Friday, August 27, 2010


Most of you the members of the commanding councils of the Greek Banks, and of you the bishops of the Greek “Holy Eparchies”, are Masons who gave the treasonous: Masonic – Globalist – Chinese – Zionistic – Mongolian – AntiHellenic – AntiPelasgian – AntiAndromedian – Savaothic – “Jehovian” – Satanic Oath that “You will do whatever is possible to destroy and breakup the “National Families” or Nations – States, in order to found the “Global Government – Kingdom of Jehovah of Sin – Zion – Sion – Sina - China” and the “Planetary Hyper-state of the Planetary Chinese Dictatorship – Empire of Sin – Sinai - Sion – Sina - China – Jehovah”, in order to allegedly stop the wars between the nations, and in order to allegedly promote the International Peace or “PAX – SINICA” of Sin – Sion – Sina – China”._

The “break-up of Nations” or “National Families” and of the States, in order to “stop the wars between the nations and the states” is so stupid – criminal – and treasonous, as stupid – criminal – and treasonous is the “break-up of the biological families of a village, in order to …stop the enmities and the vendettas – murders between the families of the village”, for the simple self-evident reason that “The social damage which is provoked by the break-up of the families – nations – states, is much bigger than the damage that is provoked by the enmities – wars between those families and nations”._

In addition, it has been proved from non masons historians analysts that from pre-history until 1.700 A.MH.C. (After Mongol Hebrew Christ) all the wars in our planet were provoked by the “oracles-prophecies” and the “auguries” of the collusion pre-Christian and Christian – Judean – Islamic – Taoist – Shinto – Buddhist – Lama Priesthoods, and that after 1.700 A.MH.C., all the wars in our planet were provoked and ordered by the hierarchy of the “Secret Societies” namely of the Masonic Hyper-lodges: “HONG” China – “ZEN” Tibet and India – “+/- AOA & +/- OTO” London England through the Ethnic Hyper-lodges “MTM”, such as “+/- MTM – Greece” or “Grand Orient Greece (+)” which founded the political parties “N.D.(New Democracy)”, “PA.SO.K.”(Greek Socialist Party), “K.K.E.”(Greek Communist Party), “SY.RIZ.A” (Left Wing Party), and the “Theosophical Society Greece (-)” which founded the “Epsilon Group”, the “Olympians Epsilon”, the “LA.O.S.” crypto-zionist ultra-right wing political party, of the Turk-Albanian Mongol anti-Greek agent provocateur pseudo-Nationalist KARA-ZAFFERI and of the Hebrew CORRADO or CONRAND or KORRADIS, former leader of the Greek-Hebrew Secret Service: “KYP/EYP” of “N.D.” (!!!)._


The same non masons Historians analysts and analysts of comparative hierography proved that all the above mentioned ancient and new religious and Masonic priesthoods, provoked all the wars of the planet though “Oracles-Prophecies” given to them by invisible collusion entities – spirits, namely by the Lunar Dragonians space invaders of 2nd Dimension of matter rarification, who are false-impersonating and continue to false-impersonate the “Gods of the Hellenic Dodecatheon”, “Christ”, “Madonna”, “The Holy men of all religions”, the “Archangels and Angels”, and the “Bad Demons” of Christianity – Judaism – Islamism, the 33.000 “Gods” of Hinduism - Buddhism – Taoism – Shintoism – and the rest Asiatic Religions, the “Demons” of Satanism, and the Masonic “Archangels Asmodai or Asmodeus”, “Metatron (or Mataron)”, etc._ (!!!) … as “Archangels of Sin – Sion – Zion – Sinai – Jedi – Sedi – Jed – Jeid – Jude – Judas – (pseudo)Jehovah – (pseudo)Being”. (the brackets are ours)

