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Addition “1”: Devious reasoning and tendentiousness of the “Bloomberg” Advise – Proposal against Greece and Russia

Addition “1” from the G.H.REES Readership Magnesia: Devious reasoning and tendentiousness of the “Bloomberg” Advise – Proposal against Greece and Russia

Addition “1” from the G.H.REES Readership Magnesia with the approval of G.H.REES Prytaneum Athens over the G.H.REES document dated 23.03.2010 with title: ”Conspiracy of Silence for the Russian Economical Support proposal to Greece

Volos 24.03.2010

After the instant broad publicizing in 20.03.2010 of the 19.03.2010 Russian Official Proposal for the full unlimited Russian lending and Economical - Political support to Greece, from the Hellenic Webpage “HellenandChaos” which sent 7.000 E-mails to all the 300 Parliament Members of the Greek Parliament and to all the Greek Television Networks – Newspapers – Radios – and rest thousands Greek Responsible Officials, and after the failure of the deliberate devious concealment of the above mentioned Russian Proposal from the treasonous Greek Government of “PASOK”, from its Collusion party anti-Hellenic “LA.O.S.”, and from the 3 rest treasonous parties of the Greek Parliament, and from all the treasonous “Mass Media”, we have been informed that the American Financial “Mass Media” “BLOOMBERG” in 23.03.2010 advised the treasonous Philo-American Philo-NATO Government of “PASOK” to appeal for lending in Moscow and Washington.

The devious reasoning and tendentiousness of the above mentioned Advise – Proposal is obvious and is the following:

(In the following quote are “NATO” and Chinese “HONG” point of view)
---begin quote---

“With its proposal, of 19.03.2010 to Greece, for the full lending and Economical and Political support to Greece, the Russian Government destroys completely the micro-Geostrategy of “NATO” in Balkans because it foils the military assault and invasion of the axis “B.A.S.T.R.” Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania, that we programmed, and destroys the Macro-Geostrategy of “NATO” and of “SEATO” for the use of Greece as typical chief-leader of “NATO” and of “SEATO” for the military assault of “NATO” and of “SEATO” against the “Shanghai Pact” (“R.I.C.” Russia – Islamic Nations – China)

If our agents, namely the Prime-minister and the ministers of Greece of “PASOK”, due to a pressure from their party base, are forced to accept the Russian Proposal, then this will destruct definitively the Global Geostrategy Scheme of “NATO”, for the conduct of World War III.

Therefore because we cannot forbid Greece to accept the Russian Proposal of 19.03.2010, especially now after the broad publicizing of this matter inside Greece because of the Hellenic Webpage “HellenandChaos”, consequently we must now appear “USA” as also eager to support Greece together with Russia, in order through the Economical and the entailed Political and Military blackmails which will exercise with this new American lending to Greece, then it will be forced to reduce its Defense Budget and de-Arm its Armed Forces in order to be defeated from the armies of “B.A.S.T.R.”, and in order to later send its remaining Army, of the “EMPIRE 666” Constantinople of “LA.O.S.” as typical Chief-General of “NATO”, against the Armies of the “Shanghai Pact (R.I.C.)” and so our program for the execution of World War III and for the complete Genocide of Greeks and Russians, will be realized without obstacles.
At the same time, because all the Public Debt of “USA”, and all the Intergovernmental Loans of the American Banks today are lend and Funded from the General Bank of China, by receiving these new American Loans, Greece will become inevitably mortgageable and confiscable from China, after the Economical Collapse of “USA” and of all the American Banks which we have programmed to be realized right after the assault of “NATO” against the “Shanghai Pact (R.I.C.)”, or NOW after the sold of these Greek Debts from the American Banks to China through “GOLDMAN SACHS” or other American Financial Carriers or Banks.”

---end quote---

We, the members of G.H.REES warn all the Greek Politicians and Journalists that, after the initial refusal of “USA” to Economically Support Greece during the last visit of Papandreou to “USA”, and after the ridicule of Greece with the “Cancellation of the American Travel Visa”, in case now they accept for Greece to receive new American Loans, after the devious 180 degrees turn of the “USA” Government in 23.03.2010, as a turn publicized by “BLOOMBERG”, then we will write to the Catalogue of those that are about to die and the families of Second and Third degree, because already, although all the Greek “Mass Media” and all the Greek Politicians deviously and under upper commands concealed the Russian Proposal of Support to Greece in 19.03.2010, now the same traitors gave broad publicity to -of the same- content above mentioned “USA” proposal of 23.03.2010 proposed through the Financial house “BLOOMBERG”.

The "BLOOMBERG" public article in Greece:ΔΙΕΘΝΗ/item/1934-M-Lynn-(Bloomberg)-Η-Ελλάδα-να-κυρήξει-στάση-πληρωμών-και-να-απευθυνθεί-σε-Ρωσία-και-ΗΠΑ-για-χρηματοδότηση

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Conspiracy of Silence for the Russian Economical Support proposal to Greece













VOLOS 23.03.2010


SUBJECT A: From Russia DE FACTO Recognition of the G.H.REES Prytaneum as essential Government of Greece. Acknowledgments and Request from G.H.REES to the Russian Government for a stricter intervention in Greece and the rest Balkan Countries.

SUBJECT B: Appeal of G.H.REES to the Greek Military Officers – Police Officers – and Men of the Secret Service, for the expel of “NATO” and “EUROPEAN UNION” from Greece and for the overthrow and expel or extermination of all the Greek politicians from all the political parties of the Greek Parliament and of the Greek Masons from Greece.

SUBJECT C: Appeal of G.H.REES to the Greek Webpages and “Mass Media” for the rebroadcast of the Subjects A, B, D, and E to the Greek Military Officers – Police Officers – Men of the Secret Service – and Citizens, and to the Russian Government.

SUBJECT D: Appeal of G.H.REES to the Greek Citizens for the direct overthrow and expel or death penalty to all the Greek Politicians of all political parties of the Parliament and of all the Greek Masons.

SUBJECT E: Order of G.H.REES to the Greekhebrew and Masons of the Greek Legislative – Executive – Judicial Power, to deliver their power to Non Masons Greek Economists and Brigadiers of the Armed Forces and of the Police Force, and to abandon Greece before 25.03.2010.


