Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Urgent announcement pertaining to the downing of the Russian SU-24 bomber aircraft in Syria.

Urgent announcement pertaining to the downing of the Russian SU-24 bomber aircraft in Syria.

In view of the downing of the Russian SU-24 bomber aircraft, GHREES must point out that the announcements made by Turkey and those of the now dragged along NATO  that the aircraft was downed by Turlkish F-16 military aircraft as it allegedly (presumably) violated Turkish air space , are a blatant lie. The ultimate purpose is for panick-stricken Turkey to now seek the support and defence of NATO , in an attempt to also drag along the member states of NATO in a WW III assault against Russia , initially in the Syrian front so as to rescue the Sounitic Islamic state of jihadists in Syria ,who are systematically supported by and supplied by Turkey.

The aircraft , based on announcements on various international mass media , was downed over Syrian territory and not Turkish territory , near a campsite at the village of Jamanti  (Lattakia) about 40 kilometres from the Turkish-Syrian border , in an area inhabited by the Turkish-Syrian Islamic tribe of Turkmenians . Therefore, ,as is now claimed by the Russian government , the Russian plane was in all probability brought down by some air-ground missile fired by the Turkmenian guerilla jihadists in Syrian territory , as a result , the plane (along with the pilots) , was brought down over Syrian territory and was not downed by Turkish F-16s  inside Turkish air space  as it was falsely and deviously announced by the panick-stricken Turks in an attempt to drag NATO along to an assault against Russia , on the false premise that Russia was allegedly using its air force to invade a NATO member state!!!!!!!!.

As for the Greek armed forces, they must not, under any circumstances, engage in possible NATO future operations  against Russia. What’s more, they must remain absolutely focused to be able to counterattack the imminent invasion of Turkey and rest of the B.A.S.T.R axis , as this invasion will take place along the entire border of Greece ,from northwest to east. 

During this planned invasion of Greece , it is expected (and has been planned) that a good number of jihadists and UCC Albanian migrants inside Greece will cause armed riots and a general uprising within Greece aimed at the genocide of unarmed Greek civilians as well as members of the Greek armed forces.

Giannis  Chr. Chr. Karageorgiou

5-star General of National and Planetary security, (political section of GHREES).
12, Elpidos str. Nea Ionia, Volos, Hellas (Greece).
I.D : D.424419 Volos police.
Tel: 698 36 579 54.

Draconian (Chinese) scheme Armaggedon:

Complete verification of past GHREES documents concerning the coalition of the ‘’ R.I.C” axis :
‘’Cosmic Etna’’ signal’’ 2’’ of planetary security …..:

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ultra urgent message of national security from Head of G.H.REES 6-star general , G.H.REES Athens headquarters, to ALL Greek military officers , and especially to the supreme high command of the Greek national defence ministries, and the Greek High Command of ALL military forces.

Ultra urgent message of national security from Head of G.H.REES 6-star general , G.H.REES Athens headquarters, to ALL Greek military officers , and especially to the supreme high command of the Greek national defence ministries, and the Greek High Command of ALL military forces.

“ To Greek officers :  according to information crosschecked and relayed to us by Greek-American patriots of USA national intelligence services , it is inferred that there is a close relation between Turkish air-navy drills , in the vicinity of and between the island of Skyros and the islands of the eastern Aegean, and the internal crisis currently going on within the extreme left government of SYRIZA in Greece on account of minister Panousis’ revelations of other SYRIZA ministers accused of taking part in acts of terrorism, and due to minister Filis’ intentionally provocative comments against the Pontus genocide committed by the Turkish army. 

This close relation is as follows: The Hebrew prime minister of Greece Chiprah (Tsipras) along with the rest of the Hebrew ministers of SYRIZA have been given orders to deviously  bring about the demise and fall of their own government of SYRIZA , that is the political suicide of SYRIZA together with announcing a new round of parliamentary elections with the intent of : ‘’ eliminating all terrorist factions and anti-hellenes , unpatriotic executives such as Filis from SYRIZA’’.
The above is aimed at causing complete chaos and anarchy in Greece in the months of November and December, followed with utter non-existence of and chaos in the political leadership in the Greek armed forces, meaning complete incapability of the Greek armed forces to take the necesary defence measures ,as members of NATO,  required to defend the country against the imminent invasion of Turkey against Greece and that of the rest of the countries of the B.A.S.T.R axis .

The American Pentagon has deviously masterplanned the intentional downing of a Turkish military aircraft taking part in the above military drill , through the use of LASER beams fired from an AMERICAN satellite , which of course will be blamed on Greek air force, so that this incident will be treated as an act of war by Turkey against Greece, that is a CASUS BELLI situation. The Turkish navy operating in the area has been planned to simultaneously change its status into that of an air-navy invasion of the eastern and western Greek shoreline, that is the coasts of both the Aegean and Ionian seas.

Greek territories imminently under serious threat include the Alexandroupolis shoreline, Xanthi, Kavala, Chalkidiki, The Thermaikos bay , Katerini, Magnesia and especially the Maliakos bay shoreline, and the shoreline of Igoymenitsa, Preveza, Mesolloggi, seriously threatened by Turkish forces stationed in Albanian naval ports.

We call upon the High Command of the Greek armed forces to prepare a plan for the urgent dispersal of the Greek military units/camps , especially those of the 1st  special forces brigade in Chalkidiki. Likewise, it is compulsory that the 32nd special forces brigade in Volos be dispersed and transferred outside Pagasitikos bay , in an attempt to minimize the danger of transport vessels being torpedoed at the mouth of Pagasitikos bay. It is obligatory to mobilise immediately veterans of the special armed forces ,forming 10 independent brigades , among which 50,000 FN weapons will be distributed. These weapons had previously been withdrawn from service on a false account of ‘’ not being fit for service’’.