Therefore, oh! You megastupid traitors Masons receivers of the present order, is self-evident that the Lunar [See: “Argeans – Arcadians Preselenes” (before the arrival of the moon) of the ancient geographer Pausanias. See: “Comparative Mythology” of Raymond Drake, concerning the arrival of the Moon in about 10.000 B.MH.C. (Before Mongol Hebrew Christ). See: “Secrets of the Moon” of the Soviet Academics Vasin and Scherbakov.] Dragonian Demons [ Metatron – Asmodai – “Michael” – “Gabriel”, … “Urinael” and 33.000 Lunar Demons of the Asiatic Religions] after they constructed through genetic engineering the “Terrestrial Dragonians” Chinese “Dragons” in honour of the “Draco Constellation”, as constellation of the Moon’s origin [Read: Hellenic Mythology – Mito – Logy (Mitos - Ariadne’s Clew), about “Perseus” in favour of the “Constellation of Andromeda” and against the “Constellation of Draco”, Herodotus Z’61, Ferekides (Apollonius Rhodius Comments D’1091), Sophocles – Euripides, Eratosthenes “Catasterismi - placings among the stars”, Yginos “Poetic Astronomy”.], and after, through the Lunar weaponry, ousted the Andromedians Whites “Gods” of Zeus, and the Sirians Blacks “Gods” of Sirius (God => “Thew” => Run – Fly extremely fast in the sky – space), begun to false-impersonate from 9.600 B.MH.C all the “Gods” who they ousted, with purpose to deviously humiliate them, by doing -using their names- villainous deeds of provocation of civil wars (See: Achaeans Hellenes against Trojan Hellenes, and Hellenic cities against Hellenic cities) through their already subordinates scientists of the ousted ones, who as subordinates they finally mutated to “Dodecatheist” – Christian – Judean – Islamic – Asiatic – and Masonic priesthoods of the Hierarchy: “HONG – ZEN – AOA + OTO – MTM”._
Same wise it is self-evident that the above mentioned Lunar Dragonians Demons of the all present Masonries and Christian Religions, “Asmodai”, “Metatron”, “Michael” and “Gabriel” and the bad demonic dragonian encounter, after the organization of the English Masonry in the 17th Century, are the Demons – Dragonian Spirits who provoked and ordered the conduct of all the European civil wars between the Andromedian White Race Nations of the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th Century, including 1st and 2nd World Wars, and the ongoing 3rd World War in the 21st Century (2012)._

Therefore we conclude to the mathematical historical horror conclusion that the same Lunar Dragonian Demons “Asmodai”, “Metatron”, “Michael”, and “Gabriel” and the rest, who created the Dragonian Yellow Chinese – Korean race annihilators of the White and Black race, who after the genocide of the White men, and the rape of the White women of “Yunnan” (Hellenic Ionia Southern China) by Chinese and Koreans of Southern China and Korea, produced the “Doberman” rabid annihilators white-yellow Mongols: Turks – Albanians – Bulgarians – Hebrews – Saxons – Hungarians – and rest Mongols (Mogilalians) against Hellenes and the rest White Andromedians, and who provoked all the civil and other wars from 9.600 B.MH.C [ Read “Timaeus” and “Critias” of Plato about the Global civil war between Hellas and Atlantis in 9.600 B.MH.C._ See “Comparative Mythology” of the Publicist Raymond Drake for “Corruption of Atlantis by the small Yellow Masters (Chinese)” ] up until today for the ongoing break-up of the White and Black Nations and for the ongoing unification and burgeon of the pair: China – Korea in the atrium of the absolute and terminal Dragonian World Hegemony and of the Complete Genocide of the White and Black nations from China and Korea in World War III, because the same Lunar Dragonian Demons – Space Satans and Devils – through the Spiritual sessions and Spiritual invocations of the stupid Masons: Chinese – Tibetans – HebrewSaxons of “AOA – OTO” London – and Ethnic Masonries of the Ethnic(“Gentile”) “Grand Orients – MTM” of the Hierarchy: “HONG” => ZEN => AOA + OTO => MTM, these same Space Archsatans: “Metatron”, “Asmodai” who through their subordinate demons, Dragonian spirits, provoked all the wars of the planet through the Ethnic Masonries and the Hebrews and Saxons Mongols: Presidents – Kings – Emperors – Ministers – Generals of all states of the planet, these same Dragonians – Space Chinese Archsatans, Archannihilators of the White and Black nations of the planet, demonize falsely and deviously the White and Black nations for the above mentioned wars of 9.600 + 2.000 => 11.600 years, and through the above mentioned Ethnic Masonries and the Mongols Hebrews and Saxons Governors of the White and Black nations, deviously break-up and destroy the above mentioned nations as allegedly “Guilty” and as allegedly “Responsible” for the 11.600 years wars and corruption, and are attempting to annihilate completely the above mentioned demonized by them Nations “666” in the 3rd World War of “Armageddon”, with annihilators the Dragonians Chinese “888” – Koreans “777” – and the Mongols Hebrews “666” and Saxons “666”, who, inside the spiritual sessions of the Masonic lodges, they display them falsely and deviously as allegedly “The from God executives annihilators of the warmongers white and black nations”, and as “The from God executives final and terminal governors of the Planet and pacifists global rulers of “The Kingdom of Jehovah – Sin – Sion – Sina – China” (!!!)._

