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About the genociders bandits Chinese (Sin) genitors of the Jade - Judeans

"visit this thread too people to learn how much you don't know about the chinese!

some posts from the above thread:

check ron paul's video there and see how smart and subliminally they prepare us for a chinese invasion!
it looks they'll make it look like we had it coming and the rest stupid countries will say the chinese did good to invade us to punish us for our crimes!
when in reality we are into these wars cause of china,

read this post again people

"The elite that rules america works for china!
They transfered all our production there so today we bankrupt and now as they're ordered by their dragonian bosses they instigate ww3 by provoking the mulsim countries that are allies with china (google shanghai pact 2001) so china can genocide us and europe steal our land while all other countries applause her instead of becoming alert cause they'll be next!

There's also a chinese commercial on youtube that was banned in usa with the chinese blatantly saying that america works for them!"

check this link and see who really profits from these wars!
China on America: '' Now They Work For Us ''

the dragon that once fooled our white ancestors in china and genocide them all now is fooling us and it'll be our turn if we don't wake the hell up.

There's not a single white alive in china today that originates from the ancient whites on the land they call today china.

the worst genocides of the 20th century
right on top is china killing 78,000,000 of their own people.
so if their leaders don't mind killing their own people by the millions imagine what they'll do to the world when they take over we're talking about real hell!

don't let the shills put you back to sleep cause the next time you wake up it'll be from the chinese boot kicking your door down!"

2"learn some history china is the one that gave birth to j,ewish people check this post again.

""Zion is China not israhell! HERE'S PROOF!
the chinese japanese conflict in 1945 is named "SINO"-JAPANESE WAR!
sino derives from the word Sion/Zion also learn the real name of the great wall of china is the sinic wall sinic from Sion/Zion.
Also check the china's main website SINA.COM
Now go school all the shills that keep your face stuck looking at the puppets so you don't take notice of the puppet master.
Also notice the high reptilian reflexes the chinese have, they have the dragon as their country symbol cause they know their dna is part reptilian, they were genetically created in the moon by greys and reptilians."

post from another guy
"also the bible says the chosen people will multiply
well currently 2 out of 5 people in the world are chinese
also the great wall is the original "wailing wall" that's where the chinese cried after the mongolians tored down their shitty wall
so yes, the real j,ewish people are the CHINESE
plus, the first emperor recites the same passage of the creation of the heavens word for word from the bible
Chinese written characters also depicts the great flood and noah/giglamesh and stuff"

google lost white civilization in china, the j,ews originate from mongolia abraham was from the city Our of chaldea that was build by the mongols that occupied babylon to represent their city Our of mongolia.
Agypt was occupied by the mongols j,ews Hyksos google "mongol hyksos" the j,ews that rule america are working for China! why tranfer the power to them since the j,ews already run the world simple cause they're puppets and puppets do what they've been told, israel sold all our military technological secrets to china so don't tell me shill that j,ews shit their pants this is exactly what these mongol j,ews want their pure yellow father to rule the world. The mongolic/yellow white race was created after the chinese genocide all white males in china raped all females stole their land and now claim it they're own, same thing they'll do to the whole balck and white race unless we wake the hell up."

3"China vows to punish posters of Internet rumors

"October 1, 2011

BEIJING — China is vowing anew to punish people who post rumors and falsehoods on the Internet as the government tries to rein in forums that have increasingly become sources of debate and criticism.

A spokesperson for the State Internet Information Office, a regulatory body under China's Cabinet, said in a statement released late Friday that Internet rumors and hoaxes were "malignant tumors" that harm social stability. The unnamed spokesperson's statement, which was carried by the official Xinhua News Agency, called on Internet users to abide by laws and stop spreading rumors, and urged websites to up their policing of content."

the dragon is scared cause he lost his stealth ability."


the reason our economy is fucked is cause we don't produce anything anymore and now china threatens us for trying to fix things?
that's more motivation for all of us americans and europeans to boycott all chinese made products, boycott them and save our countries our races and families from ww3 and stop the dragonian armageddon genocide of the world.
knowing is not enough we must apply! boycott all chinese products!"

this will open the mind, this guy found so many similarities between the mongols in japan with the mongols j,ews that he thinks that the japanese are some lost tribe of j,ews!

you should be able to see now if you're missing some pieces of the puzzle how far away from the truth you can steer!

check this documentary too
Japanese are J,ewish?




