Saturday, August 4, 2018

KONX-OONX-PANX (Universal Hierarchy Requests) From G.H.REES decodification and restoration of the Ancient Andromedian Encoded Phonetical Call and Requests submissions towards the Universal Hierarchy of the Beings-Cells of Pan, namely of the Intelligent Universal Organism.

KONX-OONX-PANX (Universal Hierarchy Requests)

From G.H.REES decodification and restoration of the Ancient Andromedian Encoded Phonetical Call and  Requests submissions towards the Universal Hierarchy of the Beings-Cells of Pan, namely of the Intelligent Universal Organism.

In the prehistoric antiquity, the invocation of the Universal Hierarchy of Pan, for the solution of a serious personal or collective problem, were consisting from sound frequencies of three (3) words:

“KONX-OONX-PANX”. The middle term “OONX”, was written as “ΩNΞ” (with Omega) because the two “short” Omicrons are equal phonetically with one “long” Omega.

Etymology: The term “KONX” is originating from the term “Cone” with the figurative meaning of the word, of the “Top of the Social Cone or the Social Pyramid” namely of the “Aristocratic through Duels King”.

The middle term “OONX” (ΩΝΞ) is the participle “ΩΝ” of the present of the verb “I AM”, with the concept of the “ETERNAL LIVING BEING”. The third term “PANX” is the name “PAN” of the maximum logical being, namely of the PAN or UNIVERSE or INTELLIGENT UNIVERSAL ORGANISM.

The sound frequencies of the three (3) “X” are functioning as closing of the accent and sound demarcation of the three (3) words of the encoded call, the caller must state his name and place of living, and in continuation must state his personal problem or the collective of the planetary problem of threat against the harmonical survival and health of humans – animals – plants – soil – waters – and atmosphere of the Planet Earth. In the above mentioned request must be accused nominally the person, or the nation, or the constellation which is responsible for the crimes against the harmony, the health, and the life of humans-animals-plants-soil-waters-and atmosphere of the Planet Earth.
After the end of the Request, the Applicant must state towards the Universal Hierarchy the following: “End of the Request of the Person (YOUR NAME) from the Place (YOUR POSITION), Towards the Universal Hierarchy of PAN”.

For G.H.REES, the representative of G.H.REES, Karageorgiou Giannis, Volos, Hellas.

Friday, August 3, 2018

CC: Friends of GHREES in abroad.

CC: Friends of GHREES  abroad.

Hello my friends. We are safe. Thank you for your interest and your support.
We are informing you that according to GHREES info the catastrophic
fires in Greece, California, Russia, and elsewhere, are being provoked
by the HAARP systems and by NASA orbital LASERS of 10 meters diameter
hot beam that can melt a car or burn a tree in a matter of seconds. The LASER
satellites are in geostationary orbit and can be shot-down only with a
strong MASER gun (GHREES provided technology). NASA is controlled by
the Hebrews bankers Rockefellers who obey to the Chinese HONG.
PURPOSE : To destroy the nations of the WEST (666) in order to make it
easier for DRAGONIAN COUPLE: CHINA-KOREA (888+777) to conquer the
entire planet.

PS. Greece is under siege and under attack. We have more than 100
human casualties (including children) and many burned homes and trees
and cars and animals. Some researchers say that this was also a
coordinated massive human-sacrifice ("souls harvesting") committed by
the lunar possesed dragonian satanists of the hebrewsaxon hyperlodges
of the west-666 A.O.A.(Ordo Adeptis Atlantis)-Golden Dawn-London
because of the "bloody moon" (total lunar eclipse) that happened
almost at the same time with the fires.
These are the worst fires ever in our recorded history provoked by space
technology. They attacked us because we are resisting  the
territorial dismemberment of Greece and because GHREES provoked heavy
damage to the armageddon schemes of the Dragonians mutineers.
In 2007 we had Peloponese fires with 70 dead.

