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"Fairy Tale" for ...adults!

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Once upon a time one gang of thieves-murderers invaded for robbery (of raw materials) into a bank (into a solar system)
They begun to kill the employees of the bank (the black race) and the visitors clients (the white race), in order to fill faster the bags with money (with raw materials) and in order to avoid the intervention of the police (of the governmental galactic forces).
But the police came before all the money was put to bags, and so the robbers (Sin-Sion-Zion-Jedi-Sedi, El Sedi or Elohim Sedi, of the Hebrew’s agent D.Liakopoulos, etc) couldn’t get out of the bank.
So they begun to threaten that will kill all the hostages (earthlings - with chemtrails spraying and biological-radiological warfare, by exploding the planet through underground nuclear explosions, with causation of matter voids through CERN of Switzerland, and with other methods).
Indeed they killed a lot of hostages (in 13.000 years wars and genocides that they provoked)
But the police didn’t retreat and stayed constantly out of the bank until the moment they achieved through reinforcements a superior fire-power analogy of 8:1, and then invaded into the bank one morning, and killed all the robbers that refused to throw their guns. The robbers that threw their guns served some years in prison and then were expelled to another country. (another solar system)
Those from the (black) employees and the (white) clients who cooperated with the (Chinese and Mongols) robbers (as Masonic ethnic traitors of the white and black race) were put to death by the police without trial.
The leader of the robbers (Sin-Sion-Zion etc) and his sub-commanders, had had miserable end, closed for life into cages of Zoological (Galactic) Gardens, as an example to avoid.
Finally, those who were not killed from the robbers and from the invasion of the police into the bank lived happily ever after.

G.H.REES "Last Ultimatum"

Allah, Eloh, Yahweh, Sin, Sion, Zion, Lunar “God”, Lunar Governor


Primary doctrine of Islam-Koran is that God-Allah (Eloh or Elohim in Hebrew) lives in the Moon. All the Islamic Nations display in their flags the Crescent Moon in indication that they obey only to the moon, which orders them TO MASSACRE THE NON-BELIEVERS NON MUSLIMS. Those massacres are the continuation of the Old Testament massacres against Hellenes or Palesatonians or Palestinians or Philistines, because the medium between the headquarters of the moon and Muhammad was the Hebrew Uarak or Barak, medium and astrologer, teacher of Muhammad. The Arabian and also the Hebrew Talmudic “Paradise” with the …pilafs, the nymphets, and the rest rewards to the butchers, Hebrews and Arabs, of the relevant religions Judaism and Islam, is located according to their doctrines in the moon…


The science of Assyriology is stating that the Assyrian city Ur from which “came out” Abraham (Havra-Khan in Mongolian) with command of his Lord “Eloh or Allah”, had as a Central God the God SIN of the Moon (!!!). Sin of the Moon, gave his name to the Sinese (Chinese, hence the name “Sinic wall” from Sinos-Sina-China), his main racial creation, as humanoid(humo-saurian) substitute and also a genocide tool against the White Andromedian and Black Magnificent indigenous race. From the same root Sin – “Sion”(Zion) is produced the term China – “Down Zion”(Earthly) and “Upper Zion”(Moon), and of course the term Zionism which must correctly be pronounced …Sinism.


The Old Testament of the Hebrew Bible contains many illuminating statements for the moon (read also: CONCORDANCE TO THE SEPTUAGINT - HATCH & REDPATH). The most illuminating for the intentions of Sin or Sion, Zion of the Moon is the below fragment: (Psalms 71,7 - Follow the link to the Greek Orthodox Church Bible ancient Greek translation of the Septuagint - aka: of the 72 of the hebrew Sanhendrin: )

“The king of Israel will exist as long as there is Sun and will exist in generations and generations before (as a servant of) the moon … In his days will rise justice and amplitude of peace, until the Moon will be “Removed” (Departure) for compensation.” (To revenge the dissidents, namely the non Sinists-Zionists of the Lunar Sin)
(- Psalms 71, 7, Translation of the Septuagint)

Indeed according to the Ancient Hellenic lexicon of J.Stamatakos, «Ανταναίρεσις» (the word for “Lunar departure” in the above translated to English from the original Greek S70 Bible text), means: “To remove for vengeance” (Lack of obedience) … is illuminating for the dishonesty of Sin or Sion or Yahweh or Jehovah of the Moon, that wants to justify (where? To his staff?, to his nonexistent consciousness?, or to the Universal Hierarchy from which is wanted as a felonious bloodthirsty murderer – planet destroyer and robber of Raw Materials and Metals of the Planets from 13 Solar Systems of the Sirius System?) the devastating geological shake-up that will happen to Earth if will departure the PIRATICAL ROBBER-GANG SPACESHIP Moon from its present earth’s orbit, as so called "vengeance penalties" against all the settlers of the planet, due to their disobedience to Zionism, or Sinism, namely due to their disobedience to become “Lord’s servants” namely stupid slaves, working to concentrate the Reserves of the Earth’s Raw Materials, Crystals, Valuable Metals and Nuclear Fuels, into Zionist and Sinese warehouses, whence will be robbed in order to be carried to the moon.