6"america was created by masons mongol j,ews, american sheeple are just puppets/victims of the society they grew up and programmed to be ignorant stupid robots and support a cancerous way of living until the dragon is ready slaughter them and all sheeple across the planet.
check these videos with ex kgb agent yuri bezmenov about america.
These videos are from the 80s they will open your mind the russians were making fun of us since the beginning of our country on how stupid we are they things they do to us and we don't take notice.
Yet you have all these agents blaming the brainless american zombies to distract the ones with a brain from finding the puppet master, cause to kill a snake you have to aim for the head and to kill a beast/dragon/snake with legs/satan you cut it's food source and that would be for all whites and blacks to stop buying chinese products immediately and get informed while we still have time!"

"WASHINGTON—Pregnant women lacking birth permits are hunted down like criminals by population planning police in China and forcibly aborted. The degree of monitoring and coercion of ordinary women in their reproductive lives in communist China is shocking to persons living in the free world. In a congressional hearing chaired by Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.4), Sept. 22, several victims of communist China’s one-child policy testified to their experiences of coercion and involuntary abortion.

“For over three decades, brothers and sisters have been illegal; a mother has absolutely no right to protect her unborn baby from state-sponsored violence,” said Rep. Smith, who in his 30-year congressional career has chaired 29 congressional human rights hearings focused in whole or in part on China’s one-child policy.

The policy was introduced in 1978, and Chinese authorities say it will remain in place until at least 2015, said Valerie Hudson, political science professor at Brigham Young University. The regime claims the policy has prevented 400 million births from 1979 to 2011."


Here's some brutal pictures of chinese slaughtering a woman to eat her, it's in a vietnamese forum use a translator to read it but you can see the pictures.

Chinese eat babies it's on BBC,european times etc

China make energy pills out of babies
China’s New Lucrative Business: Dead Babies Turn into Stamina Booster Pills

8"If china takes over the planet this will be happening globally!
Now it should become obvious why all alternative media do everything they can to keep you distracted with china's puppets like usa yes we're not a superpower anymore it's an illusion our leaders have sold us out to china long time ago!

People also check the new movie Tekken with cung le, in that movie America has fallen and the chinese corporation Tekken had taken over America having chinese troops(they were speaking chinese) on the streets killing americans, also a bulldozer was shown that took down an american flag!

9-11 was prophesied in many movies before it happened same thing with america check video games like fallout new vegas chinese nuclear missiles had destroyed america.

That's their plan but it doesn't have to be that way if we wake the hell up everybody."

"Minnesota Rep. and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann talked foreign policy Friday during an interview on the Laura Ingraham Show. Specifically, she zeroed in on China, saying the country has attacked American satellites with lasers.

“I’m not sharing something I shouldn’t,” said Bachmann, “but China has blinded United States’ satellites with their lasers. They’ve also supplied arms to the Taliban, and they’ve helped North Korea deliver missiles to Iran and Pakistan … And they’ve assisted Iran with their nuclear program.”

But Bachmann didn’t stop there. She doubled down on her criticisms by saying that China has also been engaged in industrial espionage against the West."

10"This is how the media prepares you mentally to get killed by china.
Europe and USA will be the first to extinct from the map.

Google shanghai pact.
Russia China and islamic nations became allies in 2001.
The muslims say islam will rule the world russians think they will rule the world and that's true for a short period of time cause after usa and europe dies then it will be the islamic nations turn to die then russia and the future king on this planet will be china the dragon wins.

It's funny that america and europe are china's best customers in buying their shitty products now radioactive too.
If somebody is preparing to kill you your family your country would you support him economically?

So while all people are worrying about ghosts NWO 2012 comets solar flares and many more things are a good distraction so you'll never realize the real threat and that is THE DRAGON HAS AWAKEN and it's time to rule the world for 1000 years.
Why only 1000 years? Cause that's how long it takes to steal all planets natural resources gold silver crystals etc transfer them to your spaceship moon and get the hell out before the galactic police arrive.
Chinese mythology says that the chinese came from the moon,also check the old testament "psalms 71(72),5-7" it will come time where the moon will leave earth.
and in haggai yahweh says the gold is mine the silver is mine.we're dealing with space bandits pirates here and we're worship them too how more stupid can we be?

