Saturday, January 30, 2010

URGENT: G.H.REES message to professor D.Nanopoulos and CERN LHC Astrophysicists

We order the recipients of the present G.H.REES signal to relay to the 4th in order astrophysicist of the planet, Hellene Professor of Astrophysics Mr.
Dimitrios Nanopoulos ( , ) the below message:

“Mr. Professor, we order you to relay to the governments of “USA” and “Switzerland” and to the addresses of the “CERN” and “FERMI” accelerators the below message of anonymous Hellenes Astrophysicists, who work with Physics of 18 (16) Space Dimensions “Three Dodecahedrals” [(6+6+6)-2 => 16], and “n-th” Dimensions of fragmetric (numerous barriers) rarifications of matter-energy:
Cease the development of extremely high energies inside the particle accelerators, because there is a chance, some “entirely frontal” particles collision or “collision of full sub-particles banishment deadlock” to cause in the collision point “lack of background matter-energy”, with final result the transition of all the superjacent dimensions of “fragmetric inspissation of matter-energy” by level of inspissation “-1”, namely the transition of matter from all the area of “CERN” in a state of sub-atomic particles, in the nature of a gigantic nuclear explosion, “OF UNKNOWN POINT OF FISSION PAUSE”, - or “POINT OF BACKGROUND MATTER-ENERGY COUNTERBALANCE” - with full destruction of the planet._
In any case, even during collisions of low energy particles, IT IS IMPERATIVE to have removed from the collisions space the maximum possible quantity of gas “Helium” atoms and rest chemical elements of ZERO CHEMICAL ATOMICITY, namely chemical ELEMENTS OF ABSOLUTE SYMMETRY of matter-antimatter and absolute symmetry of the “THIRD STATE OF MATTER” or according to our terminology “Middle-Matter” or “Neutral-matter”, that you appear to have discovered, but “funnily enough” it has been discovered by the Ancient Hellenes Astrophysicists who used the terminology “Matter of Crown Production” or simple “CROWN MATTER” or “CROSSWISE MATTER” of the “Atom’s Orbital Hippopede” by Eudoxus of Cnidus:
with “Matter” symbolism the , with “Anti-matter” symbolism the , and with “Middle-matter” symbolism the .

… In case the Gas “Helium” and the rest absolute symmetrical chemical elements aren’t removed from the particles accelerators, there is the danger, from “an absolute frontal collision of particles”, to cause a chain fission of the Earth’s atmospheric “Helium” Gas, a chain fission OF THE SPACE “HELIUM”, and a chain fission of the “Helium” Gas of our Sun, with nuclear explosion of our Sun and a destruction of the solar system._
Our warning is the SECOND that is addressed to the body of Nuclear Physicists. The first warning for the cancellation of Fission – Nuclear explosion of the Gas “Helium” in “Atom Bombs of Helium”, due to DANGER OF CHAIN NUCLEAR FISSION OF “HELIUM” OF OUR STAR-SUN, was addressed to the American Laboratory “LIVERMORE” by Tibetan Monks who arrived in “USA” from Tibet, through India, obviously informed by their spiritual sessions. Obeying to this warning, “USA” cancelled the development of “Helium” Gas Atom Bombs._


G.H.REES Unified sciences Department

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