Saturday, January 30, 2010

URGENT: G.H.REES message to professor D.Nanopoulos and CERN LHC Astrophysicists

We order the recipients of the present G.H.REES signal to relay to the 4th in order astrophysicist of the planet, Hellene Professor of Astrophysics Mr.
Dimitrios Nanopoulos ( , ) the below message:

“Mr. Professor, we order you to relay to the governments of “USA” and “Switzerland” and to the addresses of the “CERN” and “FERMI” accelerators the below message of anonymous Hellenes Astrophysicists, who work with Physics of 18 (16) Space Dimensions “Three Dodecahedrals” [(6+6+6)-2 => 16], and “n-th” Dimensions of fragmetric (numerous barriers) rarifications of matter-energy:
Cease the development of extremely high energies inside the particle accelerators, because there is a chance, some “entirely frontal” particles collision or “collision of full sub-particles banishment deadlock” to cause in the collision point “lack of background matter-energy”, with final result the transition of all the superjacent dimensions of “fragmetric inspissation of matter-energy” by level of inspissation “-1”, namely the transition of matter from all the area of “CERN” in a state of sub-atomic particles, in the nature of a gigantic nuclear explosion, “OF UNKNOWN POINT OF FISSION PAUSE”, - or “POINT OF BACKGROUND MATTER-ENERGY COUNTERBALANCE” - with full destruction of the planet._
In any case, even during collisions of low energy particles, IT IS IMPERATIVE to have removed from the collisions space the maximum possible quantity of gas “Helium” atoms and rest chemical elements of ZERO CHEMICAL ATOMICITY, namely chemical ELEMENTS OF ABSOLUTE SYMMETRY of matter-antimatter and absolute symmetry of the “THIRD STATE OF MATTER” or according to our terminology “Middle-Matter” or “Neutral-matter”, that you appear to have discovered, but “funnily enough” it has been discovered by the Ancient Hellenes Astrophysicists who used the terminology “Matter of Crown Production” or simple “CROWN MATTER” or “CROSSWISE MATTER” of the “Atom’s Orbital Hippopede” by Eudoxus of Cnidus:
with “Matter” symbolism the , with “Anti-matter” symbolism the , and with “Middle-matter” symbolism the .

… In case the Gas “Helium” and the rest absolute symmetrical chemical elements aren’t removed from the particles accelerators, there is the danger, from “an absolute frontal collision of particles”, to cause a chain fission of the Earth’s atmospheric “Helium” Gas, a chain fission OF THE SPACE “HELIUM”, and a chain fission of the “Helium” Gas of our Sun, with nuclear explosion of our Sun and a destruction of the solar system._
Our warning is the SECOND that is addressed to the body of Nuclear Physicists. The first warning for the cancellation of Fission – Nuclear explosion of the Gas “Helium” in “Atom Bombs of Helium”, due to DANGER OF CHAIN NUCLEAR FISSION OF “HELIUM” OF OUR STAR-SUN, was addressed to the American Laboratory “LIVERMORE” by Tibetan Monks who arrived in “USA” from Tibet, through India, obviously informed by their spiritual sessions. Obeying to this warning, “USA” cancelled the development of “Helium” Gas Atom Bombs._


G.H.REES Unified sciences Department

Sunday, January 24, 2010

STEREO: Spherical Objects found orbiting the Sun at close range. (Probably Vulcan-Zone)

It is too soon to make final conclusions but these objects must probably belong to the so called "Vulcan zone" that is a zone that is stretched from the surface of the sun roughly up to the orbit of planet Mercury.
G.H.REES advanced scientific group has identified at least one planet or planetary remnants inside the vulcan zone that are collectively named as “Hephaestus” from the group in honour of the God of the (Nuclear) Fire, due to their close proximity to the Sun.
There is also one more planet (anti-chthon) designated by G.H.REES between the orbits of Mercury and Venus but all the times stationed-"gravitationally locked" at the exact opposite position of Earth (that is the reason of the name Anti-Chthon, namely: Anti-Earth from the ancient Hellenic scientists and the Pythagoreans), so we can not see it from our Earth's space point of view (the sun is in the way). One hidden objective of the STEREO spacecrafts mission is to pinpoint and locate this hidden planet. But they will reveal nothing to the public in order to support the fraud of the non-existent so called "10th, X or 12th" planet Nibiru that is destined for a special terror purpose in the “Armageddon” or WWIII scheme of Sin-Sion-Zion-Sedi-Jedi-Yahweh and of his subordinates on Earth. Nibiru is some times propagandized-"expected" outside from our solar system known boundaries from a bizarre for a planet vertical orbit that is always a comet's orbit. Because in any solar system in the universe the planetary Harmonics-orbits are 12 (isododecahedron Etheric principle of the counterclockwise sun of matter) and we have the 9 known planets + 1 exploded by the Dragonians Phaethon (=asteroid belt) + 1 vulcan zone(Hephaestus) + 1 Antichthon behind the Sun = for a total of 12 harmonics, there is no harmonic left for the planet Nibiru. That is why they will hide these objects from the mainstream.
It remains to see what will be the laughable excuse about these objects existence from NASA=Never A Straight Answer subagent department of DOD-NSA.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Intellectual Death of Hebrew-Mongol Matthew Nimetz

We return to the subject of Skopje or “Vardaska”, for which the United Nations placed in the position of the mediator the Hebrew homosexual lawyer Matthew Nimetz.

The above mentioned Hebrew Mongol hate-Hellenist, by violating any principle of neutrality and objectiveness of the mediators, stated recently that:

1) Alexander the Great was not Hellenian.

2) Alexander the Great was a butcher of people.

After the above mentioned abusive and false public statements of Hebrew Nimetz against Hellenes, if the politicians of Greece were not Greek-Hebrews (whiteyellow bastards) traitors and homosexuals traitors, but were Hellenes patriots instead, they would force the rule out of Hebrew Nimetz from the position of the mediator, after previously call him to Greece and after thirteen hands of beating, would write on him in a skin tattoo form the following:

“Hebrew Mongol charlatan falsifier of history Matthew or Mattathia, according to the book “Genesis IB’10-20 and IC’ 1-4”, your genitor Abraham or Habra-Han or “Leader of the Havra” was a pimp, who gave as a harlot his wife to Pharaoh of Egypt, in return for goat-sheeps. So, you mongol Hebrew Matthew, as a homosexual descendant of a pimp and a harlot, namely “as a faggot, pimp and harlot’s son”, you don’t have the moral height and the right to put in your dirty mouth the filled with blow job sperm of your Masonic lodge …brothers, neither the man HERO OF HEROES Alexander, nor Hellenes and Hellas.

