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Hellen means by identity the man who rejects unproven dogma and accepts only proven theorems.
He who appeals unproven dogma as a cause of division between the spiritual and intellectual link, is not Hellen but a Lunar sub-human.

ATTENTION: All the religions of the external surface of planet Earth were formed by tele-energy and Lunar emissions accompanied by its collusion players Lilith, false-impersonating the forces of Zeus, from 10.000 B.C. until today.

Therefore and the “Religion of Zeus” of classical Greece, is a religion (or Thriskeia or Thrwskein) entirely mutated from the absolute original Throskein (=Research of the “Above”) which was and is the following from infinite years before until 10.000 B.C.

1/: The Supreme God is one and this is that, the Universal Intelligent Self-Created Cosmic Organism, part of which we see under the form of his microcells, namely of visible stars in the “Dimension” of maximum density.

The Universal Organism is co-consisting and from other thinner and invisible for us microcells-stars of higher dimensions of matter rarification. Besides the above mentioned relatively stationary cells, contains moving cells in the corresponding “Dimensions”. The stationary cells consist the “skeleton”, the “Flesh” and the “Organs”, whereas the moving cells consist the “Blood” and the “Body liquids” of the Universal Organism, moving inside arteries and veins, namely inside Universal Portals of slow circulation.

Finally the Universal Organism contains “neurophytic system”, namely “Brain” and “Nerves” of Universal Portals of introvert and extrovert senses, with superfast transmission of electromagnetic vibrations between primordial Dodecahedral Particles of Dipolar Ether, as a product of autogenic bipartition of the Neutral Zero or Neutral Original Ether.

Through those sensors Neurons-Portals, the brain of the Universal Organism, knows in real instantaneous time the situation of the cells-stars that consist him. Same wise he knows in instantaneous time the situation of the planets of those STARS-Suns.

In a case of an event of “Internal Illness”, namely of a violation of the natural laws (Hubris in Hellenic) on behalf of some cell, Nebula, Galaxy, Sun, Planet, or micro-organism in the planet, the Universal Organism sends “Anti-Bodies”, namely moving cells as also intelligent entities, through Universal Portals of slow circulation or through Universal “Arteries”.

The intelligent Anti-Bodies have as a mission their “incarnations” inside the ill cell for which are destined, with two possibilities:

Return of the ill cell in a natural function of harmony with the Natural Laws or the killing of the ill cell, in case it resists in the above harmonization.

2/: The above mentioned cells of the Universal Organism, namely Nebulas, Galaxies, Suns, Planets, are also intelligent organisms, with intelligence classification, analogue to the Geometric volume and the special function for which are destined. So, one Sun “Neuron” of the Universal Brain has multiple times intelligence than a Sun of “Renal Functions” or “Muscular Mass” of the Universal Organism.

Our Sun is located in the “Coccyx” or “final bone of the vertebral column” of the Universal Organism, with maximum universal density in the metallic planets of the Solar System of Sirius. Sirius (Hyperion in Hellenic), is the Solar Sun, namely the central 13th Principle, biological senior over 12 Planetary Suns (Ions in Hellenic, or Ionians, or Yunnan), one of which is the Sun of our Solar System (Ion in Hellenic, or IAFON)….

At that point and before we proceed, I think that must be given courage and confidence to the reader and future administrator of the Knowledge of the present message, in that it is very simple for him to call and have a permanent personal garrison of “Angels” of the 3rd dimension of matter rarification of the Permanent Universal Hierarchy, that in front of which our Lunar enemies of 2nd Dimension (2-D) are completely unarmored, like we are of the 1st Dimension unarmored to the Lunaroids of the 2nd Dimension.

The only term is for the reader to act according to the Universal Criterion of Proposition – Denial: “Do to the entities of the Universal Organism what you want for them to do to you. Do not do to them what you don’t want for them to do to you. Live until self-sacrifice in order to take care of the Universal Organism physical functions, of which you are a micro-organism. Do not live in order to have as a supreme purpose your individual survival and the creation of your individual vital space.”

We do not have to analyze why the above mentioned Criterion is making useless the present dogmas of ALL Religions of the planet as imperfect unfinished, insufficient, contradictory and completely CONTRARIWISE, as contrariwise to the natural functions of the supreme God, namely of the Universal Intelligent Living Organism.

The above mentioned Criterion of 60 neo-Greek (translated to English) Words, is the whole Holy Scripture of the Conscious Humans, as Members or Micro-Organisms of the Universal Organism, and abolish and recant as useless and CONTRARIWISE, all the “Holy Scriptures” of all the Terran Religions … under the Lunar Influence.