Namely, the Dragonian Archsatan Jedi – Sin – Sion – Zion – Sinai – Sedi – Jed – Jeid – Jude – Judas – PseudoJehovah – PseudoBeing and Savit – Savaoth – Saturn – Cronus, the Masonic “Archangels” Asmodai – Metatron – and rest, and the Christian [In Collusion with them] “Archangels” Michael – Gabriel – and rest, after they partially annihilated through the Chinese – Koreans, and Mongols: Hebrews and Saxons and rest, continuously for 11.600 years, the White Andromedian and the Black Sirian humanity, now they falsely and deviously present themselves as allegedly “The Holy ones – the Just – the from God executive punishers of the warmongers “bad” White and Black nations” and as allegedly: “The from God pacifists, with Godly command: the complete genocide of the White and Black nations in the 3rd World War or “Armageddon” in order to force the peace on the planet”, namely in order to stop the wars and the corruption which themselves, the same Dragonians “Gods” and “Archangels”, provoked and incited continuously for 11.600 years._ (!!!)._

Namely, the above mentioned “Yellow Space Chinese” “Archangels” of the Dragonian “God – Dragon” Sin – Sion – Sinai – Jedi – Judas – PseudoJehovah and of the mutineer Andromedian “God” Savit – Savaoth – Cronus, incite World War III or “Armageddon” of the complete genocide of the White and Black nations, in order to punish the above mentioned nations because allegedly they “provoked all the wars of the human history and the 1st and 2nd world war”, while it is mathematically and irrevocably proven that: All the wars of human history and the 1st and the 2nd world war, with already partial genocide of the White and Black Nations, were incited, were programmed, and were provoked by the above mentioned “Gods” and “Archangels”, through their ancient and new priesthoods, religions and secret societies and Masonic lodges (HONG => ZEN => AOA+OTO => MTM), which are under the influence of subordinate demons of the above mentioned “Gods” and “Archangels”, in spiritual sessions and demonic invocations of the above mentioned dirty criminal priesthoods, - in visions, in “mediums inspirations of the “Spirit of God”, from Masons – Priests – and Satanists Monks of the dragonian ass, and in other parapsychological Dragonian Satanical “Shows” displays of “Good Angels 888” and in collusion “Bad Demons 666” of the nonexistent “Satan”, or to better describe it, of the “Second – Satanic Face” of the “God of the Dragonian Peace” or PAX – DRAGONIAN or PAX SINICA or “Kingdom of Jehovah – Sin – Sion – Sinai – Sina – China”, - namely of the Space Chinese Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi.

