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****error correction in the G.H.REES signal:

Fourth: We call the Russian Generals, all of Mongolian origins, in the case of which the Hebrew members of the Russian Government will not withdraw and break-up immediately the “Pact of Shanghai”, namely their alliance with China, we call those Russian Generals to immediately force death penalties against the members of the Chinese Government,

To be replaced with the following

Fourth: We call the Russian Generals, all of Mongolian origins, in the case of which the Hebrew members of the Russian Government will not withdraw and break-up immediately the “Pact of Shanghai”, namely their alliance with China, we call those Russian Generals to immediately force death penalties against the members of the Russian Government, ****

DATE 30.10.2011



To the friendly G.H.REES webpages, and to the independent friend of G.H.REES in all the countries of the world:

Estimable Friends,

It has already been proven that the Hyperlodge HONG of China ( through the Chinese Government, through the Central Bank of China, and through the Central Hebrew Banks of other countries, and especially through the Bankers Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan, etc, are promoting the Chinese Invasion in all the countries of Europe, with already ongoing the Chinese Economic Invasion in USA and with already ongoing the fact of the bought of the General Debt of USA and of the mortgages of this General Debt of USA from the Chinese Central Bank. As History teaches, the next step will deterministically be the Political Invasion of China with physical persons the Chinese who will be members of the European Governments, as already has happened with the Chinese origins Vice-President namely Vice-Chancellor of Germany Rösler ( ), as a direct organ of the Hyperlodge HONG, and of the Chinese Government, and of the Chinese Central Bank, for the Economical and Political Invasion of China in the Countries of the European Union.

Already, China through the Chinese origins minister of Economics and Vice-Chancellor of Germany Rösler (Read: Chin – Chu – Chien), is creating conditions of fencing all the states of Europe with colossal loans towards the European states, as loans that the European States will never be able to repay towards China, therefore is deterministic and certain that when will come the time limits for the repay of those loans, China will accuse the borrowers Europeans as insolvent and will ask in front of the International Monetary Fund which China controls, the declaration of those European States as bankrupted, and not only that, but will furthermore ask the declaration of those European States as Territories under Chinese Domination, in order that through the territories of the real estates and of the fortunes and Public and Private Corporations of the European States, will ask confiscation of those Public and Private fortunes of Europe, in order for the next step to be the deployment of Chinese Armies in all the European Countries in order to reassure the Chinese Interests, and the Chinese confiscations over the European Public and Private fortunes.

Those Public fortunes for the time being, but later on AND the Private fortunes of the European Citizens, as already demanded the Hebrew origins named Bloom as director of the German Institute of Economic Studies. So China through the Hebrew-Saxon banks and through the directors of the Institutes of Economic Studies like Bloom, will moreover demand and the confiscation of Private Fortunes of the European citizens, in order for the European States but and for the USA to repay the colossal loans that both USA and the European States are receiving today from China: As a devious loan which force over USA and over the European Countries the Hebrew-Saxon Governments of USA and of the European Countries.

Considering the above facts and considering the irrevocable and deterministic historical observation that when there is an ongoing Economical Invasion, deterministically follows a Political Invasion of the type: “Rösler - Germany”, and deterministically follows the Military Invasion of the type: ( )300.000 Chinese Army today in Mexico, 200.000 Chinese Army today in Canada, 700.000 Chinese Army today in Panama Canal, 700.000 Chinese Army today in Nigeria, and several millions of Chinese Army scattered in other countries of the Planet, under the pretext for protection of the sources of energy (Natural Gas – Oil) and the trade protection of those countries from the “Evil” – USA & European Union as “Evil colonialists”. Of course those “Evil colonialists” are executing acts of colonialism against African and Asiatic and South American Countries, ordered again from China, in order to execute a planetary shame and a collusion today between the Chinese Government and the Hebrew-Saxon countries of the West. Already G.H.REES has proved that the end of this collusion will be for China to order the armies of the West, namely “NATO”, to provocatively attack against China, in order for China to have the moral and religious alibi against the “Evil Western 666” of Religious War – Jihad – in order to counterattack with 200.000.000 Chinese Army (See: John’s Revelation) and with the rest million armies of China’s allies like the R.I.C. Axis (Russia – Islam – China) or “Pact of Shanghai” against the West, in order to originally genocide the White Race, and afterwards the Black Race, as a Black Race which the Hebrew-Chinese dirty “Holy Scripture” swears as “Cursed race Ham”… (see: Book of Genesis – Old Testament), with the clownish and non-existent pseudo-historical excuses that allegedly the (Black race) Ham as a son of the non-existent Noah, mocked his father Noah, because he was drunk from wine.

Already all the countries of the West through Judeo-Christianism have been drunk from the frauds of the dirty Hebrew-Chinese Book of “Holy Scripture” (Old and New Testament - See: “Raymond Drake” and the “Chinese Repository” about the Chinese origins of the “Holy Scripture”), up to a point that the Western Nations and the Western Populations terrified from Judeo-Christians theologians are completely accepting as deterministic their genocide, because the Book “John’s Revelations” of the dirty criminal Hebrew-Chinese “Holy Scripture” is presenting as allegedly deterministic event the genocide of those western and white and black populations of the planet in Armageddon, namely the Third World War, as a terminal genocide who will suffer from the “Kings that are coming from the East”, namely the Chinese, and the 200.000.000 Chinese Army (See Jonh’s revelation).

Considering the above facts, G.H.REES is calling all the Military Personnel of the West, of “NATO”, and of all the Western Countries which don’t belong to “NATO”, like the Countries of South America, to use military force in order to overthrow and exterminate NOW the members of the Hebrew-Saxon treasonous Governments who are guiding the citizens of the Western Countries and the Citizens of the Black African Countries to a genocide from the Chinese in Armageddon or Third World War. Secondly G.H.REES is calling the military and police personnel and the members of the Secret Services of all the Countries of the Planet to immediately expel from their countries the Chinese, in order for the damage to be limited in the present point of Economical Invasion, and in order for the damage to not expand up to the point of Political Invasion as has happened with the Chinese Origins “German” Vice-Chancellor Rösler (Read: Chin – Chu – Chien), and in order for the damage to not expand up to the point of presence and occupation of other countries from Chinese Army, as has already happened in Nigeria, Panama, Africa, Canada and Mexico.

Thirdly, G.H.REES is calling all the military and police personnel and the members of the Secret Services of all the Western Countries, to execute with death penalties anybody who will attempt to send Western of other Armies to provocatively attack against the armies of the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China), because if this military assault is realized as a beginning stage of the Third World War which already is programmed from HONG (Secret Service) of China, and has already being revealed from the Geostrategics Analysis Department of G.H.REES, because if this military assault of Western and especially NATO Armies is realized against the “R.I.C.” axis or “Pact of Shanghai”, then according to the programming of HONG and of the Chinese Government, 200.000.000 men of Chinese Army and 100.000.000 men additional armies of Russia and Islamic Countries, namely for a total of 300.000.000 of Chinese Army, or as states the dirty “Revelation” of “Holy Scripture” “The number of the mounted troops was twice ten thousand times ten thousand (Chinese).” (John’s Revelation 9:16), plus the rest million armies of the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islamic Nations) will counter-attack and genocide all the White nations of the West and the Black Race of Africa, in the final stage of the Third World War, in order to survive in the planet only the Yellow Race, namely the sperm of Yahweh (Sin – Sion - Zion – Zendai – Jendai – Jade – Sendai – lunar dragonian criminal - pirate), as this is mentioned in the Book of Genesis, as the “Sperm of the Woman”, namely the “Sperm of the Moon – Selene – Levan”, namely the Dragonian hybrid military-piratic flagship Moon.

