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VOLOS 31.05.2010, LOCAL TIME 23:00

1: Today 31.05.2010 Due to the invasion of Israeli army in Greek ships – territories, due to the confiscation of Greek flag Greek ships, due to the capture of Greeks, and due to the confiscation of internationally legal commerce goods of the Greek ships, in international waters outside of Gaza Palestine, according to the international law, Israel declared a De Facto state of war against Greece, because the Greek ships are Greek Territories according to the International Law.

2: The Greek-Hebrew Government of the smiling Hebrew skull Papandreou – Mineiko – Tsand, despite the constant telephone calls of the captured from Israelis Greeks, until now haven’t issued a statement against Israel whatsoever, neither issued a formal complain to the “UN” and to the “European Union”, about the above mentioned military invasion of Israel in Greek Territory of the Greek Ships in International Waters.

3: At the same time during the Israeli military invasion against the Greek Territories – Ships, the Greek traitors Masons Airforce Generals (Ioannis Giangos A’GEETHA and rest), Army Generals, Admirals, and the Greek disgraceful traitors pilots, as the best pilots of the world, trained their inferiors in flying skills Israeli pilots, in order to kill more efficiently the unarmed Palestinians of Hellenic – Cretan Origin.

4: At the same time 70.000 Greek Webpages and rest “Mass Media” of Greece, as treasonous audacious-cowards crying whores are refusing to propose ways of punishment against the treasonous Greek-Hebrew Government and against the treasonous Greek Military Officers and are limiting themselves -as treasonous terrified rats- to call for painless protests and calls for demonstrations of the ass against Israel.

5: At the same time 70.000 Greek Webpages, and rest Greek “Mass Media”, as treasonous audacious-cowards crying whores are refusing to propose ways of punishment against the Israelis of Israel and against the Israeli minority of Greece, who in the Internet try to justify the military invasion of Israel into Greek Territories – Ships outside of Gaza Palestine in International Waters.

G.H.REES proclaims that the Criminal – Genocidal State of Israel, and all the Hebrews of the Planet who agree with those Crimes, and the Greek-Hebrews and the Greek Masons treasonous politicians and military officers must be eliminated from the face of the Earth.


Readership G.H.REES Magnesia
Through the G.H.REES messages Server
Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Ioannis
Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia
Volos - Hellas

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


РУССКИЙ Автоматический перевод




ATHENS 18.05.2010


Brothers Russians,

With great regret we have been informed that during the visit of President Mr. Medvedev in Turkey, between others Russia agreed to deliver to Turkey the Anti-aircraft Missiles “S-300” and “S-400”, for their obvious use against Greece, taken for granted the schizophrenia of Ankara for the reestablishment of the “Ottoman Empire” in Asia – Europe – and Africa.

Indeed General Ilker Basbug as First Chief of the Turkish Army HQ, has stated and wrote that:
“In the empires the naval force is extremely important. The naval fleet has taken a great role in the domination and superiority of Portugal, Spain, Holland, and England, and of “USA” ”,
and will take great role in the superiority of the Turkish new “Ottoman Empire”.

Same wise, the minister of foreign affairs of Turkey Davutoglu, has stated and wrote that:
“Turkey has got a strategic advantage in the decade of 1970 over the Cypriot parameter (with the military invasion of Turkey in Cyprus in 1974), which must use not as an element of defensive Cypriot policy, namely with only target the preservation of “Status Quo”, but as a fundamental base of an offensive marine strategy.”,
for the foundation of the new “Ottoman Empire”.

The common announcement of Medvedev and Erdogan was:
“The agreement we have signed gives priority to the pipeline from Samsunda to Ceyhan”.
Because today Turkey supplies with Weapons – Money – and Explosives the Turkish Chechenyans of Chechnya against the Russian domination and against the Russian National Security, therefore the above mentioned common announcement means that the Russian Oil Pipeline Samsunda – Ceyhan and therefore and the Russian Economical and Biological Survival through exports of Russian Oil to Western Europe, will depend from the great Chechnya Mother Turkey, which will protect or blow away the Russian Pipelines at will, depending on the interests of the Turkish new “Ottoman Empire” against Russia.

Before his visit in Turkey, Mr. Medvedev wrote in his article to the Turkish newspaper “ZAMAN” the following:
“We can say with certainty that the relations of Russia – Turkey, have developed to a level of multidimensional strategic cooperation”.

