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Israeli officers of MOSSAD, we consider you to be genetic descendants of the ASKANION (Hebrew Ashkenazi) of the geographic area ASKANIA-PRUSSIA of Hellenic Troy in Asia Minor.

Persian-Iranian officers of the Iranian Intelligence Agencies, we consider you to be genetic descendants of Pelasgian Hellenic Arians or Aria of Persia which took its name from the mythological Andromedan Hellene Hero PERSEUS, whom destroyed the yellow Draconian star fleet originating out of the constellation Draconis when the later attacked the constellation of Andromeda. Study the Hellenic mythology or coded Hellenic pre-history.

Israelis and Persians – officers of Intelligence Agencies of Israel and Persia-Iran, in addition to crypto-Jew members of the Shiite sects of Iran-Persia, being genetic descendants of the Hellenic Andromedan white race, we are racially similar. We, of Hellenic descent with common Andromedan origin, direct the following urgent signal, for your bipartisan Israeli and Iranian National Security:

According to our sourced information, one of which is attached within the present signal, the U.S. arch-rabbis Barouch, behaving as planetary kings of all Hebrews, in cohorts with the hyper-lodge ‘HONG’ and Chinese government, have brought forward the commencement of their planned ignition of WWIII via a NATO-ISRAELI attack on PERSIA-IRAN.

As officers of Intelligence Agencies of Israel and Persia-Iran, you have the historical duty to ensure the survival of your respective races, thus you have the duty of diffusing the culmination of aggression by NATO and ISRAEL against IRAN-PERSIA.

If you (Israel and Iran) allow the above mentioned aggression, then according to our multi sourced information, in the second major phase of WWIII, RUSSIA and the white Islamic Nations will also be attacked by the Chinese armies, contrary to assurances given via the Pact of Shanghai or ‘R-I-C’ or Russia-Islamic Nations-China. Furthermore, after the 'HONG' planned annihilation of NATO i.e. the axis ‘US-E-J’ or United States-Europe-Japan, by the armies of ‘R-I-C’, will follow the annihilation of China’s current pseudo-allies namely Russia and the Islamic countries, with sole criteria the genocide of the white, black (melan) and mongol-(white-yellow & black-yellow) races, in order to ensure the sole survivors being the genetically pure yellow races of China and Korea, with geostrategic codes 888 and 777 respectively.

To conclude, in the interest of National Security for both Israel and Iran, if the controlled governments of Israel and Iran, have pre-decided to obey the orders of U.S. arch-rabbis Barouch, for the ignition of the HONG planned WWIII, we call on you to execute without delay the death sentences, on grounds of high treason, of all the members within the governments of Israel and Iran.

We especially call on the members of MOSSAD to formulate an Israeli government that will send a final warning to NATO with the following text: “Whichever army member of NATO, dares to attack Iran-Persia resulting in the destruction of Israel by the Arab armies, and as pretense towards the ignition of WWIII, then this NATO member army will be massacred by the I.D.F.”

We especially call on the members of Iranian Intelligence Agencies to forbid, punishable by death, whichever act of provocation, gun boat diplomacy, or otherwise threat forwarded by the government of Iran and the generals of Iran, against Israel and against the Armies of NATO.

This present signal, is also directed towards the members of the ‘FSB/KGB’ and towards the Russian Army generals, Air Force generals and Navy Admirals with our urgent call: “Immediately topple the Hebrew president of the Russian Federation Dimitri Medvedev and his party members, as they are devoted executioners of the ‘HONG’ plans via obedience to orders given by the U.S. arch-rabbi’s Barouch, for the ignition of WWIII via planned attacks against Syria and Iran.”

‘In these final stages prior to the ignition of WWIII, by the planned attack of Nato and Israel against Syria and Iran, we call on Mr. Vladimir Putin to avert Dimitri Medvedev’s new government, and to dissolve the ‘Pact of Shanghai’ or ‘R-I-C’, and to announce publicly his intent of a mass attack from the Russian military on China, in the event of any and all threats made for the ignition of WWIII by China.’

Through the present signal, we offer a ten (10) day period to Premier Vladimir Putin for the announcement of the fore stated, in order to assure the Russian National Security. If he does not act within the time given then we call the Russian Armed Forces to also eliminate Vladimir Putin as an agent of the U.S. arch-rabbi’s Barouch and as a co-conspirator against the National Security of the Russian Federation, and the lives of 150,000,000 Russian citizens or the lives of 150,000,000 citizens of ‘C.I.S’ –Confederacy of Independent States being the former United Soviet Socialist Republics.

The present signal is bound legally by:

KARAGEORGIOU Xr. Xr. GIANNIS, official representative of G.H.REES., geostrategic analyst of G.H.REES. in concurrence with G.H.REES. Academia of Athens.