Friday, July 13, 2018


Mrs Soufli (Attika-nea web-blog journalist) we call you to research about the G.H.REES of field-marshal Papagos.
It is the true shadow-hyper-government and protector of Greece and not only…!!!
The G.H.REES members have secretly infiltrated and are networked everywhere: Army-Police-Government-Political Parties-Secret Services-Judicial and Legal Corp-Masonic-Theosophical-Lodges-Businesses-Universities-EVERYWHERE! And are having their information sources from abroad originating from Greek-Americans of USA Intelligence Services and from objectors to the Draco-Chinese Planetary Domination scheme: hebrewsaxons officers of the USA shadow-hyper-government of “NSA-USA”.
G.H.REES through its self-designed strategic apparatus of Passive Neutrinos Detectors (Neutrinos X-RAY capabilities) can spy and eavesdrop on everybody from distance and can see and hear what is happening inside Masonic Lodges and inside Governmental Buildings and rest Decisions-Making centers of the Planet.
With the above mentioned ways G.H.REES is capable of fore-knowing the alternative schemes of the Dragonians/Lunar/Mutineers/Space-bandits for the conduct of the Third World War of the full dominance of the Yellow Draco Race, and through the active broadcast of Neutrinos is capable of transmitting those schemes to the forthcoming Federal Andromedians stationed in Planet Saturn’s orbit which have forced a tight quarantine against the Dragonians Lunar Space-bandits stationed inside the “Cage-Trap” of the Seven (7) inner Planets.
G.H.REES have saved our lives numerous times in the past and quite recently also, when Turkey (under the abetment of the Chinese controlled Americans) was ready to massively invade in Greece this year in February.
See below how exactly G.H.REES foiled at the last moment this enormous national disaster!!!
Now you may finally understand what G.H.REES meant when was writing to you that the comments of all together the enemies of G.H.REES in your web-blog and others, are equal to a fly bite over the back of an elephant (G.H.REES)!!!

Read Carefully bellow (Posted Document in the Greek Language official G.H.REES Web-Blog “Hellen and Chaos 2”:

TRANSLATION in the English Language:

Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Military Leg of G.H.REES towards the authorities of USA and Greece: See last document of “Hellen and Chaos 2” posted on 17.2.2018. The 180 degrees turn of the USA Policy towards Turkey in only 24-hours, is due to the last document of G.H.REES, namely due to the document of “Hellen and Chaos 2” web-blog published on 14.2.2018.

The Embassy of USA in Athens had in their hands this document from the evening of 13.2.2018, right after its transmission through SMS towards the “Hellen and Chaos 2” web-blog, because the Mobile Phone of the G.H.REES representative is continuously being monitored by the Police and by the Greekhebrew Intelligence Service KYP/EYP. The night of 13 towards 14.2.2018, the security staff of the Embassy of USA in Athens woke-up the American Ambassador, the Military Attache of DIA, and the CIA representative in Greece, who all agreed for the top-urgent delivery of the document to the Foreign Affairs Ministry of USA, to the American Pentagon, to the Headquarters of DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), to the CIA, and to the NSA-USA, for evaluation concerning a “Threat against the National Security of USA”, because in the document mentioned, the Military Leg of G.H.REES threatened with the demolition of the USA Embassies and of Government Buildings in Washington -including the “White House”-, using Silver Nitrate (AgNO3) Mortars, of explosive power equal with mini nuclear “clean” neutron bombs, in case that USA continued to abet and instigate the Turkish Aggressiveness against Greece and Cyprus. 

Was provoked Havoc in the Headquarters of the above mentioned Services of USA, and on 15.2.2018 was ordered (from NSA? It is unknown) the Foreign Office Minister Tilerson and the USA Ambassador in Athens Pyatt to travel immediately in Ankara in order to “Slow-down” Turkey. At the same time, on the morning of 15.2.2018, the fleet of USA Mediterranean was ordered from the Navy HQ of USA to intercept with “Sinking Threats” the Turkish War-Ships which would attempt the provocation of a hot-episode in Aegean Sea and in Cyprus. Particularly this happened with the USS Ross guided-missile destroyer which intercepted the path of the Turkish Frigate Barbaros which had entered inside Greek Territorial Waters in Euboea. 

