Thursday, April 29, 2010


Urgent Signal of Russian and Greek National and Economical Security

G.H.REES Prytaneum – Group of Hellenic Reestablishment – Athens

The Russian Government
The Russian Embassies
The Russian National Security Services
The Leadership of the Russian Armed Forces
The Officers of the Greek Armed Forces
The Men of the Greek Police Force
The Men of the Greek Secret Service
The Russian Webpages and “Mass Media”
The Greek Webpages and “Mass Media”
The Members of the Greek legislative (Parliament) – Executive (Government and Ministries) – and Judicial Power of Greece._

Athens 24.04.2010

Devious and definite subversion of the Russian and Greek National and Economical Security under the commands of NATO Economical predatory robbers of the “International Monetary Fund” (IMF), of the “European Commission – Government”, of the “Central European Bank”, and of the Houses: «MOODY’S» - «FITCH RATINGS» - «GOLDMAN SACHS» - «J.P. MORGAN» - «BLOOMBERG» - «NOMURA INTERNATIONAL» - «CREDIT AGRICOLE» - «CAPITAL ECONOMICS» and rest, with executor of this subversion the treasonous government of “PA.SO.K.” and with partners of this subversion the rest political parties of the Greek Government and the entirely corrupted Greek Judicial Power.

Complete destruction of the Russian and Greek National and Economical Security from 15 until 21 May 2010, namely directly after the sign of the Governing of Greece by the NATO twin “IMF” and “European Union”.

Only solution for the salvation of the Russian and Greek national and Economical Security: The invasion of the Russian Army in Greece for the expulsion and the destruction of the NATO bases and command HQ’s in Greece, the armed revolution of the Greek armed forces, of the Greek police, of the Secret Service and of the Greek citizens, for the expulsion and the biological execution of all the Greek traitors, defrauders – thieves politicians of all the Greek Parliament parties, and for the expulsion of the treasonous “NATO” and “European Union” from Greece, and the Russian Industrial investments in Greece.


After the definite anymore announcement of the entry of Greece to the Governing twin “IMF” and “European Union” from 15 until 21 May 2010, this “NATO” twin has already announced that it will reconsider the entire development programming and the entire international economical agreements of Greece. This as first consequence will have for the Greek-Russian Agreements of the Oil and Natural Gas pipelines the same result which had the invasion of “NATO” in Romania and Bulgaria, namely the cancellation of the Greek-Russian Energy Agreements, same as the cancellation of the Romanian-Russian and of the Bulgarian-Russian Energy Agreements, according to the treasonous announcements of the two presidents of those two countries, of the 1st and 15th February 2010 accordingly. This Agreements Cancellation will essentially provoke the Economical Blockade of the Exportation of Russian Energy Products to the West and will provoke the unilateral dependency of the Russian Energy Exports from China, with all the consequences that have been analyzed to the classified report of G.H.REES to the Russian Embassy - Athens in 17.02.2010.

In continuation because “IMF” have pre-announced the reduction of the number of personnel, of armament, of military camps, and of the defense budget of the Greek Army, of the Police Force, and of the Secret Service, with the rule of the general reduction of public servants and of public spending for 30 – 50%, this will mean the reduction of the already deficient Greek Army, of the Police Force, and of the Secret Service, for 30 – 50% and therefore means weakness of the Greek Army, of the Police Force, and of the Secret Service, to ensure the Greek National Dominion over the today’s Greek Territories from the already announced assertions of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis countries (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) for the avulsion of Greek Territories, of the North – Western – Central Greece and Aegean and Ionian Islands, to the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis. Therefore it is certain the assault of the Mongolian “B.A.S.T.R.” axis against Greece according to the scheme of the Chinese Hyperlodge “HONG” and of “NATO” for the conduct of World War 3 with purpose the complete devastation of Greece and Russia, as have already been analyzed in the G.H.REES documents published in the webpage due to the Geostrategic inevitable military engagement of Russia for the interception of the Military Assault of “B.A.S.T.R.” in Balkans against Greece, and against the Russian interests.

Even in case of temporary or permanent postponement of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis Assault against Greece, Greece under the commands of “IMF” will suffer abjection and robbery of its Underground Minerals Resources, of its Agricultural Territories, of its Public Organizations, of its Tourism Territories, and of its rest resources, as “IMF” did in Zambia of Africa, were “IMF” arbitrarily and predatorily confiscated all of the Copper Mines of this Rich African Country and delivered them to Anglosaxonic Copper Monopolies, inducing Zambia to today’s situation of complete abjection.


With this or another way, the “NATO - IMF” and the “NATO - European Union”, after 15 until 21 May 2010 as a date of signing the surrendering and introducing the political and military occupation of Greece by “IMF” and by “NATO” will destruct entirely the Russian and the Greek National Security and Economy.

