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Concisely: the causes of the G.H.REES documents subversion

As G.H.REES has informed the Hellenic webpages, the attempt of the G.H.REES documents subversion, from the evil nazi gang “Web E”, as part of the political party LA.O.S. (Laikos Orthodoxos Synagermos – People’s Orthodox Alarm), with member of the gang “Web E”, Eumolpos, Electryon, Spyropoulos of PA.SY.A., Antimetatron and others, and with leader of the gang the “Web E” of George Dimitrakopoulos, as so called “Incarnation of Orion, general of the God Apollo”, and in reality incarnation of a Jehovah demon of “Metatron”, as an evil God of Hebrews and Masons, has deeper causes:

Those causes are:

1st) G.H.REES proved historically that after the sinking of Atlantis and Aegis in 9.600 B.M.C (Before Mongol Christ), namely after the World War between Pelasgian Hellenes and Pelasgian Atlanteans who were corrupted from Lunar Dragonian Chinese, all the Andromedian Gods, Demigods, and Heroes of the Hellenic Dodecatheon, defeated in the parallel Space War between Dragonians and Andromedians in the local space, due to the Dragonian superior fire-power with war planets (Moon+Lilith), tactically retreated from the external surface of Earth into the internal surface of inner Earth, and to the four external planets of our solar system, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

G.H.REES proved that from those two tactical retreat positions, the Andromedians of 1st Dimension of Matter Rarification with flesh just like our own, and those of 2nd Dimension of Matter Rarification namely the Spirits of Gods – Demigods – and Heroes, doesn’t have anymore access to the external surface of Earth, because AND in the two only holes – entries of the Earth’s North and South poles, AND also in the imaginable sphere that includes the seven internal planets and the eighth destroyed Phaethon between Mars and Jupiter, are installed Dragonian defensive barriers that forbid the entry and exit of Andromedian forces or Spirits, without a general Space War between Andromedians and Dragonians, between the orbits of planets Saturn and Jupiter which is the entrenchment outer limit of the Dragonian Lunar Starfleet, with flagship the Moon, satellite of our planet Earth.

2nd) G.H.REES proved historically that from 9.600 B.M.C., namely continuously for 11.600 years till today, the Spirits of the Dragonian Demons of Sin – Sion – Sedi and of the Lunar Metatron are doing pseudonym incarnations, namely:

A: From 9.600 B.M.C. up to 300 A.M.C. (After Mongol Christ), by counterfeiting the Gods – Demigods – Heroes Spirits of the Dodecatheon of Zeus, they incarnated into priesthoods, namely into mentally distorted scientists of the Andromedians (Prelunar Unified Sciencies Academies converted and distorted to Religious Temples), and systematically they humiliated the Real Andromedians of the absent Zeus, by ordering to the Hellenic Pelasgian people Civil Wars and Civil Genocides (See Hellenes Achaeans against Hellenes Trojans, and See Hellenic Cities against Hellenic Cities between Athens – Thebes – Sparta etc), or “Holy Prostitutions” of prostitutes that delivered their profits to the Temple’s Priesthoods, black magic, human sacrifices in ritual murders ordered by the Priesthoods, sexual orgies of Satyrs and Mainades, and a general degeneration of the Pelasgian White Race Hellenes.

B: From 300 A.M.C. until today the Lunar Dragonian Spirits divided in 2 collusion groups, namely into “Angels of the Good little God Savaoth Sedi” and into “Demons of the Bad Satan – Metatron”.

The first group of the “Good Angels”, is incarnated into Christians prophets – priests – monks – writers and civilians, with general teaching the stupid defeatist “Unilateral Love” and the “Unilateral Disarmament” in order for the Eastern Mongolian and the Islamic Hordes to easily genocide the Western Christian populations, namely the White Race Pelasgian Hellenes and the rest Pelasgians.

The second group of the “Bad Demons”, by counterfeiting the Dodecatheon and the Spirits of the Scandinavian god “Thor” as allegedly Dodecatheon and Spirits of the “Hellenic God Zeus” are incarnated into Satanic Priesthoods of the “Religions of Satan” or the “Religons of Metatron” into the “SS” of the Nazi Third Reich, into the members of the Nazi Organizations of all Countries and in regard to Greece, into the members of the Neonazi Organizations: “New Acropolis”, “Golden Dawn”, “Web E”, of George Dimitrakopoulos or “Orion”, “Epsilon” of the greekhebrew writer Fourakis or Fourie, “Epsilon Olympians” of the Mason General Kalogerakis, of the cryptonazi political party “LA.O.S.”, and other neonazi organizations with general teachings:

B1: The triptyque “War – Hierarchy – Discipline” as motto of the “Reborn Greek-Byzantine Empire” which will force globally the Christian-Dodecatheon Religion “Sufism 666”.