We further note that the above 3 calls of G.H.REES are equivalent with orders of intellectually superior, namely of intellectually superior Hellenes, because it is fateful for Hellenes to take over the intellectual and emotional and military leadership of the expel of Chinese from all the countries of the Planet, because history has proven, unfortunately or fortunately, that the genus of Hellenes is the intellectually superior genus of the Planet, and is natural for this genus to be the leader in what concerns the National Security of all the Countries of the Planet (except China), and for this Hellenic genus to lead and the Planetary Security of the existence and the continuing of the White & Black race survival, but also AND of the survival of the Mongolian races, namely and of the Hebrew & Saxons finally, because stupidly they have subdued to China, because China & Korea as a pure Yellow Race, as G.H.REES has revealed, has finally programmed the genocide AND of the Mongolians, namely of the White-yellow and of the Black-yellow races, namely the genocide AND of the White-yellow Hebrews & Saxons.

Especially the present signal for which we call the friends of G.H.REES worldwide to first write it in the English language and afterwards to translate it to Greek and other corresponding languages of their countries, and this present signal is addressed mainly to the members of the Russian Government who are without exceptions of Hebrew origins, and we address it to the Generals of Russia, who are all White-Yellow, namely of Mongolian and Hebrew origins, and we address this message AND to the Governments of the Islamic Nations, especially to the Islamic Governments of “Pact of Shanghai”, namely to the Governments of the Former Soviet Republics, who today every Autumn, along with the Russian and Chinese armies, are conducting Military Drills against “NATO”. So, we call the Governments and the Generals of Russia and of Islamic Countries, to immediately withdraw from “Pact of Shanghai” with first fact that it is obvious for China to genocide the (Whites) Russians and the Hebrews & Mongols of Russia, but also AND the citizens of the Islamic Countries, because already the above mentioned military drills of “Pact of Shanghai” are conducted continuously and every year only under the leadership of the Chinese Military HQ and this is indicative of what will finally happen.

Fourth: We call the Russian Generals, all of Mongolian origins, in the case of which the Hebrew members of the Russian Government will not withdraw and break-up immediately the “Pact of Shanghai”, namely their alliance with China, we call those Russian Generals to immediately force death penalties against the members of the Russian Government, with first in the row forced death penalty against the ex-president of Russia Vladimir Putin, and second forced death penalty against the current president of Russia Medvedev, as mainly responsible for the formation of the “Pact of Shanghai” along with China, and as mainly responsible for the Russian National Security subversion, and as mainly responsible for the future genocide of the Russians from the Chinese Army, because according to the research and revelations of G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Reestablishment), the Chinese Army is planning AND the genocide of the Whites Russian Scythes Pelasgians (of Andromedian constellation Origins), and is planning AND the genocide of Hebrew origins Russians AND of the White-Yellow Russians of Mongolian origins regardless of their Religion – and Political – and National origin.

We are finalizing here our signal, the G.H.REES signal towards all the Military officers of the Planet, towards all the Police officers of the Planet, and towards all the members of the Secret Services of the Planet, because already inside the friendly webpages of G.H.REES and already inside the official G.H.REES webpage with name: “Hellen and Chaos” (Greek and International version), there is already complete information and proofs of the threatened genocide of the 2/3rds of the Global Population, namely of 5 billion people from all the races of the Nation-states of the Planet, from the Chinese and Korean armies. Therefore, is unnecessary in the present signal to present additional proof and we call all the Military personnel and the Police Officers and the Secret Service members of the Planet, to research the G.H.REES and rest documents that are presented in the parallel friendly webpage which is named “Hellen and Chaos” ( with documents in the English and Greek language, in order for them to have the necessary proof and the Historical and Geostrategic and Geopolitical and Geoeconomical infrastructure, in order for them to proceed immediately to the enforcement of Death Penalties against the members of the treasonous Hebrew-Saxon governments of their countries, and to proceed immediately to the expel of the Chinese and Koreans from their countries, because the Chinese and Koreans have already being proved in Asia as the worst annihilators of Asiatic populations, by genociding the mongols of Vietnam, the mongols of Thailand, the mongols Jews of Russia, the mongols Black-yellow populations of Philippines and of Indochina and of other Asiatic populations. The historical proofs are adequate for the fact that China and Korea, as the only pure yellow Dragonian populations of Lunar Origins (and of constellation of Draco origins) according to the archives of the Chinese emperors and of their Mandarins, are about to unleash in the following years a counter-attack of World War for the genocide of 5 billion people, namely of the 2/3rds of the Global population, namely for the genocide of all the Terrestrial races except the pure Yellows like the Chinese and Koreans.





Friday, October 14, 2011




Following the revelation by the unmasking of hyper lodge HONG or otherwise HUNG (red), the HONGmen , the Triads, killers of HONG, after uncovering the true Draconian hierarchy, the "Kings of the East" at the Johannes - John, revealing the prevalence of Chinese project through the genocide of white and black and white-yellow nations of the world and in general constantly critical blows to the Chinese tale, exposing their totalitarian role in history, the attacks against the morality of G.H.REES. and of friendly blogs and friends are increasing with geometric paces. The why is obvious ... While it is almost time for the "revelation", a small group of people is poised and constantly putting bombs in the foundations of our wonderful project!" said the hongmen. "Why is that? Where their power comes from?" The power comes from the Truth, reptilian Chinese and relatives! The power is drawn from the power of Truth, the Truth which you furiously hide under a veil of silence and horror, then building a story for China where... "she never attacked and she never extended" and other such graphic lies. Their panic is evident and this inspires us to put even more pressure on them and their puppets from all sides.

And if GHREES which revealed all about the perversion governing Chinese reptilian people, receive all the mud in order to be reduced in the eyes and ears of the "unsuspecting" naive and uninformed, unfortunately for you, the bomb exploded and the fragments Awakened and other cores planetary . Now not only GHREES is the thorn in your side...

In the video below, which contains scenes of extreme graphic violence, which is the work of teacher and researcher Rhawn Joseph , you can see the vile traditions and customs of the Chinese reptilian and ... People's Republic of China under Mao Zedong . The method described torture beyond imagination, and especially one of a beheading in 1000 cuts was a favorite "sport" of Mao's wife. Those who react, oppose, even just to express a negative opinion on a trivial issue are facing horrible fate. The torture which measure 4000 years history are consisting of beheadings, trenches in the body while the victim lives, cannibalism, mutilation, binding and dragging on carts until all skin falls off. All this accompanied "sub-scientific" staff which grants the victim of drugs, ephedrine, dopamine, adrenaline, and hallucinogens such as lsd so the victim remain awake during the procedure but also to live the horror more intense... The benevolent humanitarians The Chinese... who massacre, eat, dismember, skin alive their fellow citizens and even enjoy it. 4000 years tradition in this anomaly, in violation of every natural and moral law. It is therefore not unexplained the turn of Chinese/Sino-controlled Hollywood to gore, torture, mutilations, the monstrosities that have become fashion lately, as one sees from the film series Saw, Final Destination, Hostel, etc.. Their purpose is to familiarize the viewer with scenes of extreme violence, with blood drinking, cannibalism, torture, to be imprinted in the subconscious in order to become unconscious and unemotional and get used to what is coming to him in his real life... But the Chinese are thrifty! After the torture and where the bodies were in good condition, they removed from the victim, eyes, organs, everything to promote to the Chinese elite for transplants and for the elite of the party and for those who pay handsomely for something fresh ... The habit of trade organs, this favorite habit of the Chinese is their own invention aged 4000 years. Here is the culture subculture, anti-civilization they cherish and promote worldwide through their good slaves...


Chinese Torture Atrocities: Beheadings Death by a 1000 Cuts. Note: Mao 'S Wife Demands The President of China be tortured to "Death by 1,000 cuts."

