Sunday, March 14, 2010

David Icke Manipulates his Readers with his "disclosures" that G.H.REES has already published the last 30 years


(Moreover they copy and steal adding later various distortions and small differences for disorientation)

And while for the first time in history, G.H.REES has blown open all the schemes of the sinists-zionists Chinese and Mongol Hebrews, and at the moment that the secret services are nailed behind it in order to locate and annihilate the G.H.REES Prytaneum in Athens, and while all the men of G.H.REES are bleeding to death in all levels (economically – socially etc) due to their work in favor of Hellas and in favor of the Planetary Security, the Hellenic Webpages and the rest Webpages write articles and reports and glorify the Hebrew-Saxons of the type David Icke etc., who act with plenty of money, comfort, cover and with safety and haven’t made a single reference to the only existing revolutionary documents, namely the G.H.REES documents, that not only reveal the plain truth and the archaic Pre-lunar Hellenic knowledge, but they also give ingenious solutions to all those problems that intentionally have been produced by the traitors politicians of the Greek treasonous Parliament and the rest globalists politicians against national and Planetary security .

After the Draconians (more properly referred as Dragonians from the Dragon Asterism) and the multiple dimensions, Icke speaks now clearly about a “MOON MATRIX” as a base of the Dragonians and as a base for the manipulation of humanity and as a hybrid ship Moon-Levan-Selene a planet of psychotronic and space war. Just like our previous post with John Lear and his 2007 so called “disclosures” (copy-pasted from the G.H.REES disclosures the past 30 years) we now have Icke acting likewise. The Rabbis defeated in multiple fronts, are now forced to gradually reveal those truths to the broad public and they use their Hebrew agent-writer-“prophet” of theirs to continue the game of distortion and disorientation and disinformation towards the thousands faithful followers of him over the globe. Just like he spread disinformation for the alleged change-transition of entities between dimensions (a thing that is physically impossible as has been proved scientifically by G.H.REES) just like now although he correctly writes about a “MOON MATRIX” together with various useless cracked-barrel philosophies he continues with furriness to avoid to disclose the following:

About the nation of the Dragon, the civilization of the Dragon, namely to refer about the earthly dragonian Sinese – Chinese (see Etymology: Sin-ic Wall, e.g. nation of the Lunar Sin), this nation connection with the Moon and the space Dragonians from the Dragon-Draco Asterism.
About the true Masonic Cronian-Dragonian Hierarchy with Commands transmission center Tibet and China.
About the supreme Chinese hyperlodge HONG and its supreme scheme of planetary genocide code named: “Armageddon” in the Dragonian Bible.
About the diachronic criminal actions of the Sinists against the White Race Pelasgians and against the Black Sirian Race, in the beginning directly (See: China’s province Yunnan=Ionas=Hellenism of the East Minor Asia and Asia. Territories of Pelasgians that were completely annihilated by the Chinese in prehistory. Today Turkey and Turks Turanian Mongols call Greece with this exact name: Yunnanistan) and afterwards through their …secondary clerks, the whiteyellow intermarriage of Hebrews and Saxons, products of the historical continuing genocide of White Race Pelasgians.

Continue you -of every nature and kind-, Saxon, Hebrew, and Greek traitors and distorters of every truth to play this game of disinformation and half truth - half information hiding - mixed with lies, played under total safety, until the complete truth will come soon and hit you directly to your hollow head so intensely that will send you there that you belong, namely to the existing Hellenic Tartars, a place of “special care” for the disgraceful liars and crooks.

Follows text from the Icke webpage:

David Icke marks his 20th year of uncovering astounding secrets and suppressed information with the publication of his most amazing book yet.He takes the manipulation of the human race and the nature of reality to still new levels of understanding and he calls for humanity to rise from its knees and take back the world from the sinister network of families and non-human entities that covertly control us from cradle to grave.David has moved the global cutting edge so many times since his incredible ‘awakening’ in 1990 and here he does it again - and then some.His most staggering revelation is that the Earth and the collective human mind is manipulated from the Moon, which, he says, is not a ‘heavenly body’, but an artificial construct – a gigantic ‘spacecraft’ (probably a hollowed-out 'planetoid') – which is home to the extraterrestrial group that has been manipulating humanity for aeons.He describes what he calls the ‘Moon Matrix’, a fake reality broadcast from the Moon which is decoded by the human body/mind in much the same way as portrayed in the Matrix movie trilogy. The Moon Matrix has ‘hacked’ into the human ‘body-computer’ system, he says, and it is feeding us a manipulated sense of self and the world 24/7.We live in extraordinary times. On one side we are seeing the imposition of a global Orwellian State of total surveillance and control by those who serve the Moon Matrix, and on the other a fantastic energetic transformation is taking place – what David calls the ‘Truth Vibrations’, a phenomenon he first predicted in 1990 and used as the title of his first book after his ‘eyes opened’.The Truth Vibrations are awakening vast numbers of people to remember who they really are – infinite, eternal Consciousness.Humanity is at a fork in the road and it is time to make a choice. Are we going to awaken to our true genius and potential as Infinite Consciousness? Or are we going to remain entrapped in body/mind and the manufactured illusions of the Moon Matrix?One choice will give us freedom and potential on a scale we could not have thought possible, while the other will condemn us and our children to a global fascist/communist dictatorship on a scale that would make George Orwell wince.You cannot read Human Race Get Off Your Knees and be the same person you were when you picked it up. It is life-changing, reality-changing and its information, if acted upon, will set us free.

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