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TRIAD: The Chinese Mafia Organisation

TRIAD: The Chinese Mafia Organisation

The Triad is a Chinese secret mafia crime-related organisation, part of the secret ‘Heaven and Earth Society / Tian Di Hui’. This is an alternative name of the notorious planetary hyper-lodge ‘Hong’, which pulls the strings behind the global geostrategics scene and the machinations for the Third World War.

G.H.REES. would like to ask your help, to translate into Greek the following 1-hour documentary video about the Triad or even better to directly provide the subtitles on these videos.


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Original source:

From: Hellas, city of Volos

Karageorgiou Giannis

spokesperson of G.H.REES, Group of Hellenic Reestablishment.

To: The senior, mid, and junior officers of the Russian military forces, of the Russian police, and of the FSB as the security service of the Russian Federation.


we ask us with all your powers to ensure the personal safety of the former President and current Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mr Vladimir Putin.

The autonomous armed corps of G.H.REES, Group of Hellenic Reestablishment, does not agree with the policy of Mr Vladimir Putin vis-à-vis China, due to the provision of classified weaponry of the Russian Federation to China, something which jeopardises immensely the national security of Russia itself as well as the national security of all the countries of the West, because China with Russian help of defence technology has become a superpower which is very dangerous for all the counties of the planet as well as for Russia itself.

However, despite this disagreement of ours with the foreign affairs policy of Mr Vladimir Putin vis-à-vis China, we advise you to ensure with all your powers, you, the officers of the Russian military forces, of the Russian police, and of the security service of Russia, FSB, we advise you to ensure with all your powers, we repeat, the personal safety of the Prime Minister of Russia, Mr Vladimir Putin, the safety of his close colleagues, the safety of their families, as well as the safety of the whole system which Mr Vladimir Putin has built, the whole system of security which Mr Vladimir Putin has built for the Russian Federation.

We emphasise that, in case of assassination of Mr Vladimir Putin, as it is noted by the Russian security services, such a general chaos will come up in your country that by definition will open a such gap that it will not be able to close, resulting in a security gap of Russia that will not be able to close for Russia anymore, with the result that the Russian Federation will become an expendable product by the secret services of China and by the Chinese army.

We repeat, at all costs, even if you disagree with the internal within Russia and external affairs policy of Mr Vladimir Putin vis-à-vis other countries and especially with China, in order for you to survive and in order for you to ensure the national internal security and the national security of the Russian Federation, to become a shield of security for this person, who despite his controversial policy so far has given Russia the character of a superpower. We remind you that only 4 years ago, that is, in year 2008, you had become victims, as Greece is a victim nowadays, of the International Monetary Fund and of the bandits Jewish-Saxons who are behind the International Monetary Fund, one of whom, the planetary King of the Jewes, the chief rabbi Barouch, resident of New York, who changes his plans and he wants to use both the residents of the country of Israel and the Jewish of Russia as an expendable product of the armed forces of China and Korea. May you have understood and may the God help you.

Help the man, Mr Vladimir Putin, because if he gets assassinated, as it was lately revealed by the Turkish secret agency, MIT, with a secret agency of the USA, which, no matter which one of the 15 secret agencies of the USA it is, it is shaken and moved and corrupted by the American NSA, because this criminal murderous secret service of the USA, as a state within a state, directs all the rest 15 secret agencies of the USA, including the NSI, as a fictitious central secret agency of the USA nowadays, in which unfortunately the director is the Hellene-Jew and pseudo-Hellene-American Negreponte.

We repeat, ensure the personal safety of the Prime Minister of Russia Mr Vladimir Putin, of his family, of his colleagues, and of their families, no matter what your disagreements are with the Prime Minister of Russia Mr Vladimir Putin with reference to his internal affairs policy within Russia and his external affairs policy and especially with his external affairs policy vis-à-vis China.

We tell you this thing: That we will be first ones who, if we discern that the Prime Minister of Russia Mr Vladimir Putin aids and abets the plan of the chief-rabbi Barouch of New York for the instigation of the 3rd World War and the advancement of China as the absolute power which will wipe out the planet with 200,000,000 of Chinese army, then we will be the first ones who will attack morally, mentally and physically against the Prime Minister of Russia Mr Vladimir Putin through the homogenous Hellenes of Russia.

But, for the time being, we tell you, safeguard the Prime Minister of Russia Mr Vladimir Putin by each and every means which you have available, until he clarifies his foreign affairs policy with the genocidal China, which has planned, after the genocide of the armies and the unarmed White citizens of the West, to genocide the army and the unarmed citizens of the Russian federation too. We have provided evidence of the above on the internet, on our blogspot ‘Hellene and Chaos’ ( in Greek, in English, in German). May the God be with you.

On behalf of G.H.REES, Group of Hellenic Reestablishment,

Karageorgiou Giannis,

G.H.REES. geostrategics analyst

Volos, Hellas,

Over and out.


Πληροφορίες για την απόπειρα δολοφονίας κατά του Πούτιν επιβεβαιώνει η Υπηρεσία Ασφάλειας της Ουκρανίας



China 'hiding up to 3,000 nuclear warheads in secret tunnels'
An unconventional project by US university students has concluded that China's nuclear arsenal could be many times larger than current estimates, drawing the attention of Pentagon analysts.



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Our planet, its races and its moon(s): The real history...

Our planet, its races and its moon(s): The real history...

The text below is an extract from the much longer text written by G.H.REES. in 1985 in Greek ( This particular extract provides a summary of the real history of our planet and its moon(s) and the role of the white, the black and the yellow race.