So, you harlot’s son Nimetz, as a faggot of the homosexual hebrewmasonic rituals “Separation of Sephiroth”, and as a yellow-white Mongol Hebrew, you are -by identification and by heritage- a charlatan and a liar, same as the two space criminals professional charlatans false gods of yours, Savit-Savaoth-Saturn (Cronus) and Sin-Sion-Sina-Zion-Jeid-Jedi-Sedi-Yahweh.

1) To your first lie and lie of your gods, we respond:

a) The name “Alexander” is a name of Hellenic etymology, that is come from the Hellenic terms (verb) “Alexw” = Repel – Push Back – Win, and “Anir” = Man, and means “He who wins the men” (in fights-duels-wars).

b) The name “Philip”, father of Alexander, is of Hellenic etymology, and is come from the Hellenic terms “Friend”(Philos) and “Horse”(Ippos) and means “A friend of the horses”.

c) The name “Olympiada”, mother of Alexander is Hellenic and means “Woman of Olympus”, namely the mountain which is in Greece, and has the Hellenic etymology: Eilyw – Eilyos – Elymos – Olymos = Apocrypha place – Gods’ nest.

d) The name “Aristotle”, teacher of Alexander, is of Hellenic etymology, and come from the terms “Aristos” and “Telw”(verb) and means “The performer of perfect sciences”, such as the sciencies that he taught to Alexander in the Hellenic language, and wrote in the Hellenic script, as proven by the written works of Aristotle.

e) The name “Kallisthenis”, biographer and eye witness chronographer of the Alexander’s campaign, is of Hellenic etymology, and is come from the Hellenic term “Kallistos” and “Sthenos”, and means “He who has the maximum Force”.

f) The names Parmenion – Hephaestion – Antiohos – Ptolemy – Krateros – Nearchos – Seleykos Nikatwr – Kleitos – Antipatros – Antigonos – Kassandros, generals of Alexander, are names of Hellenic etymology and mean: Antiohos = He who holds – The resistant. Hephaestion = The son of Hephaestus, Ptolemy = Ptolemos – Polemos (war) – Polemikos etc._

g) The name “Macedon” or “Macednos” or “Macedanos” is of Hellenic etymology, and come from the Hellenic terms “Mecos”(length) and “Danos” = Daulos (Torch) and means “Long Torch” and with a figurative meaning: “Grand Light bearer”._

h) According to the Hellene historian Herodotus, Macednoi or Macedonians are an Hellenic Dorian genus which settled originally in Fthia or Fthiotida of Thessaly, namely in the central metropolitan main Hellas. We copy from the headword “Macednon” of the “Hellenic Lexicon of Archaeology” by Al. R. Ragkabis, “Konstantinidou” Publishing, Athens year 1888: “Macedon: Dorian Genus, which settled in Fthiotida under Deucalion, and was forced in exile to Pindus by the Kadmeians. Herodotus A-56 and H-43”. Therefore Macednoi or Macedonians have as their genitor Deucalion and his son, HELLENE.

We copy from the headword “Fthiotis” of the same lexicon: “Fthiotis or Fthiotida: A Thessaly country that is outstretched from Pindos Mountain up to Maliakos gulf, their settlers “Fthiotai” were called also “Achaeans”. Their king was “HELLENE” the son of Deucalion (Herodotus A-56). It is believed that first took this name by the Pelasgian “Fthios”, brother of Achaea, who moved in Fthia, a Pelasgian colony in the 17th Century B.C. It is also said that one of the most ancient kings of the country, “Eurytion”, welcomed Pileas, that came from Aigina with a Mirmidones colony, and after gave him his daughter Antigone, and the third of his kingdom. This “Fthia” also called “Hellas” by Homer, was a region of Achilles (Homer’s Iliad I-395)”.

We copy from the headword “Fthios” of the same lexicon “Fthios: Pelasgian, son of Poseidon Larissa, from whom Fthia took the name”.

From all the above it is concluded that Macednoi or Macedonians were the original dwellers of the region, today Thessaly which according to the above Lexicon in the headword “Thessaly”, was originally named “Hellas”, “Aiolis”, “Pelasgia” and “Pyrrhaea” (from Pyrrha of Deucalion, mother of Hellene”. Therefore because Macedonians were the most ancient dwellers of the prehistoric “Hellas” namely of the central modern Hellas (Greece) or Thessaly, BEFORE their exile to the afterwards and modern Macedonia from the Kadmeians of Kadmos, son of Agenoros King of Argus, and because Macedonians came from the genitor of Hellenes Deucalion and from his son “Hellene”, THEREFORE MACEDONIANS ARE THE MOST ANCIENT HELLENES AMONGST ALL HELLENES, and therefore modern settlers of Skopje as Mongolian invaders “Petsenegian Hordes” from Bulgaria that invaded in the Hellenic Macedonia in 7th Century A.D., does not have neither the legal nor the historic right to be called “Macedonians”, because the names “Hellenes = Macedonians = Thessalians” of the Hellenic Prehistory ARE ONE AND THE SAME, and because the Mongol-Bulgarians and the Mongol-Albanians of Skopje are not Hellenes = Macedonians = Thessalians

Alexander of Philipos, taught by Aristotle, about the treason from the sons of Argeian Agenoros, Kadmos and Phinicas, who ALTHOUGH WERE PELASGIANS ACHAEANS HELLENES, after they founded colonies in the Middle East (Palesatia or Palestine), were corrupted by the Hebrew Mongols Semites of Abraham (Havra-Han) against Hellenes of the metropolitan Hellas, and (Alexander) by forcing Historic Justice for the exile of his ancestors Macednon from the prehistoric Hellas = Thessaly by the traitors Kadmeians, before his campaign to Asia, de-founded and totally destroyed Theba capital of Boeotia, that its Acropolis was named “Kadmeia”, because Theba was founded by Kadmos._

i) From the same above Lexicon we copy from the headword “Macedonia”: “Macedonia: From Herodotus we first learn that Macedonia is called the country north of Thessaly … under Philipos all Paeonia (Today’s Skopje) appended to Macedonia in 4th Century B.C., when to the north the mountains Skardos (Western Skopje) and Orbilon (Western Bulgaria) divide it from Moesia (Northern Hellenic Thrace, namely Kosovo + Western, Central, and Eastern Bulgaria or Eastern Rumelia). From those mountains of Macedonia, Skardos or Skordys was in the northwestern towards Moesia (Kosovo + Bulgaria) and Illyrian (Today’s Albania) and Skomion or Skombryn was in the northeastern and in Thrace (Moesia or Today’s Bulgaria)… From them they advanced to the inner country Barnous to the Northern Limits… Kerkine is between the rivers Axios and Strymonas … between Strymonas and Nestos is Orbelos (Western Bulgaria) and Paggaion”, namely mountains of Hellenic Macedonia.