As announced in common Medvedev and Erdogan, “it is about a single new mechanism of intergovernmental cooperation, namely for common will, not only for the application – construction of important projects, but also for the coordination in matters of Foreign Policy and Security”.

So, misters of the Russian Government, and misters Directors of the Peripheral and Central Offices of “FSB” you claim that the Foreign Policy and Nation Security of Russia and of Turkey are coincide or have common points?

The facts prove the completely opposite, namely that the Foreign Policy and National Security of Russia and of Turkey are lethal adversaries, despite the opposite reassurances of the professional diachronic dual face crooks and unctuous Turkish politicians and military officers.

Here are the present facts as has been known to us:

1st) through GreekAmericans, American Congressmen and Parliament Members which refused to be bribed from the Turkish “MIT” (Secret Service).

2nd) through GreekAmericans, active European origin officers of American Intelligence Services, disturbed about the imperial ambitions of Turkey against European Countries.

3rd) Russians of Hellenic Origin.

4th) and the G.H.REES Department of Electronic Surveillance from the recordings in Turkish Embassies in the “European Union” and “USA”.

The sum of the above mentioned information is that:
With the coordination from the Turkish Secret Service “MIT”, about 83% of all the Turkish businessmen – Journalists – and Diplomats who enters the Russian Federation, are committing specific instructions of bribery – corruption – and conspiracy towards the peripheral Russian Governmental officers and towards the local Nationalists of the Russian states, with purpose the divulsion of the Russian Ethnic groups and territories from Russia and the avulsion to the Turkish domain of the Mother Turkey, as new “Ottoman Empire”.

Today, that above mentioned agents of “MIT”, Turkish businessmen – Journalists – and Diplomats, and sometimes AND “Tourists”, are conspiring against the Russian Domination and against the Russian National Security in at least 30 Russian provinces – states as follows:

1) South Rostov
2) Kabardino – Balkaria
3) Mordovia
4) South Nizhegorod
5) Volgogrand
6) Ulyanovsk
7) Perm
8) Alania
9) Tataristan
10) South Voronezh
11) Sverdlovsk
12) Celiabinsk
13) Kurgan
14) South Tyumen
15) Omsk
16) Tomsk
17) Novosibirsk
18) South Krasnoyarsk
19) Altai
20) Altai Republic
21) Kemerovo
22) Republic of Khakasia
23) Republic of Tuva
24) Irkutsk
25) Buriatia
26) Republic of Sakha
27) North Khabarovsk
28) Yakutistan
29) Hyper-Caspian Russia
30) Chechnya

Namely the above means that at the moment during the signing of the Russian-Turkish Trust Friendship and Strategic cooperation by Medvedev and Erdogan, the Turkish agents of “MIT” were conspiring and continue to conspire against Russia in the above mentioned thirty provinces of the Russian Federation, and in some of them, such as Chechnya and others, were supplying and are supplying weapons and explosives for the assassination of Russians Military Officers – Civilians – and Officers of “FSB”, with purpose the robbery of Russian Ethnic Groups and Territories by the criminal “New Ottoman Empire” of Turkey.

But the conspiracies of the Turkish “MIT” agents, in the above mentioned 30 Russian provinces – states, are not destined for the foundation of a terminal permanent “Ottoman Empire” but for a new “Ottoman Empire TSANSIT” with purpose the transit of its territories, including the Russian spoils territories and ethnic groups, towards the terminal “Chinese – Sinic Planetary Empire” or “Kingdom of Sin – Sion – Sinai – Jedi – Sedi – Jed – Jeid – Jude – Judas” or “Kingdom of Jehovah”. (JEHOVAH’S KINGDOM)

The above conspiracy actions against Russia, are building up today from Ankara by the Nationalists of the Turkish gang “Erkenegon” under Hebrew-Turkish leadership of Dolme Pseudo-Turks, from HebrewTurks Dolme Generals of the type Basbug, and from HebrewTurks Dolme Politicians such as Davutoglu or David, in coordination with the Chinese Hyperlodge “HONG” through the Chinese Government.