“Estimable Sirs:

1st: President of the Russian Federation Mr. Medvedev

2nd: Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mr. Putin

3rd: Ministers – Members of the Russian Government

On behalf of all the members of G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-Establishment) we thank you warmly for your intervention in favour of the Greek Economy and National Security, published in Greece though only from the Greek Private Webpage: on the same day namely 19.03.2010, and time 19:00, and rebroadcasted from the private WebPages , and from minimum other private Greek WebPages.

1st: Up until Today 23.03.2010 not one Greek Politician commented the above mentioned Intervention – Statement of 19.03.2010 of the Russian Government for the Economical Support of Greece, a fact that proves a collusion and devious conspiracy of silence by all the Greek Political Parties against the above mentioned Russian Intervention – Statement of Support to Greece.

2nd: Up until today 23.03.2010 not one Greek Printed Newspaper or Greek Television Network or Greek Radio rebroadcasted the above mentioned News, although the WepPage sent thousands E-mails in 20.03.2001 containing the above mentioned statement of the Russian Government, to all the Greek Parliament Members, to all the Greek Newspapers, to all the Greek Television Networks, to all the Greek Radios, to all the Greek Universities, and to rest thousands receivers in Greece, a fact that proves the existence of a Collusion Devious Conspiracy of Silence from all the Greek “Mass Media” together, in treasonous cooperation with all the Greek Politicians of all Political Parties of the Greek Parliament, against Greece and against Russia and the Russian Support Statement towards Greece.

Under the direction and the commands of “NATO”, the purpose of the above mentioned Conspiracy of Silence concerning the Russian Statement of Support towards Greece is the following:

1st: The indirect bankruptcy – collapse of Greece due to its entry to the International Monetary Fund “IMF”, with drastic abridg(e)ment of expenses.

2nd: The entailed and pre-declared from “IMF” Defense Budget - Defense Personnel - and Defense Materials cut-reductions of the Greek Armed Forces, with purpose their military defeat and Genocide of half Greece by the Armies of “B.A.S.T.R.”, as predicts the Chinese scheme of “HONG”.

3rd: The destruction of the Russian Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines in Balkans, Black Sea, and Turkey, from “B.A.S.T.R.”, and the destruction of the Russian Economy, as predicts the Chinese scheme of “HONG”.

4th: The armed intervention of the Russian Military in Balkans and in Turkey for the protection of the Russian Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines, and conflict of the Russian Army with the “NATO” Armies of Balkan and Turkey, as predicts the Chinese scheme of “HONG”.

5th: The agreement of Russia and of “NATO” to deliver the Territories of “B.A.S.T.R.” to the Greek Domination as “EMPIRE 666” of “LA.O.S.” with capital Constantinople, as predicts the Chinese scheme of “HONG”.

6th: The military attack of the “EMPIRE 666” of “LA.O.S.” against the Axis “R.I.C.” or “Shanghai Pact”.

7th: The Genocide of the remaining Greeks from the counterattacking “R.I.C.” axis.

8th: The Genocide of White Race Russians from the Sinomongolian Axis “C.J.T.H.S.M.” China – Japan – Tibet – Hebrews – Saxons – Mongols, according to the scheme of “HONG”.

9th: The Genocide of the White-yellow intermarriage Russians (Hebrews – Tatars – etc) from the Chinese – Korean axis “K.K.” China – Korea, at the end of World War III, according to the scheme of “HONG”.

10th: Namely the Total Economical Disaster and Genocide of the Greek and Russian Nations and States from the Chinese-Korean Armies according to the Chinese scheme of “HONG”.

Indeed, as declared the Economy Professors of the Thessalian University Nikos Kyriazis and Chris Kollias, in the Newspaper “Thessaly” 21.03.2010: “In the “IMF” appeal Nations that are one step before the total bankruptcy and that the terms of such a loan acceptance from “IMF” are too painful for the people” and that “the loaning from “IMF” is an indirect bankruptcy, because such a country can no more loan from International Markets even with the highest rates of interest”.

The “IMF” has demanded from Greece the appliance of 38 Measures of “Imprisoned – Bankrupted Economy”. From the 5 Measures that “IMF” forces for the abridg(e)ment of expenses, the 4 are about to collapse completely the already semi-collapsed Greek Armed Forces, as follows:

1st: Personnel Reductions in the Government and in the Armed Forces which already suffer from lack of Personnel and employ only the 50% of the demanded Personnel for the Defensive Security of Greece.

2nd: Cancellation of the Armed Forces Staff Services for alleged Bureaucracy reduction.

3rd: Reduction of Defense Budget namely reduction of Weapons and Ammunition Materials (Battle Tanks, Ships, Aircrafts etc.)

4th: Containment of Salary raises with result the Exodus - Quitting of the Greek Armed Forces Officers, with result the collapse of the Greek Armed Forces and the devastation of Greece by the armies of “B.A.S.T.R”.

ATTENTION: In the line of the abridg(e)ment of public expenses, in case Greece enters the “INF”, that event will completely cancel the construction of the Russian Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines which pass through Greece, and thus Russia will suffer an enormous Economical hit of its Economical Destruction.

ATTENTION: In case Greece enters the “IMF”, then will be under blackmails to install in its Territory the Offensive Missiles of the alleged “Defensive Anti-Missile Shield” of “NATO” against Russia and against the Islamic Nations and against China, namely against the “R.I.C.” axis, because the 15% of funds and votes and the only VETO right of “IMF” which resides in Washington belongs to the “USA”, the 50% belongs to 9 “NATO” and “SEATO” countries, and the rest 25% belongs to 150 poor countries.

The above mean that “IMF” with 50% of funds and votes and VETO right from “NATO”, will force Greece to install in its territory the offensive missiles against Russia and against “R.I.C.”, likewise as forced Romania with the same criminal act and for the cancellation of the Russian Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines construction after the entry of Romania into the “IMF”, a fact that already provoked the just violent respond of the Russian Government through the Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Lavrov.

