Sunday, August 22, 2010


This infomation is published worldwide for the first time in History after 13.500 years of Dragonian ruthless mind control propaganda.

translation of the above in the English Terran Combatible Language:


Necessary urgent restoration of the natural biological organic functions of the Universal Organism in Anthropology – Fauna and Flora – Geology of the Universal Cell “Gaia”._


“Galactic isophotes curves”
(Curves of Light of the points of Equal Light volume)

Alength artificial record – limits abatement of the Galactic Being – “Isophotes” According to astronomers: Hasapis (Greek) – Hopmann (German)

Photocopy page 735 of “Modern Popularized Astronomy” by astronomer K.S.Hasapis

It was given in 1998 from G.H.REES to the treasonous “Diavlos Epsilon” magazine.


Alength “TRUE” record of the limits of the Galactic Being. Contortion of the trails due to undetermined refraction of light inside the Galactic Body. (Gravitational Lens)

The Black – Dark area in the right section of the Diagram, is named by the Establishment Pseudo-Science as “Carbon Bags“. Of course ...the Carbon is only existent inside the minds of the Rabbis.
This is the Brain – Neuron area of the Intelligent Galactic Organism – a Universal area of maximum rarifications.


The network of the Galactic coordinates in Diagram C’ is considered as transparent.

Alength and width true record of the limits of the Hyper-Anthropoid Galactic Being.
Galactic Isophotes according to G.H.REES. Astrophysics Department.

In Diagram C’ the Galactic Meridians are “considered” with differentia of 5 Degrees and not 10 Degrees as is displayed in A’ and B’ Diagrams where the Galactic “Sphere” is deployed as a plane.

G.H.REES to Hellenes:
You are the upmost micro-organisms of the Intelligent Hyper-Anthropoid Being Gaia, as a cell homoeomorphous of the Being Sun, as a cell homoeomorphus of the Being Galaxy, as a cell homoeomorphus of the Universal Being.
Abandon false Dodecatheisms – JudeoChristianisms – Masonisms – Theosophisms – Rosicrucianisms – Martinisms – Epsilonisms – Crinumeagleanisms – Satanisms – Spiritualisms and rest Religions of the Lunaroids.
Harmonize your self with biological – organic – functions of the above mentioned Universal Cells, if you choose to survive living inside the ongoing Global and Space War 1999 – 2012.
The Gods and Messiahs – Middlemen of all the Terran Religions are alternative Lunar frauds. You are accountable and liegemen only to the One Universal Visible Organism, through the Living Intelligent Gaia.

ATTENTION: The by identity crooks Theosophists – Rosicrucians – Crinumeagleists – Epsilon Group, through their instrument “Diavlos Epsilon” magazine and through books written by the managers of “Diavlos Epsilon”, are trying to intercept – distort – abuse – “coalescence” of the Diagrams A’ – B’ – C’ with Dodecatheist – Buddist lies, with purpose the promotion of the Hebrew-Pakistani Rahmand Ahmand or “Maitreya”, as allegedly incarnation of the Pythagorean Dodecatheist Apollonius of Tyana, and of Dionysus, “Leader of Epsilon” and son of the non existent “Zeus God”.
(Blog's comment: Zeus, In reality a hyper-scientist Andromedian Federal Government Planetary Commander who in Atlantis time tactically retreated to the four external planets of our Solar System and now is again in attack battle-ready position in Planet Saturn with Federal Galactic Government multidimensional major reinforcements, against the Dragonian/Cronian faction of the pseudo-“Galactic Federation of Light”)._

G.H.REES to Hellenes:
Destroy the places of gatherings of the above mentioned hebrewsaxon gangs speciallized in intellectual – emotional annihilation of people, and exterminate intellectually and morally their members.
You are the “White Corpuscles” and unsolicited Hero-Fighters of the Universal Organism.

Hellenes, descendants of Andromedian Hellenes,
In 2012 is about to arrive in Earth’s orbit the Federal Galactic Government Combat Astrofleet of the Andromedian Hellenes against the Lunaroids and their genetic Dragonian Terran Hybrids and Intermarriages: Chinese – Mongols – Hebrews, with origins the mutineer’s constellation Draco of our Local Galaxy.