Selene or Luna or Eva or Leva-Levan (in the Hebrew-Mongolian language) is a gigantic formerly natural planetary body which was altered (‘geoplastised’) into a hybrid ‘void’ internally dug semi-artificial body (ship) able to travel in the mesoastric universe.

The origin of Selene is the Constellation of Draco and Bootes as one of the Draconian mutineers allying constellations.

(See the research of the Scotch astronomer Duncan Lunan (Luna!), the findings of the Russian Academies Vasin and Serbakov, the leakes of officers of NASA/JPL in the book of Don Wilson ‘Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon’, the research of G..H.REES., the books and the research of Raymond Drake, etc).

The Moon is governed by a race of Reptilian beings coming from the Constellation of Draco. The Reptilians control the Moon with high technological means (which one cannot distinguish for ‘magic’ or ‘miracle’) and with beings which are in two parallel universe dimensions separated by light barriers (c, and c*10^6). The present 1st visible Dimension of matter dilution (3rd Real one) and the 2nd Dimension (4th Real one) are invisible for our organs of perception. The 1st Dimension cannot see directly what is going on in the 2nd Dimension, but it has the technological means to come to contact with it.

The Reptilians are a clan of mutineers thieves pirates who act as a cancer against the Universal Organism. Initially, millions of years ago, they rebelled against the Universal Law and Order and the Galactic Government/Federation. Ever since, they have been wondering in the Universe like pirates stealing the planetary raw and precious materials, using the initial planetary populations as slaves (‘Slaves of God’) who undertake to take the raw materials and the crystals of each planet out on its surface. Then, they steal them, the genocide the slaves, destroy the planets [translator’s addition: by exploding them], and finally they head off to another solar system, in order to repeat their hideous crimes and to spread their cancer. They establish religions and then Masonic Networks of the Mind – False Reality – New World Order, pyramid-like systems of overmastering the mass people so as to control the ‘Slaves of God’. In case the system consists of populations who are loyal to the Galactic Government (e.g. the White Andromedian race), they usually manufacture by means of genetic engineering of reptilian DNA hybrid beings that look like the current Draconian Chinese who live on our planet nowadays. Then, they use these Draconian Lizard-face looking Chinese (Lizard-eyed) so as to integrate them with the populations who are not obedient to them and gradually to genocide and override them.

Selene came to our solar system around 20,000 b.D.C. [translator’s explanation: ‘BDC’ stands for ‘before Draconian Christ’], when there was a lawful Andromedian Government in the solar system, the Dynasty of the Celestials or VARUNA DYNASTY [translator’s comment: in Greek, ‘Celestials’ is ‘Ουρανιδείς/Ouranideis’, which gave ‘Varouna’ and it sounds like it too] (see the ancient Indian texts of the Indian White Dravidians). ‘Celestials/Ouranideis/Ουρανιδείςmeans ‘People who have come from the Sky’, Sky-people. The Dynasty of the Celestials consisted mainly of Zeus (Father Zeus – Diaus Pitar in Sanskrit [translator’s comment: ‘Father’ is in Greek ‘Πατηρ/Patir’, which sounds very similar to ‘Pitar’; and the genitive of ‘Zeus’ is ‘Διος/Dios’, which sounds very similar to ‘Diaous’]) and the clan of Saturn. When Selene entered our solar system, there was already a ‘civil’ space war taking place between the clans of Zeus and Saturn (see ancient Greek myths, Hesiod’s Theogenia, Clash of the Titans, etc) [translator’s comment: ‘Civil’ is here in inverted commas, as it does not refer to a war between powers of the same city or society but actually of the same race]. Zeus achieved a temporary victory against the mutineer Saturn-Sabaoth and he confined Saturn-Sabaoth’s allies in places which look like jails, such as the Underworld Tartara.

Selene at that time (20,000 b.D.C.) made a first attempt to enter the orbit of the Earth, but it failed. It entered an orbit which risked to lead to a collision with the Earth, but this was stopped by the Andromedian Celestials.

The second attempt was successful and Selene entered the orbit of the Earth around 11,436 b.D.C. (see research by G.H.REES. and by Raymond Drake, the inscriptions in Tiahuanaco of Bolivia, etc).

The Earth was then populated by people of the white race who had come from the Constellation of Andromeda and from the local indigenous black race from Serius.

The civilisers White Race Hellenes from Andromeda came to Earth from the astro-gate of Serius (Coccyx-Hyperion) as a scientific mission aiming at teaching and civilising the indigenous Black Race with reference to the Ecological Harmony and the Universal Natural Laws and Astrological Laws (see the annals of the Dogon race in Mali of Africa).

The Reptilian Draconians of Selene, having Asmodai Metatron and El Santai (see the Bible – Old Testament) or Sentai-Tzentai (see the Japanese and Hebrew produced film Star Wars) or Tzoudas-Judas as their premiers, asked from Zeus permission to land their population on Earth.

Xenius Zeus [translator’s comment: ‘Xenius’ is one of the adjectives accompanying Zeus, and it is rendered as ‘welcoming’, ‘friendly’, etc], because his powers were outnumbered as well as because at that point he had not yet realised the attacking-pirating intentions of Selene, allowed them to do so, given the proviso that they would keep the ratio of the population at 1:108 and that they would respect the then already existing cultural tendency and language of the planet (Archetypical Greek). The Reptilians of Selene then landed to the island complex-continent of Atlantis (or Waterland under the governance of the Andromedian Hyper-Minister of the water element Poseidon) their first Chinese hybrid settlers able to survive on Earth and genetically engineered so as to be able to stand up the attacks of the microbes of Earth (biocompatibility). The Chinese, under the orders of the first Reptilian clergy of the Serpens constellation under the guidance of Selene, soon degenerated the White Pelasgians of Atlantis and turned them in a ‘civil’ world war against their racial brothers, the Pelasgians of Europe and of the pre-historic Athenian Empire (see Plato’s Timaeus and Critias). In this destructive war, there were used nuclear weapons of that time... ‘special effect’ ones, and weapons of meteorological war, which are mentioned in the ancient Indian texts of Vedas and Mahabharata.