Consequently, we call the Russian Government, from now and up to 4th April as the most possible date for the decision of the Greek entry to the “IMF”, to deliver a massive barrage of Diplomatic Attacks against the Treasonous Greek Government which deviously and treasonously, and without honor, concealed and is concealing from the Greek citizens the Official Proposal of 19th March 2010 of the Russian Government for the loaning and multiple economical support to Greece in order for Greece to avoid the destructive for Greek and Russian Economy and National Security entry of Greece into the “IMF”, and in order for Greece to avoid the equally and for other reasons destructive, for Greece and Russia, lending of Greece from China.

In case the Treasonous Greek Government continues -commanded from “NATO” and from the “European Union”- to conceal, despise, and to not accept officially the offer of Economical Support from Russia up until 4th April of 2010, then we openly call, and with knowledge of the consequences, the Russian Army to invade to Romania, Bulgaria and to Greece as countries that have accepted the installation of the offensive American “NATO” missiles of the alleged “Anti-missile Shield”, and to expel from those countries, with first Greece, the bases and the commanding HQ’s of “USA” and of “NATO” and the Treasonous services of the “European Union”, to expel from those countries the traitors philo-NATO and philo-American corrupted politicians and generals, and to introduce those countries into the Russian Federation, but with a regime of Defense, Military, and Police autonomy, and with a regime of Political and Economical Semi-autonomy, under the term of China exclusion from the axis “R.I.C.”

Especially for Greece we request the full replacement of the useless and obsolete “NATO” defensive material of 1st up to 3rd Generation, with corresponding Russian Defensive Material of 1st Line – 4th Generation, namely aircrafts SUKHOI 27 – 37 etc.

As Economical semi-autonomy we mean the co-exploitation of the Aegean Oils from Russia – Greece – Cyprus with limitation of Turkey to Water Territories of up to 3 miles, according to the International Treaties of the Beginning of the 20th century.

As Economical semi-autonomy we mean the co-exploitation of the Underground Mineral Wealth of Greece from Russia and Greece, and the installation of Advanced Technology Russian Industries and Russian Industries with technology for the protection of the Environment (Namely Industries for the recycling of wastes etc.)

As Political semi-autonomy we mean the total governing and command of Greece from Greeks, besides the Foreign Policy which will be determined from Moscow under equal terms for all States of the Russian Federation.

The pre-emptive invasion of the Russian Army in Romania – Bulgaria – Greece for the expel of the already illegal, and without Defensive object charter, criminal gang of “NATO”, that provokes World War for the destruction of Greece and of Russia, is an absolute necessity for two main reasons:

1st) To brake in three parts and to incapacitate the Military Axis “B.A.S.T.R.” (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) which under the incitation and armament from the criminal “NATO” is preparing to invade to Greece with catastrophic results for the Russian Economy and National Security.

2nd) Because without Greece as “EMPIRE 666” of “LA.O.S.” in Constantinople and as a typical leader of “NATO” against “R.I.C.” or “Shanghai Pact”, this event collapses and terminally destructs the whole Scheme of the Chinese “HONG” for the Genocide of White Race and of the White-Yellow Mongols Russians (Tatars etc.) in the 3rd World War.

We leave all the above requests from the G.H.REES Prytaneum under the judgement of the Russian Federal Government and under the judgement of the General Staff HQ of the Russian Federation Generals.

Subject B: To the Greek Non Masons Military Officers – Police Officers – and Men of the Secret Service:

“Act immediately according to the original appeal of “Subject B” for the expel of “NATO” and of the “European Union” from Greece, and for the overthrow and expel or death penalty against all the Greek Politicians of all Political Parties of Parliament and of all the Greek Masons, with first of all the without exception Masons Army and Air Force Generals and Admirals as traitors of the Greek Armed Forces.”

Subject C: To the Greek Webpages and “Mass Media”:

“Act immediately according to the original appeal of “Subject C”, for the rebroadcast of subjects A, B, D, and E, and of the complete present document, to the Greek Military Officers – Police Officers – Men of the Secret Service, and Citizens, and to the Russian Government, the Russian Security Services, the Russian Newspapers and “Mass Media”, etc, through printing and publicizing and through energetic massive delivering of the present document to the necessary E-mails.”

Subject D: To the Greek Citizens.

“In case that you wish to survive and not be exterminated by the armies of “B.A.S.T.R.” and of “R.I.C.”, act immediately now according to the original appeal of “Subject D” for the deadly beating, and for the direct overthrow and expel or death penalty against all the Greek Politicians of all Political Parties of the Greek Parliament and of all Greek Masons, and of all the “grand” Journalists of the “Mass Media”, and of their families, namely their relatives of first degree, because all the above robbed wildly the Greek State, and betrayed you, and they drive you to a genocide from the armies of “B.A.S.T.R.” and of “R.I.C.” in World War III.”

Subject E: To the Greekhebrew, Turkhebrew, Turks, Bavarians, Hebrews, Saxons, Philosophical Masons, Theosophical Masons “Epsilon”, and rest corrupted traitors of the Greek Legislative – Executive – Judicial Power:

“Disgraceful traitors, agents of the Chinese Kingdom of Pseudo-Jehovah or Pseudo-Being (Pseudo-God), immediately get the hell out of the Greek Territory together with your families, in order not to paint our hands with your dirty treasonous contaminated anti-hellenic blood.
Before that, deliver the power that you hold to the Greek Non Masons Scientists and High Rank Non Masons Officers.”

If not, we will butcher you and your families without any mercy.

You the corrupt defrauders of the 3 Greek Powers, and your partners in crime, from 1973 till today 2010, have defrauded for your personal wealth and benefit the following:

1st) The 524 million dollars of 1973, namely modern 5,24 billion dollars, or about 4 billion Euros, that have left as a state surplus the Governments of George Papadopoulos and Spiros Markezinis in November 1973 before they were overthrowned by the Hebrew Traitor and Agent of “MOSSAD” brigadier of “ESA” Ioannides.

2nd) The 1 Trillion Euros of today’s total official deficit of the Public and Private debt to the Greek and Foreign Banks and Public Funds.

3rd) The 2 Trillion Euros of the dark unofficial deficit as disappeared Market’s cash from 500 trillion drachmas defrauds of the defrauding twin political parties “PASOK” and “SYNASPISMOS” and from defrauds of 200 trillion drachmas from the political party “NEW DEMOCRACY”. Namely a total of 700 trillion drachmas.