All the above mountains Skardos – Orbilon – Skomion – Kerkine, and all the Ancient Hellenic Northern Macedonia or Paeonia, today are occupied by Skopje and by the western Mongolic Bulgaria, because the traitors Patriarchs and Emperors of Byzantium gave, NAMELY BETRAYED, those far ancient Hellenic territories, namely Northern Macedonia and Northern Thrace to the invaders Slavians Scythians and to the invaders Mongolian Petsenegians, in return for their …Christianization. Read Byzantine history, for the delivery of Moesia and Paeonia to the Mongols Han-Bogor-Han, in return for their Christianization._

If modern “Greek” Politicians were not traitors, would demand from Skopje and from Bulgaria, all of the above mentioned Ancient Hellenic Territories of Northern Macedonia or PAEONIA and of Northern Thrace of MOESIA, and from Albania the territories of Northern Hellenic Epirus that comprise the territories of Macedonia of Philipos in the 4th Century B.C._

Read: Thucydides B,C. Herodotus Z. Polybius IZ. Strabo Z.

j) All the inscriptions of the archaeological findings in the Southern Free and the Northern Occupied, from Skopje and Bulgaria, Macedonia, essentially occupied from Mongol-Bulgarians and Mongol-Albanian invaders and genociders of Hellenes Macedonians, are inscriptions in the Ancient Hellenic Language, as also Hellenic is the classicism style of all the above mentioned findings, and Hellenic are the architectural methods of all the excavated buildings in Skopje and Bulgaria of the Mongols Invaders of 7th Century A.D._

k) The (Ancient Historian) Theopompos writes that: “The King of Macedonia Philipos B’ son of Amynta and father of Alexander is the greatest leader of HELLENES”._
l) After his first victories in Asia, Alexander send 300 silver shields of the dead “Persian Immortals” in order to put them on Parthenon of Athens as dedications to the GODDESS ATHENA OF HELLENES, accompanied with the written in Hellenic Language message inscription: “Alexander son of Philipos AND HELLENES except Lacedaemonians, from the Barbarians that dwell in Asia”._

This inscription proves that Alexander the Great included in Hellenes AND the Macedonians of the campaign as THE FIRST DESCENDANTS OF DEUCALION AND OF HELLENE, GENITORS OF HELLENES._

Homosexual, pimp and harlot’s son, Mongol Hebrewsaxon Mathew Nimetz, modern language of “VARDASKA” or PSEUDOMACEDONIA, is a mix of a great percentage of Bulgarian Mongolian terms and a lesser percentage of badly altered Hellenic terms with Bulgarian catalexis, and therefore it has none primary relation whatsoever with the Hellenic language of Modern and Ancient Macedonians._


2) To your second lie and lie of your gods we respond:

ALEXANDER WAS NOT A BUTCHER OF PEOPLE, because AND the eye witness follower historian of the campaign Callisthenes AND the later historian Arrianus AND the traditions of the Asiatic Nations, testify in written form that Alexander in his battles against the Persians and their allies, neither targeted, nor harmed the life of the adversaries soldiers after the battles, but had as a standard strategy the swift cruise elimination of the adversary combat command HQ, and after the success of this strategy, left unbothered the anarchic devastated adversary soldiery that lost its leaders._

Charlatan Matathia Nimetz, you know everything for the above mentioned unprecedented in history strategy of humanitarianism and humane measures towards the enemy soldiery, because these battles are taught until today in the military academies of all nations, and of the USA and of Israel, as prime examples of fulminary victorious battles “Blitz-Krieg” of minimum bloodshed between the two sides._

Similarly, all the ancient historians and the traditions of the Asiatic Nations testify that Alexander and the rest Hellenes that followed him, respected absolutely the life of the unarmed, the command structures, the religions and the social structures, and the civilizations of the nations from which they passed through, in an unprecedented level for the past and the following history till today, a thing that lead these nations, that were rescued from the HEBREW-PERSIAN occupation forces, to believe -wrongly of course- that Alexander was a GOD.

He was not a God. He was an Andromedian Hellene Hyper human, you wide-ass saurian hebrewmongol Nimetz, son of the Mongol Pimp Abraham and his Harlot Mongol Sarah and … Marah of the bad Mongolian gathering._

And as an Hellene, communicant of the Devine Wisdom of the Academia Aristotle, behaved LIKE an Andromedian God._

This Divine Hyper human left the Godly Paradise of Macedonia, of Thessaly, of Olympus, of his Capital in Aiges, and of his Holy City of “DION” (Dedicated to Zeus), to fill his body with combat wounds in the deserts of Asia, and to suffer hardships that brought him numerous times close to death, NEITHER FOR GLORY, NOR FOR ENRICHMENT. Because his glory couldn’t be higher, as he was the first and only that was capable through persuasion and military violence, to unite as a whole the Hellenic Nation-State of the by nature anarchist Hellenes of the Hellenic city-states, to which the pseudo-hellenic priesthoods have caused civil fratricidal wars through “Devine Prophesies”, in order for the Hellenes to form in the future an impenetrable defensive wall against (the future) attacks of the Persian Royal House and of the Persian Army, that was transformed into a HEBREW-PERSIAN royal house and to a HEBREW-PERSIAN army, after the marriage of Xerxis A’ or Assouiri with the Hebrew Esther, cousin of the Hebrew Mardochai (Murdoch or Marodoxaiou), courtier officer of the Persian Court. Xerxis married Adassa or Esther of the house “Keis” from the Hebrew tribe Benyamin, “In the third year of his Kingship” namely in 482 B.C., because DAREIOS A’ YSTASPOU have died in 485 B.C. _ (read book “Esther” of the Old Testament)

DAREIOS A’ YSTASPOU had already done two failed invasions in Greece. The first in 499 B.C. (UNDER) MARDONION failed because his fleet ruined in ATHOS of Chalcidice and his army was defeated by the Hellenes of Thrace. The SECOND under DATI and ARTAFERNI in 490 B.C. failed due to defeat of the Persians in MARATHON from the Athenians and Plataeans, with the forces analogy 10:1 (namely 100.000 : 10.000 men)

The next Persian King, XERXIS A’ ASOUIRIS, persuaded by his Hebrew wife ESTHER and by her cousin, MARDOCHAI, WHO WAS PROMOTED TO PRIME MINISTER OF PERSIA, to genocide the Greeks in a sweep gigantic attack that was done in 450 B.C.