The above mentioned Criterion characterizes the heroic self-sacrifice way of life, self-sacrifice in favor of the family of the house, of the family of the city, of the family of the race, of the family of fauna and flora, namely Zoology and Phytology of the Planet, in favor of the integrity of the Intelligent Cell GAIA of our Planet from criminal actions, such as mining of raw materials, nuclear explosions, poison of the surface and underground water resources, burning and destruction of forests as SKIN OF THE PLANET, and finally in favor of the honor of the Supreme ZENOS (or Zen = Living in Hellenic) or ZEUS (Zeus – Jupiter), namely of the SUPREME UNIVERSAL LIVING (ZEN) UNIVERSAL ORGANISM, because this honor is brutalized by the counterfeiters – false impersonators “gods” of all the Religions, without exception, who appear as annihilators-flesh eaters-blood drinkers and bandits “universal gods”, and brought false and injustice blame to the honor and the way of conduct or function of the true Universal God.

Those simple things that already have being published, along with those that will be given to you by G.H.REES in case that you understand them, then every administrator of the present knowledge and the future briefings, can ask as post, personal guardians (Angels) of the 3rd Dimension (3-D). In order for this to be realized is necessary the articulation of a clear and sufficiently justifiable request towards the LOCAL UNIVERSAL HIERARCHY, like this, anonymously.

A non-justifiable request is this which has as a primary purpose a personal gain of any kind, such as enrichment, glory or satisfaction of passions etc.

EXAMPLE: The entities of the Local Universal Hierarchy are not guarding Mr. Toulatos, “Leader of Christiano-Dodecatheist Religion of Zeus” …

We are writing about a “request” and not about a “prayer”, because the Universal Organism obeys in inexorable natural laws, which do not give him the right of rejection of your request, when there are satisfied the terms of its filing and of its satisfaction.

We give a demonstrative form of a request:

“Request towards the Local Universal Hierarchy, through Intelligent Cell Gaia, through Intelligent Cell of Local Sun, through Intelligent Cell of Hyper-Sun Hyperion – Sirius, through local Galaxy as Intelligent Mega-cell.
I am named ………… I live in the city …………… in the longitude – latitude ………… of the country ……………

I ask for the entities 3-D (of the 3rd Dimension of matter rarification) of the Universal Hierarchy to guard me continuously, because I am about to take active action against mutineers of 2-D and 1-D (Dimensions of matter rarification), which are acting against the Universal Hierarchy. The mutineers have invaded in my Solar System from the System of Epsilon Boötis (and Draco constellation), and have annihilated the indigenous races, with purpose the domination of their race (Yellow saurian-humo genetic engineered hubris-race) and the robbery of the raw materials of my planet.
The mutineers are self-called: Forces of Yahweh-Asmodai-Metatron, with centers of power the piratical metallic planets: Moon and Lilith (lies behind Moon). Moreover, I request the maximum spiritual – emotional – physical and material strength, in order for me to be able to fight successfully against this domination of the invaders mutineers. Moreover, I request the following ….”

End of Request towards the Local Universal Hierarchy, through Gaia, through the Local Sun, through the Hyperion Sirius, through the Local Galaxy. I am waiting for a just satisfaction of the request, according to the Universal Laws.
Hail Universal Hierarchy of the Intelligent Universal Organism.”

The above mentioned request form is not an inflexible ceremonial. Every candidate hero-fighter of the Universal Organism (U.O. Fighter), can form his/her request of continuous guarding, as he/she wishes.

We advise the candidates “U.O. Fighters” to present the above mentioned and their rest requests towards the U.O. (Universal Organism) or towards the U.H. (Universal Hierarchy), with loud voice and with the maximum possible voice volume, by standing upright in the country, away from the city disorientation noises, by touching with one hand a rock or a tree (non necessary measures), as physical re-broadcasting stations of Electromagnetic and Sonic waves, towards the Intelligent Cell Gaia, namely towards our Planet, and through it towards the above mentioned Hierarchy of Intelligent Cells.

During the articulation of the request, we advise to the U.O. Fighters to look towards the Sun (non necessary measures) or around it in periphery of thirty solar diameters, without optical accessories, with naked eyes, or with flightily vision focus, directly at the center of the Sun, in the summer hours 18:00 – 19:00, and in analogue hours of the rest year’s seasons. Besides it can cure all the ocular diseases due to metabolism multiplication, it is also a method of taking logical forms of Solar Logos’ bright frequencies (bright anti-acoustic language), and broadcasting towards the cell “Sun” of the Human Electromagnetic Logos.

