Sunday, January 24, 2010

STEREO: Spherical Objects found orbiting the Sun at close range. (Probably Vulcan-Zone)

It is too soon to make final conclusions but these objects must probably belong to the so called "Vulcan zone" that is a zone that is stretched from the surface of the sun roughly up to the orbit of planet Mercury.
G.H.REES advanced scientific group has identified at least one planet or planetary remnants inside the vulcan zone that are collectively named as “Hephaestus” from the group in honour of the God of the (Nuclear) Fire, due to their close proximity to the Sun.
There is also one more planet (anti-chthon) designated by G.H.REES between the orbits of Mercury and Venus but all the times stationed-"gravitationally locked" at the exact opposite position of Earth (that is the reason of the name Anti-Chthon, namely: Anti-Earth from the ancient Hellenic scientists and the Pythagoreans), so we can not see it from our Earth's space point of view (the sun is in the way). One hidden objective of the STEREO spacecrafts mission is to pinpoint and locate this hidden planet. But they will reveal nothing to the public in order to support the fraud of the non-existent so called "10th, X or 12th" planet Nibiru that is destined for a special terror purpose in the “Armageddon” or WWIII scheme of Sin-Sion-Zion-Sedi-Jedi-Yahweh and of his subordinates on Earth. Nibiru is some times propagandized-"expected" outside from our solar system known boundaries from a bizarre for a planet vertical orbit that is always a comet's orbit. Because in any solar system in the universe the planetary Harmonics-orbits are 12 (isododecahedron Etheric principle of the counterclockwise sun of matter) and we have the 9 known planets + 1 exploded by the Dragonians Phaethon (=asteroid belt) + 1 vulcan zone(Hephaestus) + 1 Antichthon behind the Sun = for a total of 12 harmonics, there is no harmonic left for the planet Nibiru. That is why they will hide these objects from the mainstream.
It remains to see what will be the laughable excuse about these objects existence from NASA=Never A Straight Answer subagent department of DOD-NSA.

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