We copy from the Zionists interests book “Your will be done on Earth”, “Jehovah Witnesses” publishing, page 238 in the Greek Edition, in order to give the speech to the mongolhebrew enemy: “The Persian defeat in Marathon asked for revenge. XERXIS (A’) right after his strengthen with his wealth, made a mobilization and preparations of his whole empire in order to humiliate (Read: to genocide) the Greeks. He was referred as ASSOUIRIS who took Judean ESTHER for his wife, and ruled 127 provinces from India up to Ethiopia (Esther A’1). The strength of his army, concentrated from all of his provinces, concluded eastern Hindus and Ethiopians._

The Phoenicians (Read: Kadmeian Hellenes traitors, descendants of Argeians and allies of the Hebrews) provisioned to Xerxis 1200 warships with crews, except those there were 3000 ships for the transportation of the large and mixed soldiery. Historian Herodotus writes that there were 1.700.000 infantry, 100.000 cavalry, and 510.000 sailors and marines, for a total of 2.310.000 men. The spring of the year 480 B.C. this huge war machine turned against Hellas.”

The sequel is known: Leonidas king of Sparta, by keeping Thermopylae with only 300 Spartans, and 700 Thespians and 400 Thebans for slaughter because of philo-persian Theba, were sacrificed in order to SLOW DOWN the Persians, and IN ORDER TO WIN THE PSYCHOLOGICAL WAR, that left terrorized the Hebrew-Persian army for what was about to happen when it would face the main army body of Hellenes (Because without the treason of Efialtis, Persians would lost the fight in Thermopylae.)

Analogy of Thermopylae forces: 2.310.000 : 1000 = 2310 to 1 (!!!)

From the 4200 ships of the Persians, 400 were sunk in a storm of the Sipiad cape of Magnesia across Euboea, and from the rest 3800 ships, the 3500 were destroyed by Hellenes in Salamis, while the 300 rescued ships retreated to Samos Island (Herodotus theta, eta). Part of the Ground Troops of Xerxis, namely the 1.450.000 men retreated WITHOUT BATTLE through Hellespont to Asia Minor, TERRORIZED BY THE HORROR EXPERIENCES of Thermopylae and Salamis. A part of the Hebrew-Persian army of 300.000 men under Mardonios stayed in Thessaly. From the 510.000 Persian Sailors and Marines were PUT TO DEATH 474.000 and survived only 36.000 on the 300 rescued ships. Analogy of forces in Salamis 4200 : 366 = 11 : 1 ships.
By including the Persian losses in Thermopylae, it is calculated that the Hebrew-Persians lost OVER 500.000 men._

The next year 479 B.C. Mardonios with 300.000 Hebrew-Persians and 50.000 gathered allies, was defeated in Plataies from the allied Hellenic army of 110.000 men. Dead Hebrew-Persians: 310.000. Were rescued only 40.000 who under the general Artavazon retreated to the North TERRORIZED._ (Herodotus “Eta”)

The same day of the battle of Plataies, in a naval engagement of Hellenes and Persians between the 120 triremes of Athenians and Spartans against the 300 rescued Persian ships outside of Mykalis cape of Minor Asia, the Persian Fleet was devastated, and was slaughtered from Hellenes the 60.000 Persians of the military camp of Mykalis.

The Hellenic-Persian wars continued with attackers now the Hellenes inside the Persian Empire, until 449 B.C. when KIMON ALTHOUGH DEAD, as an admiral of Hellenes win and devastated completely the Persian Fleet in Salamis of Cyprus (and afterwards was agreed a cease-fire)

But the successors of Xerxis A’ Assouiri, namely the: Artaxerxis A’ Markoxeir, Xerxis B’, Dareios B’ Ohos, Artaxerxis B’ Mnemon, Artaxerxis C’ Oxos, Arses, and Dareios C’ Kodomanos, all having Hebrew Mongolian blood and hate-Hellenist initiation as descendants of Hebrewmongol Esther, from 449 until 336 B.C., re-organized the devastated Hebrew-Persian Ground Soldiery and Fleet, for the conduct of new wars for the elimination and final genocide of Hellenes and metropolitan Hellas.

Therefore Matthew Nimetz, homosexual of the Mongol-Hebrew Mardochaios and of the Mongol-Hebrew Esther, (Alexander had the duty) as the Leader of Hellenes to advance in a precautionary war against the Hebrew-Persians and to devastate their war machine, before it can hit again Hellenes, namely to act likewise modern Israel that claim to conduct precautionary attacks against Arabs._

This demanded for Alexander to carry the war INSIDE the territories of the adversary Hebrew-Persian army.

The above are not written only for Nimetz. They are written especially for MODERN GREEKS TRAITORS “KADMEIANS – PHOENICIANS” COMMUNISTS OF “KKE” AND OF “SYNASPISMOS” (COMMUNISTS PARTIES OF GREECE) AND FOR THE POLITICIANS OF “PASOK” (SOCIALISTS) who stupidly mouth the Hebrew false anti-Hellenic doctrine: “Alexander the Great was a butcher of People”._

We further add that not only during the Kingdom of Xerxis A’ Assouiris, but also and during the kingdom of his predecessors, namely Dareios of Medou 539 B.C. Kyros the Great, Kambisi, Dareios A’ Istaspou, the Persian Courtyard and Command was completely infiltrated by the Hebrew of Babylon, with beginning the courtyard of Dareios of Medou and of Kyros the Great, due to the ascension of the Mongol-Hebrew Daniel – Medium of Yahweh – in the position of the prime minister of Persia. (read book “Daniel Chapter E’ and F’” of the “Old Testament”). This Mongol-Hebrew prime minister of Persia, mobilized the Persian Army and Fleet from 539 B.C. in order to attack against the metropolitan Hellas. From the Crypto-Hebrew “Orthodoxy” and from the rest Hebrew-Christian doctrines he is considered as a “Great prophet of the coming of Jesus Christ”.

This army and fleet, after 40 years, namely in 499 B.C., was used by Dareios A’ Istaspou for the two attacks that were devastated in 499 B.C. and in 490 B.C, accordingly by the Hellenes Thracians and by the Athenians and Plataeans in Marathon._

Alexander the Great didn’t campaign against Persia neither for riches, because Macedonia was full of Gold Mines, and rest valuable metals and stones.

This that carefully hide your same-race Hebrew Saxon historians, wide-ass Nimetz, is that the only cause – motivation for the Alexander’s campaign in Asia, was the elimination of the Mongol Hebrews that already from the Kingdom of Dareios of Medou in 539 B.C. and especially after with the Hebrew Esther in the throne of Persia and her cousin Marodochaios in the prime ministry of Persia during the Kingdom of Xerxis A’ Asouiri in 482 B.C., had corrupted all the Persian command and had turned them against metropolitan Hellas._

Alexander devastated (but unfortunately didn’t manage to completely eliminate) in Persia, ONLY ONE “PEOPLE”, the semi-dragonian semi-Chinese white-yellow Mongolian Hebrew “People”, the TRUE BUTCHER OF PEOPLE, who after the ascending in the highest authorities of Persia with frauds – murders – poison of the adversaries – and all the nefarious crimes, turned the brother Pelasgian Persian people of white race, DESCENDANT OF THE HELLENE GENITOR PERSEAS, with wars against the Pelasgian metropolitan, namely HELLAS. For the Mongolian Hebrew corruption-infiltration of the Persian command over all the Persian Kings, read books “Neemia” and “Ezra” of the Old (Mongolian) Testament._

That’s the reason for the abyssal Mongolian Hebrew and the Chinese hatred against Alexander and Hellenes, due to the destruction of the above Chinese-Hebrew scheme of Europe Conquer from the Hebrew-Persian army from 500 B.C.