Namely, the above mentioned Dragonian Devils space invaders Chinese: “Gods” and “Archangels”, “Angels 888 ▲+ “, and in collusion “Demons 666▼- “, through the earthly priesthoods and Masonic lodges “HONG => ZEN => AOA + OTO => MTM” and through the armies of the yellow Chinese – Koreans, and of the white-yellow semi-Dragonians Mongols: Hebrews – Saxons – Albanian – Bulgarians – Turks – Hungarian – Finnish – Bavarians – and rest Mongols, as Kings – Presidents – Prime ministers –ministers of the White and Black nations, have programmed and provoke the 3rd World War or “Armageddon” (See “John’s Revelation” IF’ (16) 12-16” of the “New Testament”): “And the sixth (Dragonian) Angel (888, of Sin – Sion – Sinai –Jedi – Sedi – Jed – Jeid – Jude – Judas – PseudoJehovah – PseudoBeing) poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; (in Iraq) and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the (Chinese) kings of the east (coming from the east) might be prepared. And I saw three unclean spirits (Demons 666) like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon (namely, of the Dragonian Sin –Sion – PseudoJehovah, false-impersonating Zeus), and out of the mouth of the beast (of the “Neo-Byzantine Constantinople Empire” of the right wing theosophical political party “LA.O.S. - 666” (People’s Orthodox Alert) and of the “Epsilon Group – 666” Christiano-Dodecatheists Sufism), and out of the mouth of the false prophet (namely of Ioannis Palaiologos Dragazis, as allegedly “Incarnation of God Dionysus - 666”, and “Emperor of LA.O.S.” and of the “Neo-Byzantine Empire - 666” and as “New Christ - 666” or “Anti-Christ 666”). For they (these three spirits) are the spirits of devils, (666, namely in collusion spirits of Sin – Sion – Zion – PseudoJehovah) working miracles, which go forth (from Sin – Zion) unto the kings of the earth (Governments) and of the whole world (of the White and Black Nations), to gather them to the battle (3rd World War of “Armageddon”) of that great day of God (Dragonian Sub-god) the Almighty (…only Moon-mighty and Seven Inner Planets-mighty)._ And he gathered them together (The armies and people of White and Black race) into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. (in order to annihilate them through the Chinese)”._

Same wise see: “John’s Revelation Theta (9) 13-18”: And the sixth (Dragonian) angel (888, of Sin – Sion – Zion – pseudoJehovah) sounded, …, and I heard a voice … Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet: Loose the four angels (888, of Sin – Sion – Zion – pseudoJehovah, and the Commanders of the Chinese Army) which are bound (which have been ordered from Sin – Sion – Zion – pseudoJehovah to not yet attack against the White and Black Nations) in the great river Euphrates (of Iraq)”._ And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, (programmed by Sin – Zion) for to slay the third part of men (of White and Black race, namely 2.5 billion people). And the number of the (Chinese) army of the horsemen (namely of the armored vehicles and of the mechanized infantry) were two hundred thousand thousand (2 X 10.000 X 10.000 => 200.000.000 men)…”._, in order through the 3rd World War or “Armageddon” of the complete genocide of White and Black race nations from the pure Yellow Race (China + Korea), to … stop the wars of the whole human history which the same above mentioned “Gods”, “Archangels”, and “Angels” “888” and in collusion Demons “666” provoked with purpose the partial genocide of the White and Black race, and with purpose the devious – false incrimination of those races, as allegedly “responsible” for the provocation of these wars._

Namely one Yellow Chinese together with ten Mongols Hebrews and Saxons community-leaders invade and provoke civil wars in ten villages of White and Black race, then they butcher all the residents that were spared from these civil wars with the false – devious accusation that these residents provoked the death of all that were killed in the civil wars, with purpose the Chinese and Mongols community-leaders to impropriate the fortunes of the dead White or Black residents, and of the between them civil wars, and of the butchering – genocide from Chinese and Mongols in “Armageddon” of all who survived from the civil wars of 11.600 years._

Understand and realize the “Jehovian” and “Savaothic” deceit of the programmed genocide of 5 billion people of White and Black race, and WAKE UP from your Religious and Masonic sleep, members of the Religious and Masonic priesthoods of Greece and of the rest White and Black Nations, especially you the bishops of “Orthodoxy”, especially you the Masons officers of the “+/- Greek MTM” of the commanding councils of the Greek Banks, and especially you the members of the Legislative – Judicial – and Executive power of the Generals – Admirals of the Greek Armed Forces – of the Police Force – and of the Secret Service.


