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Apollo the Lizard Killer: Million Years Enmities between Hellenes from the Constellation of Andromeda and the Reptiles-Draco coalition

The Apollo Sauroctonos (Apollo Lizard-killer) is a 1.49m high ancient sculpture in the Louvre, as Inventaire MR 78 (n° usuel Ma 441). It is a 1st - 2nd century AD Roman marble copy of an original by Praxiteles. It shows a nude adolescent male about to catch a lizard climbing up a tree. The left arm, the right hand and the lizard's head are modern restorations.

Formerly in the Borghese collection, it was bought by Napoleon in 1807.

It could indirectly refer to Apollo's fight against the serpent Python or, if the lizard is an attribute of the god, it could show Apollo in his purifying function, as a destroyer of plagues - Greek gods called smintheus (rat-killer of rat) or parnopios (grasshopper-killer) are certainly known.

The bronze original of this sculpture is attributed by Pliny (XXXIV, 69-70) to the Athenian sculptor Praxiteles. This is usually dated to c.350-340 BC.

Other copies
The original was even copied in reduced form in the Roman era, as we learns in an epigram of Martial (14, 172).

Sauroctonos = Lizard (Reptiles) Killer

In the superb original non-destroyed statue, Apollo was holding an arrow aimed at the lizard.


Apollo (Male) : The God of Finearts and Natural Harmony.
Artemis (Female) : His Sister, Goddess of Hunt, Nature, Birth and protector of the wild animals.

Place of Origin-Birth: The Island of Delos (Prehistoric Andromedian Planetary Center)

In Hellenic Language Numerology the word "APOLLO" is equal to the number: 1061

In Hellenic Language Numerology the word "ARTEMIS" is equal to the number: 656

APOLLO / ARTEMIS = 1,61737805... approximately the irrational mathematical Number "Phi" of the Golden Ratio "φ" of Fine Arts Architectural Harmony, Natural Harmony, Métron ... Ancient Hellenes designed their monuments by strictly using Architecture based on "Phi", in order to verify the archaic Delphic (Civilization Matrix) Way of Life gnome:

Mēdén ágan="Nothing in Excess"



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  3. It was both.
    Atlantis and Aegis was the two primary planetary centers of the era. Both were highly advanced civilizations of white race Pelasgian. Aegis with capital the prehistoric Athens was an empire governed by the Olympians of Zeus while Atlantis(water land) was the dominion of Neptune(Poseidon) who was responsible for the water dynamics of the planet.
    After the Arrival of the Dragonian Moon they discharged to Atlantis their first Chinese settler of Lunar genetic engineering. These populations and the Lunar psychotronic war corrupted the Atlantians and turned them to a civil war with their brothers of the Aegis-Athenian empire. The Atlantis-Athens war comenced in 9600 B.C. and was catastrophic. Highly advanced tectonic and nuclear weapons were used based on the unified physics theories presented partially in this blog. At the same time ignited a parallel Spacewar between the forces of Uranides-Zeus and the forces of Selene-Moon who made a coalition with the Cronian Andromedian mutineers who previously lost the battle with Zeus. The ancient Hindu and Hellenic scripts have several records of this planetary scale and space war.
    For more please refer to this link

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  5. Zeus belongs to the Dynasty of the Uranides "Gods". Uranides a word from Uranus which means Beings that came to Earth from the Sky. (Skylings). Zeus was the Andromedian Planetary leader of the Uranides and of the Pelasgian Terran Population. He had as its Terran base the Pergamon city of Minor Asia were was built the Academy of Sciences. He was a hyperscientists with role to transfer scientific knowledge and to inspect and keep the balance of the terran civilizations. He was the leader of other 12 male "Gods" scientists and of the Pantheon. The full Andromedian Commanding-Leadership staff was composed from 40 reprsesentative Gods, 12+1 Male deities(sciences), 12+1 Female deities (Practical Technologies), 12+1 Androgynous Deities (Fine Arts) and 1 pantheon Leader-Supervisor. Later on after the Andromedians Uranides departed from our planet the Zeus staff was defamed from Demons-Spirits of Cronus-Savaoth and of Sin-Zion-Yahweh as a god of Religious Ritualistic functions that demand sacrifices and submission of the Earthlings. They later built over the academy of sciences, religious temples and altars for the dodecatheon. Today the maximum altar of Zeus in Pergamon is displayed in the Museum of Berlin. Of course the Olympians gods supervisory base was the mountain Olympus.
    As a universal function the codename "Zeus" is representing the male deities, the counterclockwise suns (Solar Logos) and solar systems, the Sciences and Intellect and the Brain Dodecahedron part of the triune Universal Organism. The Andromedian Government is organized accordingly to the Nature and Universal Organinism function. Aghivasien métra="Live in harmony with Natural Laws"-Heracletos.
    As of the questions be my guest. You are a friend and follower of the blog. You can ask what you want and if we got the answers we'll reply.

