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Urgent Signal of National and Planetary Security by the Prytaneum of G.H.REES

Urgent signal of National and Planetary Security by the Prytaneum of G.H.REES GROUP OF HELLENIC RE-ESTABLISHMENT to the Hellene Officers of Privates of the 3 Weapons, of the Hellenic Police, and of the Hellenic Secret Service, and to the Goverments, Officers of the 3 Weapons, Police Departments, and Security Services, of all States, through the Hellenic Webpages, and through the Embassies of those States, especially of China and the Islamic nations of the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China) or “Shanghai Pact”.

Athens 21.02.2010 Local Time 22:00


In 17.02.2010 and local time 09:00 in the morning, the representative of G.H.REES, delivered 5 envelopes to 5 members of the Russian Embassy in Athens, namely to the Ambassador, to the Military Attache, to the Commercial Attache, to the Intellectual Attache, to the Security Service of the Embassy for the Russian Intelligence Service “FSB”.


A: Evidence for the plan of “HONG” China, of “AOA” London, and of “NSA”-USA, to cause an Economic collapse of Russia through a “NATO” commanded destruction of the Natural Gas and Oil Pipelines in Balkans, from the Armies of the “B.A.S.T./R.” axis (Bulgaria – Ablania – Skopje – Turkey – Rοmania), during the planned attack of those armies against Greece in the Spring of 2010.

B: Evidence for the Extermination of the Russian Army and for the Annihilation of all Russian Non-combatants from the Chinese and North Korean armies during the antepenultimate phase of the plan of Chinese Lodge “HONG” for the conduct of the 3rd World War or Armageddon.

C: Evidence for the collusion and conspiracy of all Greek Political Parties and especially of the Hebrew-greek Papandreou – Mineiko of “PASOK” and of the Turk-albanian George Karatzaferis of the party “LAOS 666” of the Hellenes “Epsilon Group” with the Leaders of “B.A.S.T./R.”, with coordination of the above conspiracy by the “NSA”-USA and by the “Intelligence Service”-London, with purpose the destruction of the Greek Army by the Armies of “B.A.S.T./R.” in the Spring of 2010.

D: Evidence for the essential ignition of the 3rd World War from the leaders of “LAOS”: Turk-albanian George Karatzaferis, Pseudo-Paleologos Dragazis, and Paul Glucksburg fallen successor of the Greek Throne as Hebrewsaxons of Denmark, who by the corresponding positions of Prime minister, Emperor, and Commander-in-chief of the “Hellenic Empire 666” of the “Epsilon Group” of “LAOS” with Constantinople as their base, will be positioned by the “NSA”-USA as Typical Leaders of the Armies of the Axles “US.E.J.” (USA – Europe – Japan) and “T.I.M.” (Tibet – India – Mongolia), namely as Typical Leaders of “NATO” and of “SEATO” for the military attack against the axis “R.I.C.” (Russia – Islam – China), with motivation the refusal of the nations of “R.I.C” to put on their citizens the Under the skin – Microchips “666” of the “Epsilon” of “LAOS”, and with motivation the refusal of “R.I.C” to state Economical and Political-military obedience to the “Hellenic Empire 666” of “Epsilon” of “LAOS”.
Purpose: The counter-attack of the “R.I.C.” Armies and complete genocide of India and of the White populations of “US.E.J.”

E: Evidence for the plans of “HONG” for the following complete genocide of the White and Black Race, for the complete genocide of the Whiteyellow and of the Blackyellow Mongols, and for the complete genocide of the White – Black – Whiteyellow and Blackyellow populations of the Islamic Nations and of Russia by the Armies of China and North Korea, who today deviously pretend the Allies of the Islamic Nations and of Russia.

Through the Russian Embassy of Athens, were given to the Russian Government detailed evidence for the treasonous collusion-conspiracy of the political parties “New Democracy” and “PASOK” of Greece with the leaders of “B.A.S.T./R.” axis, with purpose the extermination of the Greek Army by the assault of “B.A.S.T./R.” in the Spring of 2010.