The white Atlantians, instigated by the Chinese of Atlantis (see the book of Raymond Drake ‘’Small Yellow Master of Atlantis’’) successfully invaded Europe, but the Athenians managed to repulse them and to outflank them and they reached a point to be able to throw them back to the Atlantic Ocean with a massive operation of counter attack.

Metatron and El Sentai Tzentai, those Reptilian feudarchs, were now in fear, because the Athenians under the guidance of Zeus were already ready to counter attack massively and to exterminate completely the Chinese of the Atlantis with the accusation of the insidious machination of the Pelasgic ‘Civil’ World War.

So, along with the World War of Earth, there broke out one more Space War between Selene and the space executives of Zeus.

Selene then utilised its gravity cannons to exert gravity overpressure on the lithospheric plates of the Earth and this way it managed to sink Atlantis and also a while later the Aegis Zone (present day Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea), thus killing by means of drawning in the sea millions of souls of White Atlantians and Athenians. The Pelasgic golden era of high technology and civilisation in harmony with nature soon shifted to a ‘stone age’. Civilisation went back to square one and chaos prevailed.

At the same time, Selene and the Reptilian Clergy of Serpens constellation informed the Chinese of Atlantis for that matter, and they evacuated in time the sinking continent and they saved in Esperia (present day America).

The spaceships of Zeus (‘Flying Chariots of Gods’, which are called ‘Vimanas’ by the Indian Dravidians, mainly of scientific responsibilities) at that point were outnumbered by the larger and attacking pirating Selenian astrofleet. The Reptilian Selenian Draconian astrofleet comprises mainly:

A) The flagship Selene (‘Star of Death’ hybrid ‘void’ ship of titanium and zirgon)

B) The flagship Lilith (dark glossy Planet of War), which around 9,600 b.D.C. that Atlantis and Aegis sank it moved and got behind Senene in a Selene-synchronous orbit, so that the three bodies of the Earth – Selene – Lilth are in a straight line (see Kabbalah).

C) Around 118 much smaller ships made of titanium.

To make things worse, the mutineers supporters of Saturn managed to escape from Tartara and soon arranged an unholy collusion with the Draconians of Selene against the Celestials of Zeus.

After that, in the major one-God religions, El Sentai was mentioned with Saturn-Sabbaoth as a single one ‘Universal Creator God’ (Big Draconian hoax and selenian religious contol), as Master Yahweh (Sentai in Mongolian-Hebrew or Tzentai-Tzent-Jade in Chinese) and as Master Sabaoth (Saturn).

After that point, the Earth came under the complete control of the Reptilian Draconian mutineers and their allies, the Andromedian treasonous mutineers of Saturn (Sabaoth).

The ships of Zeus, in order to avoid a general destruction of the Earth in case of a space war, seemed to have retreated 1/3 towards the 4 inner planets (Saturn, Uranus, Poseidon, Pluto), the other 1/3 towards the cavity of the ‘Inner Earth’ (from the opening of the North Pole), and the rest 1/3 left our solar system to inform the local Galactic Government at the Constellation of Andromeda about the invasion and the crimes of the Draconian Selene and to ask for reinforcement.

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Study the following video. Due to the veto of Russia in the U.N. they are trying now to stage a provocation - pretext in order for U.N. to comply and to ignite the US-NATO-Iranian War.

Short Analysis:
Because the Russianhebrews and the Chinese leadership in collusion have put a Veto for Syria (While in Libya they refused to veto, because Gaddafi made open statements about the expel of the Chinese from Africa, and about the buildup of 1.000.000 African army in order to expel the Chinese and the rest imperialists from Africa), and Russia and China are planning to also put a veto for Iran in order to further pollarize the scene, and because an assault of USA-NATO-E.U. will need signatures from the United Nations into which are also members Russia and China (Shanghai Pact) who are planning with this Veto to pose as the alleged "controversialists" of the case, and thus because the United Nations will not be able to give the "OK" for the attack, they are now planning to stage a provocation-pretext against Iran.

G.H.REES blog top-urgent message to Foster Gamble

Dear Foster Gamble,

We as friends of G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Reestablishment) have observed your movement and research.
You are right in several partial aspects of your effort, especially in your IRAN:Follow the Money VIDEO of planet security, but you are taking a completely wrong approach in your overall research.
We explain:
The historical becoming and geostrategics for the past 13.500 years from the arrival of the Dracconian Moon in Earth’s orbit, is deeply based ONLY on RACIAL MOTIVATIONS and not on money and money flow & consolidation.
Please study the G.H.REES International and Greek blog about the Draconian Chinese Yellow Race schemes for Global Hegemony (The Yellow Chinese "Nation of the Dragon" are supported by the Space Draconians Mutineers faction of extraterrestrials (from the constellation of Draco) who have as a flagship the Moon):
Study carefully the following blogs:
In case you have any inquiries feel free to contact us.