Due to the Devine Alexander and Hellenes, the Mongolian Hebrew, and as a consequence their principals the Chinese through Tibet, didn’t manage to annihilate the nations of white and black race and to establish the planetary Chinese “Kingdom of Sin – Zion – Sion – Sina – Jedi – Sedi – Yahweh” in 105 A.D. (98 + 7), with central Sina, or China, as he “prophesized” (read: “programmed”) the dragonian staff of the demons of Jehovah, through “John’s Apocalypse”, namely the Mongolian Hebrew disciple of the Mongolian annihilator of Hellenes “Jesus Christ”, both DESCENDANTS of the pimp annihilator of Hellenes Habra-Ham or Habra-Han or “Leader of the Hebrew Mongolia Havra” Abraham and his harlot wife Sarah, - and DESCENDANTS of the Hebrews of Babylon who murdered through poisoning the Devine Alexander the Great.

Maybe we exaggerate? We leave the opponent to speak through the book “All the scripture is divine afflatus” of the Zionists “Jehovah witnesses”, chapter 17 “Esther”. All you are about to read are considered as “Divine Afflatus” of all the Christian – Islamic – Judaic doctrines and heresies. We add that the Hebrews Esther and Marodochaios, in order to achieve the elimination of the legal prime minister of Persia Aman or Ammon and of his 76.000 Persian patriots (who) didn’t want the Zionistic corruption of Persia, contrived a false rape attempt of the “Queen” Esther from Aman. The rest in the Zionistic text (the brackets are ours):

Chapter 17, paragraph 15: “When the pre-programmed day …is coming, no one can stand against the Judeans. With a request of Esther
to the King (Xerxis A’ Assouiri), the struggle (of murdering the Persian patriots) is continuing in the fourteenth day in Sousa (Capital of Persia. Namely 14 days slaughters of the Persians by the Judeans Mongols inside Persia!!!). All together 75.810 enemies of the Judeans are murdered throughout the empire, including the 810 (army officers) who were at the fortress of Sousa. Between them the ten sons of Aman (prime minister, including Aman himself), who are murdered in the first day and are hanged in woods during the second day… The fifteen of the month Adar becomes rest, and the Judeans find exit in symposiums and delight. Marodochaios (new prime minister) now (gives written) instructions to Judeans to keep this feast of “FOUREIM” (aka Pourim) every year… and they still do it till today. Marodochaios becomes greater in the Kingdom and uses his position as second to the king Assouiri (Xerxis A’) for “the good of this People (the Judeans)…”._

Chapter 17, Paragraph 18 “All the proofs point that the book “Esther” is part of «Devine Afflatus and Useful” Holy Scripture. Even without mentioning God or his name (Yahweh + Savaoth Saturn), it offer us genuine examples of faith. Marodochaios and Esther were not just imagination characters of some mythologist, but true servants of Jehovah God, people that practiced unlimited trust in the rescue power of Jehovah. Although they live under “Excelsior Authorities” in a foreign country they used every legal (and dishonest and murderous) means in order to support the interests of the people of God (namely the Judeans) and his worship. Today we can follow their examples (of the dishonest and genocide methods) in the “support and legal affirmation of the gospel” of the deliverance (from the patriots of Nations!!!) through the (Chinese-Hebrew) kingdom of God”.

Wide-ass mongol-hebrew Nimetz, the above texts «of Public confess of crimes against humanity» and «Straight THREATS and CALLS and FUTURE FOMENTS for the commit of similar crimes, prove that the true butcher of people are the yellow Chinese and the white-yellow Mongols: Hebrew – Saxons – Tatars – Azers – Turks – Albanians – Bulgarians – Bavarians – Hungarian – and rest that act as so called “different” and sometimes “hostile” between them nations, in order to hypnotize the nations of the White and Black race._

Here are some (historical proofs) of the criminal action of the butcher of people Mongol Hebrews, with upper command the mandarins of “HONG”.

a) In “Genesis Chapter. LD’ (34)” of the Mongolian “Old Testament”, becomes known that the Mongolian gang of killers – butchers of Abraham genocide the Hellenic Palestinian city Syhem and robed the there existing material goods and cattle of animals, by capturing and raping the women and children of Syhem._

b) In the books “Genesis” and “Exodus” of the Mongolian “Old Testament”, becomes known that the so called “Economical migrants” Hebrews in Egypt, genocide the firstborn children of Egypt – Hellenes of Egypt – Hellas (Hellenic Etymology of the word Egypt: “Aigyptos = Yptiws Aigaiou = “Southern of Aegean”), and left from Egypt by “laying bare” the Egyptians – Hellenes, meaning by robbing all the gold and silver of Egypt._

c) In the book “Deuteronomy Chapter E” of the Mongolian “Old Testament”, is become known that the Hebrews, with leader the butcher of people Jesus of Navi, completely genocide seven Hellenic nations of Palestinian Hellenes, of a total seven million people in a TRUE HOLOCAUST OF HELLENES._

The Mongolian Hebrew priesthoods of Levites ordered the Mongolian Hebrews the following command that had captured as a medium from the demons of Sin-Sion-Jedi-Sedi-Yahweh and of Savit-Savaoth-Cronus-Saturn: “And when your lord your God (sin-sion-yahweh) delivers those (the Hellenes Palestinians) before you, you will (genocide) stand over them. You will comprehensively annihilate (genocide) them. You will show no mercy towards them”.