It is also compulsory that  the Greek Police should be equipped with heavy infantry weapons , as it is expected that the Albanian immigrants inside Greece will run riot using weapons in an attempt to bring about chaos at the rear of the Greek army. It is also compulsory to disarm the Turks of the island of Rhodes , Kos and those of the western Thrace, as they all carry hunting riffles. Likewise,  the Greek authorities must provide the 300,000 Greek hunters with heavy infantry weapons, and mobilise them as national guards.

It is compulsory to deploy anti-tank artillery units to the Strymonas valley as this is the way to be used by the Turkish military brigades much like it happened with the Germans during the Nazi German invasion of Greece in 1941, with the intent of surrounding and slaughtering the 4th army unit of Xanthi. We point out that the prolonged drought throughout the month of November in Greece is the consequence of meteorological warfare aiming at the subsidence of the waters of Evros river in north Greece to facilitate the invasion of the Turkish tanks into Greece with the use of LEGUAN bridges etc. It is also aimed at drying up the soil in eastern Thrace so the Turkish tanks will not become immobilized in the mud , like it happened in the past.

It is compulsory for the Greek Pentagon to declare Greece in a state of siege and national emergency , as it is stated in the Greek constitution, and to appoint a new emergency government  whose main priority will be to take immediate actions to defend Greece along its entire land and sea borders. We also point out that the Turkish special forces units carried on low-flying helicopters are the most highly dangerous, as these helicopters , it is predicted, will invade Greek air space from various points along the land and sea borders .

Last but not least, we want to point out that once again we are experiencing WWII times , like that day back on 28 October 1940, with Germany and the rest members of the E.E being the enemy once more .THE  END----OVER.

Long live HELLAS (GREECE).!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

The chief of G.H.REES , G.HREES High Command in Athens, through Karageorgiou Giannis , national security 5-star general , G.H.REES representative.
I.D :  D. 424419 Volos police.
TEL:  698 365 7954


We appeal to all the readers of the above message to relay it electronically or in writing to the Greek Pentagon , to all military and police officers , and those of the Greek Intelligence Services (KYP/EYP), so they can take action to immediately arrest and temporarily imprison ALL  members of the Greek parliament , including those of the communist party (KKE) as well as those of the Golden Dawn , ALL of them guilty of keeping silent about the unfolding situation although they are ALL in the know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  ALL parliament members should be charged with ‘’High Treason’’ and ‘’Treason against their country’’, according to Greek constitution (penal code 134-151), which imposes the death penalty on anyone who, ‘’ faced with imminent war , is traitorously dismantling the Greek armed forces (see recent sale of Greek military equipment to other nations some of whom are hostile toward Greece), whilst simultaneously reinforcing the enemy’s  armed forces ‘’.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

SUBJECT 1: Turkish Coastguard attacking Refugees! Where is now the Amnesty International? Where is the “United Nations”? Only for Greece they make blames? SUBJECT 2: CENSORING AGAINST OUR BLOG’S DOCUMENTS

SUBJECT 1: Turkish Coastguard attacking Refugees! Where is now the Amnesty International? Where is the “United Nations”? Only for Greece they make blames? SUBJECT 2: CENSORING AGAINST OUR BLOG’S DOCUMENTS


A ship of the Turkish Coastguard instead of helping the refugees who are aboard a plastic boat, is starting to “shot” water under pressure at the boat with a firefighting hose, with purpose either its “interception” or its sinking! The video has taken from inside the plastic boat of the refugees and its publication was done by the Twitter user, Daphne Toli.

Turkish Coastguard attacking the refugees!!! About the genocide harlot Mongolian Turkey, all are silencing!!!

It is self-proven anymore that the Chinese-Korean (Dragonian) controlled “United Nations” in cooperation with “Amnesty International” are making their best in order to blame as allegedly “Racists” all the White Race people of Greece and Europe, in case these people won’t accept in their countries the Muslims refugees and the rest fanatic criminal jihadists who are hidden amongst them and are threatening the national security of Russia and of the Countries of Europe.

Soon after our blog’s posts about the Racist Chinese-Draconian “United Nations”, “Amnesty International” made strong accusations against Greece about allegedly abuse of the illegal immigrants in Greece

But concerning Mongolian Turkey who pushes the Illegal Immigrants -and unwanted to them abused Kurdish people- to the West, a genocider harlot Turkey who promotes the War in the Middle East and along with “USA”, “Qatar”, “Saudi Arabia”, is training, funding and arming the fanatic Sunnite criminal Jihadists in Syria and in the Middle East, the “United Nations” and “Amnesty International” are suspiciously silencing!!!

Therefore the censored (SEE BELOW) documents that we have posted, are once-again telling the complete uncomfortable TRUTH!!!




The American “Mass Media” orchestrated by the Chinese-Korean-Controlled “United Nations” in total collusion, censored and deleted our posts about the illegal immigrants, from their allegedly “alternative – awakening” webpages “GODLIKEFORUM” and “DAVID ICKE FORUM”.

The Chinese-Korean Controlled “United Nations” (Ban Ki Moon) is blaming the White Race about the illegal immigrants and the refugees’ crisis. We make plead to all the international Mass Media to take initiative and to make the following association of ideas:

The above document was censored in record time (!!!) and moreover they banned our accounts. In “Godlikeforum” have installed special filters – scripts in order to automatically find the word “G.H.REES” or LINKS to G.H.REES blogs, in order to automatically censor, delete and ban our posts, and our accounts, accompanied with threats against us that they will report us to our ISP’s for abuse, in order for us to lose our internet connection!!!
Something analogue have done and the “Greek” popular webpage (in reality Bulgaria ownership) Defencenet – Pro News in where if you post comments that have LINKS to the web-blogs of G.H.REES those comments are automatically deleted, and the account banned!

In “David Icke Forum” was also published and the most important Anti-Draconian Planet Security document of G.H.REES dated 2008, in the English Language:

And was also censored and deleted in record time by the allegedly “Anti-Draconian” Hebrewsaxon David Icke – Isaac!!! THE CONCLUSIONS ARE YOURS!!!

