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G.H.REES message to David Icke and his followers

G.H.REES Readership Magnesia

Volos 25.03.2010

The last days several Greek treasonous ape-bahaving webpages published documents concerning the new book “LUNAR MATRIX” (With English title: “Human Race Get off Your Knees”, Read LINK: ) of the Judean Rabbi and thus Whiteyellow Mongol and writer David Icke – Isaac, into which is contained a devious mix of true evidence that have being stolen from the G.H.REES documents, and of conscious false data about the Moon, with purpose the distortion and denial of the G.H.REES ( Group of Hellenic Re-Establishment) Documents – which refer about:

“The Dragonian Chinese Moon which methodizes the genocide of the White Race, of the Black Race, and of the Mongolian races (Hebrews, Saxons, Tatars, etc.) from the pure Yellow Race of China and Korea, in the Chinese “Armageddon” until 2012.”

About: “The Dragonian Chinese Moon as a Flagship of the Dragonian Starfleet of the Dragonian Invader Sin – Sion – Sina – Jedi – Sedi – Jude – Judas – PseudoYahweh or PseudoBeing, which Invades – Steals and Destructs Suns and Solar Systems and Genocides other-races Planetary Civilizations in order to Gain Energy and Raw – Valuable Materials for his criminal Starfleet”, and about: “The Dragonian Chinese Moon which plans to abandon our Solar System (Read in the Dragonian “Holy Scriptures” about the “Departure of the Moon”, and Read LINK: ) in order to invade to the Solar System of “Sirius A” as an area of “coccygeal Maximum Densities” as a Negative Electronic Pole of the Universe or Universal Organism or Panas (from the Hellenic Orphic word Sym-pan meaning “The sum of all”), in order to blackmail with electromagnetic death all the civilizations of the Universe.”

Indeed, to his above mentioned book “LUNAR MATRIX” the Rabbikid David Icke – Isaac, due to the massive records and evidence of the G.H.REES documents, of the Russian Academics Vasin and Scherbakov, of the Hindu prehistory about Space Wars between Solar and Lunar Gods, of the American Astronauts from the “Apollo” Program, and of other researchers such as Raymond Drake, is forced lately, and timely delayed and “after the feast”, to “Re-Disclosure” as a fixed Hebrew crook, the already for many years public Disclosures of G.H.REES, about the Moon as a Hybrid – ExNatural and Now Semi-artificial Heavenly Body – Ship originated from the Draco Constellation, and as a Transmitting Center of Massive Brain Washing Radiations against the Earth’s populations with false Religions – with false Political Ideologies – with false Economical Theories – etc., and as an originating place of Evil Apostate Dragonian Spirits (See Spirits of Metatron – Asmodai etc.) for demonic trance – catalepsy of special Earthlings marionettes, such as Political leaders, Religious leaders, Mediums, Magicians, Astrologers, Prophets, Actors, Musicians, Economical leaders, Scientists, and rest.

After the above mentioned compulsory anymore and unpleasant for the Hebrewsaxons admissions and true direct copies from the G.H.REES documents, the Rabbikid David Icke – Isaac deviously derail the Western Readers of his book with lies that have as a main purpose to berceuse them like a Hebrew rattle, in order to accept the above mentioned Massive Lunar brainwashing, as allegedly continuous, endless, and without a finishing timeline, in order for them to not realize that the Hebrewsaxonic “NATO” is preparing to mobilize them against the axis “R.I.C.” Russia – Islam – and Lunar Dragonian China, in order for them to be annihilated from the counter-attacking Chinese Army in the Chinese “Armageddon”, in order for them to not rebel against their Politics – Economics – Military – and Religious Hebrews and Mason leaders (See Sufism, namely Christian-Dodecatheism as a Religion of “Epsilon”, and the Lunar Demonic possessed prophets Liakopoulos, Fourakis, General Kalogerakis, and rest, with instigation by Lunar Demonic possessed Monks and rest), in order to not foil the 1st phase genocide of the Greeks by the axis “B.A.S.T.R.” (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) and of the terminal phase genocide of the Planetary Hellenes and of the rest White Nations of the West by the axis “R.I.C.” (Russia – Islam – China), in order to not foil the genocide of White Pelasgian Russians and of the White Pelasgian Muslims and of the Black Sirian Race from the Chinese-Mongolian axis “C.J.T.H.S.M.” (China – Japan – Tibet – Hebrews – Saxons – Mongols of Mongolia) and in order to not foil the genocide of the Mongolian axis “J.T.H.S.M.” (Japan – Tibet – Hebrews – Saxons – Mongols of Mongolia) by the Lunar Dragonian axis “C.K.” (China – Korea).
(Read the Scheme of the World War III phases by the Chinese Hyperlodge “HONG” in the “G.H.REES 2nd Survival Manual of World War III”ΤΕΛΙΚΟ ).

