Monday, May 23, 2011

The Complete Truth about the Draconians and Moon (PART 1)

The Complete Truth about the Draconians and Moon (PART 1)

Icke is right in some things in his new moon research but under the false guidance of his Rabbis, Mediums-Psychics and voices in his head (aka: Lunar influence) he continues to conceal the truth and the whole picture. So here it is in brief:

Moon is a gigantic ex-physical-planetary body converted (terraformed) into a hybrid hollowed space semi-artificial body capable of travelling into interstellar space.
Moon origins is the constellations of Draco and Boötes a coalition Draconian rebellious constellation.
(See: scotish astronomer Duncan Lunan research, Russian Academics Vasin & Scherbakov, NASA/JPL leaked statements, G.H.REES research, Raymond Drake, Don Wilson, etc)
Moon is governed by a race of Reptilians from the Draco constellation. The reptilians are dominating the Moon with extremely high technology and beings in two parallel space dimensions separated by light barriers (c, and c*10^6). Our current 1st visible Dimension of matter rarification (3rd Real) and the 2nd Dimension (4th Real) invisible to our sensors. The 2nd Dimensions of Reptilian Beings rules the 1st and can see all that happens in the 1st. The 1st cannot directly see what happens in the 2nd but has technological capability to communicate with the 2nd.
The Reptilians are a mutineers spacebandits faction which acts as a cancer against the Universal Organism. They made a rebellion million years ago against the Galactic Order and the Galactic Government - Federation. They wander around the Universe stealing planetary raw - valuable materials, by using the original planetary settlers as slaves aka:"Lord's servants" who bring out the raw materials to the surface. After that, they steal them, genocide the settlers, destroy the planets and leave for another solar system in order to repeat the mega-crimes and spread the cancer. They create religions and after that masonic-matrix-mind-control NWO pyramidal beehive systems in order to manipulate the "Lord's servants". In case the system is occupied by populations that are faithful to the galactic government (aka, the white andromedian race) they usually create through genetic engineering serpent DNA hybrid humans that look like the Draconian Chinese that live today in our planet. Then they use the Draconian Chinese serpent-saurian looking hybrids in order to assimilate and essentially genocide and overrun the enemy unfaithful to them population.
Moon came to our solar system around 20.000 B.C. when there was a legal Andromedian Government in our system, the Uranides or Varuna Dynasty (See: Hindu Scripts). Uranides means "People that came from the Sky" = Skylings. The Uranides rulers dynasty consists mainly of Zeus (Diaus Pitar in Sanskrit) and Saturn-Cronus factions. By the time moon entered in our solar system there was already a civil space war between Zeus-Cronus (See ancient Hellenic myths, Hesiods' theogony, Titans clash etc). Zeus made a temporary win against the mutineer Cronus-Saturn-Savaoth and closed the rebelious Cronians to prison-like places, like the Underground Tartars.
Moon at this time (20.000 B.C.) made a first attempt to enter Earth's orbit, that failed. It made a collision course towards Earth which was intercepted by the Andromedians Uranides.
The second attempt was successful and Moon entered Earth's orbit around 11.436 B.C. (See G.H.REES and Raymond Drake research, Tiahuanaco Bolivia encarvings, etc)
The Earth then was already occupied by white race colonizers from the Andromeda constellation and by the local indigenous Black Sirian Race. The white race Hellenes civilizers from Andromeda came to Earth through the star-portal of Sirius(Hyperion=Supersun) as a scientific mission in order to teach and civilize the indigenous Black Race about the Ecological Harmony and Universal Physical Laws. (See the Chronicles of the Dogon Tribe in Africa)
The Reptilians Draconian Moon having as high commanders: Asmodai Metatron and El Shaddai (See: Bible) or Sendai - Jendai (See: Star Wars) - or Judas, asked from Zeus permission to disembark its populations to Earth.
Hospitable Zeus who was outnumbered and not at this time fully aware of the aggressive-piratical intentions of the moon, allowed them to do so, under the terms of keeping population analogy 1:108 and keeping the then present cultural trend and language of the planet (archetype Hellenic).
The Reptilians from the Moon then disembarked to Atlantis the first Chinese hybrid settlers capable of living in Earth and genetically designed to withstand against attacks from earthborn viruses.
The Chinese under the commands of the first Serpent Priesthoods under the guidance of the Moon quickly degenarated and turned the Whites Pelasgians Hellenes of Atlantis to a civil world war against their racial brothers Pelasgians of Europe and the Prehistoric Athenian Empire. (See: Plato Timaeus - Critias). In this catastrophic global civil war were used nuclear weapons of the era of special effect, and meteorological weapons which were discribed in the ancient Hindu texts of Vedas & Mahabarata.
The White Atlanteans instigated by the Chinese of Atlantis (See books of Raymond Drake) successfully invaded Europe, but the Athenians managed to overrun them and were ready to drop them back into the Atlantic Ocean with a massive counter-attack.
Metatron El Sendai Jendai Reptilians overlords were now terrified because the Athenians under the guidance of Zeus were now ready to massively counterattack and completely eliminate the Chinese of Atlantis with the charge of the devious enorchestrating of the Pelasgian civil global war.
And thus along with the terran global war a parallel space war begun between Moon(Selene) and Zeus HQ's.
Moon then used its gravital canons to put gravitational pressure on the lithospheric plaques of Earth and managed to sink both Atlantis and a little later sunk and Aegis (today Mediterranean and Aegean Seas) and put to death in the depths of the sea millions of white race Atlanteans and Athenians. The Pelasgian high technology golden age Natural Harmony Civilization quickly converted back to "stone-age"
At the same time the Moon and the Serpent Priesthoods notified the Chinese of Atlantis who left on time from the Sinking continent and were rescued to Esperia (Today's America)
Zeus ships (Vimanas, mainly of scientific tasks) at this time were outnumbered against the superior in size and numbers aggressive piratical Lunar Starfleet. The Reptilian Lunar Draconian Starfleet consists mainly of:
a) The flagship Moon ("Death-Star" hybrid hollowed titanium-zirconium body)
b) The flagship Lilith (dark glossy Metallic War-planet) which around 9.600 B.C at the time of the sinking of Atlantis & Aegis was moved and stationed behind the Moon at a selenosynchronous orbit.
c) Around 118 additional much smaller titanium ships
To make things worse some mutineers Cronians managed to escape from Tartars and quickly made an alliance with the Reptilians of the Moon against the Uranides of Zeus. After that in the big monotheistic Religions El Sendai was referred along with Cronus-Saturn-Savaoth as allegedly a common "Universal God" (Draconian mega-fraud and religious manipulation) as Lord Yahweh(Sendai in mongolhebrew or Jendai-Jade in Chinese) and Lord Savaoth(Saturn)
After that time Earth came to the dominance-rule of the Reptilians and their allies the Andromedian Traitors mutineers of Saturn (Cronus-Savaoth)
Zeus ships in order to avoid a general Earth's catastrophe due to the space war, essentially tactically withdrawed 1/3rd to the 4 external planets (Saturn-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto), 1/3rd to the Inner Earth cavity (from the North Pole opening), and the rest 1/3rd escaped from our solar system in order to notify the local Galactic Government in Andromeda Constellation about the crimes and the invasion of the Reptilian Moon, and ask for reinforcements.