Below you can see the LINKS from our post in their forums which have done the massive censoring against the G.H.REES uncomfortable truths:

With the G.H.REES Blog’s documents spreading like fire, panic has spread amongst the Draconians Reptilians suzerains, and are making their best in order to censor and delete these documents, and therefore are self-proven the Geostrategic and Astrostrategic Truths of the G.H.REES documents!!!

Our documents was sent also and to the candidate president of USA and awakened from G.H.REES, objector to the hyperlodge HONG’s policy, anti-Chinese “Donald Trump” and to the corresponding embassies, and we hope to not reach again to send us the INTERPOL to find us and arrest us, as if we were terrorists like Bin Laden!!!

INTERPOL if wishes to do its job right, must stop the witch hunt against the awakened patriots friends of G.H.REES, defenders of the Hellenic Andromedian Pelasgian White Race (and of the friendly Sirian autochthonous Black Race), and INTERPOL must do their best to arrest those fanatic criminal Sunnite Jihadists who have anymore massively invaded beyond control in Europe, hidden and disguised as allegedly “Poor refugees of War”, and are now threatening Europe and Russia, with terrorist “JIHAD” strikes (See: Recent shotdown of a Russia civilian airliner over Sinai, from Jihadists in Egypt)

INTERPOL must also arrest the thousands Chinese micro-sellers who commit illegal-trade in the countries of the West by destroying the Western Economies.

INTERPOL must also arrest and the magnates hebrewsaxons and politicians of the West who treasonously and illegally are betraying their western countries and are transferring their businesses and their factories, and are delivering wealth & power from the WEST to the EAST by condemning Greece and the rest Western Countries to poverty, unemployment and bankruptcy, and by overpowering China and Korea, by allowing them to more easily win the Third World War: first: Economically, then: Politically, finally: Militarily.

Enough with this collusion and foul-play against the friends of G.H.REES and against G.H.REES

It is not possible for a handful of awakened Greeks for 40 years now,– prosecuted from everywhere- to try to intercept and stop the lethal path of the planet towards the Chinese complete Draconian Planet Domination or “Pax Draconis 888”!!!

Either all of you will support and help the work of G.H.REES, or all of you,  and your children, and your grandchildren, will be stupidly annihilated, blamed as “666”, by China 888 and United Korea 777, in the orchestrated by the planetary draconian masonic hyperlodge HONG World War Three, or “Armageddon”, according to the terminology of the Chinesehebrew …“Holy” Genocider Scriptures…

G.H.REES “predictions’ have already been confirmed in many things… In case G.H.REES “predictions” are confirmed 100%, then you will be stupidly annihilated, because you have done nothing to FOIL the genocide schemes of the Draconian Reptilian Adversary, as G.H.REES have fore-warned you about these schemes for the last 40 years!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Chinese-Korean Controlled “United Nations” (Ban Ki Moon) is blaming the White Race about the illegal immigrants and the refugees’ crisis. We make plead to all the international Mass Media to take initiative and to make the following association of ideas:

The Chinese-Korean Controlled “United Nations” (Ban Ki Moon) is blaming the White Race about the illegal immigrants and the refugees’ crisis. We make plead to all the international Mass Media to take initiative and to make the following association of ideas:

Why the Dragonian - Reptilian Chinese-Korean Controlled “United Nations” (U.N. = Chinese, World Bank = Chinese, wake up and unite people of the White & Black Race!!!) is blaming the White People of Europe as allegedly “Racists” when these People and their Governments say “STOP” to the millions invading illegal immigrants who are mostly an army of new militants fanatic combat ready criminals Jihadists?

Why such hatred and mania by the Chinese-Korean controlled “United Nations” in order that the White Race territories of the West to be filled at all costs by fanatics Jihadists Sunnite Muslims?

Why the Chinese-Korean controlled “United Nations” is not proposing for also China and Korea to share in their territories the illegal immigrants, in order for them to easily find jobs in the thousands of factories based in China and Korea? (Contrary to the miserable economic and demographic status of the Western Countries which are no longer can afford additional Economical Immigrants)

Therefore the “United Nations” does not want to justly share the illegal immigrants around the World, in order for China and Korea to also take their share and to make them work in their factories, which are the most popular in numbers and most productive around the world with unbelievable growth rates….

Therefore it is proven that finally the biggest Racists of all around the planet are the Chinese-Koreans, who in their countries are accepting foreign people only as “Tourists” and are allowing “Legally” in their countries the foreign people Magnates who are stupid and traitors enough to deliver their Western Factories and their Western Businesses and to suicide deliver Wealth & Power from West to the East and especially to China/Korea in order for China to easily conquer the Planet : first Economically – then Politically – finally Militarily and to completely devastate the Bankrupted West preferably through final weak provocation of “NATO” with typical leaders the stupid Neo-Nazis Golden Dawn Neo-Greeks (Constantinople Monkey Empire 666) and their final suicide March towards the East (Drang Nach Osten) up to the “Red Apple Tree” (Western China - Uighur Islamists Turks Domain), which will be the last fatal march which will commit the betrayed and dissolved -in 100 parts- White Race, before its total genocide from the massively counter-attacking united China + Korea of the defensive Shanghai Pact (Russia – Shiite Islamic Countries – China 888)….



Chinese Historian Professor reveals covert History



Thursday, October 8, 2015



According to the last events, we have complete verification of the older decades ago documents of G.H.REES which exposed the geostrategic program of the adversaries, namely of the Dragonian Chinese Hyper-Lodge HONG Mandarins, and of their western representatives, namely of the 2 hebrewsaxonic (“Mongolian”) hyper-lodges “A.O.A” and “O.T.O” of London, which through the Global King of the Jews, Arch-Rabbi Barouch of “USA”, are governing and the modern Hebrew Kremlin of Moscow.