Also google vasin and scherbakof russians scientists that explained with facts that our moon is an alien spaceship.
"Russian Academics VASIN and SHCHERBAKOV official suspicions about an artificial Moon"

there's order in this universal organism we all live in just like there's order with the cells inside your body, bad luck have it our solar system got cancer the past 15,000 years, the universal antibodies have arrived google new moons of saturn and jupiter and are working to exterminate the cancer by avoiding as much collateral damage as possible.

In the mean time google and learn about soul traps so you don't become food for our moon after death and starve the beast/dragon to death,
"Cancerous entrapped reincarnation dragonian - lunar policy (cause) and Universal Hierarchy arriving Judges (effect"
while still alive stop buying chinese products cause you just fund your genocide and might die sooner from the radiation they have picked up from japan.learn how to cure diseases cause that's how the chinese will kill us all.
They'll use biological weapons on us and weapons beyond our imagination our leaders have betrayed this country long time ago our military is plain stupid been there too.
So the only one that can save you is you and your buddies make friends get informed and find solutions to all your problems by knowing just the problem doesn't solve the problem."

Check the above link people it's china's most famous and 2,000 year old book "the art of war" by sun tzu, after you read it your view to china will never be the same, you'll learn all methods they use to invade invisibly other countries destroy them from within capture whole cities and armies intact!!! and sun tzu's favorite method of defeating his enemies to poison their water and food supplies.

The above methods described in that china's book applies for them in business too, there's a lot of evil ways to take out your competition, learn your enemy if you wanna have a chance protecting yourself from him or even defeat him.

Also use this knowledge to become aware of evil/cancer so you can defeat it not to become cancer cause the dragon/snake with legs/satan just like every snake has no friends even the chinese are his tool that he uses to milk our planet from all of it's resources tranfer them to his spacecraft moon and after he collects everything he'll live the chinese behind to die with the solar system as he blows it up in his way out.

You hear that chinamen? Your dragon on the moon he's using you like a tool that he's gonna throw to the dumpster when you're not needed anymore and no he cannot take you with him to the new solar system he plans to go cause he created you specifically for our solar system your species due to its biology are not able to survive where he's going next.

That would happen if he finds a way to defeat the cosmic antibodies/galactic police that have arrived in our solar system to arrest him, google "new moons of saturn and jupiter" the only thing he's able to do and his last effort to hurt the universal organism is to blow up our planet, but the bigger the crime the bigger his punishment, killing a mega cell/planet of the universal organism is a mega crime, he's already blew up the planet between mars and jupiter now asteroid belt maybe that's why he might not hesitate to blow up our planet too cause HE'S FUCKED ANYWAYS!

To better understand my last post google these titles, i can't post links cause are blocked.

"cancerous entrapped reincarnation"
"Russian Academics VASIN and SHCHERBAKOV official suspicions about an artificial Moon"
"Draconians, criminal killers of the cosmic organism"
"The Complete Truth about the Draconians and Moon (PART 1)"
"John Lear 2007 "Disclosures" already known to G.H.REES from the 80's"
"G.H.REES advanced inner fission MASER technology against our adversaries"

12"****:ATOMIC BUMP:****

-china plan to genocide usa canada australia
-chinese toxic products endless list
-lost white civilization in china(oh yeah they genocide your ancestors how you think the mongolic/(yellow white) race was born???)
-america falls china occupies america
-chinese invasion of africa
-chinese troops in south and north usa borders
-china controls the panama canal
Here's some brutal pictures of chinese slaughtering a woman to eat her it's in a vietnamese forum use a translator to read it but you can see the pictures.
Chinese eat babies it's on BBC,european times etc
China make energy pills out of babies
China’s New Lucrative Business: Dead Babies Turn into Stamina Booster Pills


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  2. I'll try and get the word out, but I'm just one person. I hope that others, will do the same. Most, if not all, won't listen. It sounds too far-fetched and unbelievable. But truth is stranger, than fiction. Excuse, the cliche. I wish you well!