As only solution for the deterrence of the above mentioned complete destruction of Russia and of Greece by the Anti-Hellenic “NATO” in the planned by “HONG” World War 3, is the above mentioned solution of SUBJECT 3, namely the invasion of the Russian army in Greece through Romania and Bulgaria.We call Russia to militarily involve in Romania – Bulgaria – and Greece, in order to create Industrial and Agricultural investments for the absorption of 1.5 million Greeks sinecurists lazy partydogs Public Servants, and to integrate Greece to the Russian Federation with idiomorphic regime of increased military – police and economical autonomy and political and foreign policy semi-autonomy.

The Russian Army, the Greek Army, the Greek Police, and the rebellious Greek citizens, from today 24 April until 15 May, have time limit of only three weeks, namely only 21 days to overthrow the corrupted Greek Legislative – Executive – and Judicial power, and to integrate Greece as Semi-Autonomy State under idiomorphic regime to the Russian Federation for the dignified and safe living of Greeks and of Russians.
After 15 May this would be impossible, because “IMF” and the “European Union” will send to Greece American and European occupation army and occupation police and will discharge, and dissolve and immobilize completely the Greek Army, the Greek Police, and the Greek Secret Service, in a situation of unofficial occupation and complete disarmament, in order to be impossible the defense of Greeks against the armies of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis and against the 450.000 armed Albanians pseudo-immigrants which will be released for the genocide of Greeks in Spring or in Autumn of 2010.

The Greek Webpages and “Mass Media” that will not coordinate and will not reproduce the spirit of the present signal, will be considered as treasonous with the analogue consequences of moral and biological extermination.

From the Greek Webpages and “Mass Media” to be underlined that until today 24 April 2010, treasonously, deviously, and covertly, all the Parties of the Greek Parliament concealed the Russian Offer – Support of 19th March 2010 to Greece for unlimited intergovernmental lending with interest rates 2% - 3%, instead of the 15.5% of the European Profiteer markets (namely 3% + 6% = 9% of the interest of 10-year bonds + 6.5% insurance of the lends of Thursday 22 April 2010 for Greece), and instead of the 5% of the depredatory interests of the twin “IMF” and “European Union” for Greece.

Read relevant LINK of 19th March 2010 of the Russian Offer in the Greek Webpage: (The one and only “Mass Media” in Greece that broadcasted this news item!!!)


Eliminate now the treasonous – defrauders – thieves of the Greek Legislative - Executive – Judicial power and throw out of Greece the traitors and blackmailers enemies of yours from “NATO” and “European Union”.

Russian Brothers,

Invade with your Russian Army in Greece, in order to expel the murderous “NATO” and the “European Union” from Greece – Romania – and Bulgaria. If you do not act like this now, then you will not survive because from 15 May 2010, “NATO” and the “European Union” will strangle through Greece the National and the Economical and the Military Security of Russia, and you will die, all you the Russians from hunger and from the engagement of Russia in the 3rd World War according to the stratagem of the Chinese “HONG”.

We call the Russian Government to re-send urgently to all the International and Greek “Mass Media” and Greek Authorities its Offer, of 19th March 2010 for low-interests rate lending and for Industrial Investments to Greece, and to re-send it especially with the note that:

“After this Russian solution to the problem of Greece, Greece will be no more forced to appeal as Economical – Political – and Military prisoner to the “IMF” and to the depredatory interest rates 5% of the “European Union” and of NATO”.

In case the Greek Government will not accept in a timeline of 3 days AND this second Russian Support Offer, then it will be proved without a doubt that in the Greek Government there is a “NATO” deceit for the Economical blockade and for the Economical and National – Military Destruction of Russia and of Greece, therefore the Russian Army must invade in Greece for the expulsion of “NATO” and of the “European Union” from Greece.

Our representative in Volos, Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis, announced to us that he donates his house in Volos to the Russian State, in order to be converted as a Consulate and as a Harbour Office of Russia in Volos.

Through our selves, our representative in Volos, Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis, demands from the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Russian Citizenship as additional Citizenship besides the Greek one.
Same wise, through ourselves, he appeals for Russian Diplomatic Immunity and Russian Legal Protection, considering the fact that already the Treasonous “NATO” pseudo-Greek Authorities are moving for his multiyear imprisonment, due to his ANTI-NATO and PRO-RUSSIAN actions.

The same additional Russian Citizenship, Russian Diplomatic Immunity from the Russian Embassy in Germany, and Russian Legal Protection is asked for the Greek Citizen and Germany habitant, Mr.Apostolos Papanakos, who through his Webpage , informed with thousand e-mails the Greek Authorities, the Greek Webpages, and the Greek “Mass Media” for the treasonous and subversion role of “NATO” and of the “European Union” against Russia and against Greece, and for the Support – Offer of Russia in 19th March 2010 to Greece through the representative of the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr.Andrei Nesterenko, with result Apostolos Papanakos to turn against him the furriness of the “NATO” Authorities and of the treasonous Greek Government.