Some of this evidence is:
1st: The devious lack of torpedoes for the new submarines “U-214”.
2nd: The devious lack of common and anti-tank kinetic energy projectiles for the Greek Tanks.
3rd: The cancellation – withdrawal of the Greek anti-aircraft systems of automatic targeting “Artemis-30” from the minister of “PASOK” Hebrew-Turk Tourgoutsoglou or Tourgout – Venizelos.
4th: The devious complete lack of “TOMA” namely Combat Armored Vehicles for Infantry, which must be 3.400 namely double the number of the Greek Tanks, according to the New Doctrines of War.
The military industry of Volos “Kioleidis SA” modernized to the level of “BMP-3” two of the old Russian “TOMA” “BMP-1” from the 500 received from East Germany, and proposed the modernization of the rest 498, but the traitors politicians of Greece of the two Governmental Parties refused, and gave as a gift the 500 “TOMA” “BMP-1” to Afghanistan.
RESULT: The Greek Heavy Tanks are now vulnerable from the crawl Turks anti-tankers who are being carried by the Turkish “TOMA”, with double numbers compared to the Turkish Tanks, according to the Modern Doctrines of War that are being applied from United States and Israel.
5th: The devious lack of bullets 5,56mm and 7,62mm for the Units of the Greek Infantry, Marines, and Special Forces, with result the men of the above units to commit exercises by faking with their mouth the sound of shooting, as they do companies of children with their fake guns.

By receiving the 5 Envelopes, the Officials of the Russian Embassy in Athens, showed sincere surprise to the Titles – Subjects of the contents, and stated to the G.H.REES representative that those documents will be analyzed until the last word by the Russian Embassy and by the Russian Government.

The Russian Ambassador and the 3 above mentioned attaches, report to the corresponding 4 senior Russian ministers:
The Security Service of the Russian Embassy reports to the Russian minister of Public Order and to the Russian minister of National Security or “FSB”. Namely, 6 Ministers of Russia are now total informed for the criminal genocidal plans of “HONG” China and of “NSA”-USA against Russia and the Islamic Nations. The Ambassadors have the automatic duty to parallel report to the Presidents and to the Prime ministers of their countries. Therefore the above documents of G.H.REES, were in the hands of the Russian President Medvedev, of the Prime minister of Russia Putin, and 6 Russian ministers in the noon of 17/2/2010 taken in mind that the documents were delivered to the Russian Embassy also and in Electronic form, namely CD-PDF, able for instant transfer through codified Internet.

Despite the disclosure of the criminal plans of “HONG” of “AOA” and of “NSA”-USA, the above mentioned G.H.REES documents, advise the Russian Government to Cancel and Arrest the Planned Military Assault of “B.A.S.T./R.”, planned by the “NSA” against Greece, because if this assault materialize, then Russia will definitely be involved into all the phases of the World War 3 scheme of “HONG”, with result the total genocide of the Russian white and white-yellow Mongols from the Armies of the “Kingdom of Jehovah” (Sin-Sina-Sion-Zion), namely of China and of North Korea.

For the above reasons G.H.REES advised the Russian Government to send now an Ultimatum to all the countries of “B.A.S.T./R.” and to the countries that have military installations of “US.E.J.”, namely of “NATO” inside of “B.A.S.T./R.”, with Ultimatum content as follows:
“The planned military assault of the “B.A.S.T./R.” countries, with incitement of “NATO” will be devastating for the Russian Economy and for the survival of the Russian citizens, additionally will involve Russia into a World War, which will end to a total annihilation of Russia. For the above reasons we warn you that in any attempt for military assault against Greece for the ignition of this 3rd World War, we will abort this assault of yours through a preemptive destruction of your countries and the “NATO” bases in your countries (US base in Kosovo, in the Skopje-Kosovo border etc), with Intercontinental Nuclear Ballistic Missiles “ICBM”."

From Greek-Russians and Russian friends, G.H.REES was informed that in Thursday 18/2/2010, Friday 19/2/2010, Saturday 20/2/2010, and Sunday 21/2/2010 until the time of the editing of the present signal, namely Greece Local time 22:00, there was and continues to exist a chaotic and unprecedented mobilization of Governmental vehicles and Officials between the Governmental Buildings in Moscow. We do not know the reason of this mobilization. We assume, because in the G.H.REES documents to the Russian embassy, is written that if the military assault of “B.A.S.T./R.” with command of the American “NSA” against Greece is materialized in the Spring of 2010, namely from March of 2010, then Russia is 15 days away from its total Economical destruction, and 3 years away from its biological annihilation and total genocide from the Chinese army in 2012.