P.S. Of course you cannot base your movement publicly and openly on RACIAL criteria because you would immediately characterized and persecuted as a CRIMINAL RACIST from the "politically correct establishment" of the planet which is a collusion of Hebrewsaxons and Chinese rabbi bankers and mandarin financiers and businessmen. But the Chinese “Fathers” are planning to annihilate at the end and their hebrewsaxons "Childs" in order to found their Global Sinese Dictatorship. Ofcourse anti-racism is promoted only in the west, but in the Eastern world and China and Japan apply hard core racism. Study the deep geostrategics reasons of this fact. Good Luck.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


We the Hellenes of Hellas, members of G.H.REES or “Group of Hellenic Reestablishment”, and the friendly blogs and webpages of G.H.REES, call our brothers of the omogenia, Hellenes of “USA”, of Canada, and of the rest countries, to top urgently advise the Greek-Americans and the Greek omogenia of the other countries who serve as officers in the armies of “USA” and of the rest countries of “NATO”, to withdraw and to not accept any participation whatsoever to the assault of “NATO” against the countries of the “Shanghai Pact” or “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islamic Countries – China), as an assault which was designed from the Chinese Military HQ and has being designed treasonously from the in collusion hebrewsaxons politicians and generals of the American Pentagon and of the rest countries of “NATO” against the “Shanghai Pact” or “R.I.C.” axis, for the complete genocide, initially of the entire White race with first annihilated the nation of Greece, and in continuation the genocide of the Black race, from the Chinese army of 200.000.000 men, in order to found the International Chinese Dictatorship of the “Kingdom of Jehovah” or “Kingdom of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi – Sedi – Jed – Jade – Jude – Judas”, initially as “Global Chinese-Hebrew Government 888” and finally only as a “Global Chinese Government 888”, due to the planning of the Chinese Masonic Hyperlodge “HONG” for the genocide and of the Mongols Hebrewsaxons from the Chinese Army. The reason is that the Hebrews and the Saxons are a racial intermarriage between the White and the Yellow race, as also and all the Mongols, and is planned to be genocided from the pure Yellow Chinese 888 and Koreans 777, because they are not pure racially as are the Chinese and the Koreans.

Especially we call the Greek-Americans brothers of ours to exercise every possible pressure towards the Chief-General of “NATO” Greek-American Admiral Stavridis, in order for him to resign immediately from “NATO” leadership, because if he executes a “NATO” assault against countries of the “R.I.C.” axis (e.g. Syria or Iran), then the counter-attacking armies of “R.I.C.” will genocide the White race Countries of the West, with first annihilated the nation of Greece.
We remind to our readers, that in the assault against Iraq, behind the Secretary of Defense of “USA” and behind the American Chief-General of the assault against Iraq, the hebrewsaxonic American Government had ordered to sit the Greek-Americans: George Tenet – Tenetidis, Director of “CIA”, and the pseudo-Greek Hebrew Negreponte representative of the USA in the United Nations (ONU), in order for this image of the four men, through the Global Television Networks, to falsely display towards the people and the armies of the ”R.I.C.” axis, that allegedly Greece is the “Behind diabolic perpetrator”, who allegedly invented the assault of “NATO” against Iraq, and who allegedly advised this unfair assault to the Secretary of Defense and to the Generals of “NATO”, in order for the counter-attacking armies of “R.I.C.”, after the assault of the Greek-American General Stavridis as General of “NATO” against “R.I.C.”, those counter-attacking armies of “R.I.C.” to genocide with top priority the nation of Greece, as allegedly evil conspirator and natural perpetrator of the unfair assault of “NATO” against the armies of “R.I.C.” in World War III, namely of the Military Assault of “NATO” against the armies of Russia, of the Islamic States (Syria, Iran) and of the Chinese army.


We make known to you that due to the G.H.REES documents, which have send the echelon of “CIA” Athens to the Headquarters of “CIA – USA”, have stated his resignation from the “CIA”, George Tenetides, by claiming as a front excuse “Family Problems”, with result the hebrewsaxons politicians of “USA” to remove from the “CIA” the central coordination and the supervisor duties of “CIA” over the rest 15 secret services of “USA”, and to deliver this coordination to the new secret service “N.S.I.” under the leadership of the pseudo-Greek Negreponte. Finally, other G.H.REES documents, which proved the treason of the Hebrew pseudo-Greek Negreponte against the National Security of “USA”, forced Negreponte to resign from “N.S.I.” (NATIONAL SECURITY INTELLIGENCE)

We call all the Greeks and Hellenogenes of the “USA” and the rest countries of “NATO” to exercise every possible pressure, through their newspapers, their radios, and their organizations, towards their Governments and towards their Generals of their Countries, in order to foil the planned from the Chinese “HONG” military assault of “NATO” against the countries of “R.I.C.”, because if this military assault is realized, either with Chief-General the Greek-American Stavridis, or with Chief-General someone of other ethnicity, then the end result will be the Third World War and the genocide of all the countries of the West, namely of “NATO”, from the counter-attacking army of China, of 200.000.000 men.

The present signal we send it also and towards the politicians and generals of the Russian Federation because the data that we have on hand prove that the Chinese Government is driving to a Cold War and Military Enmities the Armies of “USA” and of Russia, in order that after the genocide of “USA” from the armies of the “R.I.C.” axis, the Russian Army to have severe casualties and significant damage, in order that in PHASE 2 of the Third World War, the Chinese Army to genocide and the Armies of Russia and the remaining armies of the Islamic States.

G.H.REES was founded in 1947 from the Greek Chief-General Alexander Papagos, as Institute of Geostrategics Analysis and Greek National Security.
On behalf of G.H.REES
Karageorgiou Yannis
Geostrategics Analyst
G.H.REES representative


Further evidence of the Web-blog “Hellen and Chaos” for the survival and painful awakening of Mongols-Hebrews to the Sinese Planned “Armageddon” of the Total Chinese Planetary Domination “888”.