Of course, you (the receivers of the present message) Masons and Christians bishops have the false information from the Dragonian Demons “Asmodai” – “Metatron” – “Michael” – and “Gabriel” – and rest, that allegedly, after the death of your bodies, your souls will be transferred for rewards to Masonic or Christian “Heavens – Paradises” of Sin – Sion – Sinai – “Jehovah” or “Being”._

We, on the contrary, inform you that the “God” that you serve, is not the “Diachronic Ancient of the Days” or “BEING” or “I am that I am”, or in Hebrew: Ja –Ha –Va – HaJah” or “Jahveh” or “JHVH” or “Jehovah”, invariant in time, namely “The Universal Organism” Higher – Supreme (Tauto-Cosmic) God, but you really serve a wanted felon from the forces of our local galaxy, serial murderer criminal bandit and annihilator of Solar Systems and Planetary human races, namely you really serve the Galactic criminal mutineer “Sinis” of the Hellenic Mythology or Mito-logy (Mitos=Ariadne’s clew, see Myth – Mitos of “Theseus against Sinis”) or Sin or Sion-Zion or Sinai or Sino or Jedi or Sedi or Jed or Jeid or Jude or Judas, and his “Archangels”, “Asmodai” – “Metatron” – “Michael” – “Gabriel” and rest, all Dragonians Space Criminals, wanted from the legal Governmental-Federal Galactic forces, and encircled by the Governmental forces inside the “CAGE – TRAP” of the Seven Inner Planets: (1) before Mercury (Vulcan Zone) – (2) Mercury – (3) Venus – (4) Antichthon (Behind Sun) – (5) Earth – (6) Mars – (7) Jupiter, in where they invaded in order to steal the metals – crystals – and raw materials, with flagship the Hybrid Ship “Selene” or “Moon” or “Levanah” and with an astro-fleet of about 120 hyper-motherships, today stationed (from 2002 and after) in the orbit of planet “Jupiter” from where they have been observed by the observatories “Mauna – Kea” of Hawaii – USA. For these observed new (!!!) 120 satellites of “Jupiter”, the hebrewsaxonic “NASA” forbid to the observatories of Hawaii to publish statements, and “NASA” announced falsely that “It is about 120 new natural satellites of Jupiter which arrived there (in only 2 years!!!) originating from other (vague – undetermined) points of our solar system”._ (…)._

From the sewage-like satanic underworld of the Rabbis Hebrew-Mongols, G.H.REES intercepted the information that the above mentioned 120 hyper-ships of Sin – Sion – Zion – pseudoJehovah have been deployed in “Jupiter”, as the most outer defense orbit under the occupation of the Dragonian gang of Space-Bandits-Pirates, in order to defend against the Galactic Federal Forces of hyper-threehundred (360) similar hyper-ships, deployed to the direct outer orbit of Planet Saturn, same wise observed after 2002, by the observatories “Mauna – Kea” Hawaii, and same wise characterized falsely by the hebrewsaxonic “NASA” as “300 new natural satellites of Saturn. Which arrived there (in only 2 years …) originating from other (vague – undetermined) points of our solar system”._ A thing which is naturally impossible, because this would demand naturally, a time period of million years._

The above mentioned “story” of the 120 + 360 “New Natural Satellites” of Planets Jupiter and Saturn, finished with the murders (“Mysterious “Deaths”) of a dozen of “USA” astrophysicists who denied “JPL” (JET PROPULSION LABORATORY) because they stated publically that: “The spectrum analysis of the 120 + 360 above mentioned new satellites of Jupiter and of Saturn proves that their external surface is covered by smooth titanium metal, a thing that forbids for them to be “natural” satellites, and proves that they are artificial gigantic – satellites” of “Lilith” level, which resides in Seleno-Synchronous orbit “SPIN 1”, namely continuously stationed behind the Moon._

Except the lies of “NASA” (=Never a Straight Answer), the hebrewsaxons of “USA”, in order to amplify their -due to panic- dropped morale, already forced to indirectly admit, through their Zionist controlled HOLLYWOOD, the half – truth in the Movie “Science Fiction” Series: “The Empire (of the Federal Galactic Forces) Strikes Back (against the mutineers – rebels: JEDI - JUDE - JUDAS – SIN – SION – ZION – PSEUDOJEHOVAH – PSEUDOBEING, through metallic “War Planets” or “metallic Death Stars”)._ (Director: George Lucas)