In case the Russian Government understands, and will understand, the size of the lethal danger that threatens Russia, then except from the guns of G.H.REES, the Hebrew-Greeks and the Greek Masons Traitors Politicians of all Parties, and especially the disgraceful traitors provocateurs “Epsilon” and the traitors Parliament members – and members followers of “LAOS” and of “Epsilon”, will have pointed at their heads AND the guns of the men of the Russian Secret Service “FSB”, AND of the Secret Services of the Islamic Nations of “Shanghai Pact” or “R.I.C.”, which also the “Epsilon” and “LAOS” lead them to genocide in the Chinese Armageddon.

For the above reasons, we first ask from the Hellenes non-masons Officers of the 3 Weapons, of the Police, and of the Secret Service, to exterminate NOW all the Greek Politicians of all Parties, to exterminate NOW all the -without exception- masons traitors Greek Generals followers of the “Global Kingdom of Jehovah” namely of China, and to exterminate NOW all the Greek Masons sects of the Chinese “Kingdom of Jehovah” who belong to the Greek Magistracy and to the Executive Power. Exterminate them NOW – NOW – NOW because they prepare the annihilation of the Greek Army by the armies of “B.A.S.T./R.”, and here is how:
The Hebrew minister of Defense destruction, Tourgoutsoglou – Venizelos, gave an order to de-arm the 1/3, namely the 30% of the Greek armed forces, and to withdraw the 30% of the Greek weapons allegedly due to Economy reasons. The same one cancelled the Greek Exercise “SARISA” of Macedonia allegedly for the same reasons. The same one cancelled the celebration and the parade of 25th March allegedly for the same reasons, in order to zero the moral of the Greek Army in front of the military assault of “B.A.S.T./R.” against Greece in the coming March, namely 10 days from today.

We call all the Governments of all Countries and especially of the Islamic Countries and of Russia, to send agents of their secret services in order to annihilate NOW the members of the Greek traitors provocateurs “Epsilon”, the Parliament Members and the members of “LA.O.S.”, and the leaders of “LAOS” George Karatzaferis, Pseudo-Paleologos Dragazis, Paul Glucksburg, residents of London and of Danish court, because all the above are conspiring under the orders of “HONG” China and of “NSA”-USA, for their involvement into the 3rd World War and for their final genocide from the Chinese and Korea Armies.
Read G.H.REES documents in the following WebPages:,,, etc

We call the Governments of the “NATO” Pact to dissolve right now “NATO” and withdraw their military forces from all the Islamic and Asiatic countries, because through “NATO”, “HONG” of China and the American “NSA” lead these Western Countries to a genocide from the counter-attacking Chinese Army.

We call the Governments of the “Shanghai Pact” or “R.I.C” to dissolve the “Shanghai Pact” and mainly to cancel their ally status with China, because the lodge “HONG” of China is preparing for them a total genocide, after the defeat of the axis “US.E.J.” namely of “NATO” from the Armies of “R.I.C”.

We call the Goverments of India and of External Mongolia to expel right now all the Tibetans from their territories and dissolve the axis “T.I.M.” (Tibet – India – Mongolia) because the American Pentagon is ready to send troops for the “Deliverance” of the Provocateur Tibet from China. If you take position as an ally to this provocateur assault of “NATO” with orders of “NSA” against China for allegedly “the deliverance of Tibet”, then the Chinese Army by counter-attacking, will genocide 1.5 billion Hindus and Mongols of External Mongolia, according to the scheme of Chinese “HONG”.

Finally, we call the Goverments of the Mongolian axis “B.A.S.T./R.” Bulgaria, Albania, Skopje, Turkey, Rοmania, to not attempt a military assault against Greece, because if they do then they open the way AND of their genocide from the Chinese and North-Korean armies in 2012, according to the G.H.REES documents delivered to the Greek Webpages.

Any Government that wishes to be annihilated and also its country, from the Chinese army, is called to not take seriously the present Signal of National and Planetary Security.

Any Government that wishes to survive and also its country, is called to apply right away the instructions of the present Signal of National and Planetary Security.

Through Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yianni
Deliverer of the G.H.REES documents
G.H.REES Magnesia Readership
Elpidos 12, N.Ionia – Volos – Hellas

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Translate the above message to your native language and forward it to as many of your compatriots as you can. (Military – Police – Government - Intelligence Services)

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