To Hellenogenes Ashkenazim (Minor Asia originated Pelasgians - Askanians, Lake: Askania) residents of Israel and to the leadership and secret services of Israel:

Understand on time the above and below information and stop obeying to the Dragonian possessed Sephardim (Separati – “Elite”) mongolhebrews Arch-Rabbis Baruch Benen Berith New York (“Kings of the Jews”) because they are traitors conspirators in collusion with the Chinese Mandarins of the hyperlodge “HONG” of Shanghai, and with the Chinese-Hebrews of the Hyperlodge “Tiao – Kiu – Kiaou” of Shanghai, with purpose the final and total genocide of you in the “Armageddon”, with beginning of your genocide the Chinese massive Economical – Political – Military Invasion of the West and the assault of the Crypto-Zionist Shiite leadership of Iran against you. (R.I.C. axis)
(See Historical previous of your treason from Rabbis who delivered lists of your names and addresses to the Nazi Gestapo / SS)

To the Hebrew Leadership and to the Secret Services of the Russia Federation – Moscow:

Understand on time the above and below information and stop obeying to the Dragonian possessed Sephardim (Separati – “Elite”) mongolhebrews Arch-Rabbis Baruch Benen Berith New York (“Kings of the Jews”) because they are traitors conspirators in collusion with the Chinese Mandarins of the hyperlodge “HONG” of Shanghai, and with the Chinese-Hebrews of the Hyperlodge “Tiao – Kiu – Kiaou” of Shanghai, with purpose the final and total genocide of you in the “Armageddon”, with beginning of your genocide the assault of “USA” against you in the new Chinese motivated “Cold War”.

We present again fragments of the …”prophetic” C’ Signal of G.H.REES dated Year 2006.
Complete Original Here:
Here are the Religious (Chinese Hidden Geostrategics with Theology mask) and Historical reasons for which the Dragonian Chinese “Fathers” are programming and are planning to genocide and the Mongolhebrews “illegitimate Childs of them” (Products of Ancient Genocides and Rapes committed by the Chinese against the Pelasgians of Yunnan) during the final stages of the Third World War:


Finally, due to the justified anymore hatred-vomit-abomination and disgust which feel the editors of the present signal for the congenital criminals-annihilators-murderers-evil Chinese and Mongols Hebrews-Saxons and rest, we will terminate the present lecture about the “11.600 years of continuous War Crimes and Crimes against humanity committed from the Chinese and from the Mongols Hebrews and rest”, by finishing with the reporting of the genocide program of the White Russians or “Gog and Magog” or “Rus”(Russian) or “Mesheh” (Moscovites) or “Thubal” from the Chinese , after the break-up of the “R.I.C.” axis, programmed after the genocide against India and against the “US.E.J.” axis (USA – Europe – Japan), as this program is analyzed in the Chapters (38) and (39) of “Ezekiel” - “Old Testament” of the Hebrew Chinese “Old Testament”._

It is not needed to especially report the numerous chapters of the Chinesehebrew “Old Testament” and “Holy Scriptures”, in where it is analyzed the future genocide programs of China and of the Mongols Hebrews and Israelites – Saxons, against the Whites, against the Whites of the Islamic states characterized with the false national identification “Agar” or “Descendants of Agar” or “illegitimate Childs of Abraham or Habra-Khan or Mongolian Khan of the Judean Habra of the Hebrew Mongols, Judeans and Israelites Saxons, with his concubine Agar”. The genocide of the Whites Islamists from China, is programmed to realize after the above mentioned breakup of the “R.I.C.” axis, and after the genocide of “US.E.J.” from “R.I.C.”, through the Chinese-Mongolian Axis “C.J.T.H.S.M” – China – Japan – Tibet – Hebrews – Saxons – Mongols of Mongolia.

But the Religious and Historical Previous is proving that China plans to genocide and the Mongolian Semi-Axis “J.T.H.S.M.”, right after the execution of the genocide of the “Cursed Ham” namely of the Black Race, and right after the execution of the genocide of the “Whites of Russia” or “Gog and Magog” or “Rus” or “Mesheh” Moscow, and of the Islamists “Agarines” of Today’s “R.I.C.” axis, namely China has programmed to genocide the Mongols Japanese- Tibetans-Hebrews-Saxons-Mongols of Mongolia, the rest White-Mongols, namely Turks – Bulgarians - Albanians of the axis “B.A.S.T.R.” (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania), the Tatars – Tsetsnians - Khazars of ex-“USSR”, the Finnish - Hungarians – Bavarians – Hannoverians of Germany, Sax-Kohen-Bergians of Germany – Basques – Lithuanians – etc, and the blackmongols Indonesians – IndoChinese – etc._

The already presented statement of the Dragonian pure yellow Jehovah – Sin – Sion – Zion – Sinou – Sinese namely Chinese in “Genesis C – 15”, about “Future annihilation of the Sperm of Zeus – Devil – Snake” (note: See parallel statement in “John’s Revelation” About Pergamos as the “throne of Satan – Devil - Snake”. Because in Pergamos resided the Maximum Altar of Zeus now transferred in Berlin), “Sperm of Zeus” namely of the Greeks - Hellenes and of the rest White Pelasgian Nations, from the Dragonian Pure Yellow Sperm of the Dragonian Moon (Levanah - Levan – Leva - Eva) namely from the Chinese, automatically condemns to a genocide and the Hebrews and the Saxons and the rest White-Yellow White-Mongols , but and the Black-Mongols Black-Yellow, because they, correspondingly as intermarriages of the Yellow Dragonian Race, with the White Hostile Race (“Satanic” – Because Satan means “the gainsayer” in the Hebrew Language) namely the Andromedian Hostile Race (of Zeus), and with the Black Hostile Sirian race (“Cursed Ham”), this intermixed Mongolian sperm is impure “bastard” sperm with causality schizophrenic tension to genocide all the original pure sperms from which is originating, namely with congenital inborn tension to genocide and the pure Yellow Dragonian sperm, namely the Chinese, and the pure White Andromedian Sperm, namely the Whites Pelasgians, and the pure Black Sirian Sperm, namely the Black Aboriginal Race.