With the Present Signal, G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Reestablishment), through their corresponding Embassies in Athens, and through the Greek Police HQ, is warning the Governments of USA, England, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Albania, Skopje, Bulgaria, Romania, European Union Brussels, and the treasonous Greekhebrew communist Government of SYRIZA, that any planning of them and any attempt of them for the Territorial Dismemberment and for the Economical Strangulation of Greece, will be responded “possibly” from G.H.REES with the above mentioned conventional technology of Silver Nitrate Mortars, and with non-conventional technology of concentrated-directed-energy armament (Neutrino/NASER), for the destruction and demolition of their Governmental Buildings and of their Military Armament and Installations.

Detailed reports of the demands of G.H.REES towards the above mentioned Countries, will be delivered through their Embassies in Athens.


On behalf of the Military Leg of G.H.REES, the G.H.REES Representative, Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Giannis, 5-Stars General of Geostrategic Analysis and of National Security (G.H.REES)

The present signal to be delivered through E-mails to every foreign Embassy of Athens, to every E-mails list available, and to every Greek Judicial-Military-Police-and Academic authorities of Greece, together with the previous signal of G.H.REES published in “Hellen and Chaos 2” on 14.2.2018.


14 February 2018

Seven (7) Turkish War-Ships and four (4) Turkish submarines invaded in the plots 3 and 6 of the Cypriot E.E.Z. (Exclusive Economic Zone) with purpose the blockage of the submarine beginning drill operation of the Italian “ENI” floatable rig. The above mentioned huge Turkish Naval Force is disproportional for the blockage of the above mentioned drill operation and is also disproportional for possible armed response of the non-existing Cypriot Navy.

Greek-Americans of Intelligence Services have notified the contacts of G.H.REES in USA that the Turkish Army HQ have planned and is executing a multi-branches aeronautical operation of Turkish special forces landing in the Greek Island Kastelorizo using the above mentioned Turkish Naval Force, including Red-Berets and Special Forces, and by using additional heavy Landing-Ships and light dinghy-ships of the 4th Aegean Army Corps, with purposes the union splitting of the Greek and Cypriot E.E.Z., and in continuation the landing and conquering of the 18 Greek Islands that are claimed by Turkey.

Protests of the Cypriot Government towards “NATO” had a NATO response stating that: “The 7 Turkish war-ships and the 4 Submarines which invaded in the Cypriot E.E.Z., are participating in a “NATO” Exercise, and therefore it is forbidden for anyone to order them to withdraw from the Cypriot E.E.Z.!!!”. Therefore, under the pretext of an alleged “NATO Exercise”, the hebrewsaxonic NATO is conspiring for the Turkish Invasion and conquering of 18 grand Greek islands. Namely it is repeating the treason of NATO against Hellenism when in 1974, the Turkish Armed Forces, which invaded in Cyprus, were also taking part to an alleged “NATO” exercise, and English Pilots of “NATO” were flying Turkish fighter aircrafts (!!!) and bombarded and annihilated the defensing Greek and Cypriot forces. In the morgues of Nicosia-Cyprus still exist the bodies of those shot-down English pilots who flew the Turkish planes against Cyprus. England is refusing to take back those bodies for a decent burial because this will consist an acceptance of the Anti-Hellenism of England, of USA as chief of “NATO”, and of “NATO” as an anti-Hellenic organization.

You, the ministers of Defense and the Armed Forces Generals of Greece and Cyprus are very well informed about those treasons of NATO against Greece, and you conceal them from the Greek and Cypriot people, by treasonously telling them lies about “NATO” as alleged good ally of Greece, and by betraying the Greek National Security, through the bases of NATO in Greece, and through the reservation of Greek Armed Units in NATO. Your predecessor traitors Greek Generals, after a visit and pressures of the traitors Americans in the Greek Defense Ministry, ordered the return of the Greek Armed Forces that were navigating towards to help Cyprus in 1974.