Already from the Treasuries of all States, Gold has disappeared (and from the “Bank of Greece” and from “Fort Knox” of USA because it is believed that is being carried to Switzerland for safekeeping (!!!). Indeed the Gold was carried to Switzerland but not for keeping. To what really happened to the Global Gold Reserves was answered by Hellenes that worked in the city of Sion (Zion), close to the same-name mountain of Switzerland. Those, and also non-Hellenes residents of the area, are eye-witnesses of strange night courses from powerful sources of light that travel frequently from the top of Mount Sion towards nowhere, with enormous speeds.

NOTE: The mount Sion is filled with caves and treasuries of the Swiss Banks. Correlate the above with city BASEL = Kingdom (of God) of Switzerland as a Base of Zionists Sessions.

The above felony of the Gold Reserves robbery has as a consequence that in any given moment the Zionists can cause a Global Economic Crash, because the bank-notes in circulation, and especially Dollar, are useless papers of Governmental fraud in all the States, because they don’t have as an exchange some valuable – indestructible metal “to be paid during the display of the present bank-note” as falsely is written on all the bank-notes in circulation of the literally non-existent and …ALLEGED AS existent exchange of the …currency.

Now about the non-explained courses “Sion Switzerland – Space” that explain the disappearance of Earth’s valuable metals, those are also reported into common ufology magazines of the mainstream, were Swiss favorite (chosen) people of the Spacelings, have with them: “Encounters of the Third Kind” in Mount Sion of Switzerland, obviously to exchange Lunar and Swiss …cheese.

We also add that the doctrine of “Ανταναιρέσεως – Departure of the Moon” is a basic Mystical Doctrine and of the “Holy Mount Athos” of Chalkidiki Greece, as an aftermath of the “Second Coming”. «Ο νοών νοήτο» (= A word to a wise man is enough) and choose position … either with the Prosecutor Universal Hierarchy or with the Accused Eloh-Allah-Yahweh-Jehovah in front of the Galactic and Universal Justice – Nemesis.

To return again to the “Departure of the Moon” we put forward that such an event will have consequences more destructive than the Approach of the Moon that probably caused the “Ogygus” cataclysm of the Hellenes, and the geological destructions, such as the glaciers meltdown before 11.000 B.C.

G.H.REES. – “To Diavlos Epsilon Magazine”, April 1998 pg. 41-47.

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The flags speak for themselves
* Addition. The Islamic Flag of Iran has in its design 4 crescents (moons) that form the word "Allah". (source: Wikipedia)

BLOG's Comment:
G.H.REES in old signals revealed that Gold has disappeared from Countries-States and is concentrated in “Mount Sion” (Zion) of Switzerland. The area is also called “Basel” or “Kingdom” (God’s Kingdom) (!!!)
In there is concentrated all the Gold Reserves and there are also the central banks of Zionists like Rothschild’s Bank of International Settlements etc.
And now -after the Gold disappearance- they speak of FAKE GOLD BARS (!!!), with purpose the ignition of the 3rd World War or “Armageddon” in an Economical and Military perspective between the Shanghai Pact and the Western Trilateral Pact.
..."Perfect" SinoZionists Theatrical show.


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  2. Be my guest.
    The article is also now slightly updated.

  3. Astrostrategic Andromedian-Dragonian forces Analogy according to G.H.REES astrostrategic charts:

    Andromedians Galactic Goverment U.O. Hierarchy:
    960 War Planets of A' up to F' Dimension of matter rarification mainly stationed in Saturn's Orbit.

    Cronians-Dragonians Jedi-Sedi-Rebels-Apostates:
    118 War Planets of only A' Dimension of matter rarification stationed in Jupiter's Orbit.
    That's where all the newly observed "irregular satellites" of Jupiter and Saturn came from. (From year 2001 and after...)
    The two flagships of the Dragonian fleet "Levaniah and Lilith", cowardly dodn't take position in the front line and stay retreated in Earth's Orbit.

  4. Conclusion:
    960 vs 120 Warplanets
    Thus the 8:1 Forces Analogy (Police vs Robbers) of the above mentioned "Fairy Tale" for adults...

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  8. Greetings my Hellenic friends,

    Regarding Iran's flag, I should tell you that before the cursed Islamic revolution of 1979, our flag had a 'sun and lion' as it's main theme, but it was replaced by a 4-moving crescent fuck by the bastard moon-worshiping mullahs.

    Regards and death to lunatics,