In the above mentioned movies, the soldiers of the “Evil Striking Back Galactic Empire” are presented as “Awful Monsters with metallic armors”, and the “Good JEDI – SEDI (of the Hebrew’s agent Dimosthenis Liakopoulos) Dragonians: Chinese – Hebrews – Saxons – and rest Mongols, are presented as “likeable human revolutionaries” who at the end are exploding with various techniques the “Empire’s Death Stars”, and full of joy … are sexually intercoursing all together: whites – blacks – yellows – and Mongols, according to the will of JEDI about bastard intermarriage planetary gangbang, with purpose the break-up and the assimilation of the original pure-blooded races, original residents of the Planet. (White + Black race)

Already, before the arrival of the “300+” attacking “War Planets” in the orbit of Planet Saturn from 2001 and afterwards, from 9.600 B.MH.C until 2001, namely continuously for 11.600 years, the space invaders piratical bandits of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi are trapped inside the Seven Inner Planets [ See confession of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi – in “John’s Revelation IB’ 12:4” about that “The Zeus – Devil – Dragon is dragging with his tail the third of the stars – local planets”, namely he exercises domination over the Four External Planets : Saturn – Uranus – Neptune – Pluto. (See same confession in “John’s Revelation” that the Satan = Gainsayer of Sin – Sion – Zion – PseudoJehovah is living – have as his HQ’s – Pergamon, in where it was founded the altar of the maximum sanctum of Zeus, now re-located to the Berlin museum) ] in a situation of panic and weakness of exodus from our solar system in which they entered in order to annihilate and steal, namely in a “HELL” of War Quarantine and Encirclement, - WITHOUT “PARADISE”._

From 2001 and afterwards, after the arrival of the main attacking body of the Galactic Federal Forces of the “300+” Metallic War Planets in the orbit of planet Saturn, this “HELL” of Quarantine and Lethal Encirclement against the Dragonians inside the sac of the Seven Inner Planets became … multiple times “HOTTER” and Lethal - WITHOUT “PARADISE”._

Therefore your hopes, you stupid Masons and Christian Bishops, for the transfer of your souls, after death, in some heavenly – space “Paradise”, are vain and a fraud, products of the innate fraud of the Dragonian Space Criminal Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi and of his Demonic Satanic Archangels “Asmodai”, “Metatron”, “Michael”, “Gabriel”, and rest “Angels” “888”, and his collusion Demons “666”._

Not only your souls (after we destroy your body after 30 November 2009) will not be transferred to any Masonic or Christian “Paradise” or “Place of Favor”, but on the contrary they will found themselves suspended in the void in a panicked horror situation of Spirits of the Seven Inner Planets of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi domination until they attack against the above mentioned space criminal and against his criminal “Archangels”, Asmodai, Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, and rest, the now stationed in Saturn’s orbit Federal Galactic Forces, which they will arrest you and they “will sexually intercourse your pudenda which has thrown you out” you dirty Masonic and Judeo-Christian scoundrels: black magicians of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi and of his “Archangels”, and traitors against your genitor Zeus, and against your Andromedians interstellar forefathers, and against the legal Galactic Government or according to your terminology: “GALACTIC EMPIRE”._

In the camp of the Galactic Legal Government there are neither “Paradises” nor “Hells” with ...fires and rest terrorisms of the Archcriminal Terrorist “God” of yours Sin – Sion – Sinai – Jedi and of his criminal terrorists “Archangels”._

There exists only Balanced with Nature societies and ... “Zoological Gardens built for Traitors” inside which your dirty treasonous souls will be displayed as examples to avoid, for some ...trillion earth years, in the 200 billion Solar Systems of our Galaxy. Then you will realize what means genuine and pure horror. Then you will attempt every day to suicide in “Second Death”, but this will be not allowed to you until you will be humiliated in all the Zoological Gardens of the Galaxy._