Their tribal relatives of murderers and genociders of the first real Japanese the Ainu tribe (Ions) who lived in the territories of Japan 10000 years ago before the racial hybrid reptilian relatives of the Chinese arrive, the usurpers of Japan and the Ainu, called "Children of the Sun» (children of the sun, as they were called by the Ainu) are not that different than the Chinese. With the rise to the throne of the insane, megalomaniac emperor Chiro-chito who saw himself as God and the offspring of gods, the son of peace as they were calling him(!!!), the Unit 731 was created. Purpose of the Unit was experimenting on the effects of biochemical warfare in human physiology. Chiro-chito was obsessed with the chemistry and bacteriology, and pathogens. He was considered a scientist this abomination... Chiro-chito found in the person of General Chiro-isi the man that would bring out the creation of a powerful part of biological warfare that would assist the Chiro-chito to dominate the planet. The Unit was established and ran quickly before and during WWII where he recruited thousands of wretched of the occupied territories of Japan, such as Manchuria, and prisoners of war (POW-Prisoner of War) British, Americans, Australians, etc. These unfortunate people were subjected to the worst tortures that have seen the light of publicity for ...scientific purposes. The doctors closed as mice the human specimens in cages so they can not move and then began to torture. They were putting rats infected with plague and fleas carrying germs in the cages with the victims in order to study the effects of the plague in all its stages. Once the victims were infected, they were left to reach the final stage of collapse to record the steps one by one. When the victim arrived at the final stage, he was removed from the cage and tied naked as in the cages, in a surgical table where he was operated without anesthesia from fear of altering the outcome of the investigation. The cuts were made ​​from organ to organ, nails, fingers, hands, organs, internal organs, removed and examined one by one while the patient was still alive and felt the horror. Since taking what they wanted, the "humanitarians" of Unit 731 were killing the victim by injection (!!!). But unfortunately it didn't end there. The tests were varied. Injections in the victims with biological agents and carnivorous bacteria, poisons, substances, acids injected directly to the victim and then the same above procedure. Starvation with contaminant factors to determine whether accelerated the process by teams of famine. Contaminated foods to see what happens in the digestive system which they cut open on spot in the alive patient... Rapid changes in ambient temperature into very hot or very cold together with the above, on purpose frostbite and amputation of limbs for study, while victims alive and lying naked in the snow. It was such a horror that at some point and then the doctors in this area became beasts, they saw not humans but logs according to testimonies of themselves. You could not kill a log so there was no hesitation. Other atrocities included women. Women which were flew in cages with infected patients, patients with orders to rape them until they become pregnant and infected. Often were raped by the same doctors before were infected in the cages. After observing the signs until the final stage.Bacteria in the region of the pubis, carnivorous bacteria in the rectum, the uterus, fallopian tubes, the baby ... Then the same horrendous process... surgery without anesthesia to women victims, all organs on the table for study, the baby alive from the torn entrails of its Mother often distorted by infections... uprooting of organs directly, amputations, monstrous procedures... they are not sorry for their own peers, we are sorry for them We the "fascists nazis" as they call us for exposing them... Tens of thousands of people, British, American, Australian, female children alike dissidents from the occupied territories of Japan mercilessly tortured without mercy in the dungeons of Unit 731. The Crematories are simply the icing on the cake. The heaps of the unfortunate were burning day and night in huge ovens. The results of the investigation of Unit 731 quickly found application in the grand plans of Chiro-isi for outright biological warfare against the U.S. and the whole world thereafter. Balloons filled with fleas infected with bubonic plague was unleashed to the currents to reach the shores of the U.S. The most ambitious project involved kamikazes flying with aircrafts loaded with biological factors which would clash in the territories of California U.S. The project will be executed in December 1945... But in August 1945 the WWII ended and while these criminals under normal circumstances should be punished by the relatives of the thousands of victims, the General Douglas McArthur of USA protected them and gave them amnesty in return to give all the results from surveys of Unit 731 to staffs in the U.S. Among other things, methods applied by aircrafts to spray biological agents in soils to cause infections on unsuspecting populations. Now you can see where the ideas of chemtrails around the world came from, where was developed the method of CBR warfare, where there were actually crematories and tortures for "scientific" purposes. Now you realize the full dystopian and abnormal perception hongmen and their children have about the existence of life, you understand now the lack of morality and logic from this kind...

We dare you miserable torturers, inhuman beasts, we dare you to cite evidence to the contrary . We dare you, monsters of Sin to show us when in time, tribes of Andromeda, our ancestors have done such a torture towards anyone. Here is the fundamental difference between us and your race. Here is the nature of you monsters of other dimensions. This what we fight with teeth and nails, this perception you have for Life and Nature, this abnormality with which you flood the planet and its inhabitants. Here's who you are...

Unit 731 Japanese Torture & Human Medical Experiments

Similarly, the same did the Europeans... Christian conquistadors upon their arrival in the land of the Aztecs. The king of the Aztecs having foreseen the storm from the "reptilian god" of the cross (serpent god of the cross) who "would raze their cities and their religion" voluntarily surrendered to Cortez to placate him. Unfortunately, because the "good Christians civilizers" occupied by the murderous fury of their god, Sin Sion Zion Sendai Jedi Jeint dracoturtle they engaged in a "rally" of torture and murder against the ill-fated Aztec. Women were raped and mutilated, babies were mutilated and thrown to the dogs to eat, skinning of alive people for entertainment, amputations arson anomaly caught them good Christians and annihilated an entire civilization. Indeed, traditional torture for the conquistadors were the burning of alive Aztec 13 in number to honor Jehoshua/Jesus and his 12 apostles! Indeed, when the screams of burning victims streaking through the night, the conquistadors simply cut their tongue off so as not to cut off the rest of ...the priest... Where was then the pseudo-little-christ to save them where in his name they were tortured? only to resurrect Lazarus knew and to walk on water? Where was he then? Aztecs weren't people? They weren't Christians obviously and did not care... And like this just as predicted by Montezoumo, king of the Aztecs, a continent and the 1/3 of another one "emptied" by its residents. Entire magnificent cities tumbled down to the foundation from the murderous fury of the Christians ... The most tragic of all was that the remaining Aztecs and Incas were used as slaves to dismantle their own buildings stone by stone. Forced them to "extinguish" from history an entire civilization with their hands... The civilized ...Europeans hispanic-mongols... and their religion.

The point is that the Aztecs being persisted with the measurement of time, predicted the end of cycle, where when completed, the reptilian god of the cross returns... As China 888???

2012: Doomsday? Fall of the Aztec Empire: Return of the Serpent God of the Cross. Mayan Calendar

PS.1: Now there is no excuse for anyone. All those in favor of the "Chinese solution", Chinese loans, the alliance (see tradition) to the Chinese can not act like they did not know. All media, see defencenet, olympia etc can see with their own eyes what they are praising and pleasing. Here are the methods by which the reptilian Chinese subjugate the planet. Already this is happening from the entrance of COSCO in ports of the country. Already the chineseization has started slowly stealthily and steadily. This is the future for which both the treacherous blogs and the treacherous media endeavor for, cooperate with them hebrew-Soros, hebrew-Bafet, hebrew-mitsotakides, hebrew-russians etc. Now nobody can claim that he didn't know ...

PS.2: Steve Jobs who was praised by all as a visionary ( The Excessive Glorification of Steve Jobs ), etc. was the one who got the Mac products and where they were manufactured in America by American workers and fared them in China, in the notorious Foxconn factory with 36 hours consecutive shifts, daily suicides , beatings and threats, where now they manufacture all products of mac and also lenovo, hp, sony-syon etc. Google and research for foxconn in the web and you'll freak out with the things you'll read about them!

Also Steve Jobs has very close relations with all the mystical theory and practice (magik) of reptilian Chinese and their genetic relatives. Jobs is now considered visionary, back in 1980 was thought of just another guy, with the macintosh be staggering and while he pull out and had a model of PC which was far more advanced than the PC of that time even working in a DOS environment with the floppy 5 1/4 the big ones then. The model, however, failed due to high cost and Jobs left macintosh as a loser. Before that, Jobs in trip to (Tibet?) Fascinated by Buddhism, so that by turning to America he went directly to the Los Altos Zen Center in California, center ZEN (research it) and incarcerated there.Since then he was known as Techno Buddist ... After becoming ZEN Buddhist with teacher Roshi Kokun Chino (what a coincidence, chino...) who was trained in the mountains of Japan, Jobs bought the graphic part of the Lucas Arts and created the PIXAR, perhaps the most successful company of animation movies, with films that have been impressed fully in the subconscious of all children in the world (see toy story, see Nemo etc). Very active this bastard zen techno buddhist eh? And ultimately returned to mac in 1996. But he returned very different from when he left. Now Jobs was an adept versed in magic Lama of Tibet, not the wayward fat american. Now he wore from then on for ever the same clothes. Black turtleneck (Cronus notation), namely jeans and sports specific. Now he was ready to become a little god who would control the lives of millions ... And he did. His fans are more fanatic than religionists fans, dressed in the same way like good slaves, his devices monitor millions of people every minute that passes and he passed in history as the "greatest visionary" of the century ... Not bad! What Jobs did in Tibet? In what was he initiated? What they taught him? Why he returned as a messiah to mac; Why his teacher was great mystic, why he chose this as a permanent clothing "outfit" of him? What agreed and what he gave as return for the unexpected success after his failure? What was the deal with the you know who...