Therefore, in front of an inevitable war between Greece and Turkey, we order to you the following top-urgent defense measures:


In a case of disobedience of executing the above mentioned orders, and in a case of loss of Greek and Cypriot territories, we inform you that the article 120/4 of the Greek Constitution is forcing us to annihilate you as traitors of “High Treason” and “Treason against the Country”, articles 134 – 144 of the Penal Code. Already we have set the coordinates of your homes and of your offices-of-treason, for precision shots of Silver Nitrate Mortars Shells of reduced explosive power, in order to not demolish and the neighborhood building blocks. If Turkey assaults against Greece or Cyprus, this will be done with the treasonous support of Turkey from NATO, and especially from USA as leader of NATO, likewise in 1974,. If this materializes, then we will have thousands of Greek and Cypriot military and civilian casualties, and therefore this gives us the right of retaliatory strikes against the treasonous USA. The retaliatory strikes will include shots against American and English embassies in the European Countries, with elements of 80mm Mortars, and with shells “AG/NO3” of Silver Nitrate. The retaliatory strikes will include as targets the American and English Governmental Buildings, the CITY of London, the Headquarters of the Hebrew-Masonic Hyper-Lodges “AOA” and “OTO” of London, the Headquarters of “NSA”, “DIA”, “CIA”, and of the rest intelligence services of USA, the American Pentagon, American and English Military Installations, the Headquarters of the “Kings Rabbis” Barouch of USA, Governmental Buildings of the European Union – Brussels as accomplishes of NATO and of USA against Greece through the provocation of War and Invasion of the B.A.S.T./R. axis against Greece, masonic “Grand Orients” of USA, of England, and of the European Countries, etc. The Mortal Shells “AG/NO3” are provoking shock waves of same intensity with “Mini Nuclear Clean Neutron Bombs”. The construction instructions of Mortars and Shells elements of “AG/NO3” have being delivered from G.H.REES to Americans and European Patriots, as retaliatory strikes and as defense measures against the White-Yellow Mongols-Hebrews who invaded and are destroying the USA and the rest nations of the White Race, in favor of the Chinese Planetary Dictatorship.


On behalf of the Military Leg of G.H.REES, the G.H.REES representative, Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Giannis, Volos, Hellas.

Arrest and interrogation of the G.H.REES representative for the detection of the hidden editors of the above document will result to nothing. The G.H.REES representative has being tested by the Medical Department of G.H.REES to interrogation exercises of “Excessive Body Pain” under the influence of various Drug substances, having as result the complete failure of receiving information from the interrogated person.

The Mortar Shells “AG/NO3” cannot be detected from western and Russian radar systems and Laser counter-measures for calculation-location of the initial shot position, because they have octagonal cross-section and coating of complete dissipation of incoming and reflected radiation in all the existing bands of Radar Transmission Stealth not visible by satellites at Night.

The above document to be transmitted through e-mail to the Greek Police Headquarters in Athens, and from there to the American Embassy in Athens, destined for the Military Attache.

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Commanders of the Greek Army-Navy-Airforce, search in Google about the “Turkish Laser Gun”, and open all the webpages suggested from Google. In case the Turkish Aselsan, constructor of the Laser Gun with American technology, install to this weapon a tracking radar and precision micromotors guided from the radar, the Greek F-16s and Mirages will be shot-down massively and without dogfights, by having parts of their wings and fuselage melted by the hyper-hot beams of the Turkish Laser Guns, installed in the Turkish Frigates of Area Air Defense, such as the new build TF2000 frigates, or by the Turkish coastal areas installed Laser Guns.

Order officers with knowledge of Radar functioning and aircraft engineers, to get in contact with our representative in Volos for receiving instructions of “Invisibility” namely of passive blindness of the Turkish tracking radars, and of the electromagnetic and laser guns of Turkey, with simple fast mechanical, namely not electronic, solutions of passive invisibility of the Turkish tracking radars, for the protection of the Greek Navy ships, of the Greek Airforce aircrafts, and of the vehicles and battle-tanks of the Greek Army. The above mentioned mechanical solutions have been successfully tested by the Technological Department of G.H.REES in the city of Patras, Peloponnese.  The above mentioned solution of Invisibility of the Enemy radars, is able to also neutralize and the Russian built Anti-Stealth Radars, in case of delivery of such radars from Russia to Turkey. The above mentioned solutions will provoke invisibility and to the radars of the type AESA which are installed to the under delivery F-35 aircrafts from USA to Turkey, and therefore will indirectly disable and the Air-to-Air missiles METEOR of the Turkish F-35 (BVRAAM), having X-BAND active radars, with range 150 up to 300 Km.