Already, from our previous documents in your hands, you have suspected our identity and our origin. The present message, probably, will make your suspicion a certainty._

Some policemen of Volos – Larisa – and Athens and men of “KYP/EYP” stated that: “In our documents exists supernatural knowledge”._

Indeed we have supernatural knowledge which was given to us through emissions “QQ – NASERS” and “HEAVY – NETRINO – NASERS” of amplified beam from the area of Planet Saturn and from the Inner Hollow Surface of our planet in where survive till today the Ancient Andromedians – Pelasgians – Hellenes forefathers, with technology before which, today’s Chinese and Hebrewsaxon technology of the external surface of our planet, appears to belong to pre-history._

Stop the prosecutions and the murders, and the social – political – economical – professional isolation against us and against our eponym representative, because if we turn against you our ... “Supernatural” Technology of Directed-Energy which was given to us “from Outside” and “from Inside”, then Greece will be filled with bodies of the three powers of Greece, with unwanted provocation of Chaos and Anarchy._

Report to your Mongols Hebrews and Saxons, and Tibetans, and Chinese of the Masonic Hierarchy “HONG => ZEN => AOA + OTO => MTM”, that after the arrival and beginning of power domination in our planet, the forthcoming of the Federal Galactic Forces, will force to the terrestrial Yellow Dragonian Chinese – Koreans, and to the Semi-Dragonians White-Yellow and Black-Yellow Mongols, sterilization, with purpose their final disappearance and nihilism of the above mentioned populations in our planet, and the transferring of their souls for survival, under limitation clauses, in other Solar Systems, far away from the 13 Solar Systems of Coccyx - Hyperion – Sirius._

Report to the above mentioned Dragonians and Semi-Dragonians Masonic superiors of you, that if they exercise the minimum war resistance or disobedience to the Federal Galactic Forces, they and their people will be annihilated entirely, in levels of A’ and B’ Dimensions, namely and in Soul Level, with synoptic procedures of “Second Death”._

We notify you, that from the receipt of the Present Message, we will act, and we demand to be accepted from you, as the only legal Greek Government, with the “Law of the most Powerful, of the most Just, - and of the Intellectually superior” as is self-evident to you by the G.H.REES documents that you have in your possession._

As precondition of the acceptance of G.H.REES Prytaneum, as the legal Greek Government, we demand from you and from the members of the rest three Greek powers to declare the present Government as “Incapable – Treasonous – and Criminal against the Greek National and Defensive and Economical Security” – and the declaration of the five political parties of the Greek “Parliament” as “Incapable and Treasonous and Criminal Political Gangs against the Greek National and Defensive and Economical Security”._

In case of disobedience to our above mentioned orders, supply family graves for for yourself and for your relatives up to the third degree.
In the document “Memorial” of the Present “CD” we record the names of the members of the three powers and of the “Mass Media” of Greece, that we … helped to depart to their Lord: “Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi”, due to their special treasons, according to the decisions of the G.H.REES Judicatory Department Thessaloniki._

We sincerely wish to not add and your names to the above mentioned “Catalogue of the departed to their Lord: Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi – and Saturn – Savaoth”._


"Fairy Tale" for ... adults!

Once upon a time one gang of thieves-murderers invaded for robbery (of raw materials) into a bank (into a solar system)
They begun to kill the employees of the bank (the black race) and the visitors clients (the white race), in order to fill faster the bags with money (with raw materials) and in order to avoid the intervention of the police (of the governmental galactic forces).
But the police came before all the money was put to bags, and so the robbers (Sin-Sion-Zion-Jedi-Sedi, El Sedi or Elohim Sedi, of the Hebrew’s agent D.Liakopoulos, etc) couldn’t get out of the bank.
So they begun to threaten that will kill all the hostages (earthlings - with chemtrails spraying and biological-radiological warfare, by exploding the planet through underground nuclear explosions, with causation of matter voids through CERN of Switzerland, and with other methods).
Indeed they killed a lot of hostages (in 13.000 years wars and genocides that they provoked)
But the police didn’t retreat and stayed constantly out of the bank until the moment they achieved through reinforcements a superior fire-power analogy of 8:1, and then invaded into the bank one morning, and killed all the robbers that refused to throw their guns. The robbers that threw their guns served some years in prison and then were expelled to another country. (another solar system)
Those from the (black) employees and the (white) clients who cooperated with the (Chinese and Mongols) robbers (as Masonic ethnic traitors of the white and black race) were put to death by the police without trial.
The leader of the robbers (Sin-Sion-Zion etc) and his sub-commanders, had had miserable end, closed for life into cages of Zoological (Galactic) Gardens, as an example to avoid.
Finally, those who were not killed from the robbers and from the invasion of the police into the bank lived happily ever after.

