Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meet the Real Dragonian Boss
Commentary on the above article.

The foreign publication is devious and is committing a mistake on purpose.
The true bosses of the world are the Chinese-Sinese-Sinists and not the Hebrews-Zionist or Israel as many falsely guided think so.

The Hebrews are essentially a hebrewmongolian genocidal horde of Hyksos-Elamites, a white-yellow bastard intermarriage that came from deep Inner Asia after the there local genocide of the populations of white race Pelasgian Kolchis (Kolchida) and of the white race Upper-Ionians Hellenes or the Yunnan of Asia (Today’s Southern China Province) by the yellow dragonian Chinese ( Ancient Hellenes "Yunnan" knew well about the Chinese ). This hebrewmongolian horde under the commands and pressure of their genitors, the Chinese, and having as their initial base (Mongolian wasp’s nest) the cities Ur or Urgha and Zerghul of Chaldea (Moon Worshipers) and of Mesopotamia, marched towards mainland West-Europe by dividing themselves into two main hordes.

The first horde invaded into the Hellenic colony of Egypt (Aigyptos=>Yptios-Aigaiou=>Meaning the Country that resides beneath the Aegean) and corrupted and destroyed it through conspiracies and military invasion, and the other horde invaded into the Hellenic Palestine (Philistine or Palesatia) and brutally completely genocided 7 Hellenic cities of Philistines Hellenes Cretan colonizers. The word China in ancient Hellenic language is pronounced by the word Sina (therefore the word Sinic Wall to describe the great wall of China). The word Sina-Sinos in ancient Hellenic meant the words: annihilator-genocider-thief-destructor. From the same root is originating the supreme lunar god of the Chaldeans (meaning Moon Worshipers) of Abraham or Havra-Khan (in Hebrew-Mongolian) and of the Mongols, with the names Sin or Sion or Zion (See: Mount Sinai) of the Moon.

By returning to the present status, today this that they are planning to force in the world is the foundation of the global Chinese empire, or the “kingdom of Sin” or Sion or “Terran Zion” or “Terran Sina-China” (Upper Zion=Moon) though the purely Dragonian Hyperlodges HONG (the imperial cembalo of HONG) and through the hebrewchinese minority of TIAO-KIOU-KIAO of Shanghai. ( PLANETARY SI(O)NISTIC MASONIC SINOMONGOLIAN (CHINESEMONGOLIAN) DRAGONIAN CRONIAN HIERARCHY [LEVANIAH (MOON) AND LILITH] ) This foundation of the planetary Chinese empire will be completely realized after the World War III or “Armageddon Scheme”, where all the nations of the world will be annihilated except the purely yellow dragonian nations of China and Korea. ( G.H.REES 1999-2012 THIRD WORLD WAR )

The French-hebrew ex president of France Giscard D’Estaing during the European committee meeting for the balloting of the European Constitution held in his hand a Chinese miniature statue with the shape of 2 reptiles (Dragon head, Turtle body) by saying that “it guided us faithfuly for 6.000 years, as it guided the first Chinese emperors, from the beginning it knew where to take us”, by implying with his dirty Masonic initiation who is the real boss (of course the yellow-saurian-China-Sina-Zion, and not the white/black USA and the white 95% Ashkenazim Israel). This statue exists today as a supreme emblem and grand statue of the emperors of HONG in the forbidden country of Beijing (Terran-Sin-Sion-Zion).

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( European Constitution: An instrument of the Dragonian Hyperlodge HONG for the conduct of WWIII )

China and Chinese today does not need the miserable non-existing loans of Israel because is holding in their hands the dollar and the bonds of the huge public debt of USA, with result to be able to blackmail the USA at any given moment they desire.

Essentially the public Services, the Government, and the USA Army is not anymore paid by the US citizens taxes but is paid by the Central Bank of China.

So, here is the Real Boss._

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