B2: The leadership of the “Greek-Byzantine Empire 666” over the “NATO” armies for the general attack of “NATO” against the “Shanghai Pact” or “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China) in order for the “Greek-Byzantine Empire 666” with its new base Constantinople, to become World Leader.

B3: The cooperation of the “Greek-Byzantine Empire 666” leadership and of the allegedly returned Dodecatheon incarnations into Nazi members of the Para-State “Greek-Byzantine Empire 666” organizations, namely of the satanic Nazi organizations: “Web E”, “New Acropolis”, “Golden Dawn”, “Epsilon”, “Olympians Epsilon”, and rest, with the allegedly “Returned Starfleet of Zeus” namely in reality with the Starfleet of the Mutineers Andromedians of Savit-Savaoth-Cronus-Saturn that counterfeit the Dodecatheon of Zeus, as a cooperation for the attack of the “Greek-Byzantine Empire 666” army in typical command of the “NATO” and “SEATO” armies and of the “India” army against the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China) with purpose the sudden withdrawal of the above mentioned space pseudo-allies of Greece and of “NATO” from the Battle Fields in the Chinese – Siberian – Mongolian deserts in order for the armies of “R.I.C.” to massively counter-attack and slaughter the “NATO” armies and the “Greek-Byzantine Empire 666” army, and finally to genocide all the White Race Pelasgians of the West with genocide priority the White Race Pelasgian Hellenes.

3rd) The above already Historically proved and apocalyptic for the prehistory of our planet, caused a colossal hatred of the Christian-Dodecatheon crypto-Jehovah Sufism 666 of “Epsilon” of “LA.O.S.” and of the parallel Satanic Neonazi Organizations (“Golden Dawn”, “New Acropolis”, “Olympians Epsilon”, “Web E” of the “God Apollo General” namely the lunatic George Dimitrakopoulos or else “Chief General of the Inter-Galactic Empire of 13 Galaxies” as he is self-called in his webpage or “Orion the Illustrious”, and the rest parallel Neonazi Satanic organizations) against G.H.REES, because the disclosures of G.H.REES proved that the above mentioned crooks and the crooks members of their organizations, are not incarnations of Spirits of the completely absent until today “Dodecatheon of Zeus”, as they falsely claimed the “SS” members of the 3rd Reich, and as they falsely claim the Parliament members and the rest chief members of “LA.O.S.”, but the disclosures of G.H.REES, proved that all these are schizophrenic and greed for power incarnations Nazis under Demons possession – catalepsy of Metatron, namely of the Jehovah Satan of the Moon as the Second Face of the “Good little God” Sin-Sion-Sina-Sedi (See also the God that worship the lunar-possessed “Epsilon” of LA.O.S. Dimosthenis Liakopoulos), which those Jehovah Demons are counterfeiting the “Dodecatheon of Zeus”, with purpose to drive the Andromedian White Race and the Sirian Friendly Black Race, but AND also the Mongolian not purely yellow Races of the Hebrews – Saxons – Albanians – Bulgarians – Turks – Tatars, Tsetsenians – Azerians – Hungarians – Uighurs – Laplanders – Bavarians and rest, into the Chinese “Armageddon” of the Asiatic Deserts, for their Complete Genocide from the Pure Yellow Race of China and Korea (North and South Korea).

The Demons that have possessed the members of the above mentioned Satanic – Nazi Organizations, have promised to those members: Prime minister positions – Ministers – Nomarchs – Mayors – Generals – Judges – and rest high power officials positions into the courts of the “Planetary Greek-Byzantine Empire of Christian-Dodecatheism 666”.