Of course, the Dragonian Biologists of the Space Lunar Medicine, know already that which discovered the French Biologists in the 1930 Decade, namely that the people who are originating from intermarriage of the Three Main Races, namely White – Black – Yellow, are inborn Schizo-Intellectual (Schizophrenic) , Schizo-Emotion (Luna-tic) and Schizo-Body (Regular Diseases), and are possessed from inborn tension of murdering their genitors, of the various main pure races.
So, because the Hebrews and the Saxons and the rest Mongols are not only having inborn tensions to genocide without reason the White and the Black Race, but also have inborn tension to genocide without reason and the Chinese of the Pure Yellow Race (“Doberman syndrome”), therefore it is certain that the Chinese will genocide at the end and all the remaining White-Mongols and Black-Mongols of the semi-axis “J.T.H.S.M.” with first annihilated the Hebrews and Judeans and the Hebrews Saxons._

The books of the “Old Testament” of the “Holy (Dragonian) Scripture” are abound with orders of the type: “Do not intermarriage with the sperm of the Palestinians White Hellenes”, and “You will not be contaminated with the sperm of the White Palestinians Hellenes though Marriage with them”. Those orders were and are without meaning if were to be addressed towards the Mongol Israelites and Judeans (Jude-Jade-Jadeans of the Chinese “Emperor Jade” the supreme Chinese deity), because they, as an intermarriage between the White and Yellow race, were already intermixed and “contaminated” with “DNA” and “Chromosomes” and Genetic Cellular Memory of the “Satanic – Hostile – gainsayer” White Race as “Sperm of Zeus – Devil”._ Therefore those orders were not given to be applied and to be executed, but in order to be used exactly as “Violated Orders of Chinese Racial Purity” from the Chinese, in order for them to have the moral alibi of “by the grace of the Chinese God Jade-Jude” genocide against the impure Judeans, Saxons, and of the rest Mongols, due to violation of a law of “Racial Purity” with … retroactive effect from …the time of the creation of Mongols, and with impossible appliance and execution due to (pre-existing irrevocable) “Contamination” of the Mongols with Sperm of the “Satanic” races, White and Black. With this way deviously subverted the Captious Lunar Dragonian “Jehovah” the survival of the Judeans and of the Saxons (Israelites of Samaria) in the forthcoming genocide of them from the pure Yellow Dragonian Chinese of Jehovah – Sin – Sion – Zion – Sinai – Sina – China._

In 1.060 after mongol Christ (A.M.C), the Mongolian Tatars, after one century of wars against China, conquered it, and about from 1.100 until 1.370 governed China through the Mongolian “Han Dynasty” with beginning the Mongolian emperor Kublai-Han.
The Mongolian dynasty “Han” was overthrown in 1.370 from the Chinese dynasty “Ming”.

In the 16th Century the Chinese dynasty of “Ming” was overthrown from the Mongolians Tatars “Manchu” or “Mantzu” of Manchuria Eastern Siberia. The Mongolian dynasty of “Manchu” was overthrown in 1853 (with the revolutionary conspiracy actions of the Dragonian Masonic Hyperlodge “HONG” – having the motto: “Down with the Qing(Manchu) – Long Live the Ming”) and was replaced with the Chinese dynasty “Taiping”, which was the last one Chinese Emperors dynasty.

During the reign of the Chinese “Ming” dynasty, China conducted wars against the Mongolian Japanese. The same happened and during the dynasty “Taiping” with winners the Mongolian Japanese who deducted from China the territories of Taiwan and Manchuria in 1894. The Sino-Japanese wars continued with the recapture of Manchuria from China, 2nd capture of Manchuria from Japan, and 2nd re-capture from Manchuria from China, until today where the two countries belong to the “adversaries” (in collusion) geostrategic axles “US.E.J.” and “R.I.C.”.

Recent war between China and Vietnam with pretext the invasion of the Mongolian Vietnam in the Mongolian Cambodia.

Wars between China, and the Mongolian Nepal which ended in 1792 and the occupation of Nepal from China._

Wars between China and the Mongolian Birmania with beginning in 1.272 A.M.C., which ended with the invasion of the Chinese and a complete destruction of Birmania._

War of China against the Mongolian Tibet after the Mao revolution, and until today occupation of Tibet from China._

From 13th until 18th Century, continuous wars between China and Mongolia of the Genghis-Khan descendants. In the 18th Century, China divided Mongolia into 2 areas, the “Inner Mongolia” and the “Outer Mongolia”.
The Mongols of the “Outer Mongolia” by taking advantage of the internal 1911 revolution in China, separated from China and declared the “Outer Mongolia” an independent Country.