Whoever looks towards the Sun, is gaining the natural and intellectual “Look of the Eagle”, because the direct Solar Light, cleans the Intellect from unnatural ideological dirt that we “eat” every day because of the lunar influence. According to the Universal Criterion of Proposition – Denial, the heroic self-sacrifice way of life, must not be an exception for the few, but a common way for the many, as exactly is happening in a human organism, where all the healthy cells consider natural and self-explanatory to be sacrificed and to die if necessary, in order to keep healthy and living the whole Organism. In contradiction to the healthy cells, the cancerous cells consider natural and self-explanatory to be sacrificed for them the whole Organism! And for this reason, in case of not taking measures of neutralizing or purifying them, then the whole Organism dies in favor of the cancerous cells. Because the cancerous cells have as a main characteristic their un-natural expansion of A’ Priority for distribution of the available alimentary substances, with result for the healthy cells to starve and to die from hunger. It has being observed that the victims of the physical cancer, suffered long before that by the psychological cancer of the rabid for un-natural and against worthiness expansion of their vital space in the family, in the economy, in the social position etc. Other victims of cancer suffered long before that from lack of Freedom and natural vital space, accompanied by abrupt conquering of this space, with un-natural actions against other fellow beings (transmutation of the downtrodden to an oppressor), that produces the psycho-somatic analogue of the physical cancer, coadjutant and of the Acid alimentation promoted by the Zionist Diet. In the modern Greek Society, and in the rest Pelasgian Nations, the picture is completely reversed. Most people act as cancerous cells, by hunting down the Zionist trophies (Luxurious life etc), which accompany the un-natural and against worthiness expansion of the personal vital space or fortune. For the sake of the above mentioned personal objectives, the cancerous citizens are hyper-inflating by stealing economical strength from other healthy citizens, with result the death of the Greek society, because finally the healthy citizens are contaminated and them by the idiosyncrasy of the theft and hyper-inflation, with final result the death of the national body. Because this starves, forasmuch as all are stealing and nobody anymore produces products for the import of economical power. The next steps are the political, the military, and the governmental death, as enslavement or genocide, whereupon the cancerous scoundrels are “awakened” and are false-impersonating the patriots and the revolutionaries, not for the restoration or the resurrection of the Nation, but for the restoration of their personal vital space …


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  3. Try to use the Hyper-Alkaline Raw-Diet that G.H.REES suggest. (Fruits, Dried Fruits, Raw vegetables, Raw Salads, Raw Olive Oil, Raw Cheese, Milk etc). ATTENTION: If you try this diet you must also avoid completely: Coffee, Tea and other exitants.
    The zionists promoted Acid diet is the most common cause of all illnesses, cancer and bad physical mood and bad health in general.
    Also try to find and use the original Orgone devices of the inventor Wilhem Reich. It is based on the ether principle and it's very effective against psychotronic and other forms of concentrated energy-radiation attacks, maser, microwaves etc.
    Moreover try to find and use the Gingseng root disolved in alcohol. It gives you energy and good mood. It's very effective.
    Hope we helped. We wish you prosperity and good health.
    Finally stay tuned for more revelations coming soon.
    G.H.REES is about to release a new document that will TILT the planet axis and change the orbit of the Moon(!!!) metaphorically speaking ofcourse, but it is expected to be very strong, and they are about to open their cards on the table after 30 years of revelations closing to 2012.
    David Icke, Alex Jones, John Lear, Exopolitics institution and other alternative Media.. so called Anti-NWO "fighters" - (in reality: draconian disinfo agents) didn't have the balls to release such information, althought it was published in Greece and other countries for at least 30 years, and we are pretty sure that they were informed about it because right now we reached to a timeline that they say almost the same with G.H.REES (!!!) but by mixing also their own distortions in order to create confusion from the real facts.

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  5. Thank you for standing up for justice and truth, which will finally prevail.
    I have been reading your articles for a few weeks since I found your website and they helped me put more pieces together.
    I can understand your reservations on other NWO fighters, like Alex Jones, Icke, etc but due to these people the majority of people, started questioning governments, reality and history and searching for answers. We should at least ackowledge this contribution they are making.
    I am glad to see you are providing the right information on diet and as a passionate advocate of organic, vegan, preferably raw and cruelty free diet and lifestyle, I would give you full marks for practising your philosophies.
    My true Hellenic genes have always guided me to the right life choices, since childhood, even though I was considered "weired and strange" by everyone in my modern Greek environment.
    With 23 years of cruelty free healthy lifestyle, I can testify to the various benefits of my lifestyle and youthful appearance at the age of 44.
    I have spent 19 years in the UK and moved to New Zealand as I was concerned about the plans of the dark reptilians and future, especially in Europe.I try to educate myself daily and spread the truth to those willing to listen.
    Unfortunately, the beautiful city of Christchurch and its kind hearted people was attacked for the second time by earthquake technology, suffering more than 5000 sizeable aftershocks in 5 months, since the first 7.1 and recent 6.3 earthquakes!! Damage is huge and second time there were many deaths.
    Do you have some information, views and comments, regarding this Christchurch, NZ phenomenon and perhaps the other big earthquakes all over the planet?
    What is the final gain for them?
    Are these satanic Draconians on the Moon responsible entirely or in collaboration with earthly governments?
    Can you post an article with your Andromedian perspective? Will they allow those selfish and foolish "gods" of the Moon to genocide humanity, the planet and all other innocent species? Why do they have to wait until 28/11/2011, when they have superior technology-abilities and are already in our solar system?
    Thank you for working hard to educate and enlighten humanity and I am sorry Mr Karageorgiou had to go through so much harassment and hardship in his personal and professional life.I also keep an eye on the Greek website but I have to admit I find the constant use of Greek swearing quite off putting and unproductive, even though I understand his anger and frustration...
    Somehow, I feel it could never fit with a glorious, superior, humane and civilized Hellenic culture.
    Kind Regards to our Ancestors and your Team from a Greek in NZ