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ATTENTION !!! TO USA READERS: The G.H.REES signal after the 911 attack.

Prytaneum G.H.REES.
ATHENS 14/9/2001

Subject: “Terrorist” Attack 11/9/2001 against non-combatant citizens of New York USA,
a Hebrew Saxon purim (provocateur act) for the ignition of World War III, "US.E.J" (USA - Europe - Japan) vs "R.I.C." (Russia - Islam - China)

We inform the Hellenic Military Personnel that according to the current evidence and after analysis of the attack of 11/9/2001, the executive planning department of G.H.REES reached to the following irrevocable conclusions:

1) The whole operation was invented and organized by the shadow hyper government “NSA” or “National Security Agency” of USA, without the knowledge of the American Government, FBI, CIA, DIA and the rest American services, with purpose the creation of causation for World War III of the two allied axes US.E.J. and T.I.M. , against the axis R.I.C. .
2) The “NSA” staff is only comprised by Hebrew and Saxons university professors and by same ancestry high authority officials of USA.
3) The “NSA” of USA ordered the israelii echelon of NSA, as leadership of the israelii Mossad, and in complete ignorance of the lower hierarchy of Mossad, to complete the planning of the operation and to transfer its execution to the sister secret service of Pakistan, manned by Hebrew Pakistanis, under the current hebrewpakistani junta government, which fake-acts the Islamic Religion.
4) The “P.I.A.” or I.S.I. according to the commands by “NSA” of USA, “broke” the whole operation in five parts, which transferred to Islamic Organizations of 5 countries, in order to be impossible to track the original planner and commander of the operation “NSA”, and to safely track the “Islamists” as the executors.
5) The cryptohebrew Pakistani “I.S.I.” had the executive supervision of the whole operation.
6) States as Afghanistan-Persia-Iraq-Libya, and privates like Ben Laden, does not have technology neither the specialized staff in order to orchestrate and carry out similar operations.
7) The only “Islamic” nation capable of orchestrating the execution of similar operations is Pakistan, which has the advanced technology and specialized personnel, as a Nuclear and Rocket power, and a country that produces hardware and software.

G.H.REES to the Hellenic Personnel:
“NSA” of USA is planning the military attack of US.E.J. and T.I.M. (Tibet - India - Mongolia) against the collusion of R.I.C., under the typical commander-in-chief of Paul Glucksburg or the alternative “King” “Palaiologos Dragazis”, with the activation of Article 5 of the “NATO agreement”, for the forced participation of Hellas, as an allied country, to the military attack of US.E.J. and T.I.M. against R.I.C.
In case the Hellenic military accepts to participate in this campaign by US.E.J. against R.I.C, then Hellas and Israel, of Hellenistic Ashkanians or Ashkenazim, will be genocided as a priority in 2005 by the counterattack of R.I.C., through Nuclear-Chemical-Biological War, because the Hebrew “Professors” and the Rabbi’s “Sephardim” of NSA planned WWIII in cooperation with the Hebrew Chinese “TIAO-KIOU-KIAO” of Shanghai China, the country which they intend to move in 2004, right before the genocide of US.E.J. from R.I.C. in order to govern the planet from that position, as a “international sino-zionistic hyper government”, because SIN = ZION.
The hebrewsaxon “NSA” of USA is not a maker of decisions but an executive branch of the space invaders Draconians - Orionides - Boötedes and other members of the “Draconian Empire” under the rebel command of the constellation Draco, from which originates the yellow race Sin or Zion-Sion or Sina , known as “Sines” or Sinese-Chinese. (Nation of the Draco)

Prytaneum H.R.G.

P.S. 30/10/2001

P.S.1: In 11/9/2001 FBI arrested two Hebrew Americans under the charge of “weird” behaviour because they were filming the fires from the twin towers of New York while dancing and yelling with hysterical joy.

P.S.2: FBI announced that the type of anthrax microbe which contaminated Americans, is produced only to the biological warfare military labs of Iowa USA. After the broadcast of this news item by the American and Hellenic News Networks, further discussion about it was censored and forbidden by the media.

P.S.3: The broadcasts by the American Media about the threat of Biological Warfare with Anthrax bacillus were made 15 days before the first anthrax event in the USA.

The same is done by the American Media and for other forms of “Terrorist” strikes.

The above proves that the Islamic attacks with airplanes against the twin towers of New York, and the delivery of letters with Anthrax dust microbes by Hebrew Agents of USA, and the future “terrorist” strikes, whatever will be, were planned by the Hebrew Saxons of USA, under the devious purpose to ignite world war III through which they will devastate all the nation-states except China, from which they are planning to govern all the -citizens of the world- as kings that govern slaves.

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  1. Hello HELLEN and CHAOS, very interesting articles, thanks.
    A question i would like to ask which is a bit irrelevant to the above post.
    I one of your previous comments you mentioned that you had a denon of Yahweh on you.
    Can you please explain how one can get rid of them?

