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Urgent signal from Y.Karageorgiou of G.H.REES towards the Greek public and the Greek National Security Forces

With pretext the following news of the “PA.SO.K.” Governmental supporter blog

(Now the original blogger-columnist after internal Governmental pressures and under the pressure of our blog and G.H.REES revelations was forced to erase from his blog this post of the Paisios text- Dragonian news)

With title:
What finally has said the (dead) monk Paisios to the Monks who saw him before some days walking in “Holy Mount Athos”? (TRUE INCIDENT) … !!!

We publish below the urgent signal from Yiannis Karageorgiou of G.H.REES towards the Greek public and the Greek National Security Forces.

The conclusions are yours.

Begin of G.H.REES signal (19.08.2010):

The European Union consumes 300.000.000 tones of grain every year. From Russia imports only 1.000.000 tones every year. Therefore now with the forbid of exports of the Russia grains towards the world under the order of Putin, this ban measure begun in previous Sunday and will last until 31.12.2010 and maybe and the whole year 2011 as announced the Russian Government, therefore the reduction that has in its reservoir Europe is 0.33% namely the percentage of imports from Russia. Therefore the Greek Flour-Industrialists with their president the Hebrew Flour-Industrialist Mr. Lullis (Italian-Hebrew clan from Genova Italy), are cheating the Greek people, because these “Gentlemen” together with other Flour-Industrialists announced a Flour raise of 25 up to 40% in Greece. This is theft, this is robbery, and a Hebrew conspiracy against the alimentary security of the Greek population and against the Greek National Security. If they wanted to do a raise they must did a raise of only 0.33% namely as the percentage of the European looses due to the ban of the Russian exports.

The dead monk “Paisios”, who was supporter of the New Age Maitreya - Sufist 666 traitor Patriarch Bartholomew, announced to the monks of “Holy Mount Athos” Chalkidiki (of course according to the G.H.REES scientific research there is no soul of Paisios but there is a hologram and demons that imitate the soul of Paisios with advanced Lunar technology) that they must buy flour and oil because we will have war in Greece in three months from now, namely in November. This warning –as it is known from the blog “Hellen and Chaos”- has been already written by G.H.REES in its telegrams to the Russian Government, and is justified as following:
The Greek-Hebrew Prime-Minister Papandreou – Mineiko – Tsiden Baum is planning under the commands of Hebrews from abroad to commit a reshuffle of the Government of Greece. His new Hebrew ministers has been ordered to violate all the previous agreements that has been signed with the adversaries countries Albania – Skopje – Bulgaria – Turkey and Romania in order that in the month October to precede the necessary political countercharges to the Global public that Greece is to blame and that it deserves to suffer a war blow, and in the month November to assault Greece the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis, namely the four neighbor countries plus Romania which claims that in Greece there is allegedly a Romano-Vlach minority and claims Thessaly (Central Greece) as allegedly Romanian Territory.

It is anticipated that during the slaughter and genocide of the Greeks that will be realized in the Northern Greece by those 5 neighbor armies that will form a “State of Salonika” as it is already being gradually planned by the treasonous Greek-Hebrew politicians of Athens, shall for hundreds and thousands descend as refugees to the South, in this that will remain as allegedly “Free Greece”, namely Attica, Thebes, Leibadia, Eastern Mainland Greece and Peloponnese, and Athens will be filled with 2 – 3 millions of Greeks persecuted refugees – butchered who together with the there pre-existing Athenians and with the foreign migrants are about to create a total chaos, they will eat each other, there will be no food, no house, and no water available. For those reasons the Hebrew whorehouse in Athens is already constructing a Governmental Mansion destined for the Government of the turk-albanian triple agent Karatzaferis of the “LA.O.S.” political party (People’s Othodox Alert ultra-right wing completely Zionist controlled party, Dragonian possessed agents provocateurs, posing as the “Epsilon Group" and promoters of “666” and New-Age Sufism), a Government that is about to be constructed by the total composite intermediate Government of the Greek-Hebrew “Democracy President” Karolos Papoulias in order to found the final Government of “National Salvation” of “LA.O.S.” in Mystras of Peloponnese with initial territorial domination only over Peloponnese, Eastern Mainland Greece, Attica, Thebes and Leibadia, and maybe Crete which might be also lost. There will be no other remaining Greek territories, because the Islands and Northern Greece together with Thessaly will be included in “Salonika Government” in where Hellenism will be slaughtered in the first phase (1st Pourim of the Balkan War as the 1st Step of World War III or "Armageddon")

The “VISION” (read: Dragonian Lunar Hologram) of the dead monk Paisios gave to the monks order to buy flour and oil from the Super Markets of Salonika but on purpose didn’t issued a warning to the Greek National Security Forces that in three months we will have war, namely in November. This is a parallel Dragonian/Cronian faction tactic that was also being applied in the past during the fall of Constantinople where for hundreds and thousands the Demon (Dragonian) possessed recruited Monks obviously pre-warned, were closed with plenty of food inside their monasteries by doing completely nothing and by refusing to take arms and do battle. The result was that the Greek populated Constantinople fall easily to the supernumerary Mongolian hordes of the Lunar Seljuk Turks who later put Patriarchate (The Judeo-Christian orthodox Church) under their protection. Today and by continuing this treasonous tradition, the Sufist – New Age – M.R.A. (Mundana Religio Adunata) – 666 Patriarch Bartholomew with his statements cursed and swear as “bootless miserable” (!!!) the Greek Heroes of the Revolution in 1821 who ruined the …benevolent relations that allegedly had the enslaved Greeks with the Turkish tyrants.(with this statement obviously meant the benevolent – treasonous relations that the Patriarchate had with the Turks, by falsely judging others for his own treasonous actions)

Blog’s Commentary:
Here is obvious the collusion of why they attacked the “PA.SO.K.” supporter columnist-blogger of the Paisios text –news, as an attack which was committed against him by official Mount Athos circles and by Governmental Circles who obviously wanted for this news to remain concealed and destined for only a small circle of “chosen ones”, who must be fore-warned and prepare survival solutions only for their egoistical survival. The rest of the Greek people must be put to sleep. Hopefully these news were by accident leaked to the internet and together with the G.H.REES prior warnings, the Greek Army is now prepared to face the challenge.

Blog’s Commentary:
We thank the … “dear” Dragonians of the Right Path “888” of HONG China – Sina who cross-checked for the eyes of the brilliant Hellenes the prior-warnings of G.H.REES for planned Balkan War during the next three months.

Either for the above comment to be taken as ironic or as truly and sincere, it is destined towards the columnist-blogger of the Paisios text – news and we call him to either arrange measures of his survival (see survival manuals of G.H.REES) or to buy 6 coffins for himself and for the rest members of his family.

Same wise we call to the “Intelligence Services” National Security Officers and Police Officers and Military Personnel: Exterminate now the Greek and Greek-Hebrew treasonous politicians who are about to provoke the war of the 5 countries of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis against Greece … or else, supply for yourself 6 coffins for your wife, for your children and for your mother and father, because in November, in case that you will not apply these G.H.REES measures under cooperation with the 350.000 armed Hellenes hunters and with urgent measures of confiscation of the 450.000 Kalashnikovs of the Albanians immigrants that are hidden in the Greek forests, then Hellenism will be slaughtered without mercy._

End of the G.H.REES urgent signal._

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