4th) Namely totally you have defrauded about 3 trillion Euro, by driving Greece in a conscious bankruptcy inside “IMF”, and to a Genocide from the “B.A.S.T.R.” and “R.I.C.” armies, by a devious concealment and by a treasonous rejection of the official Russian 19th March 2010 Proposal for the Economical and Political support to Greece.

You disgraceful corrupted traitors of the 3 Greek Powers, from 19th until 23rd March 2010, namely for 5 continuing days, you and your dirty partners in crime Journalists of the Greek “Mass Media”, carefully conceal from those that are about to die Greek Citizens and you continue to reject the Russian proposal of Economical salvation and Greek National Security, in order to exterminate Hellenes and Hellas.

Well….NO!!! You dirty emetic murderous traitors. Hellenes and Hellas don’t die. You and your disgraceful families, partners in the grand defraud and treasonous feast, will die with disgraceful death in case you will not immediately get the hell out of Greece.

Hellenes, burn their houses, burn them alive with gasoline and exterminate them with any way possible the above mentioned traitors and their families in case they don’t leave Greece by 25th March 2010.

We had enough with the treasonous Greekhebrew and Masonic Neo-greek whorehouse.

Death now to the traitors of the 3 Powers who consciously destruct Greece and Greeks with upper commands from “USA”, “NATO” and the “European Union”.

PS 1.


The traitor prime-minister Papandreou-Mineiko was in Moscow in 15th and 16th February 2010 allegedly to ask for Economical Support from Russia, but in reality to aggravate on purpose the Russian Officials in order for them to refuse any support toward Greece, as has indeed happened.

In 17th February 2010 and time 09:00 in the morning the representative of G.H.REES delivered to the Russian Embassy of Athens 5 copies of a classified report concerning Geo-Economy – Geo-Politics – and Geo-Strategy in the English Language. In that report the G.H.REES Prytaneum displayed the reasons and ways to foil the Genocide of Hellenes and Russians from the Chinese and Korean Armies in World War III, according to the scheme of the Chinese hyperlodge “HONG”.

In 19th March 2010 the representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Andrei Nesterenko, officially announced that the Russian Government has processed a complete Economical Program of Support to Greece in order to avoid the capture and the Economical and National annihilation of Greece inside the International Monetary Fund.

The above mentioned 180 degrees turn of the Russian Foreign Policy, was realized due to the classified G.H.REES report, and means that the Russian Government considers the Government of “PASOK” as a typical and of no repute government of corrupt defrauders traitors of “NATO” as they really are, and means that the Russian Government considers the G.H.REES Prytaneum as the essential informal Government of Greece.

The Charter of G.H.REES, forbids their members to claim or take over Governmental positions, except Minister’s advisors positions. Consequently we call the honourable patriot Hellenes Scientists and Non Masons Officers of the Greek Armed Forces and of the Police Force, except G.H.REES members, to claim those Governmental Positions in order to raise the dying state of Greece, murdered by the Greekhebrews and Masons traitors of the 3 Greek Powers and by their partners in crime.

PS 2.

ATTENTION: “Party-Dogs” and Secret-Service puppets of “PASOK”, falsely spread to the internet claims that the Governmental Greek Television Network “NET” announced the official proposal of Economical support to Greece from Russia in 19th March 2010.

Careful Research of Friendly Webpage into the News Webpage of the Governmental TV NETWORKS “ERT” and “NET”, proved that the above mentioned claim is FALSE, and that ALL the Greek Politicians of ALL Parties and ALL the Greek “Mass Media” are continuing treasonously to conceal the Russian proposal of 19th March 2010.

Kill them now without mercy, because they kill Greece without mercy._

Readership G.H.REES Magnesia
Through Deliverer of G.H.REES messages:

Read Also:
Urgent Signal of National and Planetary Security by the Prytaneum of G.H.REES

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Introduction to the Legendary G.H.REES

G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-Establishment) International Bellum Mentalis Andromedian Portal.

G.H.REES is a semi-transparent Ultra Powerful Hellenic Organization first established in 1947 from a group of Hellenes Generals with Commander in Chief the Hellene War hero General Papagos. Under original bankroll from 3rd Reich loots through the partner of Papagos Anti-Hitlerian Double Agent of Abwehr Von Kanaris (of Hellenic Origin) this Legendary Hellenocentric Group begun activity in the Geopolitical and Geostrategic sector with studies that concerned National Security. Later on they expanded their research in every scientific sector by deciphering several universal and historical well kept secrets and by breaking the Geopolitical codes of the adversaries.

By using advanced technology, logical rules, by the process of reductio ad absurdum, and by cross-reference research into the Ancient Hellenic, Ancient Hindu-Sanskrit and other texts of independent non masons researchers, this organization made possible the impossible, namely the full restoration of the Hellenic Andromedian Mathematical Proto-Language and the full restoration of the Unified Pre-Lunar Andromedian Sciences and with them developed Neutrino Technology and Maser Weapons in levels even higher of the superpowers counterparts. With this powerful knowledge and technology in their hands unlocked the complete Terra and Spaceborn History and Prehistory concerning Hellenes, the White and Black Race. Philosophy – Way of Life – Tendentiousness – Diachronically Adversaries and Allies – Survival Solutions etc. Their members achieved to infiltrate directly or indirectly almost everywhere: Masonic Lodges – Goverments – Secret Services – Army etc. Many foreign Agents and Local Greek Ephialtes (Traitors) tried to infiltrate and breach the armor of G.H.REES in order to disclose and eliminate the members of the G.H.REES Prytaneum. They all failed.

