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Frauds of the Extra-cosmic Logos and Hebrew Pseudoscience criticized by Hellenic Unified Science


… Curiously the acceptance of the extra-cosmic logos in the religion sector, leads to false doctrines of the scientific sector.
Those doctrines are the three thermodynamic principles of the hebrewtibetan …physics, which forbid the genesis of matter from zero and the evanescence of matter to zero because they dogmatize the “Conservation of Matter and Energy, absolutely”.
The above scientific doctrine involve extra-cosmic logos God who … creates matter and energy and then makes with them the “raw materials”, Universe, and …humans.
In order to support this fraud of pseudoscience were mobilized lobotomized brains of the type of Hebrew Einstein, who by the order of their rabbis supplied to the “scientific stand” the theory of General Relativity which claims that the speed limit in the Universe is “c” of Light. (Visible)
With this way they tried to gag the mouth of scientists who recorded radiation speeds faster than “c”.
Because if indeed leak that “c” is multiplied in the Universe with “exponential force” the 10^6 (1.000.000), then there is …danger to locate the speed limit “c * 10^6*n” which in turn will prove the existence of “n+m” Dimensions (where “m” dimensions denser than present “1”), until the Final Dimension of Dodecahedral akinetonia (motionless-particles) of NON MATTER and NON ENERGY, namely NON BEINGS, therefore this will prove the FRAUD OF THE “EXTRA-COSMIC” LOGOS._


A) MASS : Hellenic root word meaning “a sum of particles” from “omazo – omas(group) – mass” (… no relation with the individuals-persons of the Group of Hellenic Re-establishment).
This term was invented by Hellenes Ancient Physicists, and has no relation to today’s term of “Mass”.
According to the ancient Hellenes it meant:
“Density, namely the number of oscillated dodecahedral kinetonia (moving particles) [from original transition of dodecahedral akinetonia (motionless particles) of the thinnest “Ether”, to dodecahedral-hexahedral-tetrahedral compaction through leaps-barriers of inspissations] per arbitrary volume unit, in the below conditions: temperature – pressure – exposition to light or cosmic radiation – exposition to electromagnetic fields – geographic location – and speed.”
According to Hebrews … pseudoscience it means “quantity of matter” with measurement unit the piece of … iridium platinum with volume … one litter of distilled water, in temperature 4 deg. Celsius, or measurement unit the mass (weight!!!) of hydrogen atom. And because matters were complicated in such ridiculous way of not be able to define the term of “mass”, became necessary the ad hoc finding of “true weight” and “true acceleration of gravity” with the equations:
F=B(true)-m*omega^2*R and
Gf=983,2 – 5,2 * cos^2 *f cm*sec^-2

If we want today to restore the term “mass”, we must calculate the number of particles (even if atoms, if not beginning “Dodecahedral” kinetonia of “Ether”) per volume unit.
This is found by dividing the number “Avogadro” (known to Ancient Hellenes) with the gram-atomic or gram-molecular volume (if it is a chemical compound)

Mass = 6,02472 * 10^23 / Vgram-atom

The result is the number of particles – atoms that is contained per volume unit of clear chemical element or clear chemical compound.

But the above mathematical equation is considered “Extremely Dangerous” for Judeans …pseudo scientists, because if it is resolved for the 104 known chemical elements (and their isotopes), the result will be 104 solutions which will prove that for the forming of every next element, must add to the previous element a dual-core atom of hydrogen though fusion of two dual-core atoms.
If this is realized then it will cancel ALL the previous doctrines for the way of elements creation, and the “worst part”, it will seek out -with the same reasoning- and the way of 108 subatomic particles creation, and of the sub-subatomic particles, with result for the researchers to reach out to the necessity for the acknowledgment of the beginning dodecahedral akinetonia, therefore,

According to Ancient Hellenes the fall of objects-bodies to the surface of the planet and the displacement of the heavenly bodies, were due to the pressure of radiation (cosmic radiation) against the bodies, and towards the direction of fall or motion.
The explanation that they gave to the above phenomena was the following:
“When two bodies are close to each other, the all-around coming cosmic radiation leave between them a “shadow”, namely an under-pressure of radiation.
The difference of outside coming pressure with the under-pressure between them, creates an approach with limits defined by the between them cyclic centrifugal motion”.
This “Pressure of Radiation” against the bodies, was named “Gravity” by Hellenes.
The Hebrew …pseudo scientists and the distorters of every truth, instead of the correct view that they canceled, invented the non-existent “attraction of bodies”, namely they invented … steel wire cables and hooks that throw between them the planets and the galaxies in order to attract each other.
This Fraud maneuver is necessary in order to build the para-mythology of “God extra-cosmic Logos”.
Because if it is accepted that the heavenly bodies keep their orbits from all-around coming cosmic radiation then will happen the following destructive for Judeans:

a) It will be proved that they are not kept in their position neither by the “extra-cosmic God” nor by the “attraction” that he created.

b) It will be proved that the cosmic radiation not only set in motion the heavenly bodies, but it also built them through inspissation of its particles, therefore there is no “Creator God”.

c) So, if there is no “Creator God” with “chosen one” the people of Israel, then it will be proved that, all the religions and all the political ideologies and all the economical theories and all the geopolitical theories about the “promise land” and the rest asserted to foolish masons as “products by mercy and by command of God” must blown away.
Because all the Hebrew intellectual “Avgea ordure” has been asserted to the people “by the mercy of a God” non-existent and “Architect of the Universe” non-existent, namely Extra-Cosmic Logos non-existent.


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Also watch famous astronomer Dr.Sagan describe 5 Regular Solids Principle Geometry and the "Ether" or "dodecahedron" of Ancient Hellenes proto-scientists intellectual giants like Democretos, Plato and the Pythagorians who preserved million years old pre-lunar universal archetype knowledge of the structure and nature of the Universe or Cosmos or Tauto-time-Tauto-space-Tauto-cosmic Logos. (Meaning: Universe and God-Logos is the same and we are all parts of a Cosmic Organism.)

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