According to the last events, the “R.I.C.” axis between Russia – China – and ONLY Shiite Islamic Countries, is building up and is being founded in Syria.
Under the context that:

At the current time, we have Russian fighter-planes which bombard the criminal forces of the Sunnite and ONLY Sunnite Jihadists Islamists in Syria. Moreover, those Russian fighters are now invading and in the air-space of Turkey (!!!), namely against the Sunnite Turkey, by pursuing the Jihadists, for which the Turkish army has opened a salvation corridor from Syria towards Turkey, in the Turkish – Syria borders. This Russia Army is functioning in complete cooperation with China, which has send in the Syrian waters, a Chinese air-craft carrier and recently a Chinese nuclear submarine armed with 12 nuclear warheads.

Along with Russia and China are aligned together anymore the purely Shiite Islamic forces of Pakistan, of Iran, of Iraq, and of Syria. It is expected soon that we will observe enmities between the “R.I.C.” axis, and the Sunnite Islamic Countries, especially with Saudi Arabia, with Qatar, and with Turkey, namely the 3 countries which have funded the Middle East Jihadists, along with the funds from the Hebrew-Saxonic USA government, as a PROVOCATION, in order that finally with the crimes that have committed, is committing and will commit the Sunnites through the Jihadists, this will provoke their complete annihilation from the “R.I.C.” armies, which are now massing in Syria. Under this scheme we expect additional arrivals of Chinese Army and Chinse Air-Force and additional Chinese Navy forces in Syria, together also with Army and Air- Forces mostly of Iran, and from the rest Shiite Islamic Countries, in order to begin the wipe-out of the Sunnite Jihadists in the Middle East.

We wish to believe that the Jihadists based in Balkans, will be completely annihilated from the “R.I.C” axis, starting from Syria, and they will not make it to execute their program, of genocide half the Greeks, by participating to the coordinated assaults of the “B.A.S.T./R.” axis (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey - / Romania) against Greece. The Jihadists based in Balkans (also funded and armed from “USA”) have already being organized in Brigades inside the “B.A.S.T./R” axis armies. We believe that the geostrategics and intelligence department of G.H.REES will determinatively contribute, through new barrage of Special Documents, to NEUTRALIZE – CANCEL – FOIL and this scheme of the adversary, namely in order to FOIL and the wishes and schemes of the traitors arch-priests (Tibetan-Chinese controlled) theosophical masons of “Epsilon 666” (Epsilon Group) of Greece. The “Epsilon 666” group political off-springs are the ultra-right wing and neonazi parties “LA.O.S.” (People’s Orthodox Alert) and “Golden Dawn”, and their mass-media off-springs are the newspaper “Eleftheri Ora” (Free Time) and “Makeleio” (Massacre). After the FOILING of their schemes, the current assault of the “R.I.C.” axis against the Sunnite Jihadists will be and the last flame of War in the general area of the Middle East and Balkans.

After this Local War, according to the geostrategic program of the adversary, must intercede Seven (7) Years, until the Third World War after the Year 2023.

In the meantime, the newspapers “Eleftheri Ora” and “Makeleio” are constantly publishing delusive information of the Jehovic (Dragonian Lunar) possessed “Medium” Monk Paisios, who predicts peace after a potential Balkan and local war between Russia and Turkey, and of course those things are part of a delusive false geostrategic which must avoid -as intellectual trap- all the Blog’s readers of the G.H.REES Documents, and the rest Greeks, but and the Greek powers: Namely the Greek Army Forces, the Greek Intelligence Service, the Greek Justice and the Greek Police.

Finally, we must make reference and to the last trap which is being prepared against Greece, through proposal of Turkey about the creation of “Security Zone” in the Eastern Aegean Islands, eastern of the 25th meridian, and already the Brussels are turning towards this direction by sending and their ships, allegedly for patrol and foiling of the illegal immigrants invasion in the Greek Islands. Already the Brussels are moving an amendment possibly with the cooperation and of the United Nations, in order for the Turkish Navy along with the Greek Navy, allegedly to patrol and foil invasions of illegal immigrants in the Greek Islands of Eastern Aegean. This of course is a trap, because this will automatically mean and the obligation from Greece, to immediately disarm all the Greek Islands of Eastern Aegean, a thing that will mean the first “Click” for the Turkish-control of those Islands  and the without-fight invasion of the Turkish Army and of the Turkish Navy and of the Turkish Air-Force in the Greek Islands of Eastern Aegean, which with the already there numerous Islamic illegal  immigrants will be converted to Islam and will be Turkish-controlled completely, in case the “Greek” Government of the Hebrew Tsipras (Chiprah), (prime minister of Greece), accept to convert the Greek Islands of Eastern Aegean to “Safety Zone”, namely to “DISARM ZONE”, namely without the protection of the Greek Army.

We call the Blog’s Readers, we call the Officers of the Greek Armed Forces, of the Greek Intelligence Service, of the Greek Police, but and the Greek Justice, and the Greek Parliament Members -despite their corruption-, to understand at the last time the grave danger, and to deny to sign treasonous laws of converting the Eastern Aegean Islands in “Safety Zone”, because this will automatically mean the disarming of those Greek Islands with end result for Turkey to easily conquer the Greek Islands of Eastern Aegean until the 25th meridian, namely the Meridian which split the Aegean in half.

For G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Reestablishment),

The Representative of G.H.REES, Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis, General of National and Planet Security of G.H.REES, ex-instructor of G.H.REES geostrategics, Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia, Volos, Greece

I.D. Number: D.424.419 of the Police Dpt of Volos

Mobile Tel.Number: (+30) 698.36.579.54



Military assault of Turkey and Albania against Greece by September 2015 (FOILED BY G.H.REES), and the TRUE role of ‘’ISIS’’. To the idiots of Turkish ‘’MIT’’ intelligence service , and to idiotic suicidal Jews.