And of course, after the above mentioned multiple devious concealments of David Icke – Isaac, he didn’t write even one word in his book about the revelations of the G.H.REES documents concerning: “Moon as a Souls collecting center from the Lunar Orbital platforms “LUNA PARKS” (Their name as “Luna Parks” or “Moon Parks” today in our planet, is devious and with purpose to lure and stimulate the Earthlings’ Souls to seek out “Parks of Lunar Amusement” or “LUNA PARKS” now that they live in Earth AND also to seek them in Space in the afterlife, after they leave their body-cocoon in Earth) constructed by (invisible to Earthlings) matter from 2nd Dimension of matter rarification and by lights and sounds from also 2nd Dimension of matter rerification, stationed in Earth’s geostationary orbits, in order for the Souls to be captured in them and to not reveal to the Outer Space the here happening Genocidal and Ecological crimes of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi – Sedi inside the living body of Pana or the Universal Organism”.

Finally, the disgraceful Rabbikid David Icke – Isaac in the above mentioned books and his previous books, is doing 5 more conscious frauds:

Fraud 1:
He characterize as Dragonians of the Moon, the Semi-Dragonian WhiteYellow Mongols Japanese, which are an intermarriage of White Andromedian and Yellow Dragonian Race and not a purely Dragonian Race, in order for his readers to not be suspicious of the fact that the true and 100% Lunar Dragonian Criminals are only the Purely Yellow Chinese and Koreans, which day after day and in a status of genocide hysteria against other-races and against semi-other-races namely against WhiteYellow and BlackYellow Mongols, are dressed like Dragons and are dancing the dance of the Dragons in honor of the Constellation of Draco which is their origin.

Fraud 2: He characterizes as saurian Dragonians of the Moon the Semidragonians WhiteYellow Mongols Hebrew-Saxons of the English Royal Family and of the Hebrew-Saxon Royal Families of other European States as descendants of the “Evil” ten-race Kingdom of Samaria, with the same above mentioned purpose, namely to conceal and hide the Chinese and Koreans as 100% Lunar Dragonians Criminals Genociders, and with the additional devious purpose to identify the European States and the State of Japan of the Axis “US.E.J.” (Trilaterale USA – Europe – Japan) with the non-existing “Theological Dragon” or “Satan Devil” of the Lunar – Dragonian “Revelation” of the “Holy Scriptures”, in to which, deviously falsely and skillfully, the title of the Lunar Dragon and of the Snake is ascribed to the departed in 9.600 B.C. and no more present Jupiter – Zeus, leader of the White Andromedians.
(Do association between the condemning of the Minor Asia Hellenes of Pergamos, in which was founded the Maximal Holy Temple of Zeus, with the curses against Zeus as allegedly “Dragon” in “John’s Revelation” and “Genesis” of the “Holy Scripture”)

Fraud 3: He characterize as saurian Dragonians of the Moon the Semi-Dragonians WhiteYellow Mongols Hebrew-Saxons Bankers (Rockefeller, Morgan etc.) and politicians of “USA”, with the same 2 above mentioned devious tendentiousness, in order for all the countries of the axis “US.E.J.” to be characterized falsely as Dragonian and Evil and thus: “Together with the “Evil India” to be genocided by the grace of God Sin – Sion – Sina – Zion – Jedi – Sedi – PseudoJehovah in the Armageddon, from the Good Chinese who (allegedly) …are not Dragonians” but are Yellow … Angels of Sin – Sion – Jedi or PseudoJehovah and of Jesus Christ over the Earth.

