), “10th and 11th accordingly, or about the “10th planet” in the case of not calculating Hephaistos and Phaethon.

c) “Astrophysics Department” of G.H.REES has proven mathematically that the planetary harmonics (orbits) for each solar system cannot be higher than 12 (isododecahedron etheric geometry principle), and that the 12th planet, along with “Hephaistos” and “Phaethon”, lies close to the “internal” Mercury and not beyond Pluto. (Declared by G.H.REES as planet “Hellas” 3rd Harmonic).

ATTENTION!!! According to ancient Hellenic and True Astronomy, beyond the orbit of Pluto there are only planets of Hippopedian orbits of the form “oo” (the symbol of infinity), as they have analyzed by the great ancient Hellenic mathematician Eudoxos Knidios. These “Hippopedian orbits” are contain inside them our Sun of matter (counterclockwise rotating, symbolized by left turn swastika) and the neighbor twin Sun of antimatter (clockwise rotating, symbolized by right turn swastika), and they pass consecutively from the space of the central hyperSun of neutralmatter (symbolized by the catoptrics Epsilon ]+[ ) located at the center of the hippopedian “o+o”. Because those planets of “hippopedian” orbits are passing all the time from three forms of matter (antimatter, neutralmatter, and matter) they cannot, or it is impossible to be home worlds of living beings. Therefore by identity and because of natural limitations it’s impossible for the pseudo-olympians to live in hippopedian planets beyond Pluto, and therefore the pseudo-“Olympians” and Kalogerakis as their agent lie blatantly.

In the Para mythology of Zacharia Sitchin supported by “Strange” “Avaton” “Third Eye” “Diavlos Epsilon” of “Gaydianakis”, theosophical society, “Krinaetoi” and “Epsilon” etc, “from the 10th or “12th planet Nibiru” beyond Pluto, will come to Earth the “Good Dragonians” “Nephelim” escorted by the “Dodecatheon of Zeus”, in order to lead the armies of the West Pact to a winning campaign against the Shangai Pact in order to neutralize the negative vibrations of the countries of the Shangai Pact” (!!!)
Therefore Kalogerakis lead Hellenes to a war against the Eastern Shangai Pact and to a genocide from the counterattacking eastern Pact (Russia – Islamic Nations – China) of the dragonian yellow skinned of China (Sin-Sinos-Sina meaning "the destructor") that are under the protection of the dragonian pseudo-olympians of Kalogerakis.

The presented orbit of the “planet Nibiru” by Zacharia Sitchin is vertical to the level of the planets orbiting the sun and moreover it passes very close to the orbit of our planet. There are no such planetary orbits in any solar system, for astrophysics reasons that will not be analyzed in this message.
Those “vertical” orbits are ONLY orbits of Comets. Therefore we have a colossal hebrewsaxonic fraud in which a comet will probably be falsely presented as “Planet Nibiru” (!!!).
Furthermore, it will not be the first time in which the closure of a comet was used by the dragonians in order to create mass hysteria of world ending and armageddonology of the “Armageddon” of stupid or conscious traitor Kalogerakis.


-end of signal fragment-

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