Sunday, September 27, 2015


In front of dramatic Armageddon-like developments in Syria, we publish again the C’ SIGNAL of G.H.REES especially to awaken the Hebrews and Saxons consciousness objectors and in order for them to FOIL the worst developments and in order for them tο FOIL the Dragonian Chinese complete dominance , because we no longer hope to the traitors, unmindful and in complete aphasia and LUNAcy neo-greeks…

We note that with the current developments in Syria, the Dragonian (Chinese) adversary is trying TO ESTABLISH A PERMANENT BASE IN SYRIA AND IN THE MIDDLE EAST (Already we have Chinese military forces engaging there) and in order to prepare the PATH OF THE (CHINESE) KINGS FROM THE EAST, namely in order to open the REVERSE GEOSTRATEGIC CORRIDOR of the devastating counter-assault of the Chinese Army (Syria > Iraq > Iran > Afghanistan > up to China)… according to the “prophesy” - program  of the Dragonian “John’s Revelation”.

Basic condition in order to completely open this “Armageddon” geostrategic corridor is the need for the military forces of the west (“NATO” 666) to act as provocateurs and invade -with crimes of war committing- in all the above mentioned countries in order that in World War 3, the Dragonian China 888 (Jesus) of the Shanghai Pact (Russia – Shiite Islamic Countries – China) to have pretext and alibi of devastating counter-assault against the “Antichrist” West, in order to allegedly liberate those corridor countries. 

(Attacking Western White Tiger vs Devastating counter-Attacking Eastern Dragon)
For the time being the last 15 Years the forces of “NATO” have bombarded and invaded in Iraq and Afghanistan, very close to the borders of China.

(NOTE: IRAQ with the “dried” (due to Turkey’s dams) Rivers of Tiger & Euphrates which pass the 200.000.000 men Chinese Army which invade the west and genocide the 2/3rds of Anthropity (1/3 + rest)  according to the program of the Chinesehebrew Dragonian “John’s Revelation” and “Talmud”)
Furthermore “NATO” – USA is already engaging in Syria. Therefore in order to completely open the geostrategic corridor is remaining to engage and the Shiite Iran which belongs to the Shanghai Pact (R.I.C. 888 axis)…

After that, it is only a matter of time, the devastating counter-assault of the 200.000.000 men Chinese Army in order to allegedly “liberate” those “NATO” occupied countries, and in reality in order to genocide the West, preferably through weak final provocation DRANG NACH OSTEN of the bankrupted Greece as typical leader of “NATO” through the provocateur “Constantinople Monkey Empire 666” of the neonazi Golden Dawn which plans to commit suicidal campaign up to the “Red Apple Tree” namely up to the territories of Western China!!!


Finally, instead of taking seriously the G.H.REES geostrategic documents, the Hebrews of Moscow and the Israelis, according to the following news article, seem to emit joy about the Chinese invasion in the Mediterranean and moreover they make report about long stay of the Chinese in Syria, a thing which shows that is certain the foundation anymore for the preparation of the “PATH OF THE KINGS FROM THE EAST” according to the “prophesy” - program of the Dragonian “John’s Revelation”.

But now see below the Historical proofs but and the Religious proofs from your “Holy” Scriptures (Holy Bible = Chinese geostrategics concealed under Theology mask), which shows that the genocider harlot Dragonian China under the Strict Criterion of the Dragonian Chinese RACIAL PURITY, will butcher first of all and you the White Race pseudo-hebrews Ashkenazim (Askanians) of Israel (90% of the population of disposable Israel) and the mongolhebrews leaders of yours (Sephardim, Khazars, Saxons Lords of “AOA”, Baruch arch-Rabbis “Kings of the Jews”of Benen Berith, Rothschild, etc) and all the white-yellow and black-yellow mongols of the planet, after they deviously use all of you for the complete extermination of the White and Black Race.
C’ SIGNAL OF G.H.REES (dated Year 2006)

Finally, due to the justified anymore hatred-vomit-abomination and disgust which feel the editors of the present signal for the congenital criminals-annihilators-murderers-evil Chinese and Mongols Hebrews-Saxons and rest, we will terminate the present lecture about the “11.600 years of continuous War Crimes and Crimes against humanity committed from the Chinese and from the Mongols Hebrews and rest”, by finishing with the reporting of the genocide program of the White Russians or “Gog and Magog” or “Rus”(Russian) or “Mesheh” (Moscovites) or “Thubal” from the Chinese , after the break-up of the “R.I.C.” axis, programmed after the genocide against India and against the “US.E.J.” axis (USA – Europe – Japan), as this program is analyzed in the Chapters (38) and (39) of “Ezekiel” - “Old Testament” of the Hebrew Chinese “Old Testament”._

It is not needed to especially report the numerous chapters of the Chinesehebrew “Old Testament” and “Holy Scriptures”, in where it is analyzed the future genocide programs of China and of the Mongols Hebrews and Israelites – Saxons, against the Whites, against the Whites of the Islamic states characterized with the false national identification “Agar” or “Descendants of Agar” or “illegitimate Childs of Abraham or Habra-Khan or Mongolian Khan of the Judean Habra of the Hebrew Mongols, Judeans and Israelites Saxons, with his concubine Agar”. The genocide of the Whites Islamists from China, is programmed to realize after the above mentioned breakup of the “R.I.C.” axis, and after the genocide of “US.E.J.” from “R.I.C.”, through the Chinese-Mongolian Axis “C.J.T.H.S.M” – China – Japan – Tibet – Hebrews – Saxons – Mongols of Mongolia.