All the above mentioned diachronic continuous conspiring subversion of the Russian National Security from Turkey in favor of China, is done in order, according to the scheme of “HONG” for the conduct of World War III (Read «Β’ ΕΓΧΕΙΡΙΔΙΟ ΕΠΙΒΙΩΣΕΩΣ ΤΟΥ Γ’ Π.Π.» B’ Survival Manual of G.H.REES published in the webpage ,and delivered by G.H.REES in the Russian Embassy of Athens Greece in 17.02.2010), after the counterattack of the axis “R.I.C.” Russia – Islam – China of “Shanghai Pact” against the axis or trilateral “US.E.J.” of USA – Europe – Japan, the newly formed axis “C.JA.T.HE.S.M.” of the Yellow Chinese and of the White-yellow Mongols of China – Japan – Tibet – Hebrews – Saxons – Mongols of the Russian Federation, will subvert from the inside the Russian Army in a Russian Civil War which has been programmed to end with the genocide of the White Russians Military Officers and Civilians, by the White-yellow Mongols of the Russian Federation, which today, by using the above mentioned conspiracies, enlists Turkey in favour of China, namely in favour of the future axis “C.JA.T.HE.S.M.”.

In the next phase of the “HONG” scheme for the conduct of World War III, China programmed to withdraw from the SinoMongolian axis “C.JA.T.HE.S.M.” and to form the purely Yellow Axis “C.K.” China – Korea, which has been planned to genocide the remaining White-Yellow Mongolian Semi-Axis “JA.T.HE.S.M.”, namely to genocide AND the White-Yellow Mongols and the rest Hebrews of the modern Russian Federation.

The above means that the missiles “S-300” and “S-400” and the rest armament which will deliver Russia towards Turkey, in the phase of the assault of the axis “C.JA.T.HE.S.M.” against Russia, will shoot down Russian Combat Aircrafts and will exterminate Russian Military Officers and Civilians, because Turkey, as a country of White-Yellow Mongols Seltzuks, will belong naturally to the SinoMongolian Axis “C.JA.T.HE.S.M.”.

Same wise, the above means that the Russian Armaments which will confiscate the axis “C.K.” China and Korea over Turkish Ground, will be used by the purely Yellow Sino-Korean Army for the genocide AND of the White-Yellow Hebrews AND of the rest Mongols of the Russian Federation, in order to wipe out completely the Russian “King of the North” from the Chinese “Kingdom of Jehovah”, while previously the Russian “King of the North” will destruct the American “King of the South”, according to the geostrategy terminology of the Chinese Hyperlodge “HONG”.

Brothers Russians,

You dishonestly betrayed Greece, in order to be annihilated by the axis “B.A.S.T.R.” (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) under the leadership of Turkey, and by the Chinese of the axis “R.I.C.”.
We instead, wish to you: SURVIVAL.

Through the Server of the G.H.REES Messages
Of the G.H.REES Readership Magnesia
Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis
Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia, Volos, Hellas

Clarifications concerning the newly accumulated satellites of Saturn and Jupiter


The information about the new satellites of Saturn and of Jupiter is not originating from an original research of G.H.REES.

It’s originating from a statement of “JPL” (JET PROPULSION LABORATORY) of “NASA” which forbids to the University Authorities of “Mauna Kea” (in the Astronomy school that the Mauna Kea observatories belongs to) to do direct statements for the observations of the telescopes “Mauna Kea” in Saturn and Jupiter, and those statements were tasked exclusively by “JPL” itself.

According to those statements, for an original announced number of about 50 – 60 new satellites in Jupiter in 2004, “JPL” predicted that their number will double in the next two years.

With what data on hand “JPL” did this “prediction” is unknown to G.H.REES, although the fact remains that they did prediction without prior observation and this is suspicious because already was formed the number “120” (60 X 2) of New Satellites, which is the true number of the Dragonian Ships (in Jupiter’s Orbit).

Concerning now the orbit of Saturn, “JPL” has also announced, and even in Greek Newspapers such as the Magazine “Epsilon Phenomena” of the Free Press newspaper (Eleytheros Typos), which reported about “80” new satellites and that their number will increase dramatically in the near future. Of course we must now report that the data that G.H.REES later intercepted from “NASA” through various methods, are forming the number “360”, as the true number of these visible War Planets accumulated now in Saturn’s Orbit.

There are now newer data that are purely original research of G.H.REES, because those were not announced from “JPL”, and concerns the fact that except the “360” visible ships, made of matter of our density, there are other invisible to our spectrum ships, up to the number of “960”, of B, C, D, E, F Dimensions of matter rarification, of “120” Ships for each Dimension, from which appears only the emissions from the first dimensions, namely B and C.