Fraud 4: He characterize as Divine and “Good” the Judeans of the two-race Kingdom of Jerusalem namely the Judeans Rabbis, “who together with the Devine Forces (read: with the Chinese Army) will genocide “Evil India”, Evil “US.E.J. 666”, the WhiteYellow and BlackYellow Mongols (HebrewSaxons – Tatars – Indonesians – etc.), the “Rus” and “Mesheh” namely the Russians and the people of Moscow (Read prophet Ezekiel Ch.38 and 39 in the “Old Testament” of the “Holy Scripture”) and the Black Pagan Race”.

The books of David Icke must be a manual of study by especially the Mongols WhiteYellow Judeans and by the HebrewSaxons, because in exactly those books is contained and is displayed the treason of the Levites, of the Beniamites and of the Judeans Rabbis of the two-race Kingdom of Jerusalem against the ten-race Samaritans Hebrew-Saxons with purpose the genocide of the HebrewSaxons of the axis “J.T.H.S.M.” and of the Judeans by the Chinese and Koreans of the axis “C.K.” China and Korea.

Fraud 5: He falsely writes about transitions of the Lunar Dragonians from invisible thinner Dimensions into denser visible Dimensions and vice versa, in order:

1st) To falsely justify the so called “materialization and dematerialization of the Dragonian Spirits of the Moon” which have been planned to realize massively in the Earth’s atmosphere and to the close proximity space trough triads of Laser Holograms, in order to convince the Earthly stupid population that allegedly “The heavenly Antichrist Demons 666 and the heavenly Antichrist or STELLAR = 666 and their ships, are materializing in order to reinforce the Hellene Antichrist 666” Palaiologos Dragazis Emperor of the “Neo-Byzantine Empire 666” of “LA.O.S.” having as its capital Constantinople, and political-religious leader of the assault of the Axles “US.E.J” and “T.I.M.” and of their armies against the axis “R.I.C.”. These “Antichrist” Holograms - Phantoms of Spirits - have been designed to later “Dematerialize”- disappear, abandoning the armies of “US.E.J.” and of “T.I.M.” in order for them to be butchered by “R.I.C.” in the Asiatic deserts.

2nd) In order to falsely justify the so called “Materialization of Christian Good Spirits as Soldiers of Jesus Christ” as allies of “R.I.C.”, which have been designed to realize with the same technology of Laser Holograms, in order to convince the Earthly stupid populations of the axles “US.E.J.” and “T.I.M.” that they must not further resist and fight for their survival and that they must be annihilated by the “Christian” Axis “R.I.C.”.

Of course G.H.REES has warned and has proved scientifically that are impossible the materialization and dematerialization of Spirits generally, as beings of the above dimension, because such an attempt is accordingly equal to a nuclear implosion and instant shrinkage of their body 1 million times of their original body, and with their organic molecules remaining organized in the same analogical original position (!!!) – A thing which is physically and technically and mathematically completely impossible.

We are being informed by independent researchers and by friendly webpages about the existence of the book “LUNAR MATRIX” of David Icke – Isaac and the coalition with the later fixed like-minded HebrewSaxon Alex Jones, but and also about the stupid and treasonous ape-behavior of the Greek Webpages who as “Foreign-ideas-worshippers” are publishing as “New Hebrew Gospels” the above mentioned frauds of David Icke – Isaac and of Alex Jones, in order for them to be spiritual guides of the NeoGreeks in order to fall again like blind rats to the Genocidal traps of the Scheme by the Chinese Hyperlodge “HONG” for the 3rd World War, in order to verify again the proverb: “If one blind man guides another blind man, both will fall in the hole”.

The beyond parallel judgment, publicizing and apotheosis of the books of David Icke – Isaac and of Alex Jones by the besotted Greek Webpages, is more a product of conscious treasonous selection, than a product of intellectual deficiency and stupidity, such as the intellectual deficiency and stupidity of the farcical and miserable treasonous neoGreek webpages which try to fight against G.H.REES.
(Read LINK: )

We write that because in the G.H.REES documents that are published for a long time in the Internet, have already predicted and armored the brain of Hellenes against similar lethal lies with the lethal lies of David Icke – Isaac, of Alex Jones, and of the same to them Rabbis agents and agents of the Chinese “HONG”.