And at the moment that all the above lunatic perverts Satanists Nazis had their suitcases packed in order to go each one of them to the place of his appointment as “High Official” of the “Empire 666”, and they also had tickets with no return in their pockets, at that exact moment appears from nowhere the Andromedian Hellenic Pelasgian G.H.REES, and reveals that the Spirits which promised those positions of “High Officials” of the “Empire 666”, are not Spirits of the Hellenic Dodecatheon of Zeus, but are Spirits of the Apostate-Mutineer Andromedian Savit-Savaoth-Cronus-Saturn, and of his Dragonian Partner in crime Pseudo-God Sin-Sion-Zion-Sina of the Moon, or “Sedi” (paraphrase of “Sin” and God of the other Hebrew’s agent Dimosthenis Liakopoulos), that counterfeit the Spirits of Zeus, and that this “Empire 666” (Tiger) will be just a big Provocateur Balloon against China, in order to give the alibi for the massive counter-attack of the Dragonian China 888 (See China’s doctrine of Tiger versus the Dragon) and to completely genocide AND the above mentioned stupid Nazis – Satanists of the above mentioned Nazi organizations AND the White Nations-States of the West AND their “Empire 666” with feet made of paper, in order when the time comes that will arrive in our planet the True Andromedians of Zeus with the Andromedian reinforcements of multiple dimensions War Planets Starfleet, today parked in the orbit of planet Saturn in anticipation of the Ultimatum termination towards the Cronians Apostates and towards the Dragonians, to not find alive not any human of White and Black Races and to withdraw empty-handed with the following report:
“Nobody to Rescue. All the descendants of White Race Andromedians and Black Sirians Dead. According to orders we move on to a massive genocide against the Dragonians Yellow Race of the Planet, and against all the crews of the Dragonian Starfleet”.

In conclusion, G.H.REES will never let happen the above planetary scale mass genocide crime that you are trying to achieve, you the pervert Jehovah Demon possessed and greedy for power Nazis Satanists of “LA.O.S.”, of “Web E”, of “Golden Dawn”, of “New Acropolis”, of “Epsilon”, of “Olympians Epsilon” and of the rest Nazi Satanists Theosophical Masons of the “Hellenic Theosophical Society” of the Hebrew Blavatsky and of the Hebrew Anna Bezant.

End of G.H.REES document.

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  1. Lies, d*mned lies, lies -- and more Lies!
    Treachery, Blasphemy, Heresy! Chaos!
    Madness, Confusion, Disillusionment & Hopelessness!
    How Dare You?

    keep up the good work!
    i just can't get enough - how about you?

    wyrdric magnetica

  2. Ανθρωποειδών Rees αυτό είναι διοικητής Zoflinoid του Starfleet επικοινωνίας για να σας ότι όλες οι καταστροφές πάνω στη γη είναι η ταχύτητα του ήχου κοσμική wepon μας. Ανθρωποειδών πόλεμοι σας είναι μια απόσπαση της προσοχής που με εντολή του πλανήτη μας, προκειμένου να παραμείνει ανοιχτό πραγματικά τα σχέδιά μας.
    Humanoid Rees this is commander Zoflinoid of the Starfleet communicating to you that all the disasters on earth are by our sonic cosmic wepon. Your humanoid wars are a distraction set by our earth command so our real plans remain uncovered.
    Humanoid Rees hii ni kamanda Zoflinoid ya Starfleet kuwasiliana na wewe kwamba majanga yote duniani ni kwa wepon wetu Sonic cosmic. Humanoid vita yako ni ya ovyo kwa nchi kuweka amri yetu ili mipango yetu halisi kubaki uchi.
    Гуманоид Риса это командир Zoflinoid из Звездного Флота общения с вами, что все бедствия на земле нашей звуковой космических wepon. Ваш гуманоида войны отвлечение установленные нашей земле команду, чтобы наши реальные планы остаются непокрытыми.
    Humanoid ריס זה מפקד Zoflinoid של Starfleet מתקשר אליך, כי כל האסונות בעולם הם על ידי wepon קוסמית סוניק שלנו. מלחמות אנושיות שלך הן הסחת דעת שקבעה הפקודה הארץ שלנו כל כך תוכניות האמיתי שלנו להישאר חשוף.