We cannot release more data for the time being. Nevertheless there exists information from Signals that are indications, not proofs, and indicate to us that they reach the number of “960”. These signals are “NASER” type signals (Neutrino radiation emissions) which were received by G.H.REES through the department of incoming signals recording, for which personally I ignore every function detail.



Higher Dimension Space Wars: SPACE GATE OF PYLOS

NASA (petrified with terror) observes the Fleet of the Dragonians and Andromedians

Illuminati Sino-Zionists Columbia and the THUNDERS OF ZEUS

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meet the Real Dragonian Boss
Commentary on the above article.

The foreign publication is devious and is committing a mistake on purpose.
The true bosses of the world are the Chinese-Sinese-Sinists and not the Hebrews-Zionist or Israel as many falsely guided think so.

The Hebrews are essentially a hebrewmongolian genocidal horde of Hyksos-Elamites, a white-yellow bastard intermarriage that came from deep Inner Asia after the there local genocide of the populations of white race Pelasgian Kolchis (Kolchida) and of the white race Upper-Ionians Hellenes or the Yunnan of Asia (Today’s Southern China Province) by the yellow dragonian Chinese ( Ancient Hellenes "Yunnan" knew well about the Chinese ). This hebrewmongolian horde under the commands and pressure of their genitors, the Chinese, and having as their initial base (Mongolian wasp’s nest) the cities Ur or Urgha and Zerghul of Chaldea (Moon Worshipers) and of Mesopotamia, marched towards mainland West-Europe by dividing themselves into two main hordes.

The first horde invaded into the Hellenic colony of Egypt (Aigyptos=>Yptios-Aigaiou=>Meaning the Country that resides beneath the Aegean) and corrupted and destroyed it through conspiracies and military invasion, and the other horde invaded into the Hellenic Palestine (Philistine or Palesatia) and brutally completely genocided 7 Hellenic cities of Philistines Hellenes Cretan colonizers. The word China in ancient Hellenic language is pronounced by the word Sina (therefore the word Sinic Wall to describe the great wall of China). The word Sina-Sinos in ancient Hellenic meant the words: annihilator-genocider-thief-destructor. From the same root is originating the supreme lunar god of the Chaldeans (meaning Moon Worshipers) of Abraham or Havra-Khan (in Hebrew-Mongolian) and of the Mongols, with the names Sin or Sion or Zion (See: Mount Sinai) of the Moon.

By returning to the present status, today this that they are planning to force in the world is the foundation of the global Chinese empire, or the “kingdom of Sin” or Sion or “Terran Zion” or “Terran Sina-China” (Upper Zion=Moon) though the purely Dragonian Hyperlodges HONG (the imperial cembalo of HONG) and through the hebrewchinese minority of TIAO-KIOU-KIAO of Shanghai. ( PLANETARY SI(O)NISTIC MASONIC SINOMONGOLIAN (CHINESEMONGOLIAN) DRAGONIAN CRONIAN HIERARCHY [LEVANIAH (MOON) AND LILITH] ) This foundation of the planetary Chinese empire will be completely realized after the World War III or “Armageddon Scheme”, where all the nations of the world will be annihilated except the purely yellow dragonian nations of China and Korea. ( G.H.REES 1999-2012 THIRD WORLD WAR )

The French-hebrew ex president of France Giscard D’Estaing during the European committee meeting for the balloting of the European Constitution held in his hand a Chinese miniature statue with the shape of 2 reptiles (Dragon head, Turtle body) by saying that “it guided us faithfuly for 6.000 years, as it guided the first Chinese emperors, from the beginning it knew where to take us”, by implying with his dirty Masonic initiation who is the real boss (of course the yellow-saurian-China-Sina-Zion, and not the white/black USA and the white 95% Ashkenazim Israel). This statue exists today as a supreme emblem and grand statue of the emperors of HONG in the forbidden country of Beijing (Terran-Sin-Sion-Zion).

( )

( European Constitution: An instrument of the Dragonian Hyperlodge HONG for the conduct of WWIII )

China and Chinese today does not need the miserable non-existing loans of Israel because is holding in their hands the dollar and the bonds of the huge public debt of USA, with result to be able to blackmail the USA at any given moment they desire.

Essentially the public Services, the Government, and the USA Army is not anymore paid by the US citizens taxes but is paid by the Central Bank of China.