The Organization begun its public activity in 1974 with thousands pages of Freely Distributed revolutionary Documents and Signals to the Hellenic People and the 3 Powers (Legislative – Executive – Judicial) categorized in various “Generations”:
Generation A’: Ecological (100% True), Generation B’: In favour of Zeus (Semi-true) , Generation C’: In favour of Prometheus (Semi-true), Generation D’: In favour of Christ (Semi-true), Generation E’: In favour of Universal Organism (100% True) – and terminal phase up to 2012 (home-stretch Documents 100% True)

Its main purpose today is to Awaken the Planetary Hellenism, the White Pelasgian Andromedian Race and the Black Indigenous Sirian Race of their glorious roots in History and Pre-History, and to maintain the National and Planetary Security by publicizing on time the Stratagems of the Adversary in order to Foil Catastrophes and the general Dragonian-Chinese Genocidal Program code named “Armageddon” until 2012, which according to the Group’s Research is the Ultimatum Year for the intervention of the Superior Andromedian Starfleet that is about to come for our rescue from the 13.500 years of presence of the Lunar “Lord” Sin-Sion-Zion-Jedi-Sedi-Jude-Judas-PseudoJehovah-PseudoSupremeBeing and to fully restore our planet in Golden Era Justice Principles which was the Harmonized with Natural Laws Governance, before the appearance of the Moon.

It was originally the G.H.REES that Predicted about the Year 2012 from its first Documents “In favour of Zeus” in the beginning of the 80’s. Later the panicked Masonic Lodges responded with telecontrolled writers “Zombies” and other Agents in order to distort and spread lies and semi-truths in regard to this year, by completely distorting and stealing the G.H.REES original documents.

The Apostates of the U.O. and the even more emetic Ephialtes Greek-Cronian Traitors is expected to be handled with ..."special care" by the incoming interstellar storm of Adrasteia and Nemesis.

ΕΣΣΕΤΑΙ ΗΜΑΡ – The day is coming.

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Ancient Hellenes "Yunnan" knew well about the Chinese

Translated fragment from the G.H.REES SURVIVAL MANUAL

In Ancient Hellenic Language (Read “Lexicon of Ancient Hellenic Language” from I. STAMATAKOS) the Chinese were named “SINES” (hence the name Great Sinic Wall) from “SINOS” = Chinese (Page 1206). In the term “SINIS” the translation is: “The Destructor, the Annihilator, the Thief, The Robber, The Baneful (Page 892).

In the term “THE SINOS” the translation is: “Wound, Blow, Malfunction, Plague, Armageddon (Devastation), Corruption, Damage”.

The term “SINOMAI” (verb) means “Loot, Steal, Corrupt, Harm, Depredate, Annihilate, Devastate, Eliminate”.
The thief “SINIS PITIOKAMPTIS” means “Personalized Devastation”. (Pages 892 – 893)
(Read the myth-“mitos”-clew of the Hellene Hero Thiseas against Sinis Pitiokamptis)

The natural attribute of the SINESE or CHINESE as Annihilators-Terminators namely Genociders against the White Hellenes or IONES, is proved by the fact that while Southern China is still named “Yunnan” namely IONIA, in that territory there are no more IONES (namely Hellenes) existing, because they were all annihilated by the Chinese.

The above are proved and by the German Archaeological Missions that were deported without any explanation from China, when in their excavations proved the existence of Twelve Ancient Hellenic Cities inside China. The Chinese Government ordered the covering of the Twelve Ancient Hellenic Cities with hills of dirt upon which were planted trees-Forests of rapid growth.
Today the traitors “Greek” Politicians visit China and instead of demanding the disclosure and excavation of the there existing Hellenic antiquities from Hellenic Archaeological Missions, they kiss the ass of the Sinese annihilators of billion Ancient Hellenes and Pelasgians from the Asiatic Upper Ionia, in order to gain free houses and survival in China, as a reward of their treason which is:

The destruction of Greece and the military Attack of the Greek remnants as Typical Leaders of “NATO” and of the “US.E.J.” axis (USA-EUROPE-JAPAN trilateral) against China, in order to give the moral alibi to China to annihilate completely the White Race with first victims the Hellenes of Greece and Hellenes of Diaspora.

And while for our Hellenes forefathers, the SINES-SINESE-CHINESE (Childs - Genetics Product of the Lunar Dragonian Elohim SIN), are synonymous of the Criminals, Genociders, Murderers, Annihilators of the other Terra Races, White and Black, today the Greek Politicians and the emetic traitors Maoists Chinese-friends Greek Communists and the more emetic Greek Industrialists/Businessmen, they shit over the graves of their ancient forefathers (annihilated by the Chinese genociders), in order to establish companies in China, and by leaving the Chinese slave-crummy Products to be imported without taxes in Greece in order to eliminate the Greek companies, by left the Chinese to invade without control in Greece, and by naming the Chinese “Saviors of the Greek Economy” and “Strategic Partners of Greece”.
In the above Hubris of the “Neo-greek treasonous whorehouse”, the paramilitary leg of G.H.REES will respond with blood baths and genocide of the above mentioned traitors. We call them to abandon now Greece in order for them to avoid the miserable end of the traitors of Greece and of the insulters of the Ancient forefathers dead “Yunnan”.

We call them to abandon Greece by taking with them, the Judges, the Military officers, the Police officers and the Masons that cover and protect them, because the incoming ADRASTEIA and NEMESIS will eliminate both the Protégé and the Protectors.

Commentary on the above:
Today the Turanian Mongolian Seltzuk Turks still call with this exact name Hellenes and the country of Greece. They call us “Yunnan” and “Yunnanistan”, namely IONES-Ionians Hellenes Pelasgians of Minor and Upper Asia.

See map of the Yunnan Province in Southern China.

See also newspaper article about the Alexandrian Ancient Hellenic city Nigia that was excavated in western China near the chinese city Kashgar in Xinjiang Province, that were also being found there well preserved mummies of White Race Pelasgian People dated at least 3000 years old.

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George Soros: You really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order

China should step up to the plate as the leader of a new global economic order, and the US shouldn't fear the establishment of a global currency because it would help the economy, billionaire investor George Soros says.

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Soros said that China hasn't been pulling its weight in reorganizing the global economy after last year's economic collapse, and the way to convince China to lead is to allow it to "own" the reorganization of the global financial system that is underway.

"You really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order, a financial world order," Soros told FT. "They are kind of reluctant members of the IMF. They play along, but they don’t make much of a contribution because it’s not their institution. ... They have to own it the same way as, let’s say, the United States owns the Washington consensus, the current order, and I think this would be a more stable one where you would have co-ordinated policies. I think the makings of it are already there because the G20, in agreeing to peer reviews, effectively is moving in that direction."

