Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why they neutralized Strauss Kahn


The hebrewmongol Strauss Kahn – Han – Cohen, was neutralized by his in collusion hebrewsaxon bosses, mainly because he brought out on behalf of I.M.F this unpleasant report which mentioned that until 2016 USA-West will deliver the baton of the Global Hegemony to the Dragonian China (Correction: This that I.M.F. reports will happen in 2016 is already happening) ... and possibly this fact made furious the other in collusion hebrewsaxons of USA-West because some of them are “awakened objectors” anymore (G.H.REES has reported that those are already one major portion inside the N.S.A. but not yet the majority) and this portion of objectors are not anymore cooperating and are not wishing the exclusive administration of the Planet from the Chinese in the “Kingdom of Sin – Sion – Zion – Sendai (Shaddai) – Jendai – Jehovah” and are not wishing the conduct of the Chinesehebrew staged "Armageddon" (World War III) ... or maybe they were upset generally because of this raw announcement of I.M.F. ...which hits the prestige of USA and the carrion buzzards of Wall-Street.

Now about the other jokes that Roberts reports that allegedly Kahn was awakened philanthropically and ...felt sorry for the abuse of the poor and the poor bankrupted countries (!!!) and allegedly he doesn’t serve the system anymore, maybe Roberts thinks that he addresses to stupid cosmopolitan zombies and says what he says...
Until the point he mentioned about China he went well .. as for the rest we advise him to get serious!


I.M.F. dropped bombshell and nobody noticed! 2016 “ends the era of America” and takes over China

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