Sunday, November 6, 2011

ATTENTION: Hebrewsaxons David Icke-Isaac and Alex Jones cointelpro dangerous agents of the Chinese Draconians

ATTENTION: Hebrewsaxons David Icke-Isaac and Alex Jones cointelpro dangerous agents of the Chinese Draconians

The rabbi kid David Icke-Isaac has been proved once and for all a draconian demonic possessed friend and agent of the space and terrestrial Draconian Chinese.

Friends of G.H.REES posted in his propaganda forum useful survival information for the white and black race in order to protect and defend against the Chinese invasion and grave threat.

And all the agents-shills-masons of Icke in this forum tried to mockup and ridicule all this vital information and then they posted FAKE G.H.REES documents (!!!) that allegedly condemn the G.H.REES friends of the Icke forum. At the end the forum moderators without a prior warning erased and blocked the account of the friends of G.H.REES two times!!! This is not a random act on behalf of the traitor draconian agent David Icke because the massive revelations of G.H.REES against the Draconian Chinese invasion was a threat to the Hebrew-Chinese interests Icke represents, as interests which seek the Total Chinese Dictatorship all over the planet or “Kingdom of Jehowah-Sin-Sion-Zion-Sina-China” or "NEW WORLD 888" after the destruction of all the white+black race nations. (This is also an oath taken by all hebrewmasons and all gentile masons in their masonic lodges)

The same acted the Hebrew-chinese Agent Alex Jones, when friends of G.H.REES tried to publish G.H.REES planetary security documents in his forum ( )

We call all the worldwide friends of G.H.REES to invade Icke and Alex Jones forums and attack them in any way possible!

Also we are being informed that another Hebrew agent of the Chinese with the name David Wilcock is preaching that the Chinese allegedly will save the world (!!!!) along with their ET allies (e.g. draconians) !!!!

ATTENTION (!!!): Those are all agents of the Chinese Space & Terrestrial Draconians who wish to genocide the entire White and Black race in Armageddon or World War III after a staged provocation of the US-E-J trilateral western axis against the Shanghai Pact...

Eliminate them in any way possible.

CONCLUSION: Traitor Draconian David Icke is in a continuous Draconian Demonic possession mainly for the following reasons:

A) He is a Rabbi Kid , a habrewmongol agent of the Chinese Draconians and the hyperlodge HONG, with true Hebrew name Isaac.

B) He blocked 2 times from his forum G.H.REES friends who warned about the Chinese economical – political – and military invasion of the west.

C) He conceals and protects the true existing terrestrial Draconians Chinese and spread misinformation and disinformation about the Space Draconians and about the Draconian Moon. (e.g. he preaches that the draconian demons can materialize in our dimension, in order to present the draconian holograms as allegedly real and existing!!!)

D) He preaches “unconditional Love” which is the same preaching of the hebrewmongol Pseudo-Christ of the Draconians. I.E. to even love your genocider and your annihilator!! To even love the Chinese when they will genocide you and eliminate you completely!! This preaching is extremely dangerous, is plain stupidity and suicide, and has a devious purpose to neutralize the survival instincts of the White and Black race.

E) He started his career by hearing voices in his head which ordered him to do certain actions and he started his career by consulting mediums and psychics (demonic possession – Channeling). As G.H.REES has revealed the Draconians are using psychotronic methods which can cause voices inside a victim’s head that order him to do certain actions, and they have mind control technology that control the pituitary gland of mediums and psychics, all Draconian magicians agents of the Moon.



G.H.REES message to David Icke and his followers

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