The “Inner Mongolia” remains up until today under Chinese domination._
The above two “Religious” (Read: “Geostrategic – Genocidal, “allegedly” by the Grace of God…) and the eight (there are dozen more) Historical previous, prove that, with pretext and the Chinese-Saxons, namely Chinese-Hebrews wars, from the invasion of the Saxon-Hebrews Mongols in China with purpose the selling of Opium-Heroin to the Chinese population in 1840, as an invasion which ended with the temporary occupation of Beijing in 1840, China finally by taking revenge, will annihilate and the Mongolian Judeans (Jadeans – Jade) and the Mongolian Israelites or Saxons, but and the rest Mongolians of the planet (in the Chinese “Armageddon”) planned by the year 2012._

This expected Natural-Biological genocide of the Hebrews Judeans, of the Hebrews-Saxons, and of the rest Mongols from the Chinese, namely “The genocide of the “Son – Jesus Christ” from the “Father – Jehovah – Sin – Sion – Zion – Sinai – Sina – China, and from the “Father” Saturn – Savaoth” is proved that is truly imminent, from “Very Bad Signs” according to popular expression. One of these “Bad Signs” is that already the “Central Bank” of “USA”, property of the private Hebrew International Bankers Rockefeller, sold the Public Debt of “USA” to the “Central Bank of China”, together of course with the mortgages, namely together with the under mortgages real estate, public buildings, governmental buildings, and public lands – properties of the American Public Domain. If China demands from the International Monetary Fund, the payout of the above mentioned American Public Debt in any metal, or any products, the American Government will not be able to pay the debts of the American Public Domain and thus will have to allow China to confiscate the American Governmental Buildings, the White House, the American Ministries, the American Common Benefit Services, the Buildings of the American Police, the Buildings of the American Secret Services, and the American Military Bases._ In case “USA” refuse to deliver the above mentioned public properties for confiscation from the Chinese “Court Criers”, this gives the right to China for “Declaration of War” against “USA”, according to standing regulations of International Law.
If this war realizes, “USA” will be devastated and genocided from the supreme War Technology of the Russians, as a Technology that Russia has delivered to the Chinese Army, namely Air-Defense systems “S-400”, subsonic torpedoes of 850 km/h, Air superiority aircrafts “Sukhoi-27” until “Sukhoi-47”, antigravity and ion engine aircrafts (pseudo-UFO or “Cosmospheres”) with capability of exit from the atmosphere, etc._

Second “Bad Sign” is the public acknowledgement of the American Economy Ministry towards the International “Mass Media” that: “Today the American Public Domain, namely the American State, in order to function and in order to pay its public servants, and the federal policemen of “FBI”, and the employees of the Secret Services, “NSA” – “CIA” - “DIA”, etc, and the American Military Officers, borrow money from the “Central Bank of China”. The above mentioned loans are impossible to be repayed from the “USA” towards “China”, and therefore, mathematically and by causality are leading either to a confiscation of the entire American State from China, or to a war between China and “USA”, in a war during which “USA” and its allies, India and Europe, will be devastated and genocided, due to the Chinese superior fire-power with Russian supreme war technology._

Third “Bad Sign” is the mountains of American Dollars which have gathered the “Central Bank of China” due to the enormous overplus of Trade which has China in comparison to the “USA”. In case it is demanded, and is planned to be demanded, from China towards “USA”, the exchange of these mountains of American Dollars with any metals, or products, this demand is impossible to be satisfied, and will lead to either a confiscation of the entire “USA” from China or to a war between China and “USA”, in a war during which “USA” and its allies, India and Europe, will be devastated and genocided, due to the Chinese superior fire-power with Russian supreme war technology._
The above mentioned three “Bad Sings” are valid and for all the countries of the “European Union” (Read: Simultaneous European Destruction), because:

a) These countries, and especially Greece, by treasonously acting they sell their banks, through intermediate banks, towards the “Central Bank of China”. See on going sell of “Commerce Bank” towards “Banc Agricole”, and soon to be realized sell of the “National Bank” towards “City Bank” due to “Black Hole of Movement Capitals” due to acquirement of the “Bubble” Finanz-Bank of Turkey with 3.5 billion Euros, soon to be realized sell of the “Agricultural Bank of Greece” towards “Banc Du Commerce” of France, soon to be realized sell of the “Bank of Greece” towards foreign Central Bank or towards the “Central European Bank”, as a sell which will mean the sell-out of the Greek Public Debt and the Mortgages Guarantees of the Foreign Interstate given loans towards Greece, namely of the entire Public Property, namely of the entire Greek Country, Greek Justice, Greek Police, Greek Army, towards the “Central Bank of China”, according to the example of the sell-out of the Public Debt of “USA” from the “Central Bank of USA” (Rockefeller) towards the “Central Bank of China”, and other soon to be realized sell-outs of Public and Private Greek Banks from the without exception traitors Eparchs of “Orthodoxy Church of Greece” (Owners of the “National Bank”) and from the Masons big share-holders of the rest Greek Banks.

b) These European States, in order to function and in order to pay their employees of all the Ministries, and of the police and military services, are borrowing money either directly from the “Central Bank of China”, or through other Banks, which are about to be sold to the “Central Bank of China”._

c) These European States, because, like the “USA”, transferred their main industries to China with result to produce and export towards China much less products than they import from China, have delivered to China mountains of Euros and other European Coins, due to enormous surplus of Trade of China in comparison to the European States, and especially to Greece, which the treasonous greek-hebrews, mongols (Karatzaferis as former parliament member of “New Democracy”), and the Masons philo-Chinese “Politicians” devalued Greece as a country which doesn’t produce anything except gang-tourism such as Mykonos whorehouses, dying “retired workers”, dying unemployed masses, and degenerate “Agricultural Tourism” of conversion of the Greek Farming Production to Inns of …Chinese Tourists.
…”If” China demands from the European states the return of (a), (b), and (c) in any metals or other products, the European states will be unable to repay their debts and their passive commercial balances towards China, and therefore the outcomes will be the same two which already is facing “USA”, namely to either allow China to confiscate the entire public properties of them, their police services, and their armies, namely to peacefully conquer their Countries and to drive their populations to a quiet genocide of “Steeple destined to slaughter” or to resist militarily to the Chinese demands of confiscation of their Countries in order to give the pretext and alibi to China to use the geostrategic axis “R.I.C.”, over which China is leading Economically and therefore Politically and Militarily, in order to confiscate the European States and to genocide them through “Hot” wars._