Peer reviews are a mechanism by which members of the G20 club of economic powers can review other members' economic performance and warn those members of dangers to their economies.

Soros also advocated for the creation of at least a limited global currency, which he says would help reduce the imbalances in the global economic structure and would actually benefit the United States, whose dollar currently acts as a de facto global currency.

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Commentary on the above:
What this hebrewmongol hate-hellenist George Soros didn’t calculate is that maybe he and his friends can “kill” the dollar for the sake of the Global Currency of the New World Order, ….BUT…. CHINA through the supreme Hyperlodge HONG is planning in the final phases of World War III of the Chinese “Armageddon” to KILL-EXTERMINATE-ANIHILATE Everybody, AND George Soros AND his buddies in financial crimes Mongols-Hebrews-Saxons by claiming strict criteria of racial purity of the Yellow Race (China+Korea) and NO-FURTHER-INTERMARRIAGE and CO-EXISTING with the bastard white-yellow products of the White Race Ancient and Historic Genocides, into the NEW CHINESE WORLD ORDER, STATUS-QUO (namely: of total Global Chinese Dragonian Hegemony) and because besides other reasons, diachronically the Chinese were essentially considered Enemies the white-yellow Mongolian intermarriage Hordes that sometimes attacked and against them (because of schizoid-racial anthropological Doberman Syndrome, read studies of French Anthropologists 1920) and that was also the reason for the construction of the Great Sinic Wall (of the Lunar Dragonian Sin-Sina-Zion-China) in order to protect the Choosen Childs -Genetics product- of the Lunar Elohim Sin, and to push towards the West the hebrew-mongolian and turanian-mongolian Genociders Hordes for additional corruption and destruction of the White Pelasgian and Black Sirian Races, from the already back in ancient years corrupted from Hebrew-mongolian Hordes former powerful Pelasgian Empires of Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, Metropolitan Hellas.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

David Icke Manipulates his Readers with his "disclosures" that G.H.REES has already published the last 30 years


(Moreover they copy and steal adding later various distortions and small differences for disorientation)

And while for the first time in history, G.H.REES has blown open all the schemes of the sinists-zionists Chinese and Mongol Hebrews, and at the moment that the secret services are nailed behind it in order to locate and annihilate the G.H.REES Prytaneum in Athens, and while all the men of G.H.REES are bleeding to death in all levels (economically – socially etc) due to their work in favor of Hellas and in favor of the Planetary Security, the Hellenic Webpages and the rest Webpages write articles and reports and glorify the Hebrew-Saxons of the type David Icke etc., who act with plenty of money, comfort, cover and with safety and haven’t made a single reference to the only existing revolutionary documents, namely the G.H.REES documents, that not only reveal the plain truth and the archaic Pre-lunar Hellenic knowledge, but they also give ingenious solutions to all those problems that intentionally have been produced by the traitors politicians of the Greek treasonous Parliament and the rest globalists politicians against national and Planetary security .

After the Draconians (more properly referred as Dragonians from the Dragon Asterism) and the multiple dimensions, Icke speaks now clearly about a “MOON MATRIX” as a base of the Dragonians and as a base for the manipulation of humanity and as a hybrid ship Moon-Levan-Selene a planet of psychotronic and space war. Just like our previous post with John Lear and his 2007 so called “disclosures” (copy-pasted from the G.H.REES disclosures the past 30 years) we now have Icke acting likewise. The Rabbis defeated in multiple fronts, are now forced to gradually reveal those truths to the broad public and they use their Hebrew agent-writer-“prophet” of theirs to continue the game of distortion and disorientation and disinformation towards the thousands faithful followers of him over the globe. Just like he spread disinformation for the alleged change-transition of entities between dimensions (a thing that is physically impossible as has been proved scientifically by G.H.REES) just like now although he correctly writes about a “MOON MATRIX” together with various useless cracked-barrel philosophies he continues with furriness to avoid to disclose the following:

About the nation of the Dragon, the civilization of the Dragon, namely to refer about the earthly dragonian Sinese – Chinese (see Etymology: Sin-ic Wall, e.g. nation of the Lunar Sin), this nation connection with the Moon and the space Dragonians from the Dragon-Draco Asterism.
About the true Masonic Cronian-Dragonian Hierarchy with Commands transmission center Tibet and China.
About the supreme Chinese hyperlodge HONG and its supreme scheme of planetary genocide code named: “Armageddon” in the Dragonian Bible.
About the diachronic criminal actions of the Sinists against the White Race Pelasgians and against the Black Sirian Race, in the beginning directly (See: China’s province Yunnan=Ionas=Hellenism of the East Minor Asia and Asia. Territories of Pelasgians that were completely annihilated by the Chinese in prehistory. Today Turkey and Turks Turanian Mongols call Greece with this exact name: Yunnanistan) and afterwards through their …secondary clerks, the whiteyellow intermarriage of Hebrews and Saxons, products of the historical continuing genocide of White Race Pelasgians.

Continue you -of every nature and kind-, Saxon, Hebrew, and Greek traitors and distorters of every truth to play this game of disinformation and half truth - half information hiding - mixed with lies, played under total safety, until the complete truth will come soon and hit you directly to your hollow head so intensely that will send you there that you belong, namely to the existing Hellenic Tartars, a place of “special care” for the disgraceful liars and crooks.