Finally ask from the Web-blog “Hellen and Chaos” to send to you the G.H.REES documents containing instructions of building a MASER gun, Microwave Amplified Stimulated Emission Radiation, for understandable offensive applications in case of war with Turkey.
From a mistake over an improvement of the MASER gun, was self-discovered in Patras the NETRINO/NASER Gun, which G.H.REES in any case WILL NOT deliver it to the Greek Armed Forces or to any other Country Armed Forces. From all the above it is obvious that the defense and the continuation of existence of Greece as dominant Country is depending totally by the materializing of the above mentioned and previous defense G.H.REES instructions, and that the not fast materialization of those instructions is a self-proved “Treason against the Country” by the commanders of the Greek Army HQs, with end result the butchering of themselves and of their family members and of half the Greeks by the Chinesehebrew and Saxonic planned invasion of the armies of the Turk-Balkan B.A.S.T./R. axis in Greece, with the treasonous collusion of the greekhebrew government party (SYRIZA) and of the rest parliament parties, with the devious method of giving away names of Greek Areas (Macedonia), namely of giving-away Greek Territories to the countries of the B.A.S.T./R. axis, for the genocide and ousting of the Greeks living in those areas.


For the Military Leg of G.H.REES, The representative of G.H.REES, Karageorgiou Giannis, General of National Security of G.H.REES, Volos (Iolkos), Greece

PS: In a later time from the Self-Discovery of the NETRINO/NASER, with the addition of a configuration of the Emission-Beam, this apparatus was used from G.H.REES Patras Space Research Department, as a media of transmission and reception of short messages towards and from the recently arrived Andromedian Government Armed Forces in the 4 External Planets (Saturn-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto) and of the same origins forces of prehistoric andromedians missions living inside the hollow-inner surface of Earth, at a depth of 2.200 km distance from the convex-outside surface of Earth.
The Hebrews of Kremlin (Russia) unofficially asked from G.H.REES to deliver to them the NETRINO/NASER technology, through a Greek-Russian ex-member of the Russian Special Forces, with the humorous reasoning of “Private Use” and the payment of the G.H.REES representative with a large sum of money.
The conversation of the Russian representative with the G.H.REES representative has being recorded by the Greek Central Intelligence Service (KYP/EYP).
The G.H.REES representative is feeling …“Sorry” because he couldn’t deliver the NETRINO/NASER technology to the Hebrews of Kremlin, but he is forbidden of getting access to this NETRINO/NASER strategic armament, which is securely kept for special reasons only in Peloponnese.
Cheap corrupt: mongols-hebrews-saxons, criminals destructors of the planet Earth and its biology, there are values greater than money, and these values will kill and you and the suicidal universal criminal god of yours: Yahweh of the Moon, and of the rest Lunar Dragonians who obey to him stupidly and suicidally._ K.G ._


Tuesday, June 12, 2018


The web-blog Hellen-and-Chaos is offering under a reasonable low price the translation of the G.H.REES Astrostrategics Charts in the English Language.
The translation contains also additional knowledge & information by the researchers of the web-blog.
If you wish to help the objectives of G.H.REES and get informed about this hellenocentric organization vast knowledge & exclusive revelations, get in contact with the blog's e-mail: ELLHNKAICHAOS2@GMAIL.COM, and request the translation.




Sunday, May 20, 2018

Most urgent message from G.H.REES. prytaneum , Group for Hellenic re-establishment, a paramilitary group for national Hellenic and planetary security, to the Turkish government, via its Turkish embassy in Athens.

