Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chinese Authorities detect 30 incidents of radioactive contamination, while, Strontium is found in Hawaiian milk!

Chinese Authorities detect 30 incidents of radioactive contamination, while, Strontium is found in Hawaiian milk.

As is mentioned in the article, there have been incidents where it was detected radioactive contamination in containers and humans. The incidents were reported AFTER the Chinese authorities put 9 Chinese prefectures in alertness mode. Significant radioactive contamination levels was also detected in an air flight passengers.

The paradox is that although there have been 30 reported incidents, the spokesman for the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Li Yuanping is mentioning that there have not been reported dangerous contamination levels in products imported from Japan!

Now they are trying to kill “two birds with one stone”. On the one hand to convince the rest of the world that their nation’s mechanisms are working flawlessly therefore there is no need to worry (while according to the G.H.REES. signal of the 19th of April, it is proved that that this is completely false), so the West need not worry and can continue to import the thousands containers, which are impossible to fully control their contagious contents.

And on the other hand to reassure the West from another “absurd fear” in order to loosen up the already loose control measures that are applied to imports from Japan. From both sides! We are calling the officials of the Western nations that are in charge not to take into account these false assures, even if these assures are coming from …their father.

And let the conscious murderous liars Chinese officials answer to the following questions, how is it possible for Strontium radioactive isotope to be found in milk coming from the state of Hawaii, and they are clean? OK, from you Chinese genocidals, what can one expect you to do? You only “do your business”…

But we are asking the rest conscious criminal liars, officials of the West, how is it possible for Strontium to be detected in Hawaiian milk and nothing detected in the thousand “death” containers originating from China? Is this physically possible? Of course not! And instead or quitting, while being under pressure from your superiors in order to lie and to come out by name or anonymously like “deep throats” and to impeach that which is taking place, you ‘re sitting in all fours like good lap dogs, obeying in the orders of your superiors, you have the tail between the legs you and your leaders, now that China has you by your non-existing balls and is threatening you by “SHOCK” economic collapses. And as if food was the only problem? Practically everything around you, around your children, around your parents has components coming from China. Plastics, buttons, textiles, matches!, pins, cables, plugs, integrated chips, components for mobile phones, cars, machinery, cameras, televisions, zippers, papers, metals, exhausts, suspensions, filters …baby food, chlorine for irrigation networks, water softener. Everything. And you don’t say a word! Not even for what is plain obvious, the TEA that is imported all over the West! You little men! And ok, regarding the officials, the Mass Media, the “scientists”, the people “responsible” in the traitorous state we are tolerating in our country, we weren’t expecting to surprise us and quit their positions altogether. But in the rest of the West there is not even one?

Therefore, those of you who still resist:
EXTERMINATE THEM as the G.H.REES. insists all these years, because they ARE KILLING YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN.


English article, from regarding incidents in China

English article regarding contaminated Hawaiian milk

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