A similar treasonous “Foreign-ideas-worship” trend has occupied the Greek WebPages also for the same fixed agent of the Judean Rabbis, John Lear Junior, son of the aircraft engineer and owner of Liar Jet “USA”, who after Rabbinical Lectures is posing as a Specialist Para-Psychologer – Lunarologer – Lunartrapologer, and “Re-discovers the wheel” of G.H.REES, namely the Lunar Soul Traps of Human Souls, but by distorting the G.H.REES documents, namely by disappearing the Lunar Orbital Platforms – LunarTraps from Matter of 2nd Dimension of Mater Rarification, or “LUNA PARKS” which are being stationed in Geostationary Orbits around planet Earth, and by “Replacing” these Platforms with one “Cube”, namely with the Cube of “Upper Zion” (Read description of the Cube in “John’s Revelation” of the Lunar inspired “Holy Scripture”)

And of course, the intellectual asleep and farcical Greek Webpages, even those that are fixed by the Secret Service and by the “Archrabbinia of Athens”, are not capable to understand the tendentiousness of the above mentioned late disclosures which are truths revealed from a long time before by G.H.REES, mixed with lies of Judean Rabbis about allegedly only one existing “Lunar Cube” as a Soul Capture Device. The tendentiousness is the following:

1st) Generally the robbery of evidence by the G.H.REES Documents, and the replacing of the G.H.REES Documents, by HebrewSaxon Documents, mix of Truths and Lies, for the entrapment of Hellenes and of the rest Nations in the against them Genocidal scheme of the Chinese Hyperlodge “HONG” for the conduct of 3rd World War.

2nd) Especially, the concealment and denial of the existence of Orbital Lunar Soultraps “LUNA PARKS” in Geostationary Orbits around Earth, for which G.H.REES wrote about, and the deceit against the Terran Souls the outgoing towards outer space, with the previous indirect assurance and denial that: “There are no Lunar Orbital Soultraps in Geostationary Orbits around Earth as G.H.REES has written, but there is only one Cube – Soultrap in the Moon, and therefore you can enter without fear and freely to the “LUNA PARKS” that you will see in the sky after death.”

3rd) Especially, additions of lies overlapping the G.H.REES documents as the lie about:
“Moon under the occupation of Dragonians and Hellenes of the Dodecatheon of Zeus who capture the souls of earthlings in Orbital Platforms, and who as a “Stellar Antichrist 666” will support the “Hellenic Empire 666” of the party “LA.O.S.” and of Palaiologos Dragazis and of the Axles “US.E.J.” (USA – Europe – Japan) and “T.I.M.” (Tibet – India – Mongolia) in their military assault against the axis “R.I.C.” (Russia – Islam – China)”

In the above lethal lie against Greece is also cooperating the theoretician of “LA.O.S.” Mason General Gerasimos Kalogerakis who in his book “The Return of the Gods” stupidly and behaving like ape he copies the Hebrew-Masonic teachings about “Moon under (allegedly) Hellenic dominance”.

Independent researcher and independent Webpage outside G.H.REES (Read interview of David Icke in the Greek webpage: ) are informing us that in the written confessions of David Icke – Isaac, he confess that “he is guided para-psychologically by voices who hears inside his head”.
Because G.H.REES has already proven in its documents that from 9.600 B.M.H.C. (Before Mongol Hebrew Christ) until today there is no any other para-psychological activity in our Planet except the activity of the Dragonian Demons who are counterfeiting the Dodecatheon of Zeus, and except the activity of the Dragonian technology of “Maser” radiations emitted from the Moon, therefore indirectly the Judean David Icke – Isaac is confessing that all that he has written in his books are dictations of Lunar Demons that he supposedly fights.

Therefore the HebrewSaxon Alex Jones who agrees with David Icke – Isaac without capability of Scientific Evidence, is also a Medium namely a Spiritualist – Medium in alertness, namely a projectile guided under demonic and technological possession by the Moon that he supposedly fights.