Source: Group of Hellenic Reestablishment

To be continued...


  1. 6th dimension Cassiopeians say the same thing that we were invaded by the 4th dimension reptoids and greys who uses us daily for food and drugs making. They use weather weapons to kill humans so the almost fresh bodies can be acquired by the greys with no suspicion. The best fiest for them are www's so thAT IS WHY THEY WANT WW3.

  2. @anonymous 7:28PM
    Can you provide us web-link and/or document(s) about this information provided by the 6th dimension Cassiopeians??

  3. I'm a different person from the above Anon...

    But I beleive Laura-Knight-Jadczyk, in her experiments using Ouija boards to contact beings she intentionally invokes as aliens, instead of simply ghosts or spirits (which G.H.REES has commented could be mostly Lunar Reptilians posing as spirits/benevolent e.t.'s, correct?). Well, this woman has written many books explaining the contects of her Ouija experiments and she says that she contacted beings from 6th density Cassiopeia who explained through the board that the Reptilians have been using humans as a resource for a long time, among many other themes. Here is a video to start out

    She also wrote a book in 2005 called "Secret History of The World" which explains the global disasters 12,000 years ago, sinking of atlantis, intervention of aliens, etc...

    Has G.H.REES looked at this material and if so do they have any opinions about its authenticity? Is she being deceived by Lunar Draconians if most "channeling" is from these regressive beings?

    There are not enough thank yous in this world to extend to you and G.H.REES. It is our destiny that Free Humanity Wins!

  4. i didnt find the exact text that endorces what the previous friend said , but i found this site that haw a great deal of information including the 6th dimension Cassiopeians....

    according to the site these are the transcripts that were given to the cassiopeians contactee Laura Knight-Jadczyk in the form of dialoges

    this web page has all the information regarding to cassiopeians

  5. have you checked out Laura Knight Jadczyk, she has written a thesis on the mongol kahzars also known as Askenashi jews, the so called zionists and also has contact or said contact with 6D cassiopeians. γνῶθι σεαυτόν

  6. If contact was done with spiritual methods and channeling these are Dragonians 2D posing as Cassiopeians of the 6D.
    Also if they tell nothing about the Chinese "the nation of the Dragon" and their plans of genociding the white+black+mongol races with 200.000.000 army then this is also a sign that these are Dragonians 2D posing as Cassiopeians of the 6D.
    G.H.REES has reveals many of the Dragonians masterplans and information and thus now the Dragonian/Cronian faction is under the pressure to release some truths but mixed with lies with purpose the manipulation and genocide of the white+black race.