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The end of the hebrewsaxon Armageddonology frauds. The Real Mayas speak about 2011-2012 !!

NOTE - CORRECTION IN THE "PERSEAS" COMMENTARY AT THE END OF THE POST: the reference about the deciphering of the language of Mayas in my previous comment is incorrect. It is not from the book of R. Temple "The Unknown Sirius", but from the book of Eric and Graig Umland "Mysteries from the Antiquity".

Elders of the Mayas about the “Apocalyptic” scenarios concerning 2012:

“We believe that many people were talking using our name before, but now we have the opportunity to speak (in-person for us)”

Do you have a message that you wish to send to humanity?

“To all our brothers and to all our sisters that hear this message, first off all those words are not mine, but are of my ancestors (Mayas) and the (TRUE) prophecy of the Mayas says that:


And thus I leave you the message:



“There is this 2012, for which we have heard so much, that the world allegedly will come to the end, please, WE WILL NOT HAVE THE END OF THE WORLD.

I call my brothers and the leaders of the World,

Enough with War,
Enough with building of weapons,
Enough with building of weapons in order to kill people,
in order to destroy Nature.
Instead of manufacturing weapons,
Why not manufacture something else that is better (?),


The Web-blog “HELLEN and CHAOS” under the occasion that humanity approaches the critical years 2011-2012, managed and located the source itself for these years, namely the Mayas themselves, and their Elders, and thus it is revealed anymore and to Greece and to the rest of the World the entire terrormongering Armageddonology eschatological hebrewsaxonic mega-fraud about 2012..

The Web-Blog is calling all the awakened true Hellenes and the awakened White (Pelasgian) and Black (Sirian) Race to do what ever is possible to translate to their corresponding ethnic languages and spread this message to all the World with any way possible and rapidly, in order to foil a possible genocide with armed helicopters against the descendants – remnants of the genocided ancient Mayas in Guatemala, because these bastards murderers the Dragonian Demon possessed hebrewsaxons and Masons are capable to accuse the Mayas that they allegedly cultivate cocaine, etc, in order to annihilate them with the combat helicopters of Guatemala!
Because this has happened many times again in the past!
They put inside the 6-barrels rotating Gatling guns at the open doors of the helicopters or at their wingtips and fly over their villages, over these poor people, and they murder them in cold blood, and even their children, and even their dogs, and even their fish inside the water (!!!), in order to be left nothing back there.

And thus, let the entire World realize that it is finally a mega-fraud and huge-HOAX the many words about allegedly “2012 = THE END OF THE WORLD” of the hebrewsaxons and of the Masons and of the big Religious Priesthoods, who distorted and forged the Calendars of the Mayas in order to do their dirty work, namely in order to make happen easier, with their eschatologies and with their terror-mongering about allegedly “2012 = THE END OF THE WORLD”, their damn Chinese “Armageddon” scheme, because eventually the Hebrews and the Saxons are working in order for “Armageddon” to realize.

For which “Armageddon”, they have tuned – programmed to realize in 2012, with the final ignition of the THIRD WORLD WAR according to the geostrategical axles of the Chinese Hyperlodge “HONG”, a scheme that was revealed on time by G.H.REES – Group of Hellenic Reestablishment.
And in order to present this genocidal theater as allegedly CAUSALITY and FATEFUL – INEVITABLE (=and thus do not exercise absolutely no resistance to the Dragonian Chinese invasion) namely as Prophetic – Causality situation coming from “God” and from the “gods” and from the pudenda of the Reptilian whore that has thrown “Sin-Zion-Yahweha-Sedi-Jedi” creator of All Terran Religions, and thus they mixed inside their Armageddonologies the “Calendar of the Mayas”, who now, these Mayas descendants through their Elders reveal to the World that:
“Here, first of all it is not 2012, it is 2011, 28 October 2011 (12 Baktun and 13 ahau) and “secondly, WE WILL HAVE NO END OF THE WORLD, BUT WILL COME THE ANCIENT ANCESTORS AND THEIR WISDOM TO THE WORLD (because this is exactly what needs the drived crazy by the Dragonians humanity), and that “All those who say about the end of the world in 2012, the Mayas never said such things, but those messages were propagandized by the large Religious Priesthoods in order to control using fear their flock-people”, etc, etc.