G.H.REES "Last Ultimatum"

A group of French astronomers with historical revelations ... just happened to die all together?

French cable car crash kills 20

Everyone aboard the cable car was killed
Major worldwide cable car accidents since 1976

Article By CNN (Now removed! wonder why)

July 1, 1999
Web posted at: 9:08 a.m. EDT (1308 GMT)
GRENOBLE, France -- A cable car plummeted to the ground in the French Alps early Thursday, killing all 20 people on board, local officials said.
Earlier reports indicated 21 people died.
The cause of the crash, which occurred at 7:30 a.m. as the cable car was taking staff members of an observatory to the top of the 2,700-meter (8,900-foot) Pic de Bure mountain, was not immediately known.
The regional prefect, Remi Caron, said the car detached itself from the cable, but the cable did not snap, as had been previously reported.
Most of the victims were reported to be employees of the observatory, which is run by French, German and Spanish scientists. The cable car was used only for the observatory and no tourists were believed to be on board.
The cable car fell 80 meters (260 feet), in the resort town of Saint-Etienne-en-Devoluy, south of Grenoble.
"The cable car fell. We don't know why. These are working people and they are dead," the resort's mayor, Jean-Marie Bernard, told Radio France-Info.
A spokesman in the prefect's office said 10 staff members of a public works company, five scientists from the IRAM astronomical institute and telephone company employees from Marseille were among the victims.
All the bodies were recovered Thursday morning, officials at the prefect's office confirmed.
An official investigation has begun into the cause of the accident, France's worst cable car disaster in more than 30 years.
The chief representative of the cable car union said the cable car was built in the 1980s and had recently passed a safety inspection. "It was in perfect working order," Charles Simiand said.
Simiand said the system consisted of one cable car with room for 20 passengers and another smaller one used to transport equipment.
Scientists from all over the world are known to visit the observatory, which is used virtually year round.
IRAM, the Institut de Radio-Astronomie Millimetrique, has set up six large antennas on top of the mountain to monitor stellar activity.
The crash occurred near the site of a 1976 accident on the same gondola lift, blamed on operator error, which killed 42 people.

The following list is autotranslated to English:

Carl Saggan died in December after a two years-battle with a rare disease.
On 3 July 1997, the son of a senior coach of the NASA spacecraft named Brewster Shaw, from Houston, was killed. The hit from multiple bullets body was found in the trunk of his car at the bottom of a lake.
On 25 June 1997, the day scheduled for the combustion process of correcting spaceship, and the day of «accident» MIR, a senior program administrator at the headquarters of NASA, the Dr. Gergen Ray, was found dead near his home in Potomac, Maryland, under unusual circumstances.
A few days before ap'to above, a computer technician who worked in the PATHFINDER in Palo Alto, California was found dead. The body was found chocked between a tree and a fence into a busy, high-class urban area close to the university Stanford. The police claimed in this case that he was beaten to death by gang members.
The Program Manager of the Mars Surveyor at NASA headquarters in Washington, Mary K. Olsen, went to JPL in Pasadena a few months ago, and arrived at a hospital with a very strange and abnormal embolism, and finally died. He was just 35 years.
The astronomer Eugene Shoemaker, who discovered the comet that fell on Jupiter in 1994, was killed in a car crash Friday in Australia whilst on a journey to search for asteroid crater. He was 69 years.
Shoemaker died in a double car in a road accident about 310 miles south of Alice Springs, central Australia, said police.

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