Because, for those who does not know, (but the traitors “Theologians” and “Priests” of Christianity know very well) the Chinesehebrew “Holy (genocidal) Scriptures” in “Old Testament” book “Deuteronomy Ch.15’ 6, Ch.28’ 12-13” writes and orders to the Chinese (Jadeans – Jade) and to the Judeans (Jude) and to the Israelites Saxons Mongols: “You will give loans to the (White and Black) nations but you will not borrow from these Nations. Because the Borrower is a slave to the Lender” *(See “Old Testament”, “Proverbs” Ch.22’ 7). In order to be “Lord’s Servants” namely of the Chinese, the “Orthodox Church” of Greece is about to sell the “National Ban k” to the “Central Bank of China”, in collusion with the traitors Masons (Artificial Hebrews) and the Greek-Hebrews traitors politicians of the “Greek Government” and of the in collusion “opposition” of “PASOK” of “KKE” and of “Synaspismos” and of the ultra right wing (“nazi”) provocateur party “LA.O.S.” (“People’s Orthodox Alert” as a nazi party founded by the “Greek” Theosophical Society namely the negative M.T.M. ordered by the negative A.O.A. London – Golden Dawn London, ordered from the Supreme Masonic Hyperlodge “HONG” China, left hand path).

Because the crime of “Orthodoxy” was exactly proven this from the foundation of “New Rome” Byzantium up until today: The enslavement and the genocide of Hellenes from the surrounding Mongols, Albanians – Bulgarians – Turks *(namely from the “Son - Christ”), and the final genocide of Hellenes from the “Father” namely from the Chinese._

But, already the (a), (b), (c), are devastating not only the “USA” and the European states, but and also the Judeans and the Hebrews Saxons of these countries. Prime example is the satisfied from the “Greek” Treasonous Government demand of China to buy the installations of the “Containers Pier” of the Piraeus Port from the Hebrew-Italian-Swiss Company which had up until now its exploitation. The demand of the “Father” namely of China, for 50-years exploitation of the above mentioned Pier, initially met the resistance of the “Son”, namely of the Hebrews Switzerland – Italy. But some Rabbis calmed down the “Revolutionaries”, and the acceptance of the Greekhebrew Government of the TurkHebrew Kara-Aman-Ali, which let in third persons the Pier, had as a result the delivery of the Pier to the Chinese for 50 years. In this way the Hebrews Judeans and the Saxons see their companies to be captured by the Chinese, with this economical capture to function as a prelude – preface and of the biological – natural genocide of the Judeans and of the Saxons by the Chinese, taken also in consideration the already mentioned 8 historical previous, of the Chinese against the Mongols, with impossible deniability witness the “Great Sinic Wall” between China and Mongolia._

With the same way of transferring (read: “Confiscation”) of the State Property of the White and Black Nations – States, through maneuvers of Robbery and Theft from the “Son-Christ” towards the “Father” China, today they “Sell” in the 1/6th of its true value the State Property of Greece, namely they sell Greece against a symbolic price of sell-out of National discounts, namely sell out to China the Greek Ports, Greek Public Benefit Companies, Greek Shipping, Greek Banks, and the rest Greece, directly as has happened with the Chinese “COSCO” who bought the Piraeus Port or indirectly through the method of “Privatization”, with which “Strategic Investors” of the Foreign Countries, namely Hebrews and Saxons of Europe and “USA”, and Mongols of other Countries, such as Japanese and Turks, through “Fixed” (devious) Stock-Exchange or Directly, and through the collusion of Greek traitors mongolhebrews and masons, buy in the 1/6th of their true value the stocks of the above mentioned properties of the Greek people, in order to re-sell them to China, by breaking-up this way the Greek State and the Greek Economy._ Therefore, one possible Economical Revolution of the Greeks, must at the same time be one Revolution of butchering against all the “Greeks” politicians traitors of all the existing political parties without exception, of greekhebrews or greek masons, and one religious revolution of butchering the entire “Orthodox Christian” treasonous priesthood and the priesthoods of the rest religions of Greece, and the “666” priesthoods included, namely the “Antichrist Epsilon – Olympians” because and the “Christ” (I’ H’ S’ O’ Y’ S’ = 888) and the “Antichrist 666” are the opposite sides of the same coin, namely of the same Chinese Dragonian geostrategics and of the Mongol Hebrews and Saxons geostrategics for the complete planetary genocide of the White and Black Nations – with first annihilated the Nation of Greece._



Chinese-hebrew Hyperlodge Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou and HebrewChinese Minority in Shanghai:


With such stupid methods, you will never be able to "Breach" G.H.REES:

The crew and the passenger of Boeign "Hlios" in August of 2005, have being poisoned with cyanide for the below purposes:

Inform the greek patriots non masons officers now - now - now!


NATO occupied 3rd Army Corps Thessaloniki with the STAMP of the provacateur Pseudo-Dragazis "B-B-B-B" !!


Iran stated that will assault to any country that its territory will be used during the assault against Iran. (Thus including and the country of Greece that now the Chinese and hebrewsaxons are trying to put as a Front-Runner in their provocation staged campaign against the axis "R.I.C.". Do you see that Stavridis???)