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Higher Dimension Space Wars: SPACE GATE OF PYLOS

U.S.A. Base destined for Space War in Pylos of Messinia.
“News broadcasts from TV on 15/11/98 referred that in this date began the submarine research in the submarine antiquities of Pylos city, by Albert Falco, associate-diver of the now dead French-Hebrew “scientist” Jacques Cousteau.

When Cousteau was alive, with his ship “Calypso” had cast Phoenician amphora into the sea of Pylos, in order for the future research groups (namely of the year 98) to be able to “prove” that Ancient Pylos settlers were not Hellenes, but Phoenicians-Hebrews-(Semites).
The higher purpose: To justify the presence in Pylos of Israeli and other, so called “archaeological missions”, and the island blockade from Greek and foreign tourists with an official excuse the general submarine and overland archaeological excavation of the area.
The planned blockade has relation to the special electromagnetic Portal (Channel) of Pylos and not with the ostensible Archaeology.

We clear out: The Pylos channel is a physical electromagnetic Gate (Portal) of entry by Galactic ships of 2nd, 3rd up to n-th degree dimension (2D,3D,nD) in the proximity space of our planet. The channel of Pylos crosses diametrically the earth sphere and expands beyond it up to the Sun. The Hebrew-Americans “Luminaries” driven by their masters Bootides of the Moon, have installed in Pylos and in a depth of 1300m a moderator and a tracker of “neutrinos”, meaning sub-sub-atomic particles of 3rd dimension (of matter rarification). As a physical moderator acts the ground beneath. To the mass media they have announced that it’s about a “neutrino telescope”. This is a scam, because the earthly instrumnentology doesn’t have neither reflective, nor refractive or spectrometric devices, capable to stabilize images of neutrinos, meaning 3rd dimension, or 3rd fragmetric rarification of stellar matter. The neutrino detector was constructed in order to cover other earthly and underground installations.

Those are of 2 categories:

A. The first category contains trackers of 2nd and 3rd dimension ships. For earthlings the 2nd dimension ships are visible as bright semi-transparent geometric spectral solids. The 3rd and above dimension ships are completely transparent and invisible, as ships of “neutrino matter” or neutrino ships. The 2nd dimension requires trackers of sub-sub-atomic particles, meaning neutrinos, with the concept of moderators of vague neutrino tracking. The final moderations occur in Pylos with electromagnetic vertical polarized inductive water tanks. The inductive polarization, meaning the indirect polarization, applies because the direct polarization acts only for sup-atomic particles of 2nd dimension, when it doen’t have any action whatsoever over particles of higher dimensions of matter rarification.

B. The second category consists of earthly and underground MASER weapon systems, meaning invisible beam microwave Lasers, against the forthcoming Galactic Andromedians Hellenes in 2011-2012.

The Hebrew-Americans are just foolish, because this that afraid will happen in the future, HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. There are “indications”, that the 2nd and 3rd dimension ships of the Galactic Police Force, have already arrived as a forerunner of the naturally slower ships of 1st Dimension of the Galactic fleet, which arrive in 2011-2012.
Through “Epsilon channel” we warn the American NSA that if they continue the above planning, the Hebrew-American forces will be devastated without mercy. Until here their behavior causes amusement to us the informed, and to the forthcoming, and to the already arrived. The farcical is that they try to commit a war operation against Galactic entities and ships, naturally and technologically and dimensionally higher of their Lunar Bootes “God”, Yahweh, Sin or Sion.
About us Hellenes, Pylos is converted to a classified war base against the forthcoming Gallactic Andromedians Hellenes. In this conspiracy acts and the “Greek government”, through the minister of culture Turkish-Hebrew TOYRGOYT or Benizelos, who gave Falco the permission to proceed to the “discovery” of the ostensible devious casted Phoenician amphora in Pylos, and is preparing to provide “permissions of general excavations” into foreign so called “archaeological missions” , and command of general blockade of the island from Greek and foreign unwanted visitors.
We call the readers of “Diavlos Epsilon” to copy the present article and send it to the Greek military personnel who they know. The same must be done to the directions of physicists, astronomers and astrophysicists. For the same reasons as written above, the Hebrew-Americans install a new telescope of visible spectrum and other “instruments” to the under construction observatory of Kryoneri in Korinthos.
It will be ready in 2001, with mirror diameter 2.3 meters, namely the largest telescope in southeastern Europe (“Ethnos” 13/11/98).
We call the Greek military personnel to ask from the Greek Minister of Defense and GEETHA-GES-GEA-GEN, to install in Pylos, a continuing presence of Greek citizens and military astrophysicists and physicists, for the absolute observance of the actions of the foreign “scientists”.
In case the Greek officers will detect MASERS installations, are called to order the direct withdrawal of all foreign “scientists” from Pylos, and the dismantling of all present installations.
Differently we are endanger to be considered as enemies by our same race space genitors, who are coming to liberate us after 13.500 years of Lunar, Bootic Revolt and Slavery to the “master” Yahweh-Sin-Zion of the moon.
In case this will happen, earthly Hellenes will be worthy only for cuspidors of the Galaxy.

The function of Pylos as Space Gate (Portal) of Entry is a “fact” and to the known author Fourakis, who falsely relates it with opposite “facts” about a “Pythionic Oracle” of the Lunar-stoned “Pythia of God Apollo” of the Lunar-stoned Greek Dodecatheists. We inform the respected author that there is no known Pythia Oracle regarding to Pylos as a “Space Gate of Entry”. Pylos was called “Pylos”(“Gate” in Ancient Greek), meaning a Gate of Electromagnetic Channel, before 9.600 B.C. as a date of the beginning of the “religion of God Apollo”, through Lunar ridicule and corruption of the Astrobiological – Astrophysical function “Apollo”. (Universal Being Dodecahedron of the Solar Plexus)

From G.H.REES, the ancient-Hellenic religion is rejected as a Lunar invention. G.H.REES position is the pre-historical before 9.600 B.C. MONO-THEISM of the Living (the Living Zoe - Zwn) or Zenos (Zen) or Jupiter (Zeus), taken not as the miserable sex-maniac ambitious criminal subgod of the ancient-Hellenic Lunar-stoned Priesthood, but as the Final Supreme Living Intelligent Universal Organism or Tautocosmic Logos or ONE GOD. This Hellenic Mono-theism or the true ONE GOD, is in advance for some…million years of the Hebrew “monotheism of Yahweh or Sin or Sion or Zion” of the piratical Moon, who for 13.500 years is falsely acts as the true ONE GOD or Universal Intelligent Organism. In 2011(2012) this Fraud ends definitively, either Yahweh installs weapon systems and Hebrew-Americans in the Gates of Electromagnetic Channels, or not.


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