  3. Humanoid Rees αυτό είναι Zoflinoid διοικητής της Starfleet επικοινωνία σχετικά με τη δεύτερη ευκαιρία για να σας. Ολόκληρο το σχέδιό μας για την καταστροφή των humanoids από τα ίδια τα χέρια τους βρίσκεται σε πλήρη εξέλιξη. Η πίστη και βασίζονται σύστημα νόμισμα fiat καταρρέει ανθρώπινη κοινωνία στην άβυσσο των σάλο. Η πλειοψηφία των πολύτιμων μετάλλων έχουν αφαιρεθεί από τη Γη, σύντομα θα κυνηγήσουν ο ένας τον άλλο για τροφή. Ο μικροκαμωμένος ελαττωματικό ανθρώπους θα τους αφαιρέσει από τον πανικό και τον αποικισμό από την ΔΡΑΚΟΝΙΑΝΩΝ αγώνας θα ξεκινήσει. Σας το λέμε αυτό γιατί είναι πολύ αργά για τα καλά σας για να σταματήσει τη δυναμική της απιστίας. Μπορείτε ήρθε κοντά στην υπονόμευση τα σχέδιά μας, αλλά το ανόητο αυτοί θα χρησιμοποιούσαν τα αυτιά τους για να καταλάβουν τα λόγια σας και τώρα είμαστε νικητές.
    人型生物里斯這是溝通上的第二次給你的星際艦隊的指揮官 Zoflinoid。我們的整個計劃破壞類人型機器人靠自己的雙手正在有條不紊地進行。誠信為本的法定貨幣體系正在崩潰人類社會的深淵的騷動。貴金屬多數從地球上已被刪除,很快你會追捕互相寄託。微不足道的有缺陷的人類將刪除自己的恐慌和殖民化的Dragonian比賽將開始。我們告訴你這一點,因為它是為您停止的勢頭不忠的一種為時已晚。你差點破壞了我們的計劃,但愚蠢的,會用自己的耳朵來了解你的話,現在我們勝利了。 Humanoid Rees this is commander Zoflinoid of the Starfleet communicating on the second occasion to you. Our entire plan to destroy humanoids by their own hands is well underway. The faith based fiat currency system is collapsing human society into the abyss of tumult. A majority of precious metals have been removed from Earth , soon you will hunt each other for sustenance. The puny defective humans will remove themselves by panic and the colonisation by the Dragonian race will begin. We tell you this because it is too late for your kind to stop the momentum of faithlessness. You came close to undermining our plans but the foolish ones would use their ears to understand your words and now we are victorious. Humanoid Rees hii ni kamanda Zoflinoid ya Starfleet kuwasiliana mara ya pili na wewe. Mpango wetu mzima wa kuharibu humanoids kwa mikono yao ni tunaendelea vizuri. Imani kwa kuzingatia mfumo wa fedha Fiat unashuka jamii ya binadamu katika dimbwi la maasi. Wengi wa madini ya thamani yameondolewa kutoka Dunia, hivi karibuni utakuwa kuwinda kila mmoja kwa ajili ya riziki. Puny binadamu defective kuondoa wenyewe kwa hofu na ukoloni na mbio Dragonian utaanza. Sisi tunasema hii kwa sababu ni kuchelewa kwa aina yako ya kuacha kasi ya kufuru. Kuja karibu na kudhoofisha mipango yetu lakini wajinga wanataka kutumia masikio yao kuelewa maneno yako na sasa sisi ni ushindi. Гуманоид Риса это командир Zoflinoid из Звездного Флота общения во второй раз для вас. Весь наш план уничтожить гуманоидов своими руками идет полным ходом.Вера, основанная валюты Fiat система рушится человеческое общество в пучину смятение.Большинство из драгоценных металлов были удалены от Земли, скоро вы будете охотиться друг с другом за средства к существованию.Тщедушный дефектные люди будут отказываться от паники и колонизации Dragonian гонка начнется. Мы говорим вам это, потому что уже слишком поздно для вашего рода, чтобы остановить момент измены. Вы были близки к подрыву наших планов, но глупые бы использовать свои уши, чтобы понимать ваши слова, и теперь мы победили....
    Humanoid ריס זה Zoflinoid מפקד צי הכוכבים תקשורת לרגל השנייה לך. כל התוכנית שלנו להרוס דמויי במו ידיהם מתנהלת היטב. המערכת מבוססת אמונה פיאט המטבע מתמוטט החברה האנושית לתהום ההמולה. רוב המתכות היקרות הוסרו מכדור הארץ, בקרוב תוכלו לצוד אחד את השני לקיומה.בני האדם פגומים החלשלוש תסיר את עצמם על ידי פאניקה קולוניזציה על ידי הגזע Dragonian יתחיל. אנו אומרים לכם את זה כי זה מאוחר מדי עבור מהסוג שלך כדי לעצור את המומנטום של מהכפירה. אתה התקרב ערעור התוכניות שלנו אבל הטיפשים ישתמשו אוזניהם להבין את המילים שלך ועכשיו אנחנו מנצחים.

  4. Zoflinoid, the G.H.REES answer for you and other similar ufologists posing as astrofleet commanders and such is here in the below link:
    G.H.REES members, and Hellenes White Pelasgian race We are not humanoids, we are not made from dragonian genetical engineeing intermixing with homa-dirt of the earth ellements. We are physical Universal Uranides star-people CIVILIZERS from the Constellation Andromeda and we are asceding dimensions (=Antropoi =Anw Throsko = Evolving and Climbing upwards the Dimensions of matter-energy)
    The Dragonians space-bandits faction schemes on this planet will be soon reduced to dust and severe justice & nemesis awaits them for their 13500 years crimes and awful genocides against Anthropity.