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  8. Any form of ritualistic and religious Gods after the great Athenean-Atlantean War and the parellel Space War between the Olympians of Uranus+Zeus and the Selene-Dragonian-Moon-Cronus Coalition was roleplayed by Dragonian coalition demons and by the psychotronic emitions of the dragonian spaceships Moon + Lilith(secondary metallic black glossy war planet behind Moon). You see all the Religion were created by the Moon, so Egypt and Sumeria Gods and Religion were also Dragonian inventions. As we already told the Andromedian Olympians were roleplayed by Cronian and Dragonian demons and were defamed as Religious Gods that demand worship, human sacrificies, sex orgies and the rest. Later the Hellenes Pelasgians disgusted from their corrupted 666 Gods and Priesthoods (roleplayed by Dragonians) easily adopted the pure Dragonian-Hebrew-Chinese religion of Christianism 888.
    In Atlantis the first adopted religions were the religions of the snake and of the Set cult. In the previous prelunar they were no religions just balanced with nature civilizations and the Andromedian Olympians of Zeus staff that transfer to the earthlings Scientific Knowledge(Zeus staff), Fine Arts Knowledge (Apollo staff) and Practical Technologies Knowledge (Hera staff). The ancient universal role of the White race Pelasgians and of the Andromedians genitors is that of the Civilization matrix. They are civilizers, civilization cells and natural harmonic civilazations generators all along the Universe.
    The ritualistic religious cult behavior is purely Dragonian.
    Finally be infromed that Ancient Egypt (Aigyptos) was an Hellenic Collony under the Delphi command and Hercules inspectors. The word Egypt (Aigiptos) is purely of Hellenic etymology and means (Yptios Aigaiou)=Under the Aegean stating the geographical position of this country-Hellenic colony. Delphi is another word for Hellenes and means Civilizers-Civilization matrix.
    Later on all those Ancient Pelasgian Empires (Egypt, Syria-Sumeria, Babylon) were corrupted by the White-Yello Mongolians and HebrewMongol Hordes. The fist mongolian horde invaded west in about 2200 BC trough Mesopotamia and founded the city of Ur in memory of the ancient mongolia captial Urgha. The city of Ur had as its supreme God the God SIN of the Moon.

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  10. Yes. Egypt was corrupted and eventualy destroyed by the hebrewmongolian hordes of the Hyxos tribes (Ixos). The hebrewmongolian genociders hordes left Ur of Chaldea and broke in two main parts. One destroyed -through inner leadership corruption- the Pelasgian Egypt and the other invaded and destroyed Palestine which was an Hellenic Cretan colony at that time. Those ruthless genocides are described in the Old Testament as allegedly "God's will"(!!!) (Yahweh's will) genocides of the allegedly "choosen people of Israel" against the allegedly "evil" autochthon hellenic people of the area.
    Today, the Israelites sephardic leadership, namely the descedants of the ancient hebrewmongolian hordes, continue to genocide without mercy the descedants remnants of the ancient Cretan Pelasgians Philistine settlers, namely the people of Palestine.
    The Egyptian pyramids were essentially a work of the Hyxos tribes. Ever wonder why the supreme emblem of the Masonic New World Order in the 1$ bill is the Egyptian Pyramid with the all seeing eye of Horus on top?