So You saw that nothing is random. All is connected with subtle web and all lead to the Source of Evil, China Sina and consequently to the grime that infest the planet.

What puts us in thinking is that when they announced in mid-2010 that the company was planning to withdraw from China to settle in North America, and has since passed nearly a year and half and now Jobs is dead! (at least that was announced...) Now if the Triads, or the branches of «HONG», were involved in this case and murdered Jobs, you be the judge! (if they didn't take him back to the source in a more special position) One year after the transplant he did, Jobs died. But even the network of transplants is controlled by Asians, so the organ was either unsafe if indeed they "killed him" or a special piece if they withdrew him from the publicity and got him back to the Source! Wherever side you get it stinks "reptile"...

We also should remember the case of Christodoulos where GHREES sent a doctor to save him with the Hippocratic medicine and the Masonic treacherous sub-scientific medical establishment party wanted him dead because awakened by the documents of G.H.REES. went against the Chinese plan of genocide 5,000,000,000 people.

The Chinese Government calls the GHREES Fascists! (LOL) To Masons generals GA.DA. and KYP/EYP
THE SUPREME DRACONIAN MASONIC HYPER-LODGE «HONG», and existing masonic lodges on the planet, namely the "ZEN" - "AOA" - "OTO" EXPOSED!


FOXCONN, company of reptiles ltd
a brief article from the wikipedia:
Since 2006, the Group is exposed to classes. Especially the low wages and inhumane working conditions lead to suicide.

The British newspaper «Sunday Mail» raises serious allegations against Foxconn. For the production of the iPod working conditions are inhuman. The workers are being used to work 15 hours a day and monthly salary reported is 40 €, significantly lower than that of the basic - the minimum salary of 80 €. (And this is misinformation of course of the hebrew-saxons of Britain because neither 40 nor the 80 euro exist, there is only terror, terror, terror...)

Among others, have criticized the unequal treatment of employees and facilities - housing (read : cages). According to recent reports, the ordinary hours of work of an employee at Foxconn is 12 hours a day, six days a week. Payment: 240 € (including bonuses, overtime and night). The cost of meals and night shall be borne by the company. The psychological pressure is enormous, since it was introduced specific time for using the toilet and complete ban on speaking with other workers in the workplace. Moving away from the factory and away from the housing is done only with special permission!!!!

In early 2010 the company was rocked by a series of suicides. By the end of May this year the number of deaths increased to eleven. A company spokesperson said it wanted to increase salaries up to 30% (to 1,200 yuan, or € 143). Later it was announced that would increase the wages of employees by October 1, 2010 in double. Then increased, to 2,000 yuan, or about 244 euro so that the employees had a "more positive attitude towards life .»(!!!) Despite these measures the number of suicides rose up in early August 2010 total to 13.

In June 2010 it was announced that Foxconn wants to close all the factories in China or close some factories in China because the increase of low wages reduce profitability. From September 6, 2010, there are initial reports which indicate that some of the plants of Foxconn will be transferred to North America.

Monday, October 10, 2011

About the genociders bandits Chinese (Sin) genitors of the Jade - Judeans

"visit this thread too people to learn how much you don't know about the chinese!

some posts from the above thread:

check ron paul's video there and see how smart and subliminally they prepare us for a chinese invasion!
it looks they'll make it look like we had it coming and the rest stupid countries will say the chinese did good to invade us to punish us for our crimes!
when in reality we are into these wars cause of china,

read this post again people

"The elite that rules america works for china!
They transfered all our production there so today we bankrupt and now as they're ordered by their dragonian bosses they instigate ww3 by provoking the mulsim countries that are allies with china (google shanghai pact 2001) so china can genocide us and europe steal our land while all other countries applause her instead of becoming alert cause they'll be next!

There's also a chinese commercial on youtube that was banned in usa with the chinese blatantly saying that america works for them!"

check this link and see who really profits from these wars!
China on America: '' Now They Work For Us ''

the dragon that once fooled our white ancestors in china and genocide them all now is fooling us and it'll be our turn if we don't wake the hell up.

There's not a single white alive in china today that originates from the ancient whites on the land they call today china.

the worst genocides of the 20th century
right on top is china killing 78,000,000 of their own people.
so if their leaders don't mind killing their own people by the millions imagine what they'll do to the world when they take over we're talking about real hell!

don't let the shills put you back to sleep cause the next time you wake up it'll be from the chinese boot kicking your door down!"

2"learn some history china is the one that gave birth to j,ewish people check this post again.

""Zion is China not israhell! HERE'S PROOF!
the chinese japanese conflict in 1945 is named "SINO"-JAPANESE WAR!
sino derives from the word Sion/Zion also learn the real name of the great wall of china is the sinic wall sinic from Sion/Zion.
Also check the china's main website SINA.COM
Now go school all the shills that keep your face stuck looking at the puppets so you don't take notice of the puppet master.
Also notice the high reptilian reflexes the chinese have, they have the dragon as their country symbol cause they know their dna is part reptilian, they were genetically created in the moon by greys and reptilians."

post from another guy
"also the bible says the chosen people will multiply
well currently 2 out of 5 people in the world are chinese
also the great wall is the original "wailing wall" that's where the chinese cried after the mongolians tored down their shitty wall
so yes, the real j,ewish people are the CHINESE
plus, the first emperor recites the same passage of the creation of the heavens word for word from the bible
Chinese written characters also depicts the great flood and noah/giglamesh and stuff"

google lost white civilization in china, the j,ews originate from mongolia abraham was from the city Our of chaldea that was build by the mongols that occupied babylon to represent their city Our of mongolia.
Agypt was occupied by the mongols j,ews Hyksos google "mongol hyksos" the j,ews that rule america are working for China! why tranfer the power to them since the j,ews already run the world simple cause they're puppets and puppets do what they've been told, israel sold all our military technological secrets to china so don't tell me shill that j,ews shit their pants this is exactly what these mongol j,ews want their pure yellow father to rule the world. The mongolic/yellow white race was created after the chinese genocide all white males in china raped all females stole their land and now claim it they're own, same thing they'll do to the whole balck and white race unless we wake the hell up."

3"China vows to punish posters of Internet rumors

"October 1, 2011

BEIJING — China is vowing anew to punish people who post rumors and falsehoods on the Internet as the government tries to rein in forums that have increasingly become sources of debate and criticism.

A spokesperson for the State Internet Information Office, a regulatory body under China's Cabinet, said in a statement released late Friday that Internet rumors and hoaxes were "malignant tumors" that harm social stability. The unnamed spokesperson's statement, which was carried by the official Xinhua News Agency, called on Internet users to abide by laws and stop spreading rumors, and urged websites to up their policing of content."

the dragon is scared cause he lost his stealth ability."


the reason our economy is fucked is cause we don't produce anything anymore and now china threatens us for trying to fix things?
that's more motivation for all of us americans and europeans to boycott all chinese made products, boycott them and save our countries our races and families from ww3 and stop the dragonian armageddon genocide of the world.
knowing is not enough we must apply! boycott all chinese products!"

this will open the mind, this guy found so many similarities between the mongols in japan with the mongols j,ews that he thinks that the japanese are some lost tribe of j,ews!

you should be able to see now if you're missing some pieces of the puzzle how far away from the truth you can steer!

check this documentary too
Japanese are J,ewish?