d) From the writings of the meta-Roman and byzantine history, it is become known that the ten million Hellenes and rest white Pelasgians of Europe and Asia were annihilated from the Mongolian ORGANIZED “HORDES” of the BUTCHERS OF PEOPLE: GENGHIS HAN, TAMERLANE, ATTILA – SELJUK TURKS – PETSENEGIAN BULGARIANS – UYGHUR HUNGARIANS – SIN or FIN FINLANDIANS – BAVARIANS – SAXONS OF GERMANY, DENMARK, HOLLAND, ENGLAND – TSETSENIANS – KHAZARS AZERIANS – TATARS OF RUSSIA, all the above DRIVEN BY THE PRE-EXISTED LOCAL HEBREW TRAITORS saboteur of the White Race Nations for the commit of the above mentioned genocides._

e) In the modern era, the Hebrew Mongols of Serbia and Bosnia, through the Hebrew “Anarchist” Gabriel Printzip, murdered in Sarajevo the archduke prince of Austro-Hungary, with result the collusion players Mongol Saxons Kaiser (Caesars) of Germany, and the collusion players Saxons Mongols Tsars (Caesars) pseudo – “Romanov” descendants of the Danish-German hebrewsaxon house of Oldenburg Sonderburg Schleswig Holstein (Hebrews – Stein) Glucksburg Gottorp, to collide and provoke the 1st World War with 22.000.000 dead Europeans White Pelasgians._

f) The Hebrew Mongolian gang the butchers of people: Hitler or Hisler bastard son of the Hebrew Banker Rothschild from the Frankfurt branch, Himmler leader of “SS”, Miller successor leader of the 3rd Reich, Haushofer teacher of Hitler, Lincoln von Trebits Hebrew-Hungarian son of a Rabbi, Hanussen, and rest, in collusion with the Hebrew president of the USA Roosevelt, with the Mongol Hebrew-Russian Josef Jew-ghashvili Stalin, with the Hebrew-Saxon Churchill or Cherchl, with the Hebrew-Italian Mussolini or Moses, and with the Mongolian house of Hirohito of Japan, provoked the 2nd World War with about 70 million dead Europeans and Russians Scythes of White Pelasgian Race._

g) Today, the Chinese genocidal gang of “HONG” China and of the colony of China USA, and the Mongolian and Hebrew-Mongolian and Saxon-Mongolian gang of the Butchers of People: George Bush of the USA, Barroso or Baruch of Europe “European Union” and of the Mongolians Japanese of the US.E.J. (trilateral USA – EUROPE – JAPAN) of the Mongolians of Tibet, of the Mongolians of External Mongolia former USSR, and of the Mongolians and Masons of the English lodges of India of T.I.M. (Tibet – India – Mongolia) of the Russia Hebrewmongolians of the type Putin, and of the Mongolian cryptohebrew Shiite, so called “Islamic” priesthood and governments of Iran and of Pakistan of R.I.C. (RUSSIA – ISLAM – CHINA or “Shanghai Pact”), according to the “PROPHECIES” (Read: Dragonian programs) of the “Apocalypse” of the Mongolian “New Testament” and of the Mongolian “Talmud”, plan to genocide the 2/3 of the global population, namely five billion people of White and Black Race until 2011, and BEGIN TO COMMIT NOW THIS GENOCIDE through wars in Yugoslavia – Iraq – Afghanistan and through Aircrafts Chemtrails – Biotrails – Radiotrails, of devious pollutions and destruction of the Environment, of mutated foods and other genocidal methods._

Mongol Hebrew butcher of people, descendant of butchers of people, Nimetz, as all the Rabbis and the Hebrew headquarters, you know that the Hebrew-Mongols headquarters are not only the maximum butchers and annihilators of the people of White and Black races, but that they are also AND the maximum butchers of the Hebrew people, because these as Hebrew-German bankers bankrolled the Hebrew gang of Hitler-Himmler-Haushofer and rest, in order to establish the so called “German” 3rd Reich, but in reality to drive Germany into annihilation with lack of food and drugs and 60.000 dead due to this cause Hellenogenes “Proselytized” pseudo-Hebrews Ashkenazim, namely “forced to Judaism” Hellenes Ashkanians of Askania of Minor Asia, with false magnification of the 60.000 into 6.000.000 in order with pretext the above false “holocaust”, to demand today the tolerance and impunity for all the crimes that they committed until today, AND FOR THE GENOCIDE OF FIVE BILLION PEOPLE OF WHITE AND BLACK RACE THAT THEY PLANED AND ALREADY STARTED TO COMMIT in Iraq – Afghanistan – Palestine – Kosovo – Serbia – Africa, against the White and Black races in the 3rd World War or “Armageddon” of the space criminal Sin – Sion – Zion – Sina – Jehovah.

Mongol Hebrew Nimetz, continue to conspire against Hellenes, against the rest nations of White Pelasgian race and against the Black Race, for as much time of life deadline and repentance deadline will give the hundreds of “outside” forthcoming so called “natural” (as is announced by the hebrewsaxon “NASA”) satellites of Planet Saturn (As they observed by the –petrified with terror- Chinese astronomers and by the Hebrewsaxons astronomers) to the Chinese, to the Hebrews and the rest Mongols, and to the Lunar space commands of the pseudo-god Sin – Sion – Zion – Sina – Yahweh – Jedi, Jude – Judas._

Because that you did’nt take into account, you the Hebrew and Saxon Mongolian (semi-Dragonian) and Chinese Dragonian sewage of the galaxy AND your pseudo-god dragonian archsatan archdevil Sin – Sion – Sina – Jedi – Yahweh AND the Andromedian mutineer partner of him, Savit – Savaoth – Saturn, is that above the pseudo-gods Yahweh and Savaoth of 2nd Dimension of matter rarification, are exist and watch over the local space the “Gods” of the third, fourth, fifth, until the limit nth degree dimension of the ONE universal intelligent Organism, who are ready to interfere to our solar system and especially to our planet, in order to convert in space garbage you the Mongols Hebrews and the Chinese and the ships of the dragonian Yahwehic Starfleet of Sin – Sion – Zion – Sedi in 2012, namely to achieve the exact opposite result of the –as sure as fate- (?) forthcoming space war, from the result that was presented by the hebrewsaxon Hollywood in the series of movies “The (Andromedian) empire strikes back”, that presents the “good defenders, mutineers Jedi or Sedi” of Sin – Sion – Yahweh and of Saturn (e.g. and of the dragonian looking / saurian looking arch-Jedi Yoda), to destruct the space ships – war planets – of the “bad Starfleet of the Andromedian empire of the space faring Hellenes” who are striking back._

Continue you Hebrew-Mongols and Saxons and the rest Mongols, and you Chinese Human formed reptiles (humo-reptiles) to conspire for the annihilation of the White and Black races in the 3rd World War of “Armageddon”, in order to verify the Hellenic proverb, that: “Whoever digs the grave of the other, drops he inside”._ NOTHING ELSE._

Text-Fragment from G.H.REES WWIII Survival Manual

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Microchips, Antichrist and 666, Xard-ABEL-as TV Productions

In the TV-Broadcast show “Invisible World” of Tuesday 28 February 2006 was presented the subject about the Antichrist and 666.

We heard several views about fear and not fear of the “Charagma” (mark) and of the Antichrist, as also and numerosophical aquabatics for the finding of the name of the Apocalypse’ beast.

Below is the illuminating view presented by G.H.REES in April 1998:


“The worst hit against Hellenic rationalism was given by Pythagoras with his numerosophical sorceries.