So, here is the Real Boss._

Saturday, May 8, 2010

G.H.REES Deep infiltration into SinoZionists Hyper-Lodges PART-2

The prytaneum of G.H.REES Athens disclose to the Hellenes Masons a fraction of a Rabbinic initiation to the degree of arch rabbi. The recording was made using radioelectronic means and was executed by ex officers of the Greek central intelligence service in behalf of G.H.REES .

Place of initiation: “Lodge of the Grand Oak” New York, January 1985.


..Brothers, the oath of silence you gave under the penalty of death in case of violation, doesn’t have humble personal motivations or motivations of an earthly organization, but protects our great plan of our lord Metatron Yehowehai, continuously here and 13.500 years after the arrival of Selene(moon) and Lilith in our space area. In the rabbinical initiation you have been taught about the technique of anions and downwardly-ions from vocal vibes of the cabala for the causation of physical hologram phenomena of materialization and dematerialization that we present to the Goyim gentile of the Masonic lodges OTO and MTM as miracle actions of spirits or telepathy.

You have not been taught though that the vocal vibes of cabala automatically convert to electromagnetic vibrations frequencies due to physical laws that can be detected by receivers of lunar technology and the technology of our underchthonian Atlantian brothers.

You have not been taught that the so called miracles that amaze the senses of the gentile masons goyim (animals), are caused by transmitters of lunar and underchthonian Atlantian technology, that focus electromagnetic holographic frequencies of materialization and dematerialization to the place from which they received the cabalistic encoded vibrations request, anywhere on the planet that a cabalistic session took place.

And most important of all you have not been taught that our brothers of Selene and the underchthonian lodges of our planet use the same frequency transmitters in order to cause angelic miracles of the official religions, and demonic miracles of black and white magic, according to the terminology we asserted to the goyim.

While the gentile goyim counts entries and exits of spirits in their Masonic cabalistic sessions, it is impossible for them to conceive that they are actually watching the focus of holographic frequencies been produced by our brother's technology, able to produce any physical phenomena, even artificial antigravity, and even interference to the cellular function in order to harm or to cure.

The goyims of masonry must continue to believe in the spiritual origin of those “miracles”, because the revelation of their origin from technology, could wipe out the psychological terror we force upon them with the use of cabala.
More importantly, they must not be aware of the common origin of frequencies that cause phenomena to the brotherhood of the left path and to the brotherhood of the right path, from the same technology transmitters being used underchthonian and overchthonian by our same brothers, under the command of our sovereign master Metatron Asmodai.

You now understand the convenience of silence and the secrecy level of this knowledge. We must not allow under any means the leaking of this knowledge that reveals the unity and the unification of the parties God-Angels or Christ-Saints and Devil-Demons, not even between old rabbis, because there is a grave danger from the demystification of the polarity God-Devil or Good-Evil, with devastating results for our final plan of the religious/political polarity Christ-Antichrist or Socialism-Fascism or Christian Socialism – Buddhist Fascism. It is unthinkable to imperil such a brilliant plan of 13.500 years, now that it is close to completion.

In general terms you already know the facts from your rabbinical initiation. We roundup quickly for the connection with what follows from your chief-rabbinical initiation.

The ships Selene and Lilith forced to abandon the constellation of Arcturus because of the collapsing and death of the sun from the Epsilon Bootes system. They searched for refuge in a new planetary system for survival of the rescued populations from the planets of E’Bootes. There was a fortunate opportunity because after the arrival in the present planetary system, they didn’t encountered unified forces of galactic government ships, but a situation of conflict between the leader of the planet Saturn who has overthrown the galactic representation of the Uranides from planet Uranus, and the leader of planet Jupiter (Zeus) who counterattacked Saturn in order to reconnect the present planetary system with the Central Galactic Authority. (Read Hesiod Theogony about the conflicts of the dynasties of Uranus against Saturn)

The ships and crews of Zeus prevailed in the conflict. In that point, arrived in our space area the two ships, Levanah (moon) and Lilith, under the leadership of commander Asmodai Metatron Yehowehai, our sovereign master. Metatron asked from Zeus permission to disembark populations from Levanah (moon) and Lilith in order for their survival in planet Earth.

The permission was authorized but only for the continent of Atlantis, that belonged to the commanding authority of the junior officer of Zeus, Poseidon, and was populated by 10 Andromedian tribes of Helenes, from an original colonization from the Galaxy of Andromeda. The transport ships from Moon and Lilith disembarked our ancestors who soon abandoned the worship and leadership of Metatron and turned to the worship of Poseidon and Zeus, assimilated by the Hellenic Andromedian races of 10 Poseidonian tribes.