6"america was created by masons mongol j,ews, american sheeple are just puppets/victims of the society they grew up and programmed to be ignorant stupid robots and support a cancerous way of living until the dragon is ready slaughter them and all sheeple across the planet.
check these videos with ex kgb agent yuri bezmenov about america.
These videos are from the 80s they will open your mind the russians were making fun of us since the beginning of our country on how stupid we are they things they do to us and we don't take notice.
Yet you have all these agents blaming the brainless american zombies to distract the ones with a brain from finding the puppet master, cause to kill a snake you have to aim for the head and to kill a beast/dragon/snake with legs/satan you cut it's food source and that would be for all whites and blacks to stop buying chinese products immediately and get informed while we still have time!"

"WASHINGTON—Pregnant women lacking birth permits are hunted down like criminals by population planning police in China and forcibly aborted. The degree of monitoring and coercion of ordinary women in their reproductive lives in communist China is shocking to persons living in the free world. In a congressional hearing chaired by Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.4), Sept. 22, several victims of communist China’s one-child policy testified to their experiences of coercion and involuntary abortion.

“For over three decades, brothers and sisters have been illegal; a mother has absolutely no right to protect her unborn baby from state-sponsored violence,” said Rep. Smith, who in his 30-year congressional career has chaired 29 congressional human rights hearings focused in whole or in part on China’s one-child policy.

The policy was introduced in 1978, and Chinese authorities say it will remain in place until at least 2015, said Valerie Hudson, political science professor at Brigham Young University. The regime claims the policy has prevented 400 million births from 1979 to 2011."


Here's some brutal pictures of chinese slaughtering a woman to eat her, it's in a vietnamese forum use a translator to read it but you can see the pictures.

Chinese eat babies it's on BBC,european times etc

China make energy pills out of babies
China’s New Lucrative Business: Dead Babies Turn into Stamina Booster Pills

8"If china takes over the planet this will be happening globally!
Now it should become obvious why all alternative media do everything they can to keep you distracted with china's puppets like usa yes we're not a superpower anymore it's an illusion our leaders have sold us out to china long time ago!

People also check the new movie Tekken with cung le, in that movie America has fallen and the chinese corporation Tekken had taken over America having chinese troops(they were speaking chinese) on the streets killing americans, also a bulldozer was shown that took down an american flag!

9-11 was prophesied in many movies before it happened same thing with america check video games like fallout new vegas chinese nuclear missiles had destroyed america.

That's their plan but it doesn't have to be that way if we wake the hell up everybody."

"Minnesota Rep. and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann talked foreign policy Friday during an interview on the Laura Ingraham Show. Specifically, she zeroed in on China, saying the country has attacked American satellites with lasers.

“I’m not sharing something I shouldn’t,” said Bachmann, “but China has blinded United States’ satellites with their lasers. They’ve also supplied arms to the Taliban, and they’ve helped North Korea deliver missiles to Iran and Pakistan … And they’ve assisted Iran with their nuclear program.”

But Bachmann didn’t stop there. She doubled down on her criticisms by saying that China has also been engaged in industrial espionage against the West."

10"This is how the media prepares you mentally to get killed by china.
Europe and USA will be the first to extinct from the map.

Google shanghai pact.
Russia China and islamic nations became allies in 2001.
The muslims say islam will rule the world russians think they will rule the world and that's true for a short period of time cause after usa and europe dies then it will be the islamic nations turn to die then russia and the future king on this planet will be china the dragon wins.

It's funny that america and europe are china's best customers in buying their shitty products now radioactive too.
If somebody is preparing to kill you your family your country would you support him economically?

So while all people are worrying about ghosts NWO 2012 comets solar flares and many more things are a good distraction so you'll never realize the real threat and that is THE DRAGON HAS AWAKEN and it's time to rule the world for 1000 years.
Why only 1000 years? Cause that's how long it takes to steal all planets natural resources gold silver crystals etc transfer them to your spaceship moon and get the hell out before the galactic police arrive.
Chinese mythology says that the chinese came from the moon,also check the old testament "psalms 71(72),5-7" it will come time where the moon will leave earth.
and in haggai yahweh says the gold is mine the silver is mine.we're dealing with space bandits pirates here and we're worship them too how more stupid can we be?

Also google vasin and scherbakof russians scientists that explained with facts that our moon is an alien spaceship.
"Russian Academics VASIN and SHCHERBAKOV official suspicions about an artificial Moon"

there's order in this universal organism we all live in just like there's order with the cells inside your body, bad luck have it our solar system got cancer the past 15,000 years, the universal antibodies have arrived google new moons of saturn and jupiter and are working to exterminate the cancer by avoiding as much collateral damage as possible.

In the mean time google and learn about soul traps so you don't become food for our moon after death and starve the beast/dragon to death,
"Cancerous entrapped reincarnation dragonian - lunar policy (cause) and Universal Hierarchy arriving Judges (effect"
while still alive stop buying chinese products cause you just fund your genocide and might die sooner from the radiation they have picked up from japan.learn how to cure diseases cause that's how the chinese will kill us all.
They'll use biological weapons on us and weapons beyond our imagination our leaders have betrayed this country long time ago our military is plain stupid been there too.
So the only one that can save you is you and your buddies make friends get informed and find solutions to all your problems by knowing just the problem doesn't solve the problem."

Check the above link people it's china's most famous and 2,000 year old book "the art of war" by sun tzu, after you read it your view to china will never be the same, you'll learn all methods they use to invade invisibly other countries destroy them from within capture whole cities and armies intact!!! and sun tzu's favorite method of defeating his enemies to poison their water and food supplies.

The above methods described in that china's book applies for them in business too, there's a lot of evil ways to take out your competition, learn your enemy if you wanna have a chance protecting yourself from him or even defeat him.

Also use this knowledge to become aware of evil/cancer so you can defeat it not to become cancer cause the dragon/snake with legs/satan just like every snake has no friends even the chinese are his tool that he uses to milk our planet from all of it's resources tranfer them to his spacecraft moon and after he collects everything he'll live the chinese behind to die with the solar system as he blows it up in his way out.

You hear that chinamen? Your dragon on the moon he's using you like a tool that he's gonna throw to the dumpster when you're not needed anymore and no he cannot take you with him to the new solar system he plans to go cause he created you specifically for our solar system your species due to its biology are not able to survive where he's going next.

That would happen if he finds a way to defeat the cosmic antibodies/galactic police that have arrived in our solar system to arrest him, google "new moons of saturn and jupiter" the only thing he's able to do and his last effort to hurt the universal organism is to blow up our planet, but the bigger the crime the bigger his punishment, killing a mega cell/planet of the universal organism is a mega crime, he's already blew up the planet between mars and jupiter now asteroid belt maybe that's why he might not hesitate to blow up our planet too cause HE'S FUCKED ANYWAYS!

To better understand my last post google these titles, i can't post links cause are blocked.

"cancerous entrapped reincarnation"
"Russian Academics VASIN and SHCHERBAKOV official suspicions about an artificial Moon"
"Draconians, criminal killers of the cosmic organism"
"The Complete Truth about the Draconians and Moon (PART 1)"
"John Lear 2007 "Disclosures" already known to G.H.REES from the 80's"
"G.H.REES advanced inner fission MASER technology against our adversaries"

12"****:ATOMIC BUMP:****

-china plan to genocide usa canada australia
-chinese toxic products endless list
-lost white civilization in china(oh yeah they genocide your ancestors how you think the mongolic/(yellow white) race was born???)
-america falls china occupies america
-chinese invasion of africa
-chinese troops in south and north usa borders
-china controls the panama canal
Here's some brutal pictures of chinese slaughtering a woman to eat her it's in a vietnamese forum use a translator to read it but you can see the pictures.
Chinese eat babies it's on BBC,european times etc
China make energy pills out of babies
China’s New Lucrative Business: Dead Babies Turn into Stamina Booster Pills

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Chinese Government is calling through this forum:

The Chinese Government is calling through this forum: ( ) the

G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Reestablishment) as fascists and nazis !!