Follows text from the Icke webpage:

David Icke marks his 20th year of uncovering astounding secrets and suppressed information with the publication of his most amazing book yet.He takes the manipulation of the human race and the nature of reality to still new levels of understanding and he calls for humanity to rise from its knees and take back the world from the sinister network of families and non-human entities that covertly control us from cradle to grave.David has moved the global cutting edge so many times since his incredible ‘awakening’ in 1990 and here he does it again - and then some.His most staggering revelation is that the Earth and the collective human mind is manipulated from the Moon, which, he says, is not a ‘heavenly body’, but an artificial construct – a gigantic ‘spacecraft’ (probably a hollowed-out 'planetoid') – which is home to the extraterrestrial group that has been manipulating humanity for aeons.He describes what he calls the ‘Moon Matrix’, a fake reality broadcast from the Moon which is decoded by the human body/mind in much the same way as portrayed in the Matrix movie trilogy. The Moon Matrix has ‘hacked’ into the human ‘body-computer’ system, he says, and it is feeding us a manipulated sense of self and the world 24/7.We live in extraordinary times. On one side we are seeing the imposition of a global Orwellian State of total surveillance and control by those who serve the Moon Matrix, and on the other a fantastic energetic transformation is taking place – what David calls the ‘Truth Vibrations’, a phenomenon he first predicted in 1990 and used as the title of his first book after his ‘eyes opened’.The Truth Vibrations are awakening vast numbers of people to remember who they really are – infinite, eternal Consciousness.Humanity is at a fork in the road and it is time to make a choice. Are we going to awaken to our true genius and potential as Infinite Consciousness? Or are we going to remain entrapped in body/mind and the manufactured illusions of the Moon Matrix?One choice will give us freedom and potential on a scale we could not have thought possible, while the other will condemn us and our children to a global fascist/communist dictatorship on a scale that would make George Orwell wince.You cannot read Human Race Get Off Your Knees and be the same person you were when you picked it up. It is life-changing, reality-changing and its information, if acted upon, will set us free.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Concisely: the causes of the G.H.REES documents subversion

As G.H.REES has informed the Hellenic webpages, the attempt of the G.H.REES documents subversion, from the evil nazi gang “Web E”, as part of the political party LA.O.S. (Laikos Orthodoxos Synagermos – People’s Orthodox Alarm), with member of the gang “Web E”, Eumolpos, Electryon, Spyropoulos of PA.SY.A., Antimetatron and others, and with leader of the gang the “Web E” of George Dimitrakopoulos, as so called “Incarnation of Orion, general of the God Apollo”, and in reality incarnation of a Jehovah demon of “Metatron”, as an evil God of Hebrews and Masons, has deeper causes:

Those causes are:

1st) G.H.REES proved historically that after the sinking of Atlantis and Aegis in 9.600 B.M.C (Before Mongol Christ), namely after the World War between Pelasgian Hellenes and Pelasgian Atlanteans who were corrupted from Lunar Dragonian Chinese, all the Andromedian Gods, Demigods, and Heroes of the Hellenic Dodecatheon, defeated in the parallel Space War between Dragonians and Andromedians in the local space, due to the Dragonian superior fire-power with war planets (Moon+Lilith), tactically retreated from the external surface of Earth into the internal surface of inner Earth, and to the four external planets of our solar system, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

G.H.REES proved that from those two tactical retreat positions, the Andromedians of 1st Dimension of Matter Rarification with flesh just like our own, and those of 2nd Dimension of Matter Rarification namely the Spirits of Gods – Demigods – and Heroes, doesn’t have anymore access to the external surface of Earth, because AND in the two only holes – entries of the Earth’s North and South poles, AND also in the imaginable sphere that includes the seven internal planets and the eighth destroyed Phaethon between Mars and Jupiter, are installed Dragonian defensive barriers that forbid the entry and exit of Andromedian forces or Spirits, without a general Space War between Andromedians and Dragonians, between the orbits of planets Saturn and Jupiter which is the entrenchment outer limit of the Dragonian Lunar Starfleet, with flagship the Moon, satellite of our planet Earth.

2nd) G.H.REES proved historically that from 9.600 B.M.C., namely continuously for 11.600 years till today, the Spirits of the Dragonian Demons of Sin – Sion – Sedi and of the Lunar Metatron are doing pseudonym incarnations, namely:

A: From 9.600 B.M.C. up to 300 A.M.C. (After Mongol Christ), by counterfeiting the Gods – Demigods – Heroes Spirits of the Dodecatheon of Zeus, they incarnated into priesthoods, namely into mentally distorted scientists of the Andromedians (Prelunar Unified Sciencies Academies converted and distorted to Religious Temples), and systematically they humiliated the Real Andromedians of the absent Zeus, by ordering to the Hellenic Pelasgian people Civil Wars and Civil Genocides (See Hellenes Achaeans against Hellenes Trojans, and See Hellenic Cities against Hellenic Cities between Athens – Thebes – Sparta etc), or “Holy Prostitutions” of prostitutes that delivered their profits to the Temple’s Priesthoods, black magic, human sacrifices in ritual murders ordered by the Priesthoods, sexual orgies of Satyrs and Mainades, and a general degeneration of the Pelasgian White Race Hellenes.

B: From 300 A.M.C. until today the Lunar Dragonian Spirits divided in 2 collusion groups, namely into “Angels of the Good little God Savaoth Sedi” and into “Demons of the Bad Satan – Metatron”.

The first group of the “Good Angels”, is incarnated into Christians prophets – priests – monks – writers and civilians, with general teaching the stupid defeatist “Unilateral Love” and the “Unilateral Disarmament” in order for the Eastern Mongolian and the Islamic Hordes to easily genocide the Western Christian populations, namely the White Race Pelasgian Hellenes and the rest Pelasgians.

The second group of the “Bad Demons”, by counterfeiting the Dodecatheon and the Spirits of the Scandinavian god “Thor” as allegedly Dodecatheon and Spirits of the “Hellenic God Zeus” are incarnated into Satanic Priesthoods of the “Religions of Satan” or the “Religons of Metatron” into the “SS” of the Nazi Third Reich, into the members of the Nazi Organizations of all Countries and in regard to Greece, into the members of the Neonazi Organizations: “New Acropolis”, “Golden Dawn”, “Web E”, of George Dimitrakopoulos or “Orion”, “Epsilon” of the greekhebrew writer Fourakis or Fourie, “Epsilon Olympians” of the Mason General Kalogerakis, of the cryptonazi political party “LA.O.S.”, and other neonazi organizations with general teachings:

B1: The triptyque “War – Hierarchy – Discipline” as motto of the “Reborn Greek-Byzantine Empire” which will force globally the Christian-Dodecatheon Religion “Sufism 666”.

B2: The leadership of the “Greek-Byzantine Empire 666” over the “NATO” armies for the general attack of “NATO” against the “Shanghai Pact” or “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China) in order for the “Greek-Byzantine Empire 666” with its new base Constantinople, to become World Leader.

