Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ancient Hellenes "Yunnan" knew well about the Chinese

Translated fragment from the G.H.REES SURVIVAL MANUAL

In Ancient Hellenic Language (Read “Lexicon of Ancient Hellenic Language” from I. STAMATAKOS) the Chinese were named “SINES” (hence the name Great Sinic Wall) from “SINOS” = Chinese (Page 1206). In the term “SINIS” the translation is: “The Destructor, the Annihilator, the Thief, The Robber, The Baneful (Page 892).

In the term “THE SINOS” the translation is: “Wound, Blow, Malfunction, Plague, Armageddon (Devastation), Corruption, Damage”.

The term “SINOMAI” (verb) means “Loot, Steal, Corrupt, Harm, Depredate, Annihilate, Devastate, Eliminate”.
The thief “SINIS PITIOKAMPTIS” means “Personalized Devastation”. (Pages 892 – 893)
(Read the myth-“mitos”-clew of the Hellene Hero Thiseas against Sinis Pitiokamptis)

The natural attribute of the SINESE or CHINESE as Annihilators-Terminators namely Genociders against the White Hellenes or IONES, is proved by the fact that while Southern China is still named “Yunnan” namely IONIA, in that territory there are no more IONES (namely Hellenes) existing, because they were all annihilated by the Chinese.

The above are proved and by the German Archaeological Missions that were deported without any explanation from China, when in their excavations proved the existence of Twelve Ancient Hellenic Cities inside China. The Chinese Government ordered the covering of the Twelve Ancient Hellenic Cities with hills of dirt upon which were planted trees-Forests of rapid growth.
Today the traitors “Greek” Politicians visit China and instead of demanding the disclosure and excavation of the there existing Hellenic antiquities from Hellenic Archaeological Missions, they kiss the ass of the Sinese annihilators of billion Ancient Hellenes and Pelasgians from the Asiatic Upper Ionia, in order to gain free houses and survival in China, as a reward of their treason which is:

The destruction of Greece and the military Attack of the Greek remnants as Typical Leaders of “NATO” and of the “US.E.J.” axis (USA-EUROPE-JAPAN trilateral) against China, in order to give the moral alibi to China to annihilate completely the White Race with first victims the Hellenes of Greece and Hellenes of Diaspora.

And while for our Hellenes forefathers, the SINES-SINESE-CHINESE (Childs - Genetics Product of the Lunar Dragonian Elohim SIN), are synonymous of the Criminals, Genociders, Murderers, Annihilators of the other Terra Races, White and Black, today the Greek Politicians and the emetic traitors Maoists Chinese-friends Greek Communists and the more emetic Greek Industrialists/Businessmen, they shit over the graves of their ancient forefathers (annihilated by the Chinese genociders), in order to establish companies in China, and by leaving the Chinese slave-crummy Products to be imported without taxes in Greece in order to eliminate the Greek companies, by left the Chinese to invade without control in Greece, and by naming the Chinese “Saviors of the Greek Economy” and “Strategic Partners of Greece”.
In the above Hubris of the “Neo-greek treasonous whorehouse”, the paramilitary leg of G.H.REES will respond with blood baths and genocide of the above mentioned traitors. We call them to abandon now Greece in order for them to avoid the miserable end of the traitors of Greece and of the insulters of the Ancient forefathers dead “Yunnan”.

We call them to abandon Greece by taking with them, the Judges, the Military officers, the Police officers and the Masons that cover and protect them, because the incoming ADRASTEIA and NEMESIS will eliminate both the Protégé and the Protectors.

Commentary on the above:
Today the Turanian Mongolian Seltzuk Turks still call with this exact name Hellenes and the country of Greece. They call us “Yunnan” and “Yunnanistan”, namely IONES-Ionians Hellenes Pelasgians of Minor and Upper Asia.

See map of the Yunnan Province in Southern China.

See also newspaper article about the Alexandrian Ancient Hellenic city Nigia that was excavated in western China near the chinese city Kashgar in Xinjiang Province, that were also being found there well preserved mummies of White Race Pelasgian People dated at least 3000 years old.


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