The implication is that also AND the third of the company, John Lear Junior, is under the same Demonic and Technological catalepsy by the Moon, when he supposedly disclosures the from a long time ago already existing disclosures (“John’s Revelation” Chapter 21, 10-27) about the existence of a Gigantic Crystalic Cube in the Moon’s side facing the Earth, as a processor of Earth’s Souls, but under the Lunar Demonic and Rabbis commands, he conceals and indirectly denies … the existence of Lunar Orbital Platforms of Matter from 2nd Dimension of Matter Rarification in Geostationary orbits around our planet, functioning as soul captors of Earth’s Souls and as transports of those Souls towards the Moon, and as centers of telecontrol of Humans through “Maser” (LINK-LAP) beams, or ...“Silver Cords” according to emetic occult Masonic terminology.

Greece is having their own Lunar Demonic projectiles, such as the “Epsilon”, the parliament members of the party “LA.O.S.”, and others, who claim that are the incarnations of Gods – Demigods – Heroes – Archpriests – Priests – Kings – and Generals of the Dodecatheon of Zeus, according to the lies of the Archpriest of the Dodecatheon Plutarch, about the “30.000 Spirits of Zeus, which remained on Earth after the Zeus departure”, while there are actually Mediums under Demonic possession of Lunar Demons and Passive Receivers of Technological “Maser” Radiations of the Lunar Platforms, with purpose the foundation of the Hellenic “Empire 666” in Constantinople as a leader of “NATO” against the “Shanghai Pact” or “R.I.C.”, and with purpose the counterattack of “R.I.C.” (Russia – Islam – China) for the genocide of White Western Nations, and finally for the genocide of the White, of the Black, and of the Mongolian Races (Judeans – Hebrew Saxons – Tatars – Indonesians and rest) by the Lunar Dragonian Yellow Race of China and Korea.

G.H.REES Group of Hellenic Re-Establishment
Through the deliverer of the G.H.REES messages
Ioannis Ch. Ch. Karageorgiou
Magnesia - Volos - Hellas

To understand how these HebrewSaxons telecontrolled writers essentially copied and distorted the G.H.REES documents, see the dated 1988 typewrited outstanding G.H.REES document (“IA”) with vast information, evidence and details about the Dragonian Hybrid Spaceship Moon, and its psychotronic 13.500 years lethal influence against the White and Black Race. This document must not be read by under-age persons and persons who are sensitive in various mental disorders, because their instant contact with forbidden unconventional knowledge may cause severe damage.)

Read Also:

John Lear 2007 "Disclosures" already known to G.H.REES from the 80's


  1. The below message was relayed to David dIcke in his Official Forums:
    And was censored and disappeared in half hour after its publication. Seems Icke can stand the massive revelations and the mental battle with G.H.REES

    Check Google NOW to see how they censored the thread

  2. Correction:
    Seems Icke can't stand the massive revelations and the mental battle with G.H.REES

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  4. Precisly my friend. The "Silver Cords" that see the persons who do "astral projections", which connect the physical 1st dimension body with the heavens are actually LINK-LAP MASER beams of the Lunar Dragonians Geostationary Orbital Platforms that telecontrol the human projectiles during their life here on Earth.
    The Dragonians are capturing the souls of the dead in order for them to not be able to reach outerspace and inform the "antibodies" centers of the Universal Organism about the severe illness (cancer) status of Gaia and of our solar system. They also have the disgraceful politics of the programmed un-natural violent re-incarnations, e.g. to capture the souls, to erase the memory of those Souls through an electroshock procedure and to re-incarnate some of them to a different body-cocoon on Earth with a specific purpose. Lunar inspired Religions such as Buddhism falsely teach the "natural of the reincarnation" and keep track and written records of the programed re-incarnations of some of their high mongolian lama archpriests in order to avoid wrong or accidental re-incarnations! All those actions of the Dragonians are condemned by the Universal Hierarchy Justice who are now present with reinforcements in our solar system ready to force the Univeral Law against the apostates.
    You might wonder how G.H.REES was capable to discover such impressive revelations. The answer is the Unified Hellenic Sciences that they managed to decode and to re-discover from the Ancient PreLunar Andromedian Hellenic Scientific Academies. With this powerful forbidden knowledge at hand they managed to build a highly advanced tecnology based on neutrinos which are actually sub-subatomic particles of the 3rd Dimension of matter rarification. With advanced Neutrino "Optics" Devices (Neutrino Telescopes) they've managed to "see" the invisible Dragonian Lunar Ships flying above our cities, the mettalic interior and structure of the Moon, and the Lunar Traps Platforms in Geostationary Orbit.
    Lunar Demonic possesed Writers such as David Icke, John Lear etc, after the revelations of G.H.REES (the last 30 years) are now forced by their dictating Lunar Demons and by their dictating Rabbis to accept those truths but they deviously distort them in order to serve the Dragonian Agenda.
    Icke censored the G.H.REES message because he knows inside him that it is the plain truth.

