Monday, March 22, 2010

Introduction to the Legendary G.H.REES

G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-Establishment) International Bellum Mentalis Andromedian Portal.

G.H.REES is a semi-transparent Ultra Powerful Hellenic Organization first established in 1947 from a group of Hellenes Generals with Commander in Chief the Hellene War hero General Papagos. Under original bankroll from 3rd Reich loots through the partner of Papagos Anti-Hitlerian Double Agent of Abwehr Von Kanaris (of Hellenic Origin) this Legendary Hellenocentric Group begun activity in the Geopolitical and Geostrategic sector with studies that concerned National Security. Later on they expanded their research in every scientific sector by deciphering several universal and historical well kept secrets and by breaking the Geopolitical codes of the adversaries.

By using advanced technology, logical rules, by the process of reductio ad absurdum, and by cross-reference research into the Ancient Hellenic, Ancient Hindu-Sanskrit and other texts of independent non masons researchers, this organization made possible the impossible, namely the full restoration of the Hellenic Andromedian Mathematical Proto-Language and the full restoration of the Unified Pre-Lunar Andromedian Sciences and with them developed Neutrino Technology and Maser Weapons in levels even higher of the superpowers counterparts. With this powerful knowledge and technology in their hands unlocked the complete Terra and Spaceborn History and Prehistory concerning Hellenes, the White and Black Race. Philosophy – Way of Life – Tendentiousness – Diachronically Adversaries and Allies – Survival Solutions etc. Their members achieved to infiltrate directly or indirectly almost everywhere: Masonic Lodges – Goverments – Secret Services – Army etc. Many foreign Agents and Local Greek Ephialtes (Traitors) tried to infiltrate and breach the armor of G.H.REES in order to disclose and eliminate the members of the G.H.REES Prytaneum. They all failed.

The Organization begun its public activity in 1974 with thousands pages of Freely Distributed revolutionary Documents and Signals to the Hellenic People and the 3 Powers (Legislative – Executive – Judicial) categorized in various “Generations”:
Generation A’: Ecological (100% True), Generation B’: In favour of Zeus (Semi-true) , Generation C’: In favour of Prometheus (Semi-true), Generation D’: In favour of Christ (Semi-true), Generation E’: In favour of Universal Organism (100% True) – and terminal phase up to 2012 (home-stretch Documents 100% True)

Its main purpose today is to Awaken the Planetary Hellenism, the White Pelasgian Andromedian Race and the Black Indigenous Sirian Race of their glorious roots in History and Pre-History, and to maintain the National and Planetary Security by publicizing on time the Stratagems of the Adversary in order to Foil Catastrophes and the general Dragonian-Chinese Genocidal Program code named “Armageddon” until 2012, which according to the Group’s Research is the Ultimatum Year for the intervention of the Superior Andromedian Starfleet that is about to come for our rescue from the 13.500 years of presence of the Lunar “Lord” Sin-Sion-Zion-Jedi-Sedi-Jude-Judas-PseudoJehovah-PseudoSupremeBeing and to fully restore our planet in Golden Era Justice Principles which was the Harmonized with Natural Laws Governance, before the appearance of the Moon.

It was originally the G.H.REES that Predicted about the Year 2012 from its first Documents “In favour of Zeus” in the beginning of the 80’s. Later the panicked Masonic Lodges responded with telecontrolled writers “Zombies” and other Agents in order to distort and spread lies and semi-truths in regard to this year, by completely distorting and stealing the G.H.REES original documents.

The Apostates of the U.O. and the even more emetic Ephialtes Greek-Cronian Traitors is expected to be handled with ..."special care" by the incoming interstellar storm of Adrasteia and Nemesis.

ΕΣΣΕΤΑΙ ΗΜΑΡ – The day is coming.


  1. Το σχολιο μου δεν εχει καμμια σχεση με το περιεχομενο της σελιδας αυτης. Απλα θα ηθελα να σας πω παρολο οτι θα σας φανει παραλογο οτι εχω την εντυπωση οτι οι ιστοσελιδες σας παρακολουθουντε διοτι καθε φορα πους τις κοιταζω ο ηλεκτρονικος μου υπολογιστης παρουσιαζει προβληματα του τυπου, εξαφανισης των ελληνικων σελιδων, χανονται ολα τα ηλεκτρονικα μηνυματα που στελλω εγω ενω φαινονται να εχουν φυγει, δεν παιρνω μηνυματα η τα παιρνω με καθυστερηση. Ευχαριστω.


  3. Most important information for everyone to understand. Thanks for your big efforts. I will forward your link to people I know.

  4. Like many people, I do not want to just sit and wait for Armageddon. What can I do to resist the Sinese-Zionist-Dragonian Cancerous Matrix? Awakening people to this bizarre earth is proving difficult!

    I will place a link to your blog from mine, so that you will hopefully gain some visitors and useful sponsorship. Anything else?