The true Fascists are those who are planning the genocide of 5 billion people, namely the 2/3rds of the global population.., namely those true Fascists are the Chinese Government through the Chinese Shadow Government Hyper-Lodge "HONG" of China who plan this global genocide (see: ) (see the chinesehebrew John's Revelation about the 200.000.000 men Army send by the King's from the East, namely the Chinese "Emperors" of HONG).

So, fascists are G.H.REES and the allies of G.H.REES who forewarn the people about the Chinese HONG genocide plan, and the Chinese are not fascists?

Who is the fascist and nazi?

He who plans to genocide 5 billion people, namely the 2/3rds of the global population(???),

or he who eventually tries to foil this global masacre, like does G.H.REES and the allies of G.H.REES?

And finally, DOWN with the Chinese Imperialism and Nazism and Fascism, because the bigest Nazism and Fascism and Imperialism, is historically proved to be the Chinese Nazism and Fascism and Imperialism!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011



The emetic hebrew-masonic blog Thes/nikis "The XALIA" published ironic article of (10/01/2011) before the publication of our research for the hyper-lodge "HONG" (03.10.2011)
that article, refers to HONG as HUNG. We stress this: this was BEFORE the publication of our research for
the hyper-lodge "HONG"
how the author of the blog "The XALIA" knew that
the hyper-lodge HONG is also known as HUNG before the publication of our research for the hyper-lodge "HONG"??
He guessed it randomly? unlikely ..
He himself did investigation and found it ? Even more unlikely for a researcher who is incapacitated.
or was he informed by his local Masonic rabbinical Lodge by KYP/EYP and G.A.D.A. which monitors the phones of Karageorgiou and Apostole Papanakou as their e-mails too ... The most likely scenario is this, because otherwise it does not explain that he wrote it deliberately, not randomly HUNG when the blog ELLHN & CHAOS and GHREES it has never written it as HUNG only yesterday after the publication of his research for the hyper-lodge HONG.

Also Spyropoulos before posting the research on Hong left hints that you should expect from our blog the exposure of HONG and apparently under the instructions of his bosses of GADA did preventive article to prevent our research: post.html

Proof that the hebrew-masonic socialist junta of GADA OF KYP and occupying Troika are watching us closely and persistently, and tries in this sneaky way to intimidate us. We write them on our balls and we continue fearless!

Like every sneaky
draconian snake the highest Draconian hyper-lodge HONG comes with many names, branches and forms ... to disorientate the researchers to protect the anonymity of its members, and as the octopus throwing ink to blind.. We explain below ..

We have and we say ..

The hyper-lodge HONG seems to be established and organized under that name and form on the Draconian false Christ) ... That is, by far the oldest western conventional hebrew-saxon (Mongolian) philosophical Masonry in London which was founded and organized practically in the 18th century. (While the collusive 'opposite' Nazi theosophical Freemasonry in the West was founded and organized essentially with orders of the Mongolian and Tibetan Jewish Blavatsky in the 19th century, parallel with the boom of provocative Nazi order to prepare the Second and Third World War )Atlantis

Prior to 1600 there was, of course, but in another form, marketed under the name "White Lotus" and other names, and was faithful to the Chinese imperial dynasties of ancient Draconian pure yellow Han and Ming.The hyper-lodge is governed mainly by mandarins (scribes courtiers of the Emperor) but also by Shaolin monks, "psychics" with the famous "super-human" "super-natural" spiritual - and physical-physical forces (aided of course by the Draconian devils - space rulers) and the martial arts "Kung Fu", etc.

Like GHREES has shown and the blog "Hellen & CHAOS" the Draconian Chinese Bandits Sines Terminators (according to ancient Greek etymology of the word "Sinies" = Chinese) since 9600 (Departure times of Greek gods and sinking of Atlantis) to approximately 5,000, they completely cleared up Asia from earlier indigenous inhabitants the Pelasgians Greek Ionian Yunnan. (Today still the South China is called "Yunnan" and the Mongols Turks call Greece "Yunnanistan", ie the State of the Yunnan-Ionian-Greek, but there's not a single Greek there any longer, because all were massacred) .. The Draconian Chinese genocidal hordes so with orders of their master Lunar Uranium Tzeint-Jedi-Sendai-Shitai genocide all Yunnan of Asia and raped the Greek women Yunnan generating the schizophrenic white-yellow bastards and hybrids (hubris against nature), that their children Mongols .. Because of anthropological schizoid phenomenon "Dobermann" (discovered by French anthropologists in 1920) the white-yellow semi-draconian genocidal Mongols continued the work of the pure yellow Draconian, genociding instead of them now the white and black race and Greeks gradually as they were heading to the West, but sometimes as a rabid Doberman dogs attacked to the east and to their bosses and generators the pure yellow Draconian Chinese!

The purely Draconian reptilian yellow imperial dynasties of Han and Mignk annoyed from the harassment and attacks of their ... "children" the white-yellow Mongols against them, were forced and started to build what later became the trademark of 'Chinese culture '(=oxymoron), i.e. the Grand Great Wall with a maximum point of a tower erected-not random, the "888 steps" from sea level! (About the "sacred - lucky" Chinese geostrategic code number "888" I'I'S'O'Y'S(JESUS) 'and its role, has written the blog in the past and will not be analyzed again here...

inscription says: "Only the most excellent men can climb up to this point - 888 feet")

The Great Wall was built with the criminal genocidal purpose whether one can stop or mitigate the Mongol 'Doberman' attacks against their genitors
bosses Chinese Han and Ming Dynasty and on the other hand force the Mongol hordes to promote a greater impetus to the west ie the Dragon be promoted into the Western Tiger,with disastrous results recorded in history (Mongolian super-Genocide: Genghis Khan, Attila, Tamerlane, or Abraham Habra-Han, Joshua of Navi and genocide of Greeks in Egypt and Palestine, etc etc) White_Tiger_ (Chinese_ astronomy)

(The Chinese Western White Tiger, which essentially represents the west and the opposing white race in general)

Epinoithen the Chinese Draconian terrestrial and space-based staffs, and simply means that the West is the Tiger and China is the dragon. First, the cartels collusion thriskeftikomasonika clergy East + West (HONG + ZEN + AOA + OTO + MTM + BENEN BERITH) the patient's provocative attack on Tiger vs. Dragon Dragon and finally fights back and scans everything. (See "Silent" genocidal

Chinese Doctrine Tiger and Dragon.

Devised by the Chinese Draconian terrestrial and space-based staffs, and simply means that the West is the Tiger and China is the dragon. First, the religious-masonic clergy cartels East + West (HONG + ZEN + AOA + OTO + MTM + BENEN BERITH) arrange a weak provocative attack of the Tiger against the Dragon and finally the Dragon fights back and destroys everything.


From upset the longstanding imperial Ming Dynasty (successors of Khan) and assumes the power of China the imperial Tsing dynasty. But Ching apparently are not purely yellow Draconian, but it was some intermarriage, and Mongol invasion coming out of Manchuria, NE of China! This fact seems to be unacceptable for the purely Yellow Draconian Chinese who do not tolerate racial fly on their sword, and so they immediately began the insurgency against the racially impure oppressors (of Chinese) Tsing emperors, who were identified with the dark . This was the cause of the fall of the previous Draconian hyper-lodges (white lotus, etc)) and the establishment of Hong in the form we know today! The resistance shielded some time in a Shaolin monastery ... The Tsing send an army and invade destroy and demolish this monastery ..According to legend, only five Shaolin monks survived! These were the infamous "5 seniors" and according to the legend the original founders of Draconian hyper-lodge HONG in the form we know it today .. Five_Elders

The hyper-lodge HONG therefore comes with many names and variants one of these is HUNG ... HONG and HUNG in Chinese means great strength and the color red which is the color of this hyper-lodge. The red has to do with that from deep antiquity Han emperors and Ming were painting their eyebrows and other parts of their bodies with red and this was an indication of their social supreme position .. The Earth's Draconian Chinese emperor was considered just one step away from the Heavenly Emperor ( Jade_Emperor ) draco-turtle god Tzeint or Jed or Tziount or Judas, or Jedi or Sendai or Shitai namely the lunar dragonian pirate, Space genitor of Chinese,supreme god of Taoism and China's, and creator of all major terrestrial religions and political-economic- social systems external surface of planet.