Most urgent message from G.H.REES. prytaneum , Group for Hellenic re-establishment, a paramilitary group for national Hellenic and planetary security, to the Turkish government, via its Turkish embassy in Athens.

Message of 20/5/18:

Gentlemen of the Turkish government,  on 19/5/18 our representative contacted your embassy in Athens, in order to advise and make it clear to you that under no circumstances should you return the insults of Israel against Turkey. The secretary at your embassy asked our representative for a written notification.

The matter pertains to information received from Greek-American staff of American services, according to which ''Israel’s insults against Turkey are not at all due to  Netaniachu’s son’s stupidity , but rather a provocation aiming at the internal destabilization of Turkey in certain ways, followed by a further, and damaging to Greece, destabilization of the Balkans''.  Your embassy in Athens Greece, is not able to handle such a serious  matter appropriately as it is directly related to a Chinese and Hebrew manipulation of completely dismantling ALL Sounitic Islamic states , and the only temporary survival of Siitic Islamic states within the ''Shanghai Pact''.

For further information , you may appoint a communications liaison between our representative and your ministry of foreign affairs. Our representative may be contacted at : 698 36 579 54.

On behalf of G.H.REES prytaneum, G.H.REES representative Karageorgiou Giannis (*****) General ( of the political sector) of Hellenic national and planetary security, 12 Elpidos str. Nea Ionia, Volos, Greece.


There are rumours , either  true or false, of our enemy president Erdogan’s  health deteriorating fast due to cancer. According to the ancient Hellenic rules of chivalry that ''we fight an honest war against a healthy enemy'' , we want your president’s full recovery when he is about to wage war against Greece. Thus, the G.H.REES medical division advise that he follows strictly the rules of Hipocrates’ natural physiotherapeutic methods through the consumption of raw foods (veganism) while abstaining from animal protein for three months.
For reasons of Turkish national security, as well as the catastrophic defeat of Turkey by Greece, we should remind your islamist Turkish president of a quotation from the Koran which states that: << It is Allah’s will for the Hellenes (Greeks) to always win>>.

G.H.REES representative Karageorgiou Giannis.


SIGNAL OF 20.5.2018:

Gentlemen of the Turkish Government, on 19.5.2018 our representative communicated with your embassy in Athens, in order to transmit the message that you must not respond in any way to the hubris of Israel against Turkey. The secretary of your Embassy asked from our representative to deliver his message in written form.

The subject concerns information coming from Greek-Americans employees of American Intelligence Services, which state that: “The hubris of Israel against Turkey is not an arbitrary foolishness of the Son of Netanyahu, but is a provocation with purpose the internal instability of Turkey with particular ways, and with secondary consequences that will also hurt Greece, causing general instability in all Balkans.”
This subject is not possible to be handled by your Embassy in Athens, because it is connected with Chinese and Hebrew schemes that wish the destruction of all the Sunnite Islamic States, and the temporary survival of only of the Shiite Islamic States which belong to the “Shanghai Pact”.

For more information, hire a contact person with duties of communication between our representative and your Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Contact Telephone of our Representative: (+30) 698.36.579.54 ._


For the G.H.REES Prytaneum, the Representative of G.H.REES, Karageorgiou Giannis, General (*****) of National Security of the Political leg of G.H.REES, Elpidos 12 street, Nea Ionia, Volos, Greece.

There are circulating rumors true or false about cancer illness of our enemy, president of Turkey mr.Erdogan. According to ancient Hellenic knightly rules about “Honest War with a healthy adversary”, we wish the full recovery of your president when he assaults against Greece. Therefore the medical department of G.H.REES is advising him to follow the hippocratian natural therapeutic method through vegetable raw-diet and avoidance of animal proteins for three months.

For reasons of National Security of Turkey, and for the avoidance of catastrophic defeat of Turkey from Greece, we remind to the devotee Islamic president of yours that Quran is stating that: “It is Allah will for Greeks to always win”._

The G.H.REES representative , Karageorgiou Giannis



Readership of G.H.REES Magnesia towards the Internet Readers: About the new Gaza-Palestine Genocide.