B3: The cooperation of the “Greek-Byzantine Empire 666” leadership and of the allegedly returned Dodecatheon incarnations into Nazi members of the Para-State “Greek-Byzantine Empire 666” organizations, namely of the satanic Nazi organizations: “Web E”, “New Acropolis”, “Golden Dawn”, “Epsilon”, “Olympians Epsilon”, and rest, with the allegedly “Returned Starfleet of Zeus” namely in reality with the Starfleet of the Mutineers Andromedians of Savit-Savaoth-Cronus-Saturn that counterfeit the Dodecatheon of Zeus, as a cooperation for the attack of the “Greek-Byzantine Empire 666” army in typical command of the “NATO” and “SEATO” armies and of the “India” army against the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China) with purpose the sudden withdrawal of the above mentioned space pseudo-allies of Greece and of “NATO” from the Battle Fields in the Chinese – Siberian – Mongolian deserts in order for the armies of “R.I.C.” to massively counter-attack and slaughter the “NATO” armies and the “Greek-Byzantine Empire 666” army, and finally to genocide all the White Race Pelasgians of the West with genocide priority the White Race Pelasgian Hellenes.

3rd) The above already Historically proved and apocalyptic for the prehistory of our planet, caused a colossal hatred of the Christian-Dodecatheon crypto-Jehovah Sufism 666 of “Epsilon” of “LA.O.S.” and of the parallel Satanic Neonazi Organizations (“Golden Dawn”, “New Acropolis”, “Olympians Epsilon”, “Web E” of the “God Apollo General” namely the lunatic George Dimitrakopoulos or else “Chief General of the Inter-Galactic Empire of 13 Galaxies” as he is self-called in his webpage or “Orion the Illustrious”, and the rest parallel Neonazi Satanic organizations) against G.H.REES, because the disclosures of G.H.REES proved that the above mentioned crooks and the crooks members of their organizations, are not incarnations of Spirits of the completely absent until today “Dodecatheon of Zeus”, as they falsely claimed the “SS” members of the 3rd Reich, and as they falsely claim the Parliament members and the rest chief members of “LA.O.S.”, but the disclosures of G.H.REES, proved that all these are schizophrenic and greed for power incarnations Nazis under Demons possession – catalepsy of Metatron, namely of the Jehovah Satan of the Moon as the Second Face of the “Good little God” Sin-Sion-Sina-Sedi (See also the God that worship the lunar-possessed “Epsilon” of LA.O.S. Dimosthenis Liakopoulos), which those Jehovah Demons are counterfeiting the “Dodecatheon of Zeus”, with purpose to drive the Andromedian White Race and the Sirian Friendly Black Race, but AND also the Mongolian not purely yellow Races of the Hebrews – Saxons – Albanians – Bulgarians – Turks – Tatars, Tsetsenians – Azerians – Hungarians – Uighurs – Laplanders – Bavarians and rest, into the Chinese “Armageddon” of the Asiatic Deserts, for their Complete Genocide from the Pure Yellow Race of China and Korea (North and South Korea).

The Demons that have possessed the members of the above mentioned Satanic – Nazi Organizations, have promised to those members: Prime minister positions – Ministers – Nomarchs – Mayors – Generals – Judges – and rest high power officials positions into the courts of the “Planetary Greek-Byzantine Empire of Christian-Dodecatheism 666”.

And at the moment that all the above lunatic perverts Satanists Nazis had their suitcases packed in order to go each one of them to the place of his appointment as “High Official” of the “Empire 666”, and they also had tickets with no return in their pockets, at that exact moment appears from nowhere the Andromedian Hellenic Pelasgian G.H.REES, and reveals that the Spirits which promised those positions of “High Officials” of the “Empire 666”, are not Spirits of the Hellenic Dodecatheon of Zeus, but are Spirits of the Apostate-Mutineer Andromedian Savit-Savaoth-Cronus-Saturn, and of his Dragonian Partner in crime Pseudo-God Sin-Sion-Zion-Sina of the Moon, or “Sedi” (paraphrase of “Sin” and God of the other Hebrew’s agent Dimosthenis Liakopoulos), that counterfeit the Spirits of Zeus, and that this “Empire 666” (Tiger) will be just a big Provocateur Balloon against China, in order to give the alibi for the massive counter-attack of the Dragonian China 888 (See China’s doctrine of Tiger versus the Dragon) and to completely genocide AND the above mentioned stupid Nazis – Satanists of the above mentioned Nazi organizations AND the White Nations-States of the West AND their “Empire 666” with feet made of paper, in order when the time comes that will arrive in our planet the True Andromedians of Zeus with the Andromedian reinforcements of multiple dimensions War Planets Starfleet, today parked in the orbit of planet Saturn in anticipation of the Ultimatum termination towards the Cronians Apostates and towards the Dragonians, to not find alive not any human of White and Black Races and to withdraw empty-handed with the following report:
“Nobody to Rescue. All the descendants of White Race Andromedians and Black Sirians Dead. According to orders we move on to a massive genocide against the Dragonians Yellow Race of the Planet, and against all the crews of the Dragonian Starfleet”.

In conclusion, G.H.REES will never let happen the above planetary scale mass genocide crime that you are trying to achieve, you the pervert Jehovah Demon possessed and greedy for power Nazis Satanists of “LA.O.S.”, of “Web E”, of “Golden Dawn”, of “New Acropolis”, of “Epsilon”, of “Olympians Epsilon” and of the rest Nazi Satanists Theosophical Masons of the “Hellenic Theosophical Society” of the Hebrew Blavatsky and of the Hebrew Anna Bezant.

End of G.H.REES document.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

China's major goal in the 21st Century: Global Military Domination!

"The major goal of China for the 21st century is to become the number one of the world's leading military powers"!

That is the goal set by the colonel of the People's Liberation Army of China, Liu Mingkfou for his country, his new controversial book entitled "The Dream of China".

Indeed, as the Colonel says: "If China does not become the number one in the world this century, if not the leading power, then inevitably will be lagging behind and thus sidelined".

According to critics, however, this book is with extreme positions, even if taken in mind the overall shift towards a more nationalistic approach to the future of China prevailing in recent years in the country.

Source: Translation from an "Ethnos" newspaper article in Greece