Tuesday, February 2, 2010

G.H.REES advanced inner fission MASER technology against our adversaries

In today’s common between the “super-powers” nuclear technology, for the splitting-of fissionable material, is used the “caveman” way, of the brake of the grand-neutrons of the spherical cloaks of the atoms, from fast grand-neutrons spherical cloaks of another fissionable material, such as the super-light metal “lithium”. In this case, for the nuclear explosion, it isn’t required only the breaking of the spherical cloak, but also a “pre-diathesis” of this atom to explode, considered as a nuclear hyper-pressure of radiations-matter in its internal.
This hyper-pressure, as to the under-pressure of cosmic radiation in the internal of the atom, was created due to the rise of the atom through volcanic lava, from the environment of major external radiation density of the earth’s fiery zone, to the environment of minor external radiation of the earth’s surface, or due to exit of the atom from the hyper-pressure radiation environment of an enrichment reactor, to an under-pressure radiation out of the reactor.

Analogy: one radioactive fissionable atom of matter is like a fish, which was brought out from a depth of 1000 meters. In this depth, the fish has normal size. But in the surface is inflated like a balloon, ready to explode with a minimum hole in its skin, due to a difference in pressures. The above means that one nuclear bomb is automatically useless, if it is brought down to a great earth’s depth, because then its fissionable material is again present in its natural environment and has no tension to explode whatsoever. On the contrary, there is a case of auto-explosion of super-heavy nuclear material e.g. MD-101, NO-120, LG-103, when this is carried to a great height away from the earth’s surface, or in an environment of total artificial absorption of radiation.
Except from the “caveman”, there is a “gentle” way of breaking the atom that is valid not only for the radioactive materials, but even also for the lighter metals, such as lithium and beryllium. This is achieved with amplifiers of microwaves beam (MASERS) of ultra-high frequency and capable to coordinate with the rotating frequencies of the electrons and anti-electrons, around their cores. This cause the orbits collapse of the contra-rotating sub-atomic particles, with final result the triple breaking of the spherical cloak, from the inside, from the 3 nucleons (proton, anti-proton, minor-neutron), and not from the outside, with shot of a grand-neutron or other “fissionable” material.

This “gentler” way of nuclear splitting, has been tested successfully in the laboratories of G.H.REES over conean coccus of all the chemical elements up to bismuth, and the results were all the time the same. The nuclear explosion that was observed, was about tenfold in burst in comparison with this that would result from a theoretical outside breach of the material, with major zero point energy and cosmic hydrogen split for the production of lift in outer space. The above are not written for a knowledge display to the readers or to the circus of mr.Pan.Toulatos(A theosophical mason). They are written as a clear warning to the Sino-zionist political and military HQs: If they attempt a Balkan ignition or an Asiatic Ignition with Iraq as prelude – pretext of World War III, will get themselves in front of a grand surprise. Materials of military buildings, ground vehicles, marine ships, aircrafts etc, are all fissionable.

G.H.REES has forwarded the above technology of atoms fission MASER gun AND to the Hellenes of the homogeny, AND to other-nationalities anti-Zionists outside of Hellas.

G.H.REES to Diavlos Epsilon Maganize 1998

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