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Microchips, Antichrist and 666, Xard-ABEL-as TV Productions

In the TV-Broadcast show “Invisible World” of Tuesday 28 February 2006 was presented the subject about the Antichrist and 666.

We heard several views about fear and not fear of the “Charagma” (mark) and of the Antichrist, as also and numerosophical aquabatics for the finding of the name of the Apocalypse’ beast.

Below is the illuminating view presented by G.H.REES in April 1998:


“The worst hit against Hellenic rationalism was given by Pythagoras with his numerosophical sorceries.

There is indeed a mathematical structure in the ancient Hellenic proto-language of 10.000 B.C., but not in the language of the Pythagoras Era, because in the timeline of 9000 years that are between, the lunar pirates broke up the Andromedian proto-language into variations, through lunar priesthoods that “cooked and brewed” artificial grammars and languages.

Example: The ex non-existent artificial language of Skopje. See the false-hit of “Bible” about the “Confusion of the Babel languages by the lord” and compare with the true manipulation of gradual break up of the languages. The language of the classical Hellas was not the Andromedian proto-language (one kind of Universal COBOL for galactic Supercomputers), but was an altered mutated fragment of this proto-language. Therefore every numerosophical attempt over this fragment produces a mixture of True and False related ideas and concepts.

This mix was sold by Pythagoras, the same mix sell today the worthy successor of Pythagoras, the estimable reporter of the Lunar spirits, Hebrew-Latino mr. Marcatos … The last one diagnosed that wrongly some Hellenes resist to the general use of the number 666, because 666 consist the numero-word of the terms “Holy Theophany”, “Theogenic Hellas”, “Goodness”, “Parad(e)ise” and “Iapetos”.

…The above Pythagorian cooking is designed to encourage Hellenes to accept the under the skin laser mark of Bar-Code 666 (like the parallel lines codes on the consumer products) as a diacritic mark of “SHEEP DESTINED FOR SLAUGHTER” from the Islamic infantry battalions (and of Russia and China) in the sinoZionistic motivated 3rd World War, between the (New Age) Christian West and the (Orthodox) Multi-religious East from 2002 till 2009. (This Genocide Mad Scheme was blown open several times by G.H.REES and led to its cancellation and slow down)

Here we will point out the maximum sample of the Lunar Yahwehic Satanism with purpose the genocide of Andromeda Pelasgians and the survival of only the Yellow skinned (Dragonians):

a) The Lunarstoned Hesiod characterize Hellenes as “IAPETOS”=666.

b) The Lunarstoned Pythagoras found out that “All beings came from the Psychogonic Cube, of 6 units sides", namely 6*6*6 or 666.

c) The Lunarstoned Hebrew John in the Lunar “Apocalypse-of New Testament”, Chapter IC 11-18 refers the “χ΄ξ΄ς΄” or 666 as a numero-word of the name of one satanic political beast or nation.

d) The various Lunarstoned Marcatoi (“Marked” in Hellenic) or Marcati encourage Hellenes to mark their skin with 666 Bar Code, that was agreed in the Schengen Treaty.

For the a) and d) we already have commented. For the b) and d), we will speak now. All about the “Psychogonic Cube” is a fraud of Pythagoras, because during the Prelunar Hellenic (Unified) Science era, it was known that all beings are psycho-born, namely self-created from the Dodecahedral Etheric hives of Pentagonal Sides, and not from Cubes of Tetragonal sides. Because all beings are consist from three transmuted per kind dodecahedrals (1. Head – 2. Chest (Solar Plexus) – and 3. Belly), and because every Dodecahedral has six axles of reference, it was a fact for Pre-Lunars that for all the beings the axles of reference (Cartesian Axles) were 6+6+6 (-2) = 16, because the 3 Dodecahedrals have one axis common. So the fraud of Pythagoras disregarded the lack of 18 by 2, and converted the 6+6+6 to 6*6*6 in order to produce one scientific lie and at the same time harmonized with the numero-word of “IAPETOS” = 666.

Why 666? Because the triplet repetition creates emphasis in the superlative degree, and because “with one stone” must hit “two birds” namely the two Pelasgian nations, Hellenes as so called “Iapetos” = 666 and the Romans as “Lateinos” = 666 and by Yahwehic coincidence of geopolitical succession set scence … directly for ROME A’ and indirectly for HELLAS, “Apocalypse” IC 11-18 gives the characterization of the “Satanic Political Beast”.

Justly will ask the reader, why today the Zionists attempt the anabiosis, through the Bar-Code 666, of the two above ancient applications of 666 as “IAPETOS” and “LATEINOS”? This matter demand analysis in other special section because it concerns not only the intellectual or psychical, but literally and our biological integrity as individuals, as Nation of Hellenes and as a Total of Pelasgian Nations of Hellenic White Andromedian Race.”

G.H.REES – “To Diavlos Epsilon Magazine” pages 170-174

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