This event enraged Yahweh Metatron who sunk Atlantis in the deep of the Atlantic Ocean by creating upon this continent electromagnetic low field of additional gravitational inspissation, through lunar technology. From our Atlantian ancestors have been rescued only their colonies outside Atlantis, namely the group-of-races of Mongols, Israelites, Arabs. This event gave the occasion and the cause of total war between Zeus and Yahweh Metatron.

In the space war that followed, Metatron Yahweh enlisted the defeated by Zeus forces of Saturn and -as considered natural- all the Earthly Saturnian priesthoods. Zeus enlisted the forces of Uranides and the corresponding Earthly priesthoods of Uranides. The situation that followed was chaotic.

The camp of Metatron contained overchthonian forces of Saturn, Selene, Lilith, chthonian forces of Selenians, Lilithians and underchthonian forces of Cronians that have been defeated by Zeus.

The camp of Zeus contained overchthonian forces of planets Uranus, Jupiter, chthonian forces of Uranus, underchthonian forces of Uranides that have been defeated by Saturn.

Because of geological alternations that followed the sinking of Atlantis, the opposing European and Hellenic Atlantian armies were destroyed as mentioned by Timaios and Kritias of Plato. This book must disappear from the libraries of Hellenes because it makes possible for our adversaries Andromedian Hellenes, to investigate the whole history. Alike, the book Hesiod’s Theogony, in which is dangerously clearly mentioned the conflict between Uranides – Cronos (Saturn) – Zeus.

Until here everything is known to you by your rabbinical initiation. The additional knowledge that will be given to you in your chief rabbinical initiation concerns the dominance of the alliance of ships Metatron – Saturn because of a paradox and surprising withdrawal of ships from the alliance of Zeus – Uranus ,while they were dominant in the space battle, a withdrawal partially inside the inner cavity of our planet (through the polar holes) and partially in the 3 outer planets Neptune (Poseidon), Pluto, Uranus, outer orbital level of planet Saturn.

Zeus informed Metatron that he withdraw victorious in order to avoid further destruction of earthly fauna and flora, in anticipation of reinforced galactic forces that will shorten the length of the space war. Those ships of Zeus, launched out of bases inside the earth’s cavity and out of the 3 outer planets, continue till today to scout the surface of our planet escorted by ships from 13 battle planets that have arrived in our planetary system in 1984, as representatives of the 13 galaxies from the local group of galaxies, called by ships of our grand Andromedian opponent, Zeus.

We are being completely surrounded brothers but we will not dispirit, with the force of our sovereign master Yahweh Asmodai Metatron.

Alike, the knowledge that will be given to you in your chief rabbinical initiation concerns the strategic need that came in order for the underchthonian Centaurian Cronians and the underchthonian Atlantians to act, in their frequency transmissions to the surface of the planet, as underchthonians Uranides and as underchthonians Zeus of the inner cavity of the planet, in order for the last ones to take the blame of diabolical forces of the abyss or the underworld, through transmission of corruption and degeneration to the earthlings on the surface.

Concerns alike the strategic need that came in order for the overchthonian Cronians, Selenians, Lilithians to act as the overchthonian hostile forces of the planets Neptune (Poseidon), Pluto, Uranus in order for the last ones to take the blame of diabolical space forces, as is revealed in the book of apocalypse in our Bible: “The Dragon that is dragging with his tail the third of the stars”, which are actually the 3 outer out of the 9 planets of our solar system.

Our strategic needs were fulfilled completely through our state-of-the-art double game of miracles of God-Christ-Angels and Devil-Demons, from technology transmitters of our overchthonian, chthonian, and underchthonian brothers Alelu – Yahweh, Alelu - Ia,

In today’s ceremonial oath will not add many more. In tomorrow’s initiation beginning you will have the opportunity to enter in the demystification of the John’s Revelation of our holy script, with full analysis of our Selenian and underchthonian Atlantian technology that will be used for the Armageddon scheme, in order to terrorize and eliminate the Andromedian races. They would be given to you the protection countermeasures from this kind of technology in order to protect our local brothers in your appointment places. Those countermeasures must at all costs not be promulgated neither to gentile Andromedians neither to our simple rabbi brothers. Those countermeasures require knowledge of physics that you have partly through the cabala, and you will partly get in the end of your initiation.