Prytaneum G.H.REES Athens.
Through the server of the G.H.REES messages
Of the G.H.REES Magnesia Readership
Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis
Elpidos 12 – Nea Ionia
Volos, Hellas


  1. How can G.H.REES claim that a Russian invasion of Greece, an EU and NATO member state, will prevent WW3, when such action, by definition, puts Russia and NATO/EU (R.I.C and US.E.J.) in a state of war?

  2. How can G.H.REES claim that a Russian invasion of Greece, an EU and NATO member state, will prevent WW3, when this action, by definition, puts Russia and EU/NATO (hence R.I.C. and US.E.J.) in a state of war?

  3. This action will probably not prevent a Balkan area localized limited war but it will surely prevent the escalation to world war III according to the Chinese Hyperlodge HONG masterplan, a plan which also follows in collusion the treasonous hebrewsaxonic NATO and the Euro-army under the commands of NSA and of the Terran Dragonian Masonic Hierarchy (AOA LONDON->ZEN Tibet->HONG China). Because first it will prevent the total economical bunkruptcy and colapse of Greece and of Russia and secondly and most important will intercept on time the planned assault of the mongolian "B.A.S.T.R." axis against Greece. According to the Chinese HONG masterplan for the ignition of World War III the first phase of this ignition is the assault of the "B.A.S.T.R." axis against Greece. If that 1st step fails then the whole scheme is inevitably cancelled.
    The Army and the people of Greece is properly preperared by G.H.REES in order to not build resistance against the Russian army and to parallel accelarate the resistance and rebellion against NATO and the treasonous Greek government of defrauders crooks politicians that destroyed this beautiful Country, once upon a time the light of the Western Civilizations.
    The Greek people know very well the treasonous crimes of the allegedly "ally" NATO against Greece and especially against our Cyprus brothers in 1974.
    Moreover the official exit of Greece from the trirateral dragonian WWIII axis "US.E.J" and its entry to the Russian Federation of the opposite dragonian WWIII axis (R.I.C) will result to a devastation for the Dragonian masterplan for the conduct of World War III, especially in case of Russia exiting also from China's Shanghai Pact.
    In case Russia will choose not to intervene more drastically and on time in the Balkan area, then inevitably Russia will be lethally trapped GeoPolitically and GeoEconomically to the strategem of the Chinese HONG for the conduct of World War III (2010-2012). This will finally mean the assured Destruction of Russia and of the rest nations from China in the terminal phase of the war.
    PS. Τhis is not an official G.H.REES response but only the thesis of the blog.

  4. Sorry for the duplicate comment, I thought my submission failed.

    I feel you have not adequately addressed my point. I am presenting a simple argument:

    1. Greece is an EU and NATO member state.
    2. NATO "officially" exists to provide collective security against/retaliatory response to Russian (formerly USSR/Warsaw Pact) aggression.
    3. Russian military invasion of an EU & NATO member state will result in retaliation by NATO & EU, and NATO/EU vs. Russia (and its allies) is no "localized limited war", it is WW3!

    Which part do you disagree with?

  5. We believe we have already answered to your point. Please do not insist.
    This will not escallate to WWIII because mainly it forbids the initial planned by NATO+HONG attack of the BASTR axis against Greece.
    You miss much of the G.H.REES documentation.
    Hopefully in the future we will publish the analytical description of the 13 phases of WWIII according to the scheme of the Chinese Hyperlodge HONG, which was intercepted by G.H.REES.
    Maybe then you can understand completely why this move of Russia will cancel the Dragonian geopolitical strategem, and why a pathetic non-action stance of Russia will accellerate the inevitable war to a WWIII as was planned by the Chinese HONG through Lunar Demons Dictation and Orders.

  6. NATO is also illegal and essentially with no charter of its role after the collapse of the Soviet Union (Warsaw Pact) during the early 90's. Later on NATO was converted to a US.E.J. 666 New World Order "police army" in order to illegally and unprovoked invade and involve to independent countries of the R.I.C. axis 888 in order to demonized the western axis and to pave the way for the Chinese "Kings" from the East (through Afghanistan, directly in the Chinese borders, and through Iraq and the dried rivers Tigris and Eufrates, Read the Dragonian Armageddon program in John's Revelation)
    The illegal treasonous criminal NATO in 1974 didn't help his allegedly "ally" Greece, when Turkey invaded to the Cyprus Hellenic island. Instead of helping to resolve and stop the crisis, NATO under the commands of the London Royalty it used the Royal Airforce to train the Turkish pilots and to fly English planes against the ELDYK Greekcypriot army in Cyprus, that was essentially betrayed, a NATO treasonous move with pretext a so called "NATO excercise" in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the same time of the invasion.
    See the bodies of the English shotdowned pilots that are kept forgotten till today to the Nicosia morgues in Cyprus, because any official return of those bodies to London will force the hebrewsaxonic NATO to admit its treason against its allies.