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  7. Thank you for the information and the nice video.
    The Awakening mental battle continues. We Hellenes, our cocoons are "contaminated" with the Prometheus Order Knowledge. We have an obligation towards our brothers, the Pelasgian White and the Black Sirian Races.
    Universal Hierarchy Natural Order & Peace my friend.

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  10. Concerning the non existant Galactic Federation of Ligth (Cronians and Dragonians mutineers impersonating the Andromedian Government!) study the below G.H.REES message that foiled their official appearance at 14th October 2008:
    Concerning the parapsychological harrasments and the psychological warfare, our advise is to stay as long as you can far away from these things. Do not get in contact with any psychics or mediums or astrologers or Masons etc., control your thoughts, write down and tripple check with logical verification all of your important thoughts and try to fight them with counter-arguments. If your thought survives the counter-arguments then is probably your idea.
    In your video there is one user named "shockolanu" who is commenting about Paleologos Dragazis saying that:

    "Who are you talking about? My bet is on Constantine Paleologis Dragas. His spirit is here on earth, all we have to do is bring his statue back to life and he will lead the army of immortals against the armies of the world"

    Please be informed that Paleologos Dragazis, his spirit will be impersonated by a man from the Christiansen Glucksburg Danish Royal Dynasty. From the Dragonian Masonic Hierarchy Network of AOA London and HONG of China, this man "Paleologos Dragazis"-Christiansen is planned to play the role of the Hellen Antichrist 666 and of the EMPEROR 666 of the NeoByzantine Empire with base Constantinopole, and of the rightwing cryptonazi political party "LA.O.S.", as an agent provacateur, in order to drive the NATO armies against the Shanghai Pact and in order for the counterattacking China 888 to genocide everyone and fulfill the Dragonian Armageddon in the 3rd World War.
    Foil the above criminal plans of the Dragonians.
    Survival Affair.

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  13. Becareful of voices you hear inside your head ordering you to do certain actions. These in most cases are not from your psyche but are outside telepathetic persons (or Demons) trying to tune to the frequency of your brain's pituitary gland. Those telepathetics are usualy persons initiated in various Masonic Lodges or persons that are trained Monks, even persons working for the Secret Services trying to excercise mind control and remote viewing techniques in order to create mental slaves, assasins, spies etc! All of these kind of persons, dictators of the mind, are ofcourse under the common influence of the Moon and of the Dragonian Demons that dictate them from the start of their lives to learn to excercise with strict discipline their telepathetic techniques. Do not panic, and do not fear, because there is a way out of this mind control and psychotronic chaos. Already we have refered about the triple written logical checks of all of your important thoughts. Similar mind defense techniques were published by G.H.REES. Hopefully we will translate and publish them here.

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  15. you are Jealous of David Icke AND Alex Jones That's all !

  16. G.H.REES doesn't have to be ...jealous of the rabbikids telecontrolled zombies like Icke and Jones. Please don't make us laugh.
    This legendary organization through pure dodecahedral mathematics beyond mindcontrol unified sciences have deciphered all this vast geostrategy and astrostrategy information about the Moon and the dragonians from the year 1980 and even back, and has proved that their members are far superior than anyone, technologically and knowledgeable speaking.
    That's why all the secret services of the world are continuously behind their tail, waiting anxiously for their next signal.
    That's why G.H.REES has managed to even spy on the so called U-U-U MATTER(ULTRA UNACCESSIBLE UMBRA) N.S.A.