You will have the great chance to find out how brilliant is our unified scheme Christ-Antichrist with its political corresponding extensions, namely Socialism-Fascism, that will completely overthrow the cultural trend of the Hellenized Andromedian planet Earth. Project Armageddon must be accelerated as maximum as possible because already from 1947 we receive in our planetary system signals from ships of the Galactic Government except those of Zeus from our planetary system. We have indications that between those ships there are ships from Andromeda Galaxy being called by the ships of Zeus from the 3 outer planets.

We believe that they are launched from the 13 battle planets of the 13 galaxies from the local group of galaxies KNOZ 3 centered on Andromeda. Many out of these came into contact with earthlings, members of Andromedian races and especially with Andromedian Hellenes to transfer to them instructions or receive strategic information about our capabilities and equipment. We have arranged for those earthlings witnesses of those events to be closed to mental institutions and to suffer electrical shocks in order to erase their memories and their experiences.

Those ships asked numerously times from the communication centers of our strategic installations the unconditional surrender of the planet. We have been given an interference ultimatum. We will defend though with all the forces of the 6 inner planets, Moon, Lilith, USA, Soviet Union and the rest of the nations. Whatever will be the outcome of the next Star War, earthling’s goyims will be convinced that the galactic government will be the diabolical force of demons and diabolical U.F.O.’s and a Galactic Government of Fascism.

Our brothers bankroll the cinema-movies artform industry and according to our instructions they have presented to the global audience the Galactic Government as a fascistic evil empire that attacks earth (Star-Wars movie). Our ships of Saturn and Selene will attack earth, if we are defeated, in order to be impossible for the Galactic Federation to disembark crews that will make friendship with earthlings, after the blame of Fascist Devil of corruption that will give to them through the destruction caused by our weapon systems and our frequency transmitters of holographic phenomena.

The blame will be absolute against the Galactic Government through the Atlantian and Saturnian underchthonian Centaurian abnormity that will -with the order of Yahweh- soon climb to the surface of the planet using the fake name of Zeus and Apollo or Apollionos or Abaddon, as was mentioned in the scheme of the Apocalypse of our holly scripture, chapter Theta, verse 11.

Already from the point of beginning of our geopolitical scheme in Mesopotamia 680 years before the birth of our brother Joshua, we have corrupted the priesthoods of Zeus and his 12 junior officers, by using our brothers who have corrupted them by finally taking their leadership. Beginning from the Hellenic Colhida which lied where is today’s Mongolia and Tibet, and continuing to the Hellenistic civilizations of Mesopotamia, Babylon, Persia, Delphi, Egypt, Roman Etruscans, Northern Europe, American continent, we have genocided the Andromedian races in such a rate that their extinction from the face of this planet will be certain.

We have corrupted their priesthoods that kept the original traditions of their previous space lords, in such a rate that they became synonymous of corruption, of degeneration, of hunger, of wars and unworthy government, of treason and idolatry, in order to completely erase their archetype.

In the time point of the sixth geopolitical force that we have founded in Rome, we replaced the 12 Olympian Gods, which we have corrupted to the eyes of the goyim, with the 12 followers of our brother Joshua, thus the Hellenic dodecahedron of Zeus and the Hellenic monotheism of Phaneos were destroyed in favour of the Atlantian dodecahedron of Jeshua son of Metatron Yahweh, and in favour of Israelite, Mongolian Turanian, Arabic, dodecahedron, twelve-races, with the 12 symbolic stones and the 12 gates of upper Jerusalem of the Moon as mentioned in the Apocalypse of our brother John in the Bible, for the fulfilment of the words from prophet Zachariah, Chapter Theta, verse 13:

“I will turn your sons Zion against your sons Hellas. The sons of Zion will destroy the opposing Hellenes with sling stones in the forehead”.

Meaning with spiritual stones of religions and political-economical theories we have invented against the spirit, or forehead of the head of Hellenes for their absolute aphasia and stupefaction and division.


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Monday, May 3, 2010

ATTENTION !!! TO USA READERS: The G.H.REES signal after the 911 attack.