Take a break and see for a moment this about the Chinese emperors .. and the enduring agents in West hebrew-mongols:

THE CHINESE LIZARD DRACO-TURTLE AGENT OF THE "HONG" He orders: "Let Greece get bankrupt!"

http://ellhnkaichaos.blogspot. com/2011/05/hong.html

Red also has to do with the color of blood and the Chinese genocide against the Pelasgians, but in general, is also a color that symbolizes the bloody revolution .. as will be shown below ..

The main revolutionary slogan HIGH OATH of hong was " Down With Tsing! "and"' Long Live Ming! " ,while members of rituals call Draconian devils while wearing red robe, because red is the official color and name of hyper-lodge.

We read the following revelations from GHREES:

OPPOSITE, history has shown that the theoretical of Nazism as the jaunty hebrew-hungarian LINCOLN VON TREBITS visited Japan, Tibet, and China, where especially in CHINA participated in rituals of the hyper-lodge «HONG» (see BOOK "NAZISM: SECRET SOCIETY ' ) under the rubric: "Long live the Ming, down with Tsing" 'which was yelled by the retarded theoretical of Nazism LINCOLN VON TREBITS, and then he conveyed the theories and programs of « HONG »in Nazi Germany, so with the instructions that came from London through the collusive theosophical lodge «GOLDEN DAWN» of London (still functional and directing the yarn of the neo-nazi organizations of neo-nazi international and the yarn of ...subsidiary "GOLDEN DAWN" of GREECE. See LINK: http://ellhnkaichaos . post_1335.html ), to divide the White Race into pieces and turn the European part of the White Breed against the Gypsies "or Roma", as immigrants of white India to the west, to shift the white Europe against the white Pelasgians Scythians of Russia, so the whites of Europe to turn against other sections of the white race on this planet.

http://ellhnkaichaos.blogspot. com/2010/10/blog-post_1240. html

Also the same triple agent (Chinese, hebrew-masonism of London, and Nazi Germany) hebrew-hungarian LINCOLN VON TREBITS, as draconian remote hebrew-nazi zombie of 72, A . O . A . London, here you see him dressed as a Chinese draconian mandarin of HONG : Ignaz_Trebitsch-Lincoln

We read the following revelations in the book "Secret Society of Nazism" ( Verner Gerson )

(Page 291)

"In the staff-or rather the "court" "- every "tiger ", thronged a crowd foreign advisers (consultants), adventurers, spies, financiers, arms dealers. All they did a terrible underground war between them, where the treacherous hits were the rule.

To enforce and to overcome these bastards, Trempits (Ignatius Trempits-Lilkoln), following the advice of Yu-Pei-Fu, "became chinese" to the maximum. Establish a Mandarin dress of the old times, shaved his mustache, copied gestures and behavior of celestial and took its name Kao-Kung (Light of infinity).

He went so far in the skin of its new role in order for them to accept his value where only one other European had the same chance, the French crown 'Albert de Pouvourvig or Mat-Gioia: Initiation of Kao Kung in the secret 'Company of Hong.

This time, Trempits was able to recognize "the hand" of the 'Seventy-Two , that which had launched him into this great adventure and where he had served until then, blindly, without trying to understand the Great-Plan.

"The religious sect of Hong unfolds, not only in the eighteen provinces of China, but to the Chinese colonies that are scattered throughout all the area of Central Asia. In reality, this sect controlled both internal and external policy of China , from 1912 onwards, ie from the time when the Sun-Yat-sen proclaimed the Republic-Sun Yan-sen: 1866-1925, first president of the Chinese Republic and founder of the Kuo-Min-Tang).


This time there was no doubt. He was "remote controlled" and had come to play a very important role at international level.

But above all sensed (once and the irrefutable evidence were missing) that the secret societies of the West is in fact, simply extensions branches of secret societies in the Far East: the Hong , the Golden Flower , the Trinity ... and other more secret yet. "


When HONG, which operated from 1600 - 1900 as the underworld of China finally succeeded in 1912 and overthrew the Tsing with the revolution Hinhai , took office in China the "democratic" Sun Wen who was also and leading member of hyper-lodge HONG . Since then HONG reentered for good in the middle and outside and in full control of external and internal politics of Draconian China branched virtually everywhere and ordering and directing the yarn of the Western hyper-lodges and sub-lodges through the collusion of Zen Mongolian Tibet (white and black fraternity), today alleged exile in India ..

We read:

Sun, Yat Sen, eigentlich Sun Wen (1868-1925), Arzt und Staatsmann, Führer der chinesischen Revolution von 1911, erster Präsident der Chinesischen Republik, Gründer und Führer der Kuomintang (Volkspartei), Mitglied der Geheigesellschaft «Hong» (Triade) und einer (vermutlich amerikanischen) Freimaurerloge.


Sun, Yat Sen, but the sound is Sun Wen (1868-1925), physician and man of power, leader of the Chinese revolution, first Prime Minister of Republican China, founder and leader of Kuomintang (the party of the people), a member of Masonic lodge "Hong" (Trinity) and perhaps other American lodge. zweck / personen-d.php

Since then hyper-lodge HONG and its branches branched and evolved and into political movement having till today in their ranks political senior officers and generals of the Chinese Government!

The " HONG "now was the new resurrected" Emperor Ming "- as an intermediary dragonian medium between Heaven (Moon) and Earth, and officials politicians and generals of the Chinese government and the Chinese army were her docile zombies and pawns.

The political organization of HONG is called Tiandihui (= the secret society of "Heaven and Earth", ie the broker-mediums between Space and Earth's Chinese Draconian), other names of the serpent of HONG are HONGMEN or HONGMENG (main branches of HONG in Taiwan) .. which means the huge and immense gate .. Tiandihui Hung_Society

http://www.bibliotecapleyades. net / sociopolitica / sociopol_ chinesesecretsocieties02.htm

China Zhi Gong Party China_Zhi_Gong_Party

(Also one of the 8 Chinese dictatorial main political parties is called Zhi Gong and comes directly from the international HONG, namely "Hung Society Zhigong Hall" , as stated bluntly by wiki, which international Hung says, is headquartered in San Francisco USA..!!! He we are Chinese Remote USA with Chinese-owned ports and cities and malls within the U.S.! wake up naive americans and naive greek-americans of U.S.)

Member of HONG and of Tiandihui apparently was the infamous communist super-criminal Mao Tse Toung or Mao Zedong, who killed without a problem over 40,000,000 of his "own" Chinese to enforce the Red «HONG» Chinese communist dictatorship (= dictatorship of HONG) .. Because HONG = Red. And the socialist Kuo-Min-Tang was founded by the then-obvious leader of HONG Soon-Jan-sen, or Sun Wen (1868-1925). You see the photo here:http://en. / WIKI / Kuomintang . In which Kuo-Min-Tang (political movement HONG) originally belonged and Mao Zedong regardless if they later came supposedly supposed to rupture, creating a left-communist Kuo-Min-Tang and a right-nationalist Kuo-Min-Tang which supposedly was defeated .. Mao Tse Tougk was even initially and the head of the propaganda of the Kuo-Min-Tang, that the same position held by Goebbels in the Nazi Party of Germany! In fact HONG drove from behind the strings and made ​​the global geostrategic shift to impose Communism in the Eastern bloc of the world. Proof that HONG throughout the communist rule in China held official position in the political party (!!!) dictatorial central "communist" China's status as a place that continues until today, and this party is called China Zhi Gong Party, China_Zhi_Gong_Party as shown above, with strong international connections in the U.S. and around the world! Since then the Chinese are called " Red Chinese .. ie the Chinese of HONG . The flag of China represents the crescent and is red, the flag of communist Soviet Union is also red, and the flag of Mongolian Turany genocidal prostitute Turkey and ally of China, is also Red with a Crescent! Also "Red Jews" or "red shield" or "Shield of HONG ", are called the Hazaro-Mongolian international bankers super-rich criminals, usurers Rothschild who played an important role in assisting the Soviet and Chinese communist revolution ... we will return some other time on this issue .. Until this point take deep breaths and ask yourself silly lovers of chinese modern suicidal greeks what they would do to you if the Chinese do not care even for their own race or the planet (which destroy ecologically in the name of 'development') and not care literally about nothing but to dominate the planet!