1999: From G.H.REES Demolition of Gods – Religions – Masonism – Theosophy, and Construction of Knowledge of Universal Organic Biology of the Universal Organism.

Planetary Hellenes, White and Black Awakened race,

Send Requests towards the Universal Organism through the Living Intelligent Gaia, with high tone of voice in quiet country areas away from the noisy big-city centers.
Inform yourself about those Requests procedures from the following LINK:

G.H.REES Prytaneum – Group of Hellenic Re-Establishment
Athens – January 1980 – To Hellenes – Through E/R/Rdrshp/G.H.REES Magnesia
Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis
Additional Information: 1999

G.H.REES Planetary Portal: U.O./A/A/A/S: Universal Organism/Andromeda/Andromeda/Andromeda/Sirius


  1. I consider myself very lucky to have meet Mr Hasapis's son and be a student of him in his teachings in photography and human perception of light.
    He never used the common Hellenic term ήλιος (sun), when he was referring to our sun, he always called this celestial body as ηλιακός δίσκος (solar disk).
    That is a clear hint of the huge difference between the two terms for those who innerstand the truth Hellenic science.

  2. That is very interesting Perseas!
    Can you please elaborate with more details on your contact with Mr. Hasapis's son and about the Solar Disc issue?
    What is also your opinion about G.H.REES Research and its connection with the research of Astronomers Hasapis and Hoppman?
    If you wish to contact the blog privately the email is:

  3. Mr Stavros Hasapis is a well known cinematographer and he was DP in the Tonia Marketaki's movie "Crystal nights".
    This movie revealed many dark secrets and atrocities of Nazi-illuminati during the WW II and the way they treated the Hellenes in Athens, showing
    hundred dead bodies in the streets, deaths from hunger, mystical ceremonies, Thouli organization, Hebrew vs Orthodox dogma.
    This movie was very disturbing for the "political correct" audience in Cannes, where it met huge reaction, especially from the Germans and all the cryptohebrews journalists.
    Tonia Marketaki, an avid reader and translator of ancient Hellenes philosophers, an authentic Hellen Woman, died from a sudden heart attack two year later ...
    I met her briefly and as an answer for your questions about my opinion, I have to say that you have to meet a man with an innerstanding in person and be informed of his energetic field only by your own awareness as a criterion for true or false gnosis.

    G.H.REES Research has exposed many scientific, historical, political, racial, economical, sexual and social fallacies and fairy tale stories made by Aliens and their human allies, in order to shape the intellect of the modern neo-Hellen, or better the modern "Greek citizen". That is the real meaning of the word information, to in-form, to shape something from within.

    Scientifically speaking HELIOS and SOLAR DISK is not the same thing and a true scientist when teaches his students, even if they are unaware of the truth, he uses the language impeccably to remind into their DNA via the sound of his voice that they have been reprogrammed with a distorted field of perception, a religious tectonic view of reality, a phenomenological Allegory of the Cave. Re-member what Plato said about the way the guards of the cave scare and keep the people inside their virtual world, they use σκιάχτρα, false dogmas, religions, political structures, bipolar beliefs etc.
    Plato is so specific, that he even refers that people cannot see the guards, but only the projected shadows of the mental artifacts that guards put above their heads. Did that remind you of our social structure?

    Key words in a mind controlled brain trigger different responses, changing the interpretation of reality and the Systems of Belief (BullShits).
    Mind Control and Neurolinguistic Programming are technology, (τέχνη του λόγου) art of Logos, and the highest form is Hellen Logos.

    Why do we refer ourselves and our country abroad as Greeks and Greece?
    When do we find the first reference of that term and under what conditions lived Hellenes when this term was created?
    What was in that period their geopolitical status?

    The real Gnosis is acquired through questioning and syllogism via interpretation, knowledge of history and geography, using Logic as Aristotle teaches it, while must be proved experimentally via repetition anytime in anyplace with no exceptions.

    A true teacher does reverse engineering in the mind of his students to help them unlearn the false and discover on their own their identity in the Cosmos, keeping their passion for truth and freedom intact.