Monday, February 22, 2010

Draconians, criminal killers of the cosmic organism

What follows is scientific verified information of the clandestine organization G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Reestablishment) published for the first time in the English spaken terran language.

All solar systems are composed of 12 harmonics - orbits. (dodecahedron ether geometry principle). In these orbits in a completed solar system there are usually 12 counterclockwise rotating planets. Our Sun (Solar-System-Core) is also counterclockwise rotating.

In our solar system, we had the lost [exploded by the Draconians] planet Phaethon [see: myth decodification of Phaethon to lawmaker Solon by the Egyptians] between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter (7th harmonic) and one more planet that G.H.REES named Hephaistos that is very close to the sun and probably is already destroyed by gravitational forces and forming a ring of meteoroids (Vulcan zone now confirmed by several independent astronomers)
Finally we have the undeclared planet "Hellas" (Antichthon) that lies between the orbits of Venus and Mercury (3rd harmonic)
Those 2 planets are not declared by the Draconians in order to support the existence of the non-existent 12th planet [planet-X] nibiru that serve a specific purpose in the 2012 events.

The criminal presence of the draconians starfleet in our solar system for about 12000 years until today have caused a criminal destruction of a planet [cell of the universal organism] and a general overmass that reverses its expanding and now causes a slow unnatural shrinking of our solar system orbits. [see: Titius-Bode law] - [Our solar system by its nature is expanding] That might lead to an inballance inside our solar system and a general collapse of the orbits inside the system-cosmic-egg (Orpheus texts definition) finally leading to a hyper-solar system collapse.

Earthlings, continue to worship Sin-Sion-Zion-YHWH criminal killer of the cosmic organism!

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