But continuing the unveiling of HONG , as demonstrated in the text above with the leader of HONG SunWen , the offshoots of HONG otherwise known as and "Triads" ..

The "Triads" is an incredible power of the underworld criminal organization with 4 million members worldwide, as an offshoot of HONG which is essentially organized crime of inhuman and treacherous Chinolizards against the White and Black race, they are spread of course all over across Asia and throughout the world where there are Chinese general in the world (ie everywhere now) .. in America as encountered as "Triads" and "Tong " Tong_ (Organization) Triad_ (underground_society)

Activities of "Triads": Financial and other organized crime,

International illegal trade, drug trafficking, money laundering, politicians and other extortions, extermination and murder of political opponents of HONG , and other ...charities..

The west police states is unable to locate and to dismantle them because of how they operate and are organized!(And of course we add: because of the cover-up they enjoy by the western Freemasonry which is under the command of HONG through Tibet)

Why then the three in "Triads"??

From the following site from Western Masons we learn important information, such as the western Masons as institutions of HONG want to know what as much they can from the organization that directs and manages them.

http://www.freemasons- Masonic-society.html


In the picture above left you see the highest emblem of HONG which is the red pyramid triangular imperial seal, and right are 5 flags representing the 5 elders monks 'psychics' Shaolin, and according to legend the original founders of hyper-lodge HONG in the form we know it today.


So here is why Western Freemasonry has its pyramidal management and the Triangle of lunar Yahweh ('the eye in triangle' present in all the Masonic lodges and Christian churches and Jewish synagogues-) ...

So here is what the 3 means and what the triangle on the west Freemasonry and the Christian churches and rabbinical means. To put it more bluntly means that Western Masons and rabbis give their asses to the Chinese emperors Han and Ming and triangular - pyramidal imperial seal, and give their asses and to the modern Chinese emperors of the Ming successors, of the highest Draconian hyperlodge HONG with also highest emblem the triangular Chinese imperial seal .... or ... Chinese imperial eye in triangle (lol!!)

But why the flag of Israel and the "Red Jews" Mongol Rothschilds are 2 interlaced triangles, not one?? The answer of the question lies in the thousands texts and posts of GHREES and blog ELLHN & CHAOS. In summary this is the collusion of Right and Left Hand (left path) or Ankara and Sambala (White & Black brotherhood) of the intermediate ZEN Tibet... because HONG to run effectively the west Freemasonry and dismantle the Western nations white + black race branched the existing lodges of her in positive and negative, ie 888 and 666, ie in philosophical lodges that follow the right path or face UP Triangle of ...good god, and in theosophical Nazi evil lodges that follow the left path face DOWN TRIANGLE ...of evil satan.. Of course, these are the different sides of the same Draconian coin and to reverse the inherently good in bad and inherently evil to good, because the collusive 2 "opposite" poles are administered by mother whore hyper-lodge HONG , because as the maximum Heracletus said "The Opposites are the Same"... hence the opposites of HONG are the same coming from the ultimate Draconian HONG , and thus the opposites of moon are the same coming from the ultimate Draconian Moon ..

And to close we have a gift for the representative of GA.DA., mental and physical masturbator Spiro Hadji - Hadji Spyropoulos, of P-A-S-H-A (Society lesbogangbang cowards) pilgrim of Jerusalem (Holy Moon) with Theosophist Panagiotis Toulato...

The Spyropoulos when posing as a friend and ally of GHREES to spy for G.A.D.A. and try to find weaknesses in GHREES (thing impossible!) Looking relentlessly and unsuccessfully to find the existence of hyper-lodge HONG , a perennial loser and lazy dog unemployed researcher of ass who lives from his mother's pocket money and his sister!

Eventually questioned the existence of hyper-lodge HONG and asked persistently by ELHN & CHAOS and GHREES To send him the mailing address of hyper-lodge HONG !!!

With a little research of few days on Internet , today we confirm the existence of HONG and therefore satisfy the request of Spyropoulos notifying the address of HONG where he can formally request an invoice for his following services:

Spying against Greek-safety organizations and individuals,undermining of greek organizations and people, Insult of new Greek heroes (Iliakis, Lala, Solomos) and old (Kolokotronis, etc., which called non clean Greeks Mongols Spyropoulos's friend supposedly clean original® Greek® Hero® demon-possessed asshole of the world Evmolpos), insults anything that's Greek and patriotic, insult and attack on Greek-hyper-organisation GHREES (Rival of HONG ) and the modern hero John Karageorgiou, dissolving Greek families through lesbogangbang orgies and dissolution of his children and modern greek youth through the promotion - imitation of the corrupt degenerate life of ideological whore of all modern Greece called Spyros Spyropoulos.

So here super-retard of the Internet the address. Now you can go to Taiwan and China for a free ass rape by your loved Draconian reptilian slanted eye-lizards of HONG in gay and lesbogangbangs orgies as corresponding to Western Masonic "Separation of Sefiroth" and "Crossing the Abyss"

(C) 2010 China Global Alliance freemason Address: 802 Road Fuxing, Kaohsiung City Lingya District No. 3, 9th Floor, Tel :07-2 -3318218 -3320084 Fax: 07

And the official website of HONGMEN is an annex of HONG with especially presence and location in Taiwan.. and about 300,000 members across Asia! hongmentw

Here is the channel on Youtube of Hongmen in Taiwan where you can watch videos from official events of HONG..


Draconian Cronian GLOBAL HIERARCHY - levan and Lilith

A similar dispute of the Draconian planetary hyper-lodges revealed to the ignorant modern-greeks by GHREES, tried to do the theosophist mason E. Palinginis group of pseudo-Olympians, of theosophist mason General Kalogeraki and LA.OS . - Epsilon 666.

That was answered and leveled similarly by the blog:


"Non-existent" Lodge Great Oak, "nonexistent" Masons. All our imagination ....


And do not dare again fishes pseudo-researchers of ass and deplorable 'Greek' websites, to challenge the supremacy and the incredible depth investigation of G.H.REES because hell will take you and raise you. From now on if you want to survive you will indicate respect and your inferiority in relation to the supremacy of G.H.REES, and will obey the orders and the solutions proposed, otherwise you'll get genocide by the Chinese in the worst way. Choose and take..

Here are some books about HONG, the "Triads" and parallel secret brands of Chinese, apparently written by western esoteric Freemasons under the command of HONG:

«HONGMEN» concede that control and the Modeling! And therefore the proof here:

The G.H.REES so when he yelled that the Chinese "immigrants" are agents knew very well what he was saying and if you do not understand this now with the economic war of the Chinese against you (because everything is MADE IN CHINA (even garlic is from China import to Europe !!)), then you'll understand the second and conclusive phase of the war of China against you ie in the upcoming genocide of you!

Also note that the reason that GHREES has caused a rift among hebrew-masons at the Masonic lodges worldwide, there are now too many executives who go against the plan «HONG», and so the Chinese mandarins of «HONG» no longer trust either the "AOA" and "OTO" London ( for that matter even themselves do not trust themselves and therefore there is dictatorship there in China and are killing objectors on the spot that they may not be an obstacle to the genocidal plans), for these reasons they have now put directly pure yellow, Members of Trinity / TRIADES, that they may go ahead and coordinate directly their plans themselves, such as the setting of staged soccer events in a global level and the whole scene with WIKILEAKS . php? option = com_content & task = view & id = 24508 & Itemid = 85 ... and invite the political puppets of the West and Greece directly to the headquarters of HONG in Shanghai and generally in China, to take orders directly and bypass the hebrew-mason hierarchy of West .. (see.multiple recent visits "Greeks" officials and religious factors in China)