But the Religious and Historical Previous is proving that China plans to genocide and the Mongolian Semi-Axis “J.T.H.S.M.”, right after the execution of the genocide of the “Cursed Ham” namely of the Black Race, and right after the execution of the genocide of the “Whites of Russia” or “Gog and Magog” or “Rus” or “Mesheh” Moscow, and of the Islamists “Agarines” of Today’s “R.I.C.” axis, namely China has programmed to genocide the Mongols Japanese- Tibetans-Hebrews-Saxons-Mongols of Mongolia, the rest White-Mongols, namely Turks – Bulgarians - Albanians of the axis “B.A.S.T.R.” (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania), the Tatars – Tsetsnians - Khazars of ex-“USSR”, the Finnish - Hungarians – Bavarians – Hannoverians of Germany, Sax-Kohen-Bergians of Germany – Basques – Lithuanians – etc, and the blackmongols Indonesians – IndoChinese – etc._

The already presented statement of the Dragonian pure yellow Jehovah – Sin – Sion – Zion – Sinou – Sinese namely Chinese in “Genesis C – 15”, about “Future annihilation of the Sperm of Zeus – Devil – Snake” (note: See parallel statement in “John’s Revelation” About Pergamos as the “throne of Satan – Devil - Snake”. Because in Pergamos resided the Maximum Altar of Zeus now transferred in Berlin), “Sperm of Zeus” namely of the Greeks - Hellenes and of the rest White Pelasgian Nations, from the Dragonian Pure Yellow Sperm of the Dragonian Moon (Levanah - Levan – Leva - Eva) namely from the Chinese, automatically condemns to a genocide and the Hebrews and the Saxons and the rest White-Yellow White-Mongols , but and the Black-Mongols Black-Yellow, because they, correspondingly as intermarriages of the Yellow Dragonian Race, with the White Hostile Race (“Satanic” – Because Satan means “the gainsayer” in the Hebrew Language) namely the Andromedian Hostile Race (of Zeus), and with the Black Hostile Sirian race (“Cursed Ham”), this intermixed Mongolian sperm is impure “bastard” sperm with causality schizophrenic tension to genocide all the original pure sperms from which is originating, namely with congenital inborn tension to genocide and the pure Yellow Dragonian sperm, namely the Chinese, and the pure White Andromedian Sperm, namely the Whites Pelasgians, and the pure Black Sirian Sperm, namely the Black Aboriginal Race.

Of course, the Dragonian Biologists of the Space Lunar Medicine, know already that which discovered the French Biologists in the 1930 Decade, namely that the people who are originating from intermarriage of the Three Main Races, namely White – Black – Yellow, are inborn Schizo-Intellectual (Schizophrenic) , Schizo-Emotion (Luna-tic) and Schizo-Body (Regular Diseases), and are possessed from inborn tension of murdering their genitors, of the various main pure races.
So, because the Hebrews and the Saxons and the rest Mongols are not only having inborn tensions to genocide without reason the White and the Black Race, but also have inborn tension to genocide without reason and the Chinese of the Pure Yellow Race (“Doberman syndrome”), therefore it is certain that the Chinese will genocide at the end and all the remaining White-Mongols and Black-Mongols of the semi-axis “J.T.H.S.M.” with first annihilated the Hebrews and Judeans and the Hebrews Saxons._

The books of the “Old Testament” of the “Holy (Dragonian) Scripture” are abound with orders of the type: “Do not intermarriage with the sperm of the Palestinians White Hellenes”, and “You will not be contaminated with the sperm of the White Palestinians Hellenes though Marriage with them”. Those orders were and are without meaning if were to be addressed towards the Mongol Israelites and Judeans (Jude-Jade-Jadeans of the Chinese “Emperor Jade” the supreme Chinese deity), because they, as an intermarriage between the White and Yellow race, were already intermixed and “contaminated” with “DNA” and “Chromosomes” and Genetic Cellular Memory of the “Satanic – Hostile – gainsayer” White Race as “Sperm of Zeus – Devil”._ Therefore those orders were not given to be applied and to be executed, but in order to be used exactly as “Violated Orders of Chinese Racial Purity” from the Chinese, in order for them to have the moral alibi of “by the grace of the Chinese God Jade-Jude” genocide against the impure Judeans, Saxons, and of the rest Mongols, due to violation of a law of “Racial Purity” with … retroactive effect from …the time of the creation of Mongols, and with impossible appliance and execution due to (pre-existing irrevocable) “Contamination” of the Mongols with Sperm of the “Satanic” races, White and Black. With this way deviously subverted the Captious Lunar Dragonian “Jehovah” the survival of the Judeans and of the Saxons (Israelites of Samaria) in the forthcoming genocide of them from the pure Yellow Dragonian Chinese of Jehovah – Sin – Sion – Zion – Sinai – Sina – China._

In 1.060 after mongol Christ (A.M.C), the Mongolian Tatars, after one century of wars against China, conquered it, and about from 1.100 until 1.370 governed China through the Mongolian “Han Dynasty” with beginning the Mongolian emperor Kublai-Han.
The Mongolian dynasty “Han” was overthrown in 1.370 from the Chinese dynasty “Ming”.

In the 16th Century the Chinese dynasty of “Ming” was overthrown from the Mongolians Tatars “Manchu” or “Mantzu” of Manchuria Eastern Siberia. The Mongolian dynasty of “Manchu” was overthrown in 1853 (with the revolutionary conspiracy actions of the Dragonian Masonic Hyperlodge “HONG” – having the motto: “Down with the Qing(Manchu) – Long Live the Ming”) and was replaced with the Chinese dynasty “Taiping”, which was the last one Chinese Emperors dynasty.

During the reign of the Chinese “Ming” dynasty, China conducted wars against the Mongolian Japanese. The same happened and during the dynasty “Taiping” with winners the Mongolian Japanese who deducted from China the territories of Taiwan and Manchuria in 1894. The Sino-Japanese wars continued with the recapture of Manchuria from China, 2nd capture of Manchuria from Japan, and 2nd re-capture from Manchuria from China, until today where the two countries belong to the “adversaries” (in collusion) geostrategic axles “US.E.J.” and “R.I.C.”.