Volos, Hellas, 05.12.2011

Over and Out.

Post script

For self-explanatory reasons, we call on the Intelligence Agencies of Israel, the Arab and Islamic Nations and the Russian Federation to immediately deport all Chinese citizens and Chinese armies.


Independent comments of the web-blog “Hellen and Chaos” especially for Greeks of Greece and abroad Hellenogenes of diaspora:

We present a comment of an awakened person-human friend of the web-blog:

With third world war is threatening China, in case Iran is hit! The Draconians see that they have no time anymore, and are cutting scenes from their program-prophecy, in a desperate attempt to catch up.
They are planning to engage NATO against Iran, in order for Russia and China to intervene, and from there after the defeat of NATO, will arise and the Islamic axis for a swift and final counter-attack.

G.H.REES once more is verified!!!

So, what else remains to be done to awake the sleepers neo-Greeks? To watch the Chinese make a landing assault against Greece? Then will be too late…

But of course, since this was prophesized from the “holly” draco-possessed prophets-monks, we cannot avoid it, so the only solution is to wait passively for our genocide which have prepared for us the “good” draco-crook and chief-asshole (pseudo)-Yahweh (Sin-Sion-Zion-Sina-China) of the (Draconian) Moon.

Blog’s response:

Exactly like that and worse are the things, our friend. The neo-greeks (with rare exceptions) are asleep and in a state of aphasia from the religious hits on the forehead, with duration of thousands of years.

You assholes neo-greeks, wake the fuck up and leave the draconian -demon possessed magicians-prophets-programmers “saint” Paisios and the rest who were in a complete aphasia and catalepsy from Draconian demons of 2D (4th Real) and though psychotronic lunar technology of Sin-Sion-Zion-Sendai-Jendai-Asmondai of the Draconian Lunar “Medusa”. While you clearly see now that all those we write about the terrestrial Draconians Chinese are real with tons of evidence, instead to prepare yourselves for the new, modern, and final planetary Thermopiles at the side of G.H.REES “300” Spartans, you are silencing yourselves and blinding yourselves treasonously and on purpose because the draconian agent Paisios said that the 200.000.000 men of Chinese army will do good to devastate the whole western world because they will enforce the (alleged) original pure Christianism 888 to the fallen west! Namely, you stupidly and treasonously act like if the whole problem of the Planet is how will be the entire planet converted to Christianism and to the Christian-Orthodox religion! (Even the plants and the animals will have to die if they will not convert to Christianism! IRONIC LAUGHTER…) … and the cunt of the draconian mother which invented Christianism. Are you assholes you the neo-greeks neo-christians? You just dogmatically accept it because this was said by Paisios and every other similar Paisios? Since you are not in position to realize this intellectual disability which keeps you in aphasia, then you will be annihilated stupidly and your treasonous stance against the Eternal Hellas and its history will annihilate at the end every Hellenic thing whatsoever from the face of this earth, but also and the entire planet Earth at the end from the Chinese and the mongols and from the Space Chinese Draconian Reptiles mutineers.
See and study the labels at the left of the Greek version web-blog “” about “Sina – China” and about “Christian Trojan Horse” in order to realize the self-evident.

The top members – ex commanders of the Israeli secret service Mossad (we assume that they are hellenogenes Askhenazim Askanians pseudo-Judeans) awakened anymore from the G.H.REES documents at their disposal, are going against the Rabbinical priesthood – establishment inside Israel (and against the USA “big Israel” establishment) and were stating publicly that they don’t want a war with Iran and that such a war will be stupidity and a devastation for Iran and World Stability and Peace!

Did you see that you assholes neo-Greeks? The officers of Mossad are going against the Draconian Chinese and Rabbinical Hebrew-Mongolian schemes for World War III (“Armageddon”) ignition, and at the same time the Greeks such as the geopolitics (monkey) analyst (of NATO) like Drougos and the rest, are masturbating and instead of trying to extinguish the fire that is about to ignite, they drop additional oil in the fire !!!
We will get back to this issue with the newly established political party of the Retired Officers which was invented from Chinese – Sinozionists staffs and which is composed of lackeys and of masonic manure who are dreaming (Draconian hypnotism) about “Petrified Kings of Byzantium” (Read: Pseudo-Palaiologos Pseudo-Dragazis Yohan Christiansen of Denmark “emperor” of the draconian ass, of the neo-nazi political party of Greece LA.O.S. – Orthodox Alert, of the Triple Agent Provocateur Turk-Albanian G. Karatzaferis) ..and a word for a wise man is enough!

(rare exception in this newly formed party of the Retired Officers are some minor patriot officers who are simply now resigning)

The first resigns and complaints about …”Devious planning” !!! in the Retired Officers Party !!!

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