The Web-blog and G.H.REES calls the Global Public and the Neo-Greeks to be prepared and to visit often these Elders of the Mayas, these oppressed minorities in Guatemala, and to protect them and help them by dynamic actions and to make sure that they are still alive these people, because after their Revelations that they made against the Chinese and the Hebrewsaxon scheme “Armageddon – 2012” with which the Chinese the Hebrews and the Saxons attempted to justify as allegedly “Causality from God-Gods Third World War and End of the World in 2012” by forging the Calendars of the Mayas, the life and survival of these Mayas descendants is in grave danger!!!

About the “cocaine” we have to highlight that the cocaine in antiquity was a known to ancient people natural tonic.
And like they said our ancient All-Wise forefathers: NOTHING IN EXCESS (APOLLON)
Because these Ancient Harmonized with Nature people and their remnants today like the Mayas, were sometimes chewing one leaf of cocaine, because many times they had nothing to eat, and thus this action numbed their stomach and they run-around their hunger.
It is something like tea or the ginseng roots.
ATTENTION (!!!) we are not mentioning above the modern cocaine such as this that is taken by the entire international stoned hebrewsaxon “Jet –Set” today (the drug of the rich bankers, pseudo-artists, rabbis, and masons) namely concentrated cocaine chemically mixed & processed, and WITHOUT ANY CHARINESS AT ALL, because such a cocaine is simply DEATH with purpose the International Zionism-Sinism to exterminate and corrupt the youth people of all the other Nation-States in order for them, with the downward fall of the other Nations, to climb higher and higher into Power. (For more study the Book of Verner Gerson “Nazism: Secret Society” about the “DECLINE/ACCESSION” doctrine of the Masonic hyperlodge +/-A.O.A London)
And thus these natural drugs were used by the Ancient Wise People (which today were slightingly labeled “primitive” by the so called “civilized”) as Medicine AND MEDICINE IT WAS, in order to comfort from various pains and for other treatments.
The same is true and for the poppy, namely it was used in order to comfort pains such as stomach-pains, etc, but again NOT concentrated and NOT chemically processed. Over this disgraceful exploitation of these Ancient People and over the trade of such chemical concentrated drugs of death, were based the hebrewsaxons in order to build enormous fortunes and empires such as the Anglosaxon Empire (See Trade and Wars for Opium, etc)

According to the G.H.REES Deep Research, the Ancient Mayas were Hellenes Star-People ex-residents of the destroyed by the Dragonians planet Phaethon (Today’s Asteroid Belt between the planets of Mars and Jupiter. See deciphering of the ancient Hellenic Myth concerning Phaethon, in Timaeus/Critias). And thus the RETURN OF THE ANCESTORS and of the MEN OF WISDOM in 2012 of the Mayan Calendar, is coming to confirm G.H.REES which reports about the Return of the Andromedian Hyper-Scientists All-Wise Star-People Hellenes, whom their imminent return are pre-announce as “HOSTILE” the panicked Hebrewsaxon and Chinese suzerains of the Planet.

(See the “Pravda” article and the Announcements of the British Academy of Sciences – AOA and OTO)

PS3: (We publish finally the great comment by the friend of the blog "Perseas"):

Mayan Calendar Connection

From Central America, Guatemalan Mayan Elder, don Alejandro, speaks of vast and repetitive cycles of time. "The Mayan calendar never has to be altered, because it is based on the stars," he points out. Our unwieldy western counterpart, on the other hand, has been changed many times and is still not very accurate. "This knowledge was bequeathed to the Mayas by the Abuelos, the grandfathers, who came from the stars," Don Alejandro said. He enigmatically links the origin and destiny of the Mayas with the Pleiades, who he says, were called May. According to the work of archeoastronomer Anthony Aveni, certain Mayan sites appear to be aligned with zenith rising of the Pleiades. One of the named stars in the constellation of the Pleiades, The Seven Sisters, is Maia.
The deciphering of their ancient language which consists at 1/3 and more from Hellenic words (olmeka=ολμος, Telines=Ελληνες their gods etc) were achieved successfully during 60's in Russia (details in the book of Robert Temple Temple, The Unknown Sirius), but the results are still kept secret.
Mayans claim that they came here before 400.000.000 years - this claim is supported by a recent discovery exhibited in the National Museum of Mexico, of an ancient Earth depiction in which there are detailed morphological maps of the polar regions of our planet BELOW the current ice cover.
For the above reasons and some others, I feel that the original settlers of Phaethon were Hellenes originated from other planetary systems.

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