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  12. We believe that probably this is the reason of the parapsychological harrasments that you suffered. Any relation with the occult drives those forces against you with more power, more or less like a "magnet". G.H.REES has already published from 1988 its research about the Moon (through neutrino technology) and the terran Dragonian Masonic Hierarchy. The moon has inside it "written in tablets" all the codes and symbols of cabala. The more complex the symbols the more higher the sinohebrewmasonic hierarchy that use them. When one mason or occult related person performs a cabalistic ritual essentially it sends his coordinates to the Lunar HQ's. The moon responds electromagnetically by sending holograms and visions to the medium's pituaitary gland after it pinpoints the coordinates of the cabala session. This is described in science as the ressonance frequencies, that can materialize and demateriallize various phenomena which to the poor untrained mind would look like pure magic! You see, it's not magic, but highly advanced lunar technology for mind - psychotronic control. Demonic possesion is also possible during those sessions. Moreover, Tarrot is used by the Dragonian Masonic Hierarchy and represents the 72 members of each of the opposites collusion masonic hyperlodges (+AOA, -AOA).
    Astrology and any form of Oracle - Futurology is Cronian related. It has nothing to do with pure science that was taught by the Zeus staff. You see pure science and knowledge of the Universal Organism was later converted to rituals and astrology and religion and white and black magic by the ritualistic behaving Dragonians and the Cronian mutineers coalition, for the purpose of mind control. Every person easily fears magic and the unknown spiritual influence and the parapsychological harassements. But pure science and knowledge kills the fear and truly leads the person to freedom form his mental religious prison. It is enjoyable to understand and demystify the occult, through technology. G.H.REES did that, because they are essentially Scientists, descedants of the Andromedian Scientists of Zeus.
    Ofcourse you are free to choose the way of life that you prefer.
    But any action has its reaction and its consequencies.
    The choice is yours.

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  18. One primary moon goddess of ancient Greece was Hecate. She was part of the moon trinity and goddess of the witches. (Hecate, Selene, Diana/Artemis). She was titanide, aka she belonged to the cronians.
    Ofcourse Ancient Greece was also being corrupted by shemitic priests and priesthoods e.g. by the Dragonians through Cronus the Andromedian mutineer who allied with Sin-Zion-Yahweh after the arrival of the Moon and roleplayed-defamed the Dodecatheon of Zeus.
    But the primary moon cult worshiping center was that of mesopotamia and mainly of the metropolitan mongolian city of Ur or Urgha of Chaldea with patron God the God Sin of the moon. The word Sin produces the words Sion-Zion-Sina(Mount Sinai the mount of Sin-Yahweh)-Sinic(Sinic Wall)-Sinos(Chinese)-China etc. The word "Chaldean" means moon-worshiper (from the root "Khaldi"=moon god)! Guess who was a Chaldean from the city of Ur? The Shemite or Sin-ite Abraham the patriarch of the Jews and of the three primary monotheistic religions.

  19. Abraham (or Havra-Khan) was also a Chaldean magus and kept the secret art of cabala that transfered to mesopotamia from the deep mongolian-chinese areas. Cabala is a magic-occult technique of directly telecommunicating with the Lunar Dragonians (Through vocals vibrations-symbology and/or highly concentrated medium thought). The Dragonians respond Through technology and they materialize and dematerialize (through pituitary gland transmitters and resonance frequenices) various phenomena to the coordinates of the cabala session. The terrified practinioners of cabala and the rest terrified observing primitive stupid earthlings-mediums consider those phenomena as an act of superphysical unexplained magic of the ...spiritual world. What a scam!!

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  21. The kyrikeion of Hermes has two interlacing snakes. According to the myth the kyrikeion shape was made when Hermes tried to separate two snakes that were struggling. Some also believe the symbol has mesopotamian origin, the center of the moon cult (thus the snake symbolism)
    The symbol resembles very much the shape of the DNA double helix. The symbol was given to hermes by the God Apollo. Maybe it symbolizes the genetics/medicine supreme knowledge of the Andromedians 40member staff of Zeus.
    We believe it is no accident the fact that this is today the symbol of Medicine.

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  26. Why did they fake the moon visit and fail at so many things if they are THIS technologically advanced. Why do TECH HEADS only hang around idiot governments who worship lucifer OPENLY of secrets about bohemian grove and tony blair and all the political finger horns and dates etc.....but yet these mastermind aliens hang around bad people but not the heroic firefighters of new york? Not buying a damn word of it anymore. Guess what??? wave this laptop near the radio and it will give you a sound wave!! Dont suppose you'll post this. So I'll post it and say you wont elsewhere.

  27. of course AFTER approval...YET my fucking page has nothing but approvals. Bullshit.

  28. They dug up the Sphinx a few months back in a quiet operation. I dont know whether it was the person that was supposed to find the records or not, but the word has been out for a while, they know.