Recent war between China and Vietnam with pretext the invasion of the Mongolian Vietnam in the Mongolian Cambodia.

Wars between China, and the Mongolian Nepal which ended in 1792 and the occupation of Nepal from China._

Wars between China and the Mongolian Birmania with beginning in 1.272 A.M.C., which ended with the invasion of the Chinese and a complete destruction of Birmania._

War of China against the Mongolian Tibet after the Mao revolution, and until today occupation of Tibet from China._

From 13th until 18th Century, continuous wars between China and Mongolia of the Genghis-Khan descendants. In the 18th Century, China divided Mongolia into 2 areas, the “Inner Mongolia” and the “Outer Mongolia”.
The Mongols of the “Outer Mongolia” by taking advantage of the internal 1911 revolution in China, separated from China and declared the “Outer Mongolia” an independent Country.
The “Inner Mongolia” remains up until today under Chinese domination._

The above two “Religious” (Read: “Geostrategic – Genocidal, “allegedly” by the Grace of God…) and the eight (there are dozen more) Historical previous, prove that, with pretext and the Chinese-Saxons, namely Chinese-Hebrews wars, from the invasion of the Saxon-Hebrews Mongols in China with purpose the selling of Opium-Heroin to the Chinese population in 1840, as an invasion which ended with the temporary occupation of Beijing in 1840, China finally by taking revenge, will annihilate and the Mongolian Judeans (Jadeans – Jade) and the Mongolian Israelites or Saxons, but and the rest Mongolians of the planet (in the Chinese “Armageddon”) planned by the year 2012._
This expected Natural-Biological genocide of the Hebrews Judeans, of the Hebrews-Saxons, and of the rest Mongols from the Chinese, namely “The genocide of the “Son – Jesus Christ” from the “Father – Jehovah – Sin – Sion – Zion – Sinai – Sina – China, and from the “Father” Saturn – Savaoth” is proved that is truly imminent, from “Very Bad Signs” according to popular expression. One of these “Bad Signs” is that already the “Central Bank” of “USA”, property of the private Hebrew International Bankers Rockefeller, sold the Public Debt of “USA” to the “Central Bank of China”, together of course with the mortgages, namely together with the under mortgages real estate, public buildings, governmental buildings, and public lands – properties of the American Public Domain. If China demands from the International Monetary Fund, the payout of the above mentioned American Public Debt in any metal, or any products, the American Government will not be able to pay the debts of the American Public Domain and thus will have to allow China to confiscate the American Governmental Buildings, the White House, the American Ministries, the American Common Benefit Services, the Buildings of the American Police, the Buildings of the American Secret Services, and the American Military Bases._ In case “USA” refuse to deliver the above mentioned public properties for confiscation from the Chinese “Court Criers”, this gives the right to China for “Declaration of War” against “USA”, according to standing regulations of International Law.
If this war realizes, “USA” will be devastated and genocided from the supreme War Technology of the Russians, as a Technology that Russia has delivered to the Chinese Army, namely Air-Defense systems “S-400”, subsonic torpedoes of 850 km/h, Air superiority aircrafts “Sukhoi-27” until “Sukhoi-47”, antigravity and ion engine aircrafts (pseudo-UFO or “Cosmospheres”) with capability of exit from the atmosphere, etc._

Second “Bad Sign” is the public acknowledgement of the American Economy Ministry towards the International “Mass Media” that: “Today the American Public Domain, namely the American State, in order to function and in order to pay its public servants, and the federal policemen of “FBI”, and the employees of the Secret Services, “NSA” – “CIA” - “DIA”, etc, and the American Military Officers, borrow money from the “Central Bank of China”. The above mentioned loans are impossible to be repayed from the “USA” towards “China”, and therefore, mathematically and by causality are leading either to a confiscation of the entire American State from China, or to a war between China and “USA”, in a war during which “USA” and its allies, India and Europe, will be devastated and genocided, due to the Chinese superior fire-power with Russian supreme war technology._

Third “Bad Sign” is the mountains of American Dollars which have gathered the “Central Bank of China” due to the enormous overplus of Trade which has China in comparison to the “USA”. In case it is demanded, and is planned to be demanded, from China towards “USA”, the exchange of these mountains of American Dollars with any metals, or products, this demand is impossible to be satisfied, and will lead to either a confiscation of the entire “USA” from China or to a war between China and “USA”, in a war during which “USA” and its allies, India and Europe, will be devastated and genocided, due to the Chinese superior fire-power with Russian supreme war technology._
The above mentioned three “Bad Sings” are valid and for all the countries of the “European Union” (Read: Simultaneous European Destruction), because:

a) These countries, and especially Greece, by treasonously acting they sell their banks, through intermediate banks, towards the “Central Bank of China”. See on going sell of “Commerce Bank” towards “Banc Agricole”, and soon to be realized sell of the “National Bank” towards “City Bank” due to “Black Hole of Movement Capitals” due to acquirement of the “Bubble” Finanz-Bank of Turkey with 3.5 billion Euros, soon to be realized sell of the “Agricultural Bank of Greece” towards “Banc Du Commerce” of France, soon to be realized sell of the “Bank of Greece” towards foreign Central Bank or towards the “Central European Bank”, as a sell which will mean the sell-out of the Greek Public Debt and the Mortgages Guarantees of the Foreign Interstate given loans towards Greece, namely of the entire Public Property, namely of the entire Greek Country, Greek Justice, Greek Police, Greek Army, towards the “Central Bank of China”, according to the example of the sell-out of the Public Debt of “USA” from the “Central Bank of USA” (Rockefeller) towards the “Central Bank of China”, and other soon to be realized sell-outs of Public and Private Greek Banks from the without exception traitors Eparchs of “Orthodoxy Church of Greece” (Owners of the “National Bank”) and from the Masons big share-holders of the rest Greek Banks.

b) These European States, in order to function and in order to pay their employees of all the Ministries, and of the police and military services, are borrowing money either directly from the “Central Bank of China”, or through other Banks, which are about to be sold to the “Central Bank of China”._

c) These European States, because, like the “USA”, transferred their main industries to China with result to produce and export towards China much less products than they import from China, have delivered to China mountains of Euros and other European Coins, due to enormous surplus of Trade of China in comparison to the European States, and especially to Greece, which the treasonous greek-hebrews, mongols (Karatzaferis as former parliament member of “New Democracy”), and the Masons philo-Chinese “Politicians” devalued Greece as a country which doesn’t produce anything except gang-tourism such as Mykonos whorehouses, dying “retired workers”, dying unemployed masses, and degenerate “Agricultural Tourism” of conversion of the Greek Farming Production to Inns of …Chinese Tourists.