Prytaneum G.H.REES.
ATHENS 14/9/2001

Subject: “Terrorist” Attack 11/9/2001 against non-combatant citizens of New York USA,
a Hebrew Saxon purim (provocateur act) for the ignition of World War III, "US.E.J" (USA - Europe - Japan) vs "R.I.C." (Russia - Islam - China)

We inform the Hellenic Military Personnel that according to the current evidence and after analysis of the attack of 11/9/2001, the executive planning department of G.H.REES reached to the following irrevocable conclusions:

1) The whole operation was invented and organized by the shadow hyper government “NSA” or “National Security Agency” of USA, without the knowledge of the American Government, FBI, CIA, DIA and the rest American services, with purpose the creation of causation for World War III of the two allied axes US.E.J. and T.I.M. , against the axis R.I.C. .
2) The “NSA” staff is only comprised by Hebrew and Saxons university professors and by same ancestry high authority officials of USA.
3) The “NSA” of USA ordered the israelii echelon of NSA, as leadership of the israelii Mossad, and in complete ignorance of the lower hierarchy of Mossad, to complete the planning of the operation and to transfer its execution to the sister secret service of Pakistan, manned by Hebrew Pakistanis, under the current hebrewpakistani junta government, which fake-acts the Islamic Religion.
4) The “P.I.A.” or I.S.I. according to the commands by “NSA” of USA, “broke” the whole operation in five parts, which transferred to Islamic Organizations of 5 countries, in order to be impossible to track the original planner and commander of the operation “NSA”, and to safely track the “Islamists” as the executors.
5) The cryptohebrew Pakistani “I.S.I.” had the executive supervision of the whole operation.
6) States as Afghanistan-Persia-Iraq-Libya, and privates like Ben Laden, does not have technology neither the specialized staff in order to orchestrate and carry out similar operations.
7) The only “Islamic” nation capable of orchestrating the execution of similar operations is Pakistan, which has the advanced technology and specialized personnel, as a Nuclear and Rocket power, and a country that produces hardware and software.

G.H.REES to the Hellenic Personnel:
“NSA” of USA is planning the military attack of US.E.J. and T.I.M. (Tibet - India - Mongolia) against the collusion of R.I.C., under the typical commander-in-chief of Paul Glucksburg or the alternative “King” “Palaiologos Dragazis”, with the activation of Article 5 of the “NATO agreement”, for the forced participation of Hellas, as an allied country, to the military attack of US.E.J. and T.I.M. against R.I.C.
In case the Hellenic military accepts to participate in this campaign by US.E.J. against R.I.C, then Hellas and Israel, of Hellenistic Ashkanians or Ashkenazim, will be genocided as a priority in 2005 by the counterattack of R.I.C., through Nuclear-Chemical-Biological War, because the Hebrew “Professors” and the Rabbi’s “Sephardim” of NSA planned WWIII in cooperation with the Hebrew Chinese “TIAO-KIOU-KIAO” of Shanghai China, the country which they intend to move in 2004, right before the genocide of US.E.J. from R.I.C. in order to govern the planet from that position, as a “international sino-zionistic hyper government”, because SIN = ZION.
The hebrewsaxon “NSA” of USA is not a maker of decisions but an executive branch of the space invaders Draconians - Orionides - Boötedes and other members of the “Draconian Empire” under the rebel command of the constellation Draco, from which originates the yellow race Sin or Zion-Sion or Sina , known as “Sines” or Sinese-Chinese. (Nation of the Draco)

Prytaneum H.R.G.

P.S. 30/10/2001

P.S.1: In 11/9/2001 FBI arrested two Hebrew Americans under the charge of “weird” behaviour because they were filming the fires from the twin towers of New York while dancing and yelling with hysterical joy.

P.S.2: FBI announced that the type of anthrax microbe which contaminated Americans, is produced only to the biological warfare military labs of Iowa USA. After the broadcast of this news item by the American and Hellenic News Networks, further discussion about it was censored and forbidden by the media.

P.S.3: The broadcasts by the American Media about the threat of Biological Warfare with Anthrax bacillus were made 15 days before the first anthrax event in the USA.

The same is done by the American Media and for other forms of “Terrorist” strikes.

The above proves that the Islamic attacks with airplanes against the twin towers of New York, and the delivery of letters with Anthrax dust microbes by Hebrew Agents of USA, and the future “terrorist” strikes, whatever will be, were planned by the Hebrew Saxons of USA, under the devious purpose to ignite world war III through which they will devastate all the nation-states except China, from which they are planning to govern all the -citizens of the world- as kings that govern slaves.

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