There is indeed a mathematical structure in the ancient Hellenic proto-language of 10.000 B.C., but not in the language of the Pythagoras Era, because in the timeline of 9000 years that are between, the lunar pirates broke up the Andromedian proto-language into variations, through lunar priesthoods that “cooked and brewed” artificial grammars and languages.

Example: The ex non-existent artificial language of Skopje. See the false-hit of “Bible” about the “Confusion of the Babel languages by the lord” and compare with the true manipulation of gradual break up of the languages. The language of the classical Hellas was not the Andromedian proto-language (one kind of Universal COBOL for galactic Supercomputers), but was an altered mutated fragment of this proto-language. Therefore every numerosophical attempt over this fragment produces a mixture of True and False related ideas and concepts.

This mix was sold by Pythagoras, the same mix sell today the worthy successor of Pythagoras, the estimable reporter of the Lunar spirits, Hebrew-Latino mr. Marcatos … The last one diagnosed that wrongly some Hellenes resist to the general use of the number 666, because 666 consist the numero-word of the terms “Holy Theophany”, “Theogenic Hellas”, “Goodness”, “Parad(e)ise” and “Iapetos”.

…The above Pythagorian cooking is designed to encourage Hellenes to accept the under the skin laser mark of Bar-Code 666 (like the parallel lines codes on the consumer products) as a diacritic mark of “SHEEP DESTINED FOR SLAUGHTER” from the Islamic infantry battalions (and of Russia and China) in the sinoZionistic motivated 3rd World War, between the (New Age) Christian West and the (Orthodox) Multi-religious East from 2002 till 2009. (This Genocide Mad Scheme was blown open several times by G.H.REES and led to its cancellation and slow down)

Here we will point out the maximum sample of the Lunar Yahwehic Satanism with purpose the genocide of Andromeda Pelasgians and the survival of only the Yellow skinned (Dragonians):

a) The Lunarstoned Hesiod characterize Hellenes as “IAPETOS”=666.

b) The Lunarstoned Pythagoras found out that “All beings came from the Psychogonic Cube, of 6 units sides", namely 6*6*6 or 666.

c) The Lunarstoned Hebrew John in the Lunar “Apocalypse-of New Testament”, Chapter IC 11-18 refers the “χ΄ξ΄ς΄” or 666 as a numero-word of the name of one satanic political beast or nation.

d) The various Lunarstoned Marcatoi (“Marked” in Hellenic) or Marcati encourage Hellenes to mark their skin with 666 Bar Code, that was agreed in the Schengen Treaty.

For the a) and d) we already have commented. For the b) and d), we will speak now. All about the “Psychogonic Cube” is a fraud of Pythagoras, because during the Prelunar Hellenic (Unified) Science era, it was known that all beings are psycho-born, namely self-created from the Dodecahedral Etheric hives of Pentagonal Sides, and not from Cubes of Tetragonal sides. Because all beings are consist from three transmuted per kind dodecahedrals (1. Head – 2. Chest (Solar Plexus) – and 3. Belly), and because every Dodecahedral has six axles of reference, it was a fact for Pre-Lunars that for all the beings the axles of reference (Cartesian Axles) were 6+6+6 (-2) = 16, because the 3 Dodecahedrals have one axis common. So the fraud of Pythagoras disregarded the lack of 18 by 2, and converted the 6+6+6 to 6*6*6 in order to produce one scientific lie and at the same time harmonized with the numero-word of “IAPETOS” = 666.

Why 666? Because the triplet repetition creates emphasis in the superlative degree, and because “with one stone” must hit “two birds” namely the two Pelasgian nations, Hellenes as so called “Iapetos” = 666 and the Romans as “Lateinos” = 666 and by Yahwehic coincidence of geopolitical succession set scence … directly for ROME A’ and indirectly for HELLAS, “Apocalypse” IC 11-18 gives the characterization of the “Satanic Political Beast”.

Justly will ask the reader, why today the Zionists attempt the anabiosis, through the Bar-Code 666, of the two above ancient applications of 666 as “IAPETOS” and “LATEINOS”? This matter demand analysis in other special section because it concerns not only the intellectual or psychical, but literally and our biological integrity as individuals, as Nation of Hellenes and as a Total of Pelasgian Nations of Hellenic White Andromedian Race.”

G.H.REES – “To Diavlos Epsilon Magazine” pages 170-174

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Urgent: to the unions of R.A.F. discharged officers UPDATE

Greek patriot reporter Nick Konstantinides confirmed in public the revelations of G.H.REES (Hellenic Re-establishment Group) from Cypriot sources about the "dead English pilot’s bodies” that lie forgotten into the morgues of Cyprus from July of 1974 till today, forgotten from the already notified authorities of the "English Base" in Cyprus and the English Embassy in Nicosia. Forgotten because if they (officially) “ask” to return them to England, this will wreck havoc against the traitors Philip and Elisabeth who ordered the Royal Air Force to spread lies for 35 years to the British citizens, relatives of those dead pilots, lies such as “they dropped into the sea and they were lost during NATO exercises” (!!!). Nick Konstantides has recorded the above facts into his books and also “On Air” from his Television Broadcast in the channel “Astra” of Volos – Greece in which he appears in permanent broadcasts twice a week. We call the Hellenic recipients of the present message to translate and send with e-mail especially the present paragraph of the text to the Unions and Clubs of discharged officers of the English Royal Air Force, in order for them to notify the living relatives of those dead pilots frοm the period July 1974 to July 1976, to take the bodies from the morgues of Cyprus that they were kept for 35 years and to bury them in England, because the Hellenic land of Cyprus does not tolerate the burial of dishonest traitors “Allies” of the hebrewsaxonic ass of the hebrewsaxonic traitor anti-hellenic “NATO”.

the above is page 67 translation of the following G.Η.REES 3rd world war survival manual:

forward it to the Unions of R.A.F. discharged officers so that the relatives can reclaim the forgotten bodies of those dead pilots.

Supplementary translation of Page 66 of the survival manual:

EIGHT, because today’s fallen “King” of Greece Konstantine B’ Holstein Glucksburg hebrewsaxon, is a ...“worthy” nephew of his uncle and son of the traitor of the Asia Minor War “Prince Andrew of Greece”, meaning the “Prince of Greece Philip” – “Duke of Edinburgh” – “royal husband of Queen Elizabeth of England” – and “Commander in Chief of the English Armed Forces”, with ancestry to the hebrewsaxon house “Oldenburg – Sonderburg – Schleswig HolSTEIN – Glucksburg” and descendant of “King George A’ of Greece” Holstein Glucksburg, who in 1972 gave the order to the “British Air-Force General Staff” or “Royal Air-Force General Staff” or “R.A.F. – General Staff” to send British pilots to Turkey in order to get familiar with the handling of Turkish fighter jets, and who in July of 1974 gave the order to the “R.A.F. – G. S.” for those pilots to participate in the invasion of the Turks in Cyprus (July 1974), by bombarding from Air the positions of the Greek-Cypriot army and of the Greek Army of EL.DY.K. (Hellenic Force of Cyprus), under the cover of a mock-bluff “exercise of “N.A.T.O.”, with the complicity of “N.A.T.O. – General Staff" of Brussels and of the American Pentagon (U.S.A. Pentagon Army Joint Staff) (!!!) as an anti-hellenic hebrewsaxonic Mongolic command of genocide planning against Greeks all over the earth.

