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Addition “1”: Devious reasoning and tendentiousness of the “Bloomberg” Advise – Proposal against Greece and Russia

Addition “1” from the G.H.REES Readership Magnesia: Devious reasoning and tendentiousness of the “Bloomberg” Advise – Proposal against Greece and Russia

Addition “1” from the G.H.REES Readership Magnesia with the approval of G.H.REES Prytaneum Athens over the G.H.REES document dated 23.03.2010 with title: ”Conspiracy of Silence for the Russian Economical Support proposal to Greece

Volos 24.03.2010

After the instant broad publicizing in 20.03.2010 of the 19.03.2010 Russian Official Proposal for the full unlimited Russian lending and Economical - Political support to Greece, from the Hellenic Webpage “HellenandChaos” which sent 7.000 E-mails to all the 300 Parliament Members of the Greek Parliament and to all the Greek Television Networks – Newspapers – Radios – and rest thousands Greek Responsible Officials, and after the failure of the deliberate devious concealment of the above mentioned Russian Proposal from the treasonous Greek Government of “PASOK”, from its Collusion party anti-Hellenic “LA.O.S.”, and from the 3 rest treasonous parties of the Greek Parliament, and from all the treasonous “Mass Media”, we have been informed that the American Financial “Mass Media” “BLOOMBERG” in 23.03.2010 advised the treasonous Philo-American Philo-NATO Government of “PASOK” to appeal for lending in Moscow and Washington.

The devious reasoning and tendentiousness of the above mentioned Advise – Proposal is obvious and is the following:

(In the following quote are “NATO” and Chinese “HONG” point of view)
---begin quote---

“With its proposal, of 19.03.2010 to Greece, for the full lending and Economical and Political support to Greece, the Russian Government destroys completely the micro-Geostrategy of “NATO” in Balkans because it foils the military assault and invasion of the axis “B.A.S.T.R.” Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania, that we programmed, and destroys the Macro-Geostrategy of “NATO” and of “SEATO” for the use of Greece as typical chief-leader of “NATO” and of “SEATO” for the military assault of “NATO” and of “SEATO” against the “Shanghai Pact” (“R.I.C.” Russia – Islamic Nations – China)

If our agents, namely the Prime-minister and the ministers of Greece of “PASOK”, due to a pressure from their party base, are forced to accept the Russian Proposal, then this will destruct definitively the Global Geostrategy Scheme of “NATO”, for the conduct of World War III.

Therefore because we cannot forbid Greece to accept the Russian Proposal of 19.03.2010, especially now after the broad publicizing of this matter inside Greece because of the Hellenic Webpage “HellenandChaos”, consequently we must now appear “USA” as also eager to support Greece together with Russia, in order through the Economical and the entailed Political and Military blackmails which will exercise with this new American lending to Greece, then it will be forced to reduce its Defense Budget and de-Arm its Armed Forces in order to be defeated from the armies of “B.A.S.T.R.”, and in order to later send its remaining Army, of the “EMPIRE 666” Constantinople of “LA.O.S.” as typical Chief-General of “NATO”, against the Armies of the “Shanghai Pact (R.I.C.)” and so our program for the execution of World War III and for the complete Genocide of Greeks and Russians, will be realized without obstacles.
At the same time, because all the Public Debt of “USA”, and all the Intergovernmental Loans of the American Banks today are lend and Funded from the General Bank of China, by receiving these new American Loans, Greece will become inevitably mortgageable and confiscable from China, after the Economical Collapse of “USA” and of all the American Banks which we have programmed to be realized right after the assault of “NATO” against the “Shanghai Pact (R.I.C.)”, or NOW after the sold of these Greek Debts from the American Banks to China through “GOLDMAN SACHS” or other American Financial Carriers or Banks.”

---end quote---

We, the members of G.H.REES warn all the Greek Politicians and Journalists that, after the initial refusal of “USA” to Economically Support Greece during the last visit of Papandreou to “USA”, and after the ridicule of Greece with the “Cancellation of the American Travel Visa”, in case now they accept for Greece to receive new American Loans, after the devious 180 degrees turn of the “USA” Government in 23.03.2010, as a turn publicized by “BLOOMBERG”, then we will write to the Catalogue of those that are about to die and the families of Second and Third degree, because already, although all the Greek “Mass Media” and all the Greek Politicians deviously and under upper commands concealed the Russian Proposal of Support to Greece in 19.03.2010, now the same traitors gave broad publicity to -of the same- content above mentioned “USA” proposal of 23.03.2010 proposed through the Financial house “BLOOMBERG”.

The "BLOOMBERG" public article in Greece:ΔΙΕΘΝΗ/item/1934-M-Lynn-(Bloomberg)-Η-Ελλάδα-να-κυρήξει-στάση-πληρωμών-και-να-απευθυνθεί-σε-Ρωσία-και-ΗΠΑ-για-χρηματοδότηση

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