…”If” China demands from the European states the return of (a), (b), and (c) in any metals or other products, the European states will be unable to repay their debts and their passive commercial balances towards China, and therefore the outcomes will be the same two which already is facing “USA”, namely to either allow China to confiscate the entire public properties of them, their police services, and their armies, namely to peacefully conquer their Countries and to drive their populations to a quiet genocide of “Steeple destined to slaughter” or to resist militarily to the Chinese demands of confiscation of their Countries in order to give the pretext and alibi to China to use the geostrategic axis “R.I.C.”, over which China is leading Economically and therefore Politically and Militarily, in order to confiscate the European States and to genocide them through “Hot” wars._
Because, for those who does not know, (but the traitors “Theologians” and “Priests” of Christianity know very well) the Chinesehebrew “Holy (genocidal) Scriptures” in “Old Testament” book “Deuteronomy Ch.15’ 6, Ch.28’ 12-13” writes and orders to the Chinese (Jadeans – Jade) and to the Judeans (Jude) and to the Israelites Saxons Mongols: “You will give loans to the (White and Black) nations but you will not borrow from these Nations. Because the Borrower is a slave to the Lender” *(See “Old Testament”, “Proverbs” Ch.22’ 7). In order to be “Lord’s Servants” namely of the Chinese, the “Orthodox Church” of Greece is about to sell the “National Ban k” to the “Central Bank of China”, in collusion with the traitors Masons (Artificial Hebrews) and the Greek-Hebrews traitors politicians of the “Greek Government” and of the in collusion “opposition” of “PASOK” of “KKE” and of “Synaspismos” and of the ultra right wing (“nazi”) provocateur party “LA.O.S.” (“People’s Orthodox Alert” as a nazi party founded by the “Greek” Theosophical Society namely the negative M.T.M. ordered by the negative A.O.A. London – Golden Dawn London, ordered from the Supreme Masonic Hyperlodge “HONG” China, left hand path).
Because the crime of “Orthodoxy” was exactly proven this from the foundation of “New Rome” Byzantium up until today: The enslavement and the genocide of Hellenes from the surrounding Mongols, Albanians – Bulgarians – Turks *(namely from the “Son - Christ”), and the final genocide of Hellenes from the “Father” namely from the Chinese._
But, already the (a), (b), (c), are devastating not only the “USA” and the European states, but and also the Judeans and the Hebrews Saxons of these countries. Prime example is the satisfied from the “Greek” Treasonous Government demand of China to buy the installations of the “Containers Pier” of the Piraeus Port from the Hebrew-Italian-Swiss Company which had up until now its exploitation. The demand of the “Father” namely of China, for 50-years exploitation of the above mentioned Pier, initially met the resistance of the “Son”, namely of the Hebrews Switzerland – Italy. But some Rabbis calmed down the “Revolutionaries”, and the acceptance of the Greekhebrew Government of the TurkHebrew Kara-Aman-Ali, which let in third persons the Pier, had as a result the delivery of the Pier to the Chinese for 50 years. In this way the Hebrews Judeans and the Saxons see their companies to be captured by the Chinese, with this economical capture to function as a prelude – preface and of the biological – natural genocide of the Judeans and of the Saxons by the Chinese, taken also in consideration the already mentioned 8 historical previous, of the Chinese against the Mongols, with impossible deniability witness the “Great Sinic Wall” between China and Mongolia._
With the same way of transferring (read: “Confiscation”) of the State Property of the White and Black Nations – States, through maneuvers of Robbery and Theft from the “Son-Christ” towards the “Father” China, today they “Sell” in the 1/6th of its true value the State Property of Greece, namely they sell Greece against a symbolic price of sell-out of National discounts, namely sell out to China the Greek Ports, Greek Public Benefit Companies, Greek Shipping, Greek Banks, and the rest Greece, directly as has happened with the Chinese “COSCO” who bought the Piraeus Port or indirectly through the method of “Privatization”, with which “Strategic Investors” of the Foreign Countries, namely Hebrews and Saxons of Europe and “USA”, and Mongols of other Countries, such as Japanese and Turks, through “Fixed” (devious) Stock-Exchange or Directly, and through the collusion of Greek traitors mongolhebrews and masons, buy in the 1/6th of their true value the stocks of the above mentioned properties of the Greek people, in order to re-sell them to China, by breaking-up this way the Greek State and the Greek Economy._ Therefore, one possible Economical Revolution of the Greeks, must at the same time be one Revolution of butchering against all the “Greeks” politicians traitors of all the existing political parties without exception, of greekhebrews or greek masons, and one religious revolution of butchering the entire “Orthodox Christian” treasonous priesthood and the priesthoods of the rest religions of Greece, and the “666” priesthoods included, namely the “Antichrist Epsilon – Olympians” because and the “Christ” (I’ H’ S’ O’ Y’ S’ = 888) and the “Antichrist 666” are the opposite sides of the same coin, namely of the same Chinese Dragonian geostrategics and of the Mongol Hebrews and Saxons geostrategics for the complete planetary genocide of the White and Black Nations – with first annihilated the Nation of Greece._