Hellenic source:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010




If “from the claws is judged the Lion”, then “from the lack of knowledge is judged the Barbarian”

We explain:
Before you take the position of the Leader of Hellenism following your void ambitions, we judge necessary to educate you with Fundamental Elements of Hellenism, in order to make easy for you … your Christ-agreeable and Mary-agreeable work, if of course the great Mary does not object to those that involve her name with disrespectful play on words, and even more disrespectful symbols of Hellenes:




Cosmic Egg of Orphism
(Triune Universe – Trionians - Triplet Dodecahedrals of Oscillated Ether)


1) West: Territories western of the meridian that crosses the Island of Delos.
Center: Delphi
(“civilization matrix(womb)”, Hellas of Female cultural trend, aka Delphi means Womb)

2) Center: Meridian that crosses the Island of Delos: Apollonian Center of the Planet.
Planetary Center.
(Replaced by the Hebrew Saxons with today’s Greenwich meridian of England)

3) East: Territories eastern of the meridian that crosses the Island of Delos.
Center: Sardeis
(“Trojans – Troskon – Penetration”, Hellas of Male cultural trend – of Minor Asia)


1) Clockwise stellar, galactic, nebula systems
Stellar spirals under relatively inspissation.
Female spirals.

2) Relatively static “planetary”, galactic, nebula systems.
Stellar “Crowns” of simplex exit.
Androgynous “Crowns”.

3) Anticlockwise stellar, galactic, nebula systems.
Stellar spirals under relatively rarification.
Male spirals.


1) Clockwise “Biotic(al)” proteins aminobases, RNA.
Atomicity properties –OH Base.

2) Relatively Static “Amphibiotic(al)” proteins, aminosalts.
Atomicity properties: Zero

3) Anticlockwise “Antibiotic(al)” proteins, aminoacids.
Atomicity properties: +H Acid.


1) Clockwise Cosmic Radiation and Cymatics.

2) Polarized under levels Cosmic Radiation and Cymatics.

3) Anticlockwise Cosmic Radiation and Cymatics.


1) Clockwise torque core of the two atomic cores.

2) The Center “Crown” of the two atomic cores
(represented by the symbol of infinity. For more study Hippopedian orbits, Hippopede discovered by the great ancient Hellenian mathematician Eudoxos of Cnidus)

3) Anticlockwise torque core of the two atomic cores.


1) “Female” Chemical Elements of negative chemical atomicity
“ – “ Inspissations

2) “Gender-bender” Chemical Elements.Chemical atomicity
“+” and “-“ Inert Elements.

3) “Male” Chemical Elements of positive chemical atomicity
“ + “ Rarifications


1) Integrals “S”, “SS”, “SSS” and differential calculus of negative numbers

2) Calculus Reversal (Cause <= 0 => Effect) on the “Crown” of “Zero”.
(Autogenic Bipartition of Zero or neutral initial Ether into original Dodecahedral Particles of Bipolar Ether, Autogenesis of Universal Organism under “Orphic Calculus”. For more study Proclus Theorems, Last Commander of the Plato Academy in Athens, right before its destruction from Byzantium ignorantists.)

3) Integrals “S”, “SS”, “SSS” and differential calculus of positive numbers.


1) Kinetic Geometry Calculus of Clockwise Regular Solids.

2) Relatively Static Geometry Calculus of a Pair “Crown” of Solids.

3) Kinetic Geometry Calculus of Anticlockwise Regular Solids.

“Draco” or “Snake”: Cymatic Physics /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ of Ancient Hellenes.



Read Also:
Frauds of the Extra-cosmic Logos and Hebrew Pseudoscience criticized by Hellenic Unified Science

MENTAL DUELS: Smash of the Extra-universal Logos madness

Saturday, January 2, 2010

13.500 years of Lunar ...presence of the "Lord": the Solar Plexus way of escape

In order to keep a healthy body you must surrounded by healthy and not negative feelings. In other case, the Solar Plexus of Breast-Heart shed poisons that first dissolute the heart muscles and the lungs, and then dissolute the brain neurons, the kidneys and the rest organs of the body. Those results are expressed by the literal popular expressions “You broke my heart”, “He lost his mind due to sadness”, “you have burned my entrails” etc.We put forward a list of bipolar contrariwise Positive and Negative feelings that are caused by:


Dominant feeling of duty
Dominant feeling of rights


Heroic self-sacrificed aggressive courage
Selfish self-seeking passive cowardice-fear

Security under duels-fights
Insecurity under idleness


Calm alertness
Anger, wrath, narcotics, alcohol


Natural harmony of: sounds, colors, logos, works, arts, music, etc.
Unnatural discordance of: sounds, colors, logos, works, arts, music, etc.

Hellenic passion of conscientiousness
SinoZionistic unconsciously apathy of Buddhism

Fatherhood, motherhood, nurture of children as a supreme biological function
Childlessness in a life without purpose

Honest work, creation
Abuses, laziness, idleness, sinecurism, theft

Sociability, friendship
Unsociability, isolation

Syzygy, fellowship with opposite gender
Genetic indiscreetness, degenerate life, homosexuality

Parents caring inside your home, reciprocality
Parents abandonment into elders hospitals, ungratefulness

Ethnism, racism of Nation-family
Internationalism of Nation-Country and race renegades

To live for benefit of Nation-Race-Intelligent Gaia-Universal Organism
To live only for yourself and your close environment

It is not required a high intelligence in order for someone to observe that the listed Negative Feelings are the “ideals” of the “progressive democratic forces” of the left-right wing parties, of the religions, of the a-philosophical trends (the “a” in front is not a mistake) and of the way of life (Rock-Sex-Drugs etc) that were founded by the Zionists and by the Sinists of the Asiatic Priesthoods of Sin or Sina or Sion-Zion-Sem, Governor of the Ship Selene, with purpose the destruction of White Pelasgians and Hellenes.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Health Prosperity and Awakening to All Beings!

Don't be alerted by 2012 sinoZionist motivated catastrophologies and Armageddonologies.
2012 and the following years will be an awakening and evolutionary leap for Gaia and humanity not a planetary destruction!