Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Urgent: to the unions of R.A.F. discharged officers UPDATE

Greek patriot reporter Nick Konstantinides confirmed in public the revelations of G.H.REES (Hellenic Re-establishment Group) from Cypriot sources about the "dead English pilot’s bodies” that lie forgotten into the morgues of Cyprus from July of 1974 till today, forgotten from the already notified authorities of the "English Base" in Cyprus and the English Embassy in Nicosia. Forgotten because if they (officially) “ask” to return them to England, this will wreck havoc against the traitors Philip and Elisabeth who ordered the Royal Air Force to spread lies for 35 years to the British citizens, relatives of those dead pilots, lies such as “they dropped into the sea and they were lost during NATO exercises” (!!!). Nick Konstantides has recorded the above facts into his books and also “On Air” from his Television Broadcast in the channel “Astra” of Volos – Greece in which he appears in permanent broadcasts twice a week. We call the Hellenic recipients of the present message to translate and send with e-mail especially the present paragraph of the text to the Unions and Clubs of discharged officers of the English Royal Air Force, in order for them to notify the living relatives of those dead pilots frοm the period July 1974 to July 1976, to take the bodies from the morgues of Cyprus that they were kept for 35 years and to bury them in England, because the Hellenic land of Cyprus does not tolerate the burial of dishonest traitors “Allies” of the hebrewsaxonic ass of the hebrewsaxonic traitor anti-hellenic “NATO”.

the above is page 67 translation of the following G.Η.REES 3rd world war survival manual:

forward it to the Unions of R.A.F. discharged officers so that the relatives can reclaim the forgotten bodies of those dead pilots.

Supplementary translation of Page 66 of the survival manual:

EIGHT, because today’s fallen “King” of Greece Konstantine B’ Holstein Glucksburg hebrewsaxon, is a ...“worthy” nephew of his uncle and son of the traitor of the Asia Minor War “Prince Andrew of Greece”, meaning the “Prince of Greece Philip” – “Duke of Edinburgh” – “royal husband of Queen Elizabeth of England” – and “Commander in Chief of the English Armed Forces”, with ancestry to the hebrewsaxon house “Oldenburg – Sonderburg – Schleswig HolSTEIN – Glucksburg” and descendant of “King George A’ of Greece” Holstein Glucksburg, who in 1972 gave the order to the “British Air-Force General Staff” or “Royal Air-Force General Staff” or “R.A.F. – General Staff” to send British pilots to Turkey in order to get familiar with the handling of Turkish fighter jets, and who in July of 1974 gave the order to the “R.A.F. – G. S.” for those pilots to participate in the invasion of the Turks in Cyprus (July 1974), by bombarding from Air the positions of the Greek-Cypriot army and of the Greek Army of EL.DY.K. (Hellenic Force of Cyprus), under the cover of a mock-bluff “exercise of “N.A.T.O.”, with the complicity of “N.A.T.O. – General Staff" of Brussels and of the American Pentagon (U.S.A. Pentagon Army Joint Staff) (!!!) as an anti-hellenic hebrewsaxonic Mongolic command of genocide planning against Greeks all over the earth.

Hellenic source:

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