  2. Hello frien. I think you mean the article of Hellenian entitles "PLANETARY SITUATION REVIEW". AS Hellenian has said he was influenced for many year by Jesus and the Greek-Orthodox Christian dogma. That's why he told that he had a yahweh demon on his head for years. The name Jesus itself means "Yahweh Saves" or "Yahweh Savior". The Hebrew-Christian psalm "Alleluia" means "Glorify Yahweh"!!. Before some years he was awakened to the new reality and aborted his previous religion and any religious dogma, by refusing to controled anymore by emotions, but to rather use logos and logic of his mind ans psyche. This does not means that he became an atheist or a nihilist. On the contrary. He understood the reality of the Universal HyperOrganism and the organic relations of his part. We are parts - cells and microorganisms of a grand Organism and we either act healthy or we act as cancers that destroy complete planets-mega-cells of the Universal Organism(U.O.) In life you have 3 choices.
    1)Be a Hero, white corpuscle of the U.O. that self sacrifices to save others and the whole. (Which is the most difficult task)
    2)Be a healthy cell living in harmony with nature and in organic co-existance with the U.O.
    3)Be a cancerous cell that lives with ego only for himself and that increases his vital space against the vital space of every other and against the weak cells.
    Unfortunately most people today are cancerous beings, this will eventually lead to a cancerous civilization that will destroy this living beatiful planet.

  3. Hello HELLEN and CHAOS, thanks for the reply.
    Indeed that comment was in the 'PLANETARY SITUATION REVIEW' - 'In this life? How long do I have to wait for eveyone to get their panties out of a wad?'
    I quote :
    'Do you think I am not fed up with them? I had a permanent YHWH demon over my head for years, until it was recently destroyed by the Andromedian forces of the 3rd dimension of matter rarification that arrived. You have no idea how good it felt!'
    That is the comment i meant. I asked because i was harassed by demons (whatever they are) for years. I could feel them crawling on/in my body entering my head causing unbelievable dysphoria.
    Do you know how these psychic women that are reading the Taro cards are capable of exorcizing the demons?
    Why do the demons obey them?

  4. Hello again, are there any answers please to my above questions?
    HELLEN and CHAOS did you check it out? I would appreciate your response.

  5. The thesis of the blog to your questions and parapsychological harassments are the following.
    1) Complete absense from any kind of spiritualism, white magic, black magic, cabala, taro cards, astrology, occult books, occult practices, masonic organizations, secret societies etc.
    2) Complete absense from any form of Religion, Rituals, etc
    3) Complete absense from any form of dogmatic thinking
    4) Triple logical hand written check of all of your important thoughts for any important action in your life. Attack your thoughts-ideas with counter-arguments. If your idea survives the debate then it is most probable your own idea and not coming from any other hostile foreign source (demon-psychic etc)
    5) Try to reorganise your life more close to rationalism. Do not let your self be controlled entirely by emotion. Use balance "metron" in your life and follow the apollonian golden ratio between spiritual and material plesures. Study Hellenic philosophy, especially Heracletos, and Aristotle. Use the logical rules established by Aristotle. If you belong to the white or the black race use this blog and try to remember your racial and historical deep roots with further research because the hostile extraterrestial forces that control this planet are using "divide & conquer" and "memory blackout" and "brain washing" tactics to completely destroy or assimilate the white andromedian and black sirian indegenous human race.
    6) Try to be in balance with nature and as close possible to the Natural Laws. Get often out of the big city centers and be close to natural parks, trees, forests, flowers etc. Get tuned with this planet's life and with the universe.
    If you achieve the half of the above you will see a great improvement.
    If you achieve them all you will be a happy healthy person.
    We wish you all the best.

  6. Hello HELLEN and CHAOS, i really appreciate for taking the time to lay down your thoughts. They are very rational and useful.
    Some psychics are probably getting answers and information from 'guides' that are actually souls at the Geostationary Orbital Platforms trapped by the Draconians. They can get a lot of answers.
    However the puzzling thing is the 'exorcizing the demons issue' and the whole process of someone casting a spell (demons,black magic) on someone else and how some psychics can 'read' to the demons and rid the person of them.
    Anyhow, thanks again, i read your articles with great interest.

  7. The "Exorcizing the demons" issue is a double collusion game of the Dragonians. You see the Lunar Dragonians are continously roleplaying the dirty game "Good Angels of God" and "Evil Demons of Devil". The "Evil Demons" are taking (catalepsy) the body of a victim person that usually is often occupied with the occult, then an excorcist priest of the "Good Angels of God" is coming "for the rescue" in order for the "rescued" victim to be now totaly obendient Slave of the "Lunar Lord" Sin-Sion-Zion-Jedi-Sedi-(pseudo)Yahweh. That double collusion disgusting game - lunarpark trick was used massively mainly in the middle-ages but it is still a useful mind control technique to control the mind(psyche) and body of the earthlings -"Lord's Slaves".
    As for your other writings.
    The psychics are not in contact with any souls that were trapped in the orbital dragonian soul traps. The main active psychotronic activity in our planet and in the 7 inner planets is purely Dragonian, realized with both technology (Lunar Maser Radiation) and Lunar Reptilian Demons Catalepsy.
    This Lunar Maser Radiation is used also for the transmission of Holograms - Visions and Dreams to the sleeping person. This is proved in the Dragonian Bible with Several "God's Prophets" being literaly telecontrolled through visions and dreams. So becareful about your Dreams. Reject them all and throw them to the trashcan. Do not let them to control your life in any way. All of them are disgraceful Dragonian mind control psychotronic lunar matrix.
    The dragonian controlled rabbikid David Icke is also forced by G.H